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January 28, 2008



I guess Tom has found some inspiration somewhere. I wonder where..hmmmmmmmmm.

p.s. Thanks for my new desktop background :)


I agree, Sara!! Nothing matters, but racing season is starting, and Tour of Ca is coming soon!

I showed my Personal trainer my HTFU bracelet today...I put it back on after she kicked my butt last week. She laughed so hard!! Said I didn't look the type to be wearing a bracelet with that inspirational message on it!


Hooray! Can't wait for the ToC -- I'm assuming that we'll actually be able to watch that one on VS again? Hope so. They have a great collection of teams and there should be some exciting racing. Thanks, as always for that cute pic of TB, Sara (always ups the hits when we talk about our boy Tom, right)

Have you guys read the article at VN (saw it somewhere else, too) implying that Astana may not be getting a Tour invite this year?!? Do you think its a lot of hot air or that they would actually not invite the team with the winner AND 3rd place finisher from last year?

You crack me up T!


VS is indeed airing the ToC again this year, every day! Yippee, it's cycling season!


Hate to say it, or maybe I don't , but Tough Guy is MD's element. Everything becomes simple, elemental. That's what Matt and Waddy and Larry and Philip talk about. I never understood that when I was a young chick, but I get it now.
What do you think, is it menopause? The shift of estrogen to a relative higher testosterone?

I wish I could do that. Push 'til you physically can't stand it, I mean.


Why was SS trying so hard to win the team time trial? I thought they didn't care about winning.....


Nice one CMehl! Oh SNAP!

Oh heavy sigh. I'm usually not one to swoon easily but if I were Catholic, every new picture of Boonie would mean a trip to confession for me!

Looks like he's committed to an aggressive year. Lucky us.

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