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January 31, 2008



Well, lets hope that the ASO gives Astana an invite...they still are stuck on OP and his initials being mentioned (which is a smoking gun to the ASO apparently!) Right now I don't think they WANT Contador racing this year. But we shall see how things play out.

As to the big sprint pileup, I can't believe things like that don't happen more often! I guess it's a testament to the skills of the they are up over 50kph for the final sprint...and everybody is juking/jiving, slipping thru tiny holes that may or may not exist...inches from other wheels as they hammer with all their might...whew! It's all over in a few seconds, one way or another...guess thats why the sprint finishes are SO exciting to watch!

susie b

The way I look at it, Sara, is that at LEAST there's an article about cycling on - mainstream media. And that it WASN'T specifically about doping is a 1st in freakin months.

As for possibly not inviting Astana to the Tour, I believe ASO just doesn't want the Tour to devolve into FARCE again when the race veers into Italy this year. Imagine if the Italian sports mafia (aka CONI) makes a spectacle by literally grabbing Contador off his bike as he pedals past, for "questioning" in their "OP investigation". As I said yesterday, do you not think the Italians are LIVID that THEIR Tour hope (Basso) was not only barred from the 2006 race due to OP, but is also the only one actually being punished for his involvement with Fuentes & had to miss 2007 & will miss 2008? That Valverde & Contador (among other Spanish guys) are still riding & worse yet (for them), that one of them WON the thing last year must just chap their asses.

Then again, by barring Astana you knock out 3 Tour contenders (AC, Levi, Kloden). I would think the ASO would also then not invite Valverde's team as HE is even more a suspect (ah, what a 'Pitti') than Contador. All they need to do then is figure out a way to keep Cadel out & well, whaddya know, maybe a FRENCH guy finally has a chance.

Anyway, does anybody know if Versus plans on 'Cyclysm Sundays' again this year? I can't find any mention of cycling coverage on their website beyond the ToC & the Tour. If I can't SEE the races, even delayed & abbreviated coverage, I'm just not as 'into' the sport. I'm sorry, but I can't subscribe to cyclingtv at work! Plus, watching an entire race on a computer monitor is not my idea of fun. And just reading about the races is about the same thrill as reading about sex. Yeah, it's better than nothing, but you'd really rather SEE it if not actually 'be there', um, in person... ;)

Also, (in a TOTALLY unrelated thought...;) do you think there will hordes of groupies around Tom B at the ToC? Like there are in Europe? Now, if I heard he was going to ride in that GLADIATOR outfit, maybe I'd have to fly out.... ;) :)

OG, do you remember last year when we were talking about Tom B on that other blog & the host sniffed & said he was but a "poster boy for middle age women" (or something like that)? Sad how JEALOUSY can just eat a man up... ;)


I didn't read much--but Maggie B. broke his collarbone!! And he was going to ride in the Tour of CA!!

susie b

The following is a belated birthday present for Janann, who recently joined me in speculating on a certain question and is currently working hard on a production of that musical where 'the wind comes sweepin down the plains'... :

"Can the Austin & the Martin still be friends?!
Can the Austin & the Martin still be friends?!
One man likes to PUSH it hard,
The other can be witty as The Bard,
But that's no reason they cain't still be friends!

TDF journos should stick together,
TDF journos should all be pals.
Austin could dance with the Martin's wife
But Martin can't dance, not on his life.

I'd like to say a word fer the Austin.
Some say his work can lean to FARCE.
And while that may or may not be true,
Can anyone say he doesn't have a fine ARSE?

Can the Austin & the Martin still be friends?!
Can the Austin & the Martin still be friends?!
While both can write with flair & ease,
It's the Martin who can eat his weight in cheese.
But that's no reason why they cain't still be friends!

TDF journos should stick together,
TDF journos should all be pals.
Austin could dance with the Martin's wife,
But Martin can't dance, not on his life."

Y'know, being stuck in rush hour traffic often opens my memory vault - to the many songs I learned at summer camp (we put on a big musical every year). Combine that with an innocent email dialogue & well, do you think there are rehab places for this...? ;) ;)

Paula Kirsch

From all that I have read, and from what I hear "on the sly" there is little possibility that Alberto Contador will be able to defend his TdF title. The political climate in cycling now is poisonous with a "lose the baby with the bathwater" approach to anti-doping. Doping needs desperately to be eliminated from cycling, and sport in general, but the "system" in which the anti-doping establishment finds itself is in even more desperate need of fixing, and McCarthyism will not do the trick. Spain goes after Italian riders via OP so now Italy (CONI) goes after the Spanish riders. It's insane, and painful to watch as cycling devours itself from within.



Susie, I am right with you on watching races on TV - I am the person who lost her job in June and still went out and bought a new TV for the Tour. My old one was cutting off the bottom 1/4 of the picture and I could deal with missing the damn crawl lines on the news, but not missing all the stats that VS puts at the bottom of the screen!

I don't think VS had Cyclysm Sundays posted on the website last year either. It's really annoying trying to find stuff on their site. I did find TV listings and searched for cyclysm, but turned up nothing.

Loved the SONG! If that's what rush hour traffic does to you... well, it's better than road rage!


I double dog dare someone to send the song to Austin! I know susieb won't... :-P"


OMG --- Susie you are a gem! That will be going through my head the rest of the day ;-)


There's new music emerging from new artises that continues to blow me away. Here's a beautiful ditty from a French Israeli woman named Yael Naim. If your looking to be uplifted, watch the video for "New Soul" that's on the page. Be prepared to feel good. The song is the first song that will start automatically when you hit the page. Apparently it's being used in a new MacBook Air commercial.


We are having biblical rain today (with a thin coat of ice underneath)so I'm pondering indoor exercise...

For those who like spinning or riding a trainer - and for those who can't imagine the crashing boredom of any indoor cardio...

If you haven't seen it, read Fatty's blog about riding a trainer for 100 miles...

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