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March 18, 2008


susie b

Great post, Sara, just perfect!

And SUNSHINE! Whenever I read or hear Linus' name or see his face, I immediately think of one of my favorite TDF memories of last year. There's the FABulous Prologue in London, with the glorious weather, HUMONGOUS crowds, & flags a'wavin. There's Stage 1, with all those English fans lining what seemed the ENTIRE stage route. There was that out-of-nowhere win by the yellow jersey Fabian. There was the thrilling ride-for-the-ages by Levi in the Final Time Trial. And there was Linus (aka Sunshine), throwing his arms up in a V on the podium, with THE BEST expression on a winner's face I've ever seen. If 'Wide World of Sports' still existed, that shot would exemplify the "Thrill of Victory".

If the ASO has not totally ruined the TDF & all of pro-cycling for me by then, I will hope to see sweet 'Sunshine' come July.


UNbelievable, isn't it? Great story and PERFECT title, Sara ;)

But wait. "In what other profession do you break your leg in two places on a regular day at the office and have to get up, dust yourself off ..." Not *only* did he get back up, but he rode the rest of the TT and came in 8th behind the likes of Cancellara and DZ!!

Wow. THAT is dedication. Can't wait to see him in the Tour this year!


Sara - in handing out badges of courage - we mustn't forget George Hincapie in last years' ToCal! These guys have great courage and a high tolerance for pain!

Sara - I'm thinking your next post will be related to Rock Racing and the end of the affair with Mario. What a soap opera!

Just remember - positive thoughts for tomorrow.....


Pardon me for being reductive but I've checked this page a couple o' times now and just can't help it. Linus is such a Cutie! And it doesn't hurt either that his name is evocative of the 'sensitive' Peanuts character. Not to take anything away from his amazing story or your excellent telling of it, as always. I'm just sayin'...Cute!

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