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February 27, 2008



Actually, Sara, I thought I read somewhere about this, earlier, pre-season. But you are right, PR 101 is probably at work. All the teams should be doing internal controls it the best of their budgets. That way, you've got a heads up to keep a rider from riding; or results to dispute a false claim. ( like they would pay attention)..but the more the teams know about their riders, the better off they are. Sinkewitz proved THAT!!

Oh, and Cathy, what happened to your job with BMC this year??? You missed Johan and the boys, I'm sure!
And, another thought, what a difference a race makes...yesterday's post had great comments!!!
Rae, I'm glad you had a great time, even with the weather! But, then you were at a bike race!!


Thanks for that great report on your experiences at the race, Rae! It's always fun to hear from people who are actually there. Interesting to hear about your instructions for doping control, too. That incident on the team bus sure made it seem like an intentional invasion of privacy, when the gal was just doing her job. Maybe their point was more that it should be a man heading onto the team busses for an event that includes only male athletes?

How ironic that the weather is now beautiful and sunny in CA!

Hard to say if RRs move toward internal testing is only a PR move -- seems to be "the thing" to do these days to be taken seriously -- or if they really want to keep everything on the up and up. I would think that the teams would WANT to know what's going on with the riders, though that seems to go against the status quo in many of the long-standing teams from what we've heard in the past.


I wanted to add that I was so impressed by the niceness of so many of the racers to the fans. Jens Voight, Bobby Julich, & Chechu Rubiera were three in particular, & there were others who I couldn't identify right away. Jens sure made me wish I was at least two decades younger.

I wonder if Rock Racing might be beginning to feel that their "bada@@" image could be coming back to bite them just a bit, so they want to try to balance it with the anti-doping PR. Weren't they making some provocative statements earlier?

I can't say that I cared much for their podium girls, or the girls who drove the Escalades. Maybe I am showing my age, although I was no angel in my 20s, but they just struck me as not classy.


OK, it looks like I'm going to have to spell this out since the cycling world won't.

Clothing designer with an intense interest in men wearing lycra. Heavy macho veneer. Major overcompensation involving scantily clad models. Look at the pictures of Michael Ball with his models. Doesn't Michael look more interested in the camera and cameraman than the ladies. Ask any body language expert. I'm surprised this hasn't been speculated on yet. Sorry to print this here Sara, because I know the Google hits are-a-comin'. But me thinks MICHAEL BALL IS GAY. There, I said it. I feel much better now. Michael, the truth will set you free.


Oh yes, and did I mention Michael's questionable taste in women? They're not even pretty. Is it just me? He's the Versace of cycling. That's my new name for him. Anyone?


Waddy, at the risk of offending you... who effing CARES if he is? You know, you're a little obsessed on the 'who's gay' topic. Enough already. Thanks.


Waddy - WTF! Does your phobia have a place in a cycling blog?? My god - I hope Sara's 'dogs' chew you up like they did me the other day!

Can you say PR (duh - the point of Sara's post!)! Think back to Tour de Trump - rich man throwing money into a cycling tour?! Sleasy haircut and lots of arm candy! Outspoken, brash - I'm talking Donald Trump.

Waddy - seek counseling for your phobia!

Eat him up susieb.


JoeB, I happen to like Waddy and that's why I went easy on him. But I'm beyond tired of the nudge-nudge inferences. I'll leave it at that. Waddy, I don't think you realize how you sound. But as JoeB said, it has no place here (or anywhere, if you ask me). Which you didn't, but that's beside the point.


Well, I've met him in person and gay he's not....and who the f cares if he is?

And I never saw scantily clad Rock girls--they were always wearing jeans and black tshirts or jackets. But not really very pretty and no variety in the look at all. All had very dark hair, dark eyes, just about same length hair....not knockouts for sure and none of them showed personality on the podium. They were kind of goofy, actually! They will be at Georgia too, I believe.

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