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February 18, 2008



I'd just like to mention how pleased I am that Mark Cavendish ended up in the second group when they got to the circuits.


you girls and your thing for mark cavendish! tsk tsk tsk.

BTW, i think i missed the boat as to why he's not your favourite - pray tell . . .

Sara Best

Hey Debi, my dislike for Mark Cavendish began in August of last year and so far, he still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Check out

And then

I've never claimed that the kid doesn't have talent - he does. It's the cocky attitude from soemone who still has a lot of dues to pay that bugs me.

Sara Best

Just watched the Chris Horner video with Neal Rogers over at Velo News from the end of Stage One at ToC.

Can I just say, yet again, how much I am in love with Chris Horner?

He's freakin' adorable and just simply brilliant when it comes to the strategy of a bike race. How sexy is that?


I know! I was so glad to see that Neal had a video up with Chris and hope that he seeks him out the rest of the week. He gives the most interesting interviews and is indeed a cutie. I liked the one with Jens, as well; his interviews are always great -- "no worries".

susie b

Do those Rock Racing kits remind anyone else of that TRON movie? I wonder if they glow in the dark. And did you all see the commercial on Versus? AND the footage from the "Rock Racing CAM" during the stage? How much money did this guy shell out?

Speaking of outfits, I loved DZ's USA skinsuit from the Prologue. Pret-ty spiffy!

And thanks Sara for the reminder about Velo's Video News clips. I watched Chris' Stage 1 & Prologue interviews. He talked about the ASO snub in the latter. And nice to see Neal looking hot as ever. :)

What do YOU ALL think of Rock Racing's Tainted Trio being kept out of the race? Did you read Fabian's view? I can see why he would be upset about the bruhaha going on but I think he needs to know more about the various cases before acting quite so pissy. I was disappointed.

Did ya'll read that article by Christie A (can't remember last name) about Tyler? It was interesting, especially about who & why we BELIEVE. But I think she took a few pot shots. Was it necessary to state the value of Tyler's house? I never followed Tyler's case & don't know if he blood doped or not. I do know he's served his suspension & should be allowed to race.

I thought Joe Lindsey of the Boulder Report on made some very insightful points about Tyler. That he's not just a rider anymore, that he represents the civil war going on in the sport - on how to deal with, punish, &/or move on from doping. Do we leave the past behind & give the fallen a new chance or "exorcise" the past completely - meaning throw AWAY those riders.

Just FYI, during the Salem Witch Trials, it was the people (not just women) who DENIED being a witch who were actually executed. The ones who "confessed" were kept alive & later released when the accusers started pointing the finger at the wife of the Governor...

And earlier today, I saw a certain SI writer's article about the ToC/cycling. I guess he's been on vacation as I haven't seen anything by him in weeks (if you don't count his 'guest appearance' on a certain blog ;). To be honest, I was much more interested to find out what he thought of the Devil & the ASO snub of Astana, than about the race. Let's just say, he did & did not disappoint. Although it did tickle me to read a couple of the remarks about Ball - "strutting like a generalissimo" & "channeling Samuel Gompers", I am very disappointed with his opinion on the Astana situation - that even though ASO's decision "punishes clean riders for sins they didn't commit", "it's not necessarily bad for cycling". NOT. NECESSARILY. BAD.

Fascinating. While I inch closer & closer to severing all attention & concern with this sport due to the inconsistent, assbackward actions by the lint lickers who currently run it, Austin Murphy thinks it's going in the right direction. Hmmmm. Maybe if I get closer to my computer monitor & squint, I'll actually SEE Vaughter's name on the byline...

susie b

Just read DZ's daily report from USA Today. He kills me. He says he was picked for random doping control but he was "happy since he was looking for a place to go".

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