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February 20, 2008



OMG, Sara, what a ride!! Beautiful post, I just finished watching the Vs coverage...I'm soooo proud of DZ to stay on that climb with no help from Horner!

Levi and Gesnik had a great finish! Gesnik was soo cute and thrilled when he came across the line!!

Poor Tyler Farrar; DZ can tell he he knows just how he feels.


Wonderful writeup Sara! I didn't get a chance to watch the stage, but thankfully I can come here and get your awesome blow by blow account! I can't WAIT to watch this one! However, it will have to wait til maybe I will be AT the finish today in SLO! I'm feeling sick already (cough, cough...boss...I need to go home at lunch today..cough...sorry...and it looks like I wont' be in at all tomorrow...cough cough) GRIN!!!!!!!! Woo-HOO!!! The TOUR IS IN TOWN!! Ye-HAW!!!! OK..I do actually have to do a tiny bit of work this morning..but my mind is surely elsewhere...Ride Levi (and George), RIDE!

susie b

I was shocked at two things on yesterday's stage. 1st, that with about 10 miles (?) of flat road to go & a group of about 14 guys including 3 of the best time trialists in the world chasing Levi & Gesnik who were only about a minute ahead, the leaders still weren't caught. I had listened to the last 40 mintues of the stage via cyclingnews tv (courtesy of & they AND the live-time reporters on Velonews AND the live-time reporters on cyclingnews ALL said Levi & Gesnik would be caught. I agonizingly thought so too as those chasin' dudes were haulin ass (all except Horner who was rightfully trying to slow things down & thus protect his teammate's lead). It was pretty damn exciting. I imagine Levi would have let his heart explode before giving up. Way to go Levi!

But the 2nd shock is that FABIAN Cancellara was in the chase group! How did he get over those mountains with the climbers?! Larry, LARRY! Are you here? Your dream is coming true - Fabian's becoming a GC threat. I know those mountains aren't the Alps/Pyrenees & there weren't 5 of them as in the Tour, but damn, that was a shocker. And even though I like FABian, he's now uncomfortably close to our boy Levi in the overall.

However, that worry pales next to the distress over Astana's current situation, where this early-season race could just be the highlight of the entire year. :( :( I hope everyone here has signed Levi's petition.

BTW, does it crack anyone else up that Super Mario is no longer just "Mario" or "Cipollini", it appears he will henceforth be known either as 'Mario Almost-41-yrs-old Cipollini' or later this year 'Mario Now-41 Cipollini'. Reminds me of the year I really starting watching Maryland basketball - 1972. It was the 1st year Freshmen were allowed to play on the varsity. John Lucas was the freshman point guard & for that entire year, EVERYtime the commentators called his name in the action (which was quite a lot as he was the guy who brought the ball up the court for every play), it was "Lucas the Freshman". Every time. "Lucas-the-Freshman has the ball, OHHH, did you see that comes Lucas-the-Freshman, ohh, it looks like he's taking it to the hoop all the way himself this time, SCORE, by Lucas-the-Freshman!" Poor Mario. Ooops, I mean "Mario Almost-41-years-old Cipolli'. :)

And Matt, we are expecting DETAILED on-the-ground reports! Pleeeeeze. Have a great time! Tell your boss it's a fact that a stomach bug is going around those parts... Oh, & if you see AM, "accidentally" step on the back of his shoe for me. 'Cause you know, that's "not necessarily bad" for one's feet. ;)


Hi from SLO! Matt, are you out there?! I could be walking right past him and not have a clue.....that's the way with cycling, eh? Astana sprinter Tomas Vaitkus took the stage win and the leader's jersey in Algarve too so we're leading races on both sides of the pond. The guys are SUPER motivated and riding their hearts out to prove we are worthy of being in the best races. Chechu was a monster yesterday--riding like a young man possessed! Weather is horrible today, I feel bad for the boys. Sara, thanks so much for writing up the race reports for US Cycling Report--I am determined to get you here in person in 2009!


Correction: they made a time adjustment for Tomas so he missed the leader's jersey by one second, but his stage win stands and is the first win for the team this year, so still YAY!!!


You're right, Cathy -- Chechu was AMAZING yesterday!!! And what a performance by Levi (and Gesnick); staying away from that huge, hungry chase group was phenomenal. What a great day for the team!

Sounds like we're losing a lot of guys from the race today - I just heard that Ivan Dominguez abandoned. I certainly love the streaming video from the Amgen site this year - even their picture in picture has been working well :)

Wish you had nicer weather Matt. Hope you have a GREAT time and of course you must give us a detailed, entertaining report from the event!

Susie - I'm so glad that you have gotten "hooked" by the race! I was HUGELY impressed with Cancellara (AND DZ) yesterday - that was quite an unexpected performance with (as Phil would say) an "elite group of riders". It IS exciting to be able to watch such excellent riders again.


Nice report from DZ on yesterday's stage, too. Even Dave was AMAZED at Cancellara!


My only way to keep up is to read here each day and it has been awesome! What posts Sara - very thrilling!

Thanks for the levi and DZ links janann - I've been a bit technically stumble-bumpkin lately and can't even find the Neal interviews on Velo so the links have helped.

Wouldn't it be neat if matt & cathy met face to face?! I think there would be double-overtime in the distortion field or what ever you folks call it, if they got together =)

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