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March 11, 2008



So nice to see our man Floyd on your post today Sara -- I've been thinking a lot about his case again recently and hoping for the best. Can you believe that it was almost exactly a year ago that we got to chat with him and do our "podium girl" pose, Cat?
Do you think he ever read your Team Gladiator posts? LOL!!

It really does make me CRAZY that there is such a disparity in how perceived "cheaters" are treated. From individuals, like your Sinkewitz example or some of those involved in Puerto, to entire teams like Astana vs Rabobank or Cofidis, the rules and rulings seem to be completely arbitrary and self-defeating. I can definitely see how those just beginning to watch the sport would be completely turned off and disinterested in following something so frustrating.

Thanks for the Horner link, Waddy. I just love his interviews. That guy has such a fabulous perspective and a great take on life!

Susie is right, Matt. Hearing your take on AI was almost as much fun each week as the program itself. You must indulge us ;)



Thanks for bringing Floyd back to the front page Sara...gosh, is it just ME or is it taking FOREVER for his FINAL hearing to get underway! Seems like about 8 years ago it was announced that the CAS hearing will be in March (and we can only try to imagine how slowly the time is passing for Floyd, as his pro cycling lifespan slips by!) I just HAVE to believe the CAS will actually LOOK at the evidence presented at his arb hearing LAST March, and not (apparently) have a prearranged verdict that they do a long-winded (and totally BS) writeup to justify. It would surely be something to see this overturned. But as Sara says, how long we will have to wait AFTER the hearing is unknown. ARRGGHHHHH!

OK Susie, Janann...I peeked at AI last night (didn't want the wife to catch me...she already thinks I'm a pod person after LAST year!)..and I just happened to catch is he the new Blake? Though he did seem rather talented (and Simon even said that if it were purely a talent contest he could win it...high praise from the man!). I did hit the record button on the TIVO after that...(so I could quickly change the channel)...might be able to sneak in a bit of viewing tonight...and can thankfully FF thru the commercials. But I think I only caught the last whoever went ahead of him I missed...admit I'm having a hard time getting into it this year...I guess last year was a fluke..I was away on travel and SO VERY BORED that I started watching to see what the hub-ub was about. I'm still peeved that Melinda was voted off...but ok, that is WAY too much Idol talk...back to cycling..

Waddy, also thanks for the Horner interview link...he is just such a class act...he WILL be an awesome commentator after his racing days are over. And I'm having a hard time..I WANT to follow Paris-Nice...but it just feels try NOT to peek at the happenings...and what do I do when my TIVO records the VS broadcast this I watch it or protest by NOT watching? Dilemma, dilemma dilemma.

And on a diff note, I'm back in the pool doing laps...and last night was the maiden voyage of my 'waterproof MP3 player/headset' made for the pool...WOW is all I can say..the laps just melt away when you have blazing tunes! (anybody interested, the company that makes the headphones/neoprene swim-belt is H2O audio...they also make waterproof cases for pretty much all the apple IPOD's...but I have a diff brand so had to get a diff pouch for the player, but it works great!) Man if I had these back 'in the day' (high school, and all the gazillions of laps I did pretty much half-assed)...who knows..I might have been somebody! Laps are just SOOOOO boring...but with tunes, it's much easier to suffer hard laps! SWEET!!!!


Matt! Is there a rocket launch scheduled for tomorrow evening?? At 6? An Atlas?


Cathy...yes we have a's an Atlas V, sched to go off at 3:02am our time tonight (YIKES! Thats gonna be a rough one!) So I will be in for the launch...I have a vested interest in seeing this one go off sucessfully (it's one of OUR payloads, AND I personally removed and installed MILES and MILES of copper and fiber cables from the pad/tower complex during the reconstruction over the last 4 years...and installing all new equip for voice comm/video throughout the complex...(it used to be an Atlas II pad, last launch was back in late 2003...which was the very first night I started working here at Vandenberg)...took over 200 million of OUR tax $$ to convert the pad for the bigger Atlas V booster/payloads (and OH SO MUCH WORK!) So keep your eyes/ears open if it's not too foggy or windy...should be a good one!


Cycling and rocket launches! With Floyd on top, too!!

I hope CAS rules in his favor; but after what the arbs did to him, nothing will surprise me!

susie b

Ok, Matt. I was HOPING you didn't actually see last night's AI as David A was NOT good! I must have JINXED him! I was shocked he chose that song & did so poorly. Also, there are THREE Davids (!) in the Final 12. The one I like (not counting last night's performance) is only 17 (hence "David the kid"). His last name begins with "A" but I don't remember the whole thing. You saw one of the other Davids. Please watch again next week as hopefully, DTK will be back on track. He really is fantastic.

My early-season pick for the Final Four is DTK, Brooke, Carly & I'm not sure on the last one, maybe one of the other Davids. Who do you all think?

And I agree Matt, I could barely watch Paris-Nice on Sunday. At least Paul & Bob TWICE mentioned! :) And can I be the ONLY one who thinks all the horendous weather & crashing is a UCI hex? ;) Who knew they practiced Voodoo in Ireland? :)

And Sara, you know I love ya, but I have to disagree with one of your posts last week - about just letting the riders ride. NOW is the time the riders should get OFF their asses, unionize & get INVOLVED in what's happening in THEIR sport. I have read the squawking by fans & riders about this for years but nothing changes. It's like the riders are waiting for someone to just hand it to them. Well Hell, no one GIVES you a freakin union, you DEMAND it, you take matters into your OWN hands & force it to life. Riders will keep being undervalued & have their rights trampled on until they suck it up & do something. The various nationalities, languages, & scattered locations is only an excuse. I'm tired of "feeling sorry" for the riders unless THEY actually do something to force change.

I will never understand why some people are backing the ASO in the fight with the UCI. Is the UCI 'perfect'? Hardly. But between the two orgs, WHO do you think cares about the entire sport, in races not owned by them? The ASO sees the writing on the wall - they KNOW that a legit Pro Tour with a title SPONSOR & a big-deal yearly Championship Cup complete with a big-ass check that DWARFS that of the TDF winner is on the horizon. When that comes, new TV deals will be struck for the ENTIRE season & they will lose out. Plus, they will lose money when OTHER races start to compete with theirs for fans & sponsors. For them to say it's only about them (as the race owner) being able to invite who they want, is a JOKE. Maybe some cycling fans want to KEEP the sport the way it is now. I do not. I want it MUCH bigger.

In the USA, there's not a chance pro-cycling will ever vie for the # of fans or money of the Big Three, but it can be so much larger. Why do I want this SO much? Two reasons. I want more than just a handful of riders to make good money & to bask in the accolades they deserve. And yes, I'll admit my other reason is purely selfish - *I* want to SEE more races on TV! If not live, at least on nightly shows for the big races. And I want at LEAST 3 HUGE races in the USA. Actually, if I was Queen of the Forrrrrest (:) & in total control of the sport, I would have only one "Super Grand Tour" of 3 weeks - the Tour de France. (That should keep the ASO happy ;). The two other existing "Grand Tours" & at least 2 others (hopefully in the USA) would be TWO weeks each. And we'd get to see LIVE or at least 2-3 hr coverage each night on Versus for them all. And the winning TEAM of the 'Susie B Pro Tour' would get a big ass check at a gala ceremony/sport get-together. Plus, there would be checks for various individual year-end awards - Best Stage racer of the year, Sprinter, Mountain Man, Hottest (well ok, I guess that latter would be a 'private' award...;.)

And to combat doping, I'd have MORE tests at each race. And the samples would go to two DIFFERENT labs & the labs would have IDENTICAL testing procedures & definitions for "positives". And the tests would be SPONSORED. Help offset costs. Big-time sports sponsor EVERYthing! I've already written this at Active Bruce's & Rant, but I'll say it again now - if the 'Kiss & Cry' area for Figure Skating can have a sponsor (see January's USA Championships) then surely the 'Piss & Cry' area in cycling can get sponsored too! Personally, I think AMGEN would be perfect. ;)

Ok, back to packing. I LUV a little RANTING in the morning... ;) Please, if anyone else here has a "VISION" for the future of pro-cycling, I'd love to read it. We could possibly incorporate your ideas into the 'Susie B Pro Tour'. :)

Oooh, one more thing. Because I am so selfish & well, being the Queen of the Forrrrest grants me such privileges, I insist one of America's two Grand Tours be the TOTEC - Tour of the East Coast. (And you know, Sara & Larry, I could agree it comes to Toronto & Nova Scotia every so often & I wouldn't charge you HALF the fee the ASO charges for TDF Start & Finale stages... We ARE buds after all! :).


LOL -- Susie I'm with you! I'm signing up for the SusieB Pro-Tour package from VS!! Very well-done rant today ;) I particularly like the "Piss and Cry" area (sponsored by Depends??)

susie b

I just checked TBV & it has a link to a new MD article in a magazine called "DOUBTING FLOYD"...


The bottom line is that cycling needs to change its culture. To do that cyclists need to talk about doping and expose the doping networks. There has got to be reductions in suspensions in exchange for cooperation.

That being the case people like Sinkewitz are far better for the sport than people like Landis.

It's not about "rolling over and doing what you are told". It's about doing the right thing.


Nice to see the photo of Floyd in yellow, Sara. It gives a person hope, if only for a moment.

And yes, I'll bet that Floyd would've gotten not much more than a slap on the wrist if he'd sold his soul and grovelled. I really think that many of the people who end up in administrative positions, calling the shots at organizations like UCI, WADA, USADA, &c, &c, are "little" men who have control issues and somehow find personal validation through seeing others humbled. You know, folks like our little friend Dick Pound, or Tiny Travis Tygart... you get the idea. Better stop there, I'm in a snarly mood and it could get ugly.

At any rate, I keep telling myself that sometimes ggod things DO happen to good people, and maybe, just maybe the CAS will have the intelligence to see the facts--and the spine to act upon them.

woof, y'all...


"It's not about "rolling over and doing what you are told". It's about doing the right thing."

And to a person who DIDN'T do what they have been accused of, then "the right thing" would be to defend yourself with every ounce of energy and will you have to clear your good name. a admitted cheater is better for the sport than a champion who appears to be the sacrifical lamb in the fight against doping. Nice.


I agree with the others, it is nice to see the pic of Floyd in yellow.

And thanks for the note about MD's article - interesting reading...


Hi Woofdawg!!!

Dissent, been here long?


God. Did you read that article? To me, that was a self serving, self congratulatory, non-reporter/writer article.

I really despise Dugard.


My apologies Sara.


Good thing MD didn't write FL's book. It would be a travesty for him to make any money off Floyd's back and then change his mind like he's done. I am disappointed in him YET AGAIN! But Susie, he responded to your comment....did you faint dead away?


Dang - good to hear from you Woofdawg!

Did you see this link responding to MD?
You're right Cathy - glad he didn't end up writing Floyd's book.


Okay, I read it. That little conversation over a burrito is interesting...that just doesn't sound like Floyd. And Marty says, Floyd said it...he said, he said..blah blah blah. Lance has gotten so celebrity, it's hard to get excited about him, and from Floyd and George's mouth this year(or last).."now they know how hard we worked. (to protect Lance..he didn't do it by himself, we know that!)

Okay, I'm babbling and I'm sorry I ever wanted Marty to write Floyd's book. And I stopped reading him at all when he dissed cycling; and showed himself to be a "running" snob, who doesn't embrace all endurance sports!!

(Please, my friends who love to run, do not take that as a slam against running! I can't because it would blow out my knees, and I admire anyone who does!!) But, I do admit being in love with the bike!


Okay, CSC's last year at sponsering the team, the need a yellow jersey...Carlos? or Stuey?


Dugard should have titled that article "Screwing Floyd" Professional writer that he is, Dugard knows how to sell newspapers. Release it right before Floyd's hearing, and mention Lance, ensuring that it will get picked up by other outlets. Yeah, Dugard knows how to sell newspapers. But given his total disregard for the damage its done to someone he calls a friend, it seems like he also sold his soul.


Toolhard, er I mean Dugard, is a complete charlatan, a Judas, a coward--and unfortunately, a fairly decent writer who, as Danaus points out, is also smart enough to excel as an opportunist.

"Running snob?" Snob, yes--runner, no. Have you ever read anything but a set of excuses for getting his lazy, fat, chickenshit ass kicked in every event he ever runs? Most snobs' arrogance is an attempt at covering the fact that they're complete frauds. Toolhard professes to be some sort of endurance purist while never really accomplishing anything--did you notice that his disdain for cycling emerged almost immediately after he was brought to his knees riding in France?
Enough--he makes me retch.

That said, ain't it fine to have racing news and photos again every day? Screw the politics and all the drama--it's just great to see people racing their bikes again. And the phot of Mont Ventoux in today's Cycling News gave me a serious jones...

This year, instead of going to AZ to ride for a week, one of my homeys and I are going to go to Cali to train. So, any of you California folks who want to recommend some rides, anywhere from 80 - 120 mi, the information would be hugely appreciated. And you're more than welcome to join us for said riding (and obligatory beers afterward...)

susie b

woofdawg! Glad to hear from you again! We've missed you. Been workin' hard or hardly workin'? (That's one of my Dad's favorites. ;) Are you busy training for something?

As for MD, I am the LAST person (well, maybe 2nd to last NOW, after Floyd & Lance... ;) ;) ;) to throw accolades in his direction, but even if I don't agree with the 'verdict', I acknowledge that magazine article was very well written. It was for a "mass audience", not cycling fans or people who know about Floyd's case other than the phrase "he's a cheater" that they've read or heard UMPteen times, especially at the end of last year. And compared to almost ALL the articles I've read about Floyd in the MAINstream press, this one was not a total hack job.

I am not shocked as I think it started to become evident LAST year that he was thinking this way, even before the Hearing. I do think he should have stated in the piece that he DID once believe otherwise & EXPLAIN why he now thinks the way he does.

And Cathy, I did not know of Dugard's "reply" until this morning when I read YOUR comment here. I had just put a new piece of gum in my mouth & it FLEW out. :) I think he could just be trying to get rid of me once & for all - death by shock. ;)

And you know, I wonder he ever considered himself Floyd's "friend". We certainly thought (at least for a time) that he was "one of us" - a fan & believer, albeit one with WAY cool access. But maybe he always saw himself as a "journalist", & thus this is not the stunning betrayal that it appears to be.

I can't honestly say that I haven't considered the possibility that *I* am wrong & that Floyd did use some form of a PED. After all the revelations/confessions/positives last year?!!! You'd be a freakin CULT member if you didn't at least wonder. But, in the end, I do think the test was botched, that Floyd was the best damn rider in the race & that Stage 17 was one of the most thrilling things I've ever seen in ANY sport. And that there is NO drug yet invented that is singularly responsible for it.


Yo Woof...Calif is a BIG need to be a bit more specific as to where you are headed. There is SO much great riding where I'm at (Central coast area)...thats why the teams come here in Jan...we are north of the congestion of the LA area, but south enough of the Bay area and such that we have pretty decent weax year-round. The Solvang century that went off last Saturday was such an example...wonderful terrain...vineyards, valleys, side-roads...and our weax was just beautiful. Ahhh...all was right w/ the world for a day. Though yesterday and today the wind is howling and the marine layer (ie: fog) is all over us, making it less than desirable riding (for wimps like ME anyway). Hoping to get in at least one good (60-90 mile) road ride this weekend, but the forecast is much the same as today, though even colder (50's...brrrr!) Yes, I am SUCH a fair weather rider...cuz I CAN be! Anywho, give a shout as to where/when...if you are in the area, would love to hook up and put in some miles AND brewskies w/ you.


Tylar Farrar summed it all up with one word. I know a few of you out there are quite sensitive and the language contained herein may not be suitable for you ;)


Thanks for the link Waddy! That WAS a hard crash - ouch. I didn't realize that the Slipstream website had so much information now -- I'll have to revisit when I have some time.

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