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February 21, 2008



WHAT A DAY! Man oh MAN I have NEVER been so glad to NOT be a pro racer as today! It was a sufferfest of massive proportions! We were situated just across the finish line just past noon (The race had started about 10am, so those poor guys had already been out freezing in the cold and rain over 2 hours). Funny bit here: we had just parked and were walking to find OUR spot, and Bob Roll walks out of the mobile studio to take a break. So Greg calls him over, he signs a copy of his new book that Greg JUST HAPPENED to have with him, and then we chatted for a while, then got our pic taken with him. What a NICE guy he is! Anyway, the weather conditions just got worse as the afternoon wore on. We were sitting in chairs, heavily clothed and under umbrellas...and were STILL cold! I just can't fathom the magnitude of pain it involves doing a 7 hour stage under those conditions. Just defies my imagination how much suffering a person can endure. But it was worth it (for us) as we had a great view of the finish...I was REALLY rooting for Big George to bridge the gap and win the stage (Sara, no offense to your boy, I'm just a HUGE GH Fan!) but it wasn't to be, and Rollins won the day in awesome style. I guess winning takes some of the pain away (George didn't look quite so pleased when he came by). We were taking photos of the groups, and I don't believe I've ever seen such a shell-shocked peleton in my life. One of the later groups came by (not too far in front of the broom wagon) and one of the riders actually had foam all over his chin and a serious 1000 yard stare much suffering do you have to do to get to that point? I hope to NEVER find out! Anwyay, was a great day of racing, and HOPEFULLY the rain is gone and the TT will go off on DRY roads! I will be out on the course, hope to get pics of EVERY rider! Until tomorrow...your action reporter in the field signing off.


MATT!!!! What a great report! Oh, what miserable conditions! I agree that Dom's win is BECAUSE he's a Canadian!! He didn't have leg warmers on, and taken off his extra jacket.

Sara, I read your report at work on the US Cycling Report site...but, I was blocked from the US Today sports page...gotta see what DZ has to say about the stage from hell!

Matt, I'm glad that Greg is with you. Poor guy, never gets to go anywhere! Kudos on the autograph and pic with Bobke!!


Laughing my ass off, after reading DZ's diary! Thanks, Janann, for the link! Tom Boonen helping our Z-man, and making sure his jacket was pulled down to keep him warm...and calling him "a skinny little guy"..!!!
Matt, Dave saran wrapped his shoes. What a great tip. But the only time I ride in the rain is when it starts after I start riding!

I wonder if there will even be 100 guys start tomorrow? The flu, the cold and wet wind, is taking them down.


Hey, one of those guys rolling in Thursday with spit hanging down his chin was Thomas Voeckler! I so wish I'd had a camera to snap a photo of THAT! The weather is way better than yesterday, off and on showers so hopefully by this afternoon it will be all clear with dry roads. I get to ride in the front seat of the team car behind Mizourov so I'll get to experience the TT up close and personal. GO LEVI!!!!


So great to hear about your day at that sufferfest yesterday, Matt. Here's hoping that you have bright sunny (and warm) weather for the TT today! Can't wait to hear about it -- this is really going to be an amazing TT with SO many good TT riders so close to the GC time.

Also can't wait to hear back from Cathy after your TT follow car ride. You get some really amazing experiences!

T, I was thinking the same thing when I saw Dom R riding with bare legs and his coat off ;) That was a really *awesome* win from him and he certainly deserved it (though I, too, was cheering for GH during the race). He is a fun rider to watch!

I got a kick out of DZs descripton of Boonen taking care of him during the race, too :)

Tyler Ford

Great post Sara!


As only a big, tough Canadian from the chilly north could, Sara!


I forgot. Make that a big, tough, son-of-a-caribou Quebecois from the 'Ah ouais! Mais bien sur, it's snowing in May' frozen north.

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