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January 10, 2008



Bravo Sara!!!

(psst, send me the names of those nasty emailers. My hubby knows a guy....)



*sorry, my comment is out of synch, but I am afraid no one will go back to read "old" comments*

re susieb, no You Tube, and no computer at home:

Forget Team Gladiator, forget the Inane Tshirts, forget "Pound the Dick" bumper stickers, let's all gather our pennies and buy susieb one of those computers Ms T bought for her nephews!!!

We want you to be happy, susieb. We want you to write. But mostly...we want you to keep your job.


Really sorry to hear you got raked over the coals. I understood you the first time too. Hang tough Sara!

Considering what cycling has been through we could all do with a little rowdiness and perspective on the absurdity.

As far as I'm concerned there are no white hats or black hats. It will take years to dig through the shades of gray...

Until then you can find me raising a glass with the boys wearing skulls on their kits!

Let's all keep our sense of humor shall we?


Sara, your post certainly didn't offend me, I've just been out of town and especially busy during the last week.

It always galls me to think of people overreacting to what blog writers say and bombarding them with angry responses. (until I realize I guess I've done that myself! -- eek!)

You do a great job and a wonderful service, writing for us and telling us your feelings on cycling topics. I appreciate the effort, time, sincerity and humor you so often inject. Keep saying what you mean and know that we can only please half the people half the time, if we're lucky. You GO, Sara!!!

Larry Maxwell

Hey, if Sara can put her thoughts out there, and the first to do so, I think those who feel differently should do so in the open. The place to second guess Sara (in a non-personal way) is in the comments section.

Next time, skip the back-door emails. And Sara, next time someone "knocks on the backdoor", don't answer. Better yet, put them on the "speaker phone" so we can all hear.

There, that outta do it.

Sara Best

Thanks guys.

But don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely happy to have people disagree with what I write. I just felt, from the feedback I was getting this week, that in this instance people had misunderstood my position so I really just wanted to clarify.

And as far as people keeping their comments here on the blog, I agree, but a couple of the emails I got were from people who's names you would recognize so I understand their reluctance to debate this isssue openly and I do respect their desire for a private discussion with me.

I really do appreciate your support though guys. Thanks!


Belatedly, about the Lance ads, I think they're fantastic. My husband thought Lance was just being his actual usual obnoxious self. I had to enlighten him to the facts.

(pssst...he's just jealous of him, always has been) :)


Sara, I can understand the confusion. But, that said, I agreed with you on the post. Tho' I was confused by your comment on Team High Road. Now, that you explain it, and after the last year, it's obvious that Bob Stapleton has his work cut out for him. Stuff going on that he didn't know about.
I want all the teams to do well! No matter how they market themselves. Slipstream has some of my favorite riders on it. But I still think Rock Racing is going to be fun!

And did I mention that Brad Huff landed on Team Jelly Belly?


AND I want Floyd to have a job after his CAS hearing in March!!!


Somebody has to educate Mr Ball about cycling! If he insists on running things his way!!

susie b

I had to go back & reread the post as I did not sense then nor do I now that you were glorifying doping. Perhaps a tad too easy on M Ball for my taste, but I did my best to balance that out... ;)

Right now I'm more upset about other 'doping' news. WHY, someone tell me WHY, does Marion Jones have to go to PRISON? I was a fan; I read countless articles about her between 1997-2004, & I still have the 2000 SI, Time, & Newsweeks with Marion as the "Golden Girl" on the covers. I literally cried my way through the chapters about Marion in the BALCO book a few years ago. I remember feeling some anger, but mostly just sadness, for her & for myself, as I wondered if there were any true sports heroes in the world anymore. That Marion Jones, an athlete I had admired & cheered, had not only duped me but damaged my beloved Olympics is something I can't casually dismiss. But I find this punishment ridiculous. And I swear, that f*ckin Barry Bonds better find his ass in prison too. AND since Marion had to give back her medals, Bonds better have to forfeit the Home Run record. And I personally want to shove the KEY to the City of San Francisco up the backside of whoever's bright idea it was to give it to Bonds.

I am so disgusted by this, I can barely stand it. EVERY article about Marion for the past several months has referred to her as a "national disgrace". She has no money left & no chance of getting any kind of job EVER in the sports world. But that's not enough. Throw her in prison, yeah, THAT will teach her. That will "rehabilitate" her. THAT will make society freakin SAFE. Finally, there's someone that has it worse than Floyd. Yes, I know, she DID dope, but do you really think the rest of her competitors were'nt? Sure, sure, just because EVERYbody's doing it, doesn't make it "right". But why isn't Canseco's ass in prison? McGuire? ALL the guys in football & baseball who tested positive & after a joke of a suspension from their sports, continued with their sporting careers? HOW is this fair?

Meanwhile, CONTE, the mastermind behind BALCO, is taking meetings with DICK Pound. Oh yeah, that pathetic piece of garbage is positioning himself as a "savior" of sport. Between the wankers (kiss, kiss, Dugard) who want to eliminate everything that doesn't MEASURE up to their pure definition of "sport", the power-mad, greedy shits who run the various sports, the Doping agencies filled with self-righteous wannabe's, the INANE legal system where "fair" is a 4-letter word, the genetic jackpot winners who feel entitled to a life of luxury funded by the adoring nobodies they secretely disdain, and the slime-sucking media that delights in the Build-up & Tear-down of anyone who sucumbs to the almighty enticement of being a WINNER, I'm feeling a mite nauseous. And wonder how much longer I'll be able to call myself a "sports fan"....


So what your saying Sara, is that you're catching heat in high places... Good for you!

Proves you're doing something right!


Ah, my friends, THIS is why I love to come here.


PS, Before my previous note, I was tagged...A SPAMMER!! What did I do differently than any other time I have posted? Do I look subversive this time? Are they tracking my ISP activity and think I have gone to places that are not nice enough for here? Whaaaaaa, boo hooo, I'm a nice gurl, I yam!


OK, I know I post after everybody else, and I know I find stuff after everybody else, but did anyone go searching through the other Lance You Tubes after looking at Sara's links? There's one that we missed when he was "dating" what's her name Olsen. It has an unprintable title "F**k Young." Starts off pretty funny and I was going to link it, but then it got, well, gnarly. Surprised LA hasn't brought suit. Not really very nice. No it's not, and as I said, I yam a nice gurl.


I second what Kathleen said "So what your saying Sara, is that you're catching heat in high places... Good for you!" Keep it up, Sara.

oh Susie - your last paragraph today is a gem! So aptly and effectively put.

T, does this mean that you'll have to trade in your argyle socks and blue Huff shirts for something more...........well, lime green? I'm very glad that your dear Brad landed on a team. And heck, Slipstream now HAS a lot of publicity so its only fair that team Jelly Belly should now benefit from the great promotional efforts only you can provide ;) Can't wait to hear about it; I don't know much about that team.


Did you guys see this interesting exchange at VN?

We haven't heard much from Floyd lately and, frankly, I'm happy to hear that he's still fighting the good fight.


JD, I read the FL/SJ "interview" at TBV, but it is easier for some reason to read it in the original format, so thanks for the reminder.

Maybe it because of the playful nature of jelly beans, but I like that team (I'm still a girl and easily influenced by such things). Your comment, JD on Ms T's promotional abilities is hilarious. Just think if we ever did make a Team Gladiator, the talent contained within this comment section (and I am sure amongst the lurkers) could cover every angle, well except for the lack of $$$ (susieb, you're falling down on the job! Such a heavy burden for you, but you are related to the Queen, after all, and she is anything but a light weight).


I forgot something else. I receive group postings from an Ethics Board at UofI. There have been a number of comments posted this week about the Britany Spears ongoing meltdown/conflagration. One writer asked what HIPPA (confidentiality) violations the hospital and Dr Phil (lapsed psychologist educated at the Univ of N Texas) had committed by allowing the dear Dr to see BS (not known if her permission was requested or granted) and for the same said gentleman to go before the press and talk about it. I don't know who shocks me more, the escalating Britney, or those around her.

The whole sordid tale was covered at TMZ.

susie b

"Julie, Julie, Julie, do ya love us?
Julie, Julie, Julie do ya care?
Julie, Julie are ya thinkin' of us?
Julie, Julie, are ya still there?"


Confess, how many times has someone sang that little ditty to ya? Does it make you laugh or cringe? :) I had a bit of a crush on Bobby Sherman at the time of that hit single. Along with all the other millions of prepubescent Baby Boomer girls of America. Of course, I also had a crush on John Wayne, Paul Newman, Clark Cable, Cary Grant, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Wilt Chamberlain, Rod Laver, a boy at school, & two of The Cowsills' brothers. Oh, & the boy on the schoolbus who could talk like Donald Duck AND burp out "Joy to the World". Now THAT was true luv. ;)

Hope you have a great day, Julie! Are you surrounded by snow drifts up there in Maine? And sure, ski pants can double as Party Pants! BTW, you'll have to give us an update on how your sister is doing with the insurance companies/home builders. Hopefully, it's going well, but I know it can be a struggle.

And Cat, I bought myself that "Secret" book for Xmas & as soon as I read it, I'll be expecting the money to come rolling in. Apparently, even though I now know "what it's all about", there are still some things "secret"! But now that I have that book, cousin Liz will come askin' ME for a loan. And I'll just smile & wave.... ;)


To follow up on the Jelly Bean theme, I'd like to remind everyone of a little experience of mine. On my way home from my stay at Downer's Grove, I started getting sleepy. I pulled off the hiway, at some sleepy town that reminded me of MO towns. I parked in a parking lot of a former gas station(probably from the 40's or 50's!) and took a nap. When I woke up; refreshed, I sat up in my seat, to get out of the car a stretch. And then, a Team Jelly Belly truck and trailer drove past me on this road, and turned to go towards the Interstate. I thought is was some kind of sign, and started laughing. Now, do you think I'm giving this chance meeting more power than it deserves???

But it was bizarre!!


Now, regarding Floyd's exchange with Steve Johnson. He sounds political to me! Somewhere in there I think he is for athlete's rights; but God forbid that he disagrees with the USADA.


Shit T, you are joining the Cosmic Disturbance Boy (nee Matt) clan!!! Hmmm, what name would work por vous... Shameless Cycle Groupie was covered in the past(only I think I used the word slut, in the most loving way of course). Predictor Pollyanna?


This is an absurd hour to be posting but hey, I have bad insomnia.

Sara, I am not your target demographic, I am sure. I do not ride daily. I do not think my bike consititues rideable at this pun intended. I do not know the time trial results of handsome European & U.S. riders. I have however viewed their naked print-ad photos, thanks to you and certain people in S. Africa!

Just the phrase Team High Road has never sat well with me. Didn't know the history but the name alone is affronting. Like, "Team-my-ass-is-firmer-than-yours". It's subjective and weird and while a great goal, who made them the standard bearer?

Please, no one berate me for not knowing the back story of Stapleton or the team. But consider this. When visiting sites of Chipotle and High Road, one of them spends a tremendous amount of web space talking about their drug free goals and one spends more time talking about what they are doing in cycling. We know what Chipotle is about but I'm not left feeling beat over the head by them.

Sara, you got people talking! Frankly, it's the job of people "who's names we would recognize" to be policing any discussions about them. You did your job; you shook the tree and the fruit fell on the ground and you said "look closely, that is interesting, that is absurd, discuss amongst yourselves". Thanks Sara.

p.s. an incredibly belated happy hanukkah to mr waddy. I miss his banter and hope he is ok. And Happy BDay Julie!


To second what Jessica said... just saw a pic of a rider in the Team High Road jersey yesterday...GROAN. Talk about adventures in self righteousness! It's so obnoxious it inspires non-violent people to want to beat the wearer to a bloody stump.

Incidentally, I find the name itself to be a tad ironic. Wasn't High Road the name of a pot enthusiast's magazine? Oh wait, no, that was High Times...? Either way you get my drift. Somebody must have been smoking something to think that would look cool on a jersey!

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