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January 08, 2008



You hit the nail on the head,Sara! Something about giving these guys second chances, and not doing it in a meek way, pleases me.


Here's the problem though--Ball seems to think he can PUSH his way into races with an in-your-face approach and I wonder if that will work? He talks about wanting to take his team to the Tour in the next few years. Something tells me with the line-up he's creating his mail box won't be stuffed with invites to the races ASO owns!

He has the right name, that's for sure. I have one close friend on that team and I am just keeping my fingers crossed that this works out for him. Nothing like pushing the envelope! I think MB is used to getting his own way so we'll see how that transfers into cycling.

Great post Sara! And check your email soon!


Signed Hamilton? Did you hear that loud crack? It was my neck doing a wicked snap to the left, as that took me by surprise. I can't keep up w/ all the signings. Hmmm. Tyler was my personal let-down years ago. Was really rooting for him! Hated it when his dog died, the whole thing w/ him was a bummer and continues to confuse me. Twin blood. Hmmm.

CONGRATULATIONS Cathy! That is wonderful and sounds like good things for you and for us readers...tee hee =)

Has anyone seen that commercial where the guy is sitting in his office, being interviewed by multi reporters about his "increased productivity". And for awhile he's very self congrat and sanguine and then one of them asks, "did you take any productivity enhancers?" And bug-eyed, he races out of the office w/ a stream of reporters chasing him thru the company. If you see it, maybe it will give you a giggle too, in a perverse, follow them to the pharmacy kind of way.


Neal is smiling again after having the opportunity to post this gem with MB:

Thanks Jessica and YES! I love that commercial too! I almost fell out of my chair laughing, too clever and timely!

susie b

I can NOT stand the guy, overall. But in reading about him the last 6 months or so, there are a couple things I do grudgingly like. 1st, that he has the stones to give the finger to the cycling honchos by hiring "tainted" riders. (However, that didn't work out so well for Discovery...). OP has always given me a gdamn headache for the sheer lack of due process; 2 years & when do THEY get a Hearing to clear their names? When do they even SEE the evidence against them? Plus, I do like 2nd chances. I like redemption too, but since these guys all say they are innocent, not sure that applies...

I like that as a sponsor he's NOT AFRAID of the connection to the whipping boy of the sports world. However, before you go all misty-eyed, know that this TIES INTO HIS BRAND - edgy, rebellious, Bad to the Bone. It's a MARKETING STRATEGY. Look at all the press he's getting already. He's leaning back, boots up on the table thinking this is going even better than expected.

I do also like that he insists the drug testers CAN & DO make mistakes. How can I not like that? We've been saying that for the past year and a half!

He also flips the bird at the cycling honchos by stating the riders need a union. When was the last, hell, the FIRST, time you saw a team OWNER say that? This alone should make me like him, but I don't. The reason is he is just a son of a bitch; arrogant & egotistical to the extreme & beliving he can BUY his way into the winner's circle. People are only "friends" if he can use them. He seems to know little about cycling & yet is calling ALL the shots. He spoke to Frankie ONE TIME. Tell me, if you want to be in charge or at least know what's going on, how do you only speak directly to your DS ONCE in a year?

This guy makes my teeth hurt. He's the kind of guy that wants ALL the credit if the team wins & NONE of the blame when they don't. If he doesn't get into the races he wants within the next two years (& sure, I can see Saint Christian P of the ASO throwing out the TDF welcome mat RIGHT NOW), I think he'll snap the wallet shut & move on to something else where people hang on his every word & he can be viewed as a "winner" by the public....

The team itself makes me laugh because all I can think of is the team in 'Major League'. Their team bus should blast out 'WILD THING' as they pull up to the races. ;) I did get a kick out of that movie... Wild Thing, I think I LUV YA!

As for Floyd & MB. Floyd must be so angry at what has happened to him that ANY dig/slap at the cycling honchos is just what the Dr ordered. (Well, maybe that's not the best word choice... SOL! ;) Seriously, they can use each other. But M.Ball makes Lance look like a pushover & we all know how Floyd likes to be bossed around, especially for no logical reason. Yeah, I think they'll be lifelong buds.

Paula Kirsch

I do not trust Michael Ball, he is not a great person and I don;t care how "colorful" he is. He is, in the long run and IMO, not going to be good for what cycling is trying to become. Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!!!


susie b

I meant to ask earlier. How was 'Dance Wars'? I had to tape it & probably won't be able to watch it til the weekend. Is it more like SYTYCD?

And Nakigrl - you must be sending the sun my way - it was almost 70 here today! January. In MARYLAND! Whoo-hooo! My kind of "winter"! Thank-you & keep it comin'! :) :)


Oh my gosh, susieb!!!! This is the best you've written yet. Read my email. Heed my advice. You have a career calling you, my sweet! But don't be cheerin' the warmth, sb, it doesn't bode well for the environment.

Paula, I would think you would be in a position to know about Mr Ball (what kinda great name is that for cycling these days?). Can't you sway our youngin' to take heed?

I must admit I don't know much about Mr Ball (gosh, I just love saying that), but reading the article linked by Cathy, certainly makes me think he has an ego as big as, em, his name. The first I knew about Rock was when T and I went to Downers (sounds bad, no?). They looked menacing, and raced menacing, and T told me they mostly came from Detroit, which translated to, you got it, menacing! They were big, and red, and black. Thighs like tree trunks. Ooooo, scarey.

Sure hope our boy stays out of trouble.


PS I drove home from work with the top down yesterday. Now I have done that when the temp was 30's, jes fer fun, but I was actually warm this time. On January 7th! The only down side to all warm and no snow is that it is sooooo gloomy that it got dark at 4:30PM. Bummer. And the grass is burlap. Drab, gray, gloomy...damn, where's the rope?


Oh, something else I've been meaning to say (boy am I chatty tonight or what?), have any of you gone to any other blogs lately? Man oh man, I have come across some interesting writers (The Happy Hospitalist, pouringdown, surgeonsblog, and thank you Amy-?- for Confessions of a Pioneer Woman), but most of them don't write as often as Sara and jeeze are the comments dumb. One liners, all smiley faces and bubblegum. Boooooring. Zzzzsnrk. I've tried to read through to see if there is any spark buried in the middle, but no, not one. They don't talk to each other either. What's that about?? No repartee, no clever analysis, no lyrics, political commentary, artistic references....

Then there are the ones who take themselves very seriously. Those are the worst. The harder they try to show how intelligent they are, the dumber they seem.

I hope we all realize how lucky we are. Thank you MD for introducing us to each other! That alone makes all the inane insults worth the pain. THANK YOU Sara, it's been a wonderful year.


OK, T, I gotta bone to pick with yous. I went to the Rock Racing site (yes, I am lame) and they didn't come from Detroit, they were all from California, southern California at that! No big mean ghetto guys, they! Just blondie southern Cal guys. Yeah, I know, they can be tough too, but T, I was mislead!!! And here I thought you knew all....


Ok, cat, someone told me the Detroit connection!! I can't remember who gave them the Caddys, but the word Detroit came out of someone's mouth that I trusted and looked up to. hmmmm, just can't remember who!!

And watch out for all that warm weather, guys!!! We had 3-4 tornadoes come thru here last night!! Of course the Gulf moisture had a lot to do with it. But the last one came thru at 3am, and it was moving at 75mi/hr!!!! Some of the winds were clocked at 100miles a hr in the path of that storm. We lost power at the pharmacy, and one of the early twisters went right over us!! Damn, it was a scary night!Okla, Ks, MO, and northern Ark, were getting creamed by the storm system that started in California!!! The storms were moving so fast, that people had trouble getting out of the way, and they just kept coming. I was so glad to get home!!

Susie, take Cathy up on her offer...write something for her new webmagazine.

And regarding Mr Ball, I hope he succeeds, Mike Creed signed with them after being dumped by Slipstream. And Freddy is there now!


Oh, and did anybody check out the 16 teams registered in the US?? Erik Saunders is the DS of one of the new ones. And Ed Beamon has a new team too!!

susie b

Todaaaay is someone's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHERINE! :)

That 1st phrase is part of a song that always used to be played at the Roller Skating Rink when it was "someone's birthday". From the ages of 4-12, I was at that rink on many a Saturday between Oct-Apr & thus it is apparently now ingrained into my consciousness. :)

Also from my skatin' days was a little participatory song that was played every Saturday & which I never truly understood. Until Senator Craig's recent bathroom shenanigans that is.

"You put your right foot in
You put your right foot out.
You put your right foot in & you shake it all about.
You do the HOKEY POKEY &
You turn yourself around.

In fact, the very second I heard about the foot tappin', I immediately thought of that damn song. I kept waiting to read/hear other people mention the connection & never did. Come on! No one else sang the Hokey Pokey when they heard about this?! Oh ok, maybe this IS just proof I have the maturity of a 12yr old girl. ;) Sure, laugh all you want, but *I* know "what it's all about"! Even if it took 30 years... :)

Have a great, rootin-tootin day, Cat!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cat!!!! Have a great one!

Susie the whole hokey pokey connection hadn't occurred to me, but it made me SOL at work and I certainly won't be able to hear about it again without that song playing in my mind....

I don't know, T. While I'd like to see those riders do well -- Freddy, Mike, heck even Tyler -- I just get really BAD vibes from the interviews I've seen and read with Mr Ball (that was for YOU Cat!). I can't seem to get at all excited about his involvement in the sport. Hopefully my gut feelings will be proven wrong.

Hey, take it easy in LA, Matt and leave poor Britney alone already. You're obviously a bad influence when you're *anywhere* close ;)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAT!!! You lucky girl!
I went to a skating ring way before Christmas, to test my skills or lack of on roller skates. Thinking this would be a good way to spend Sat afternoon, getting cardio. They STILL do the hokey-pokey for the Birthday kids!! I was not out there, merely watching while holding on to the wall for dear life....I haven't been

And for those who were counting, we had 10-12 tornadoes Monday night!! And I hear the east is getting a taste of that storm system now.


Once again Sara, I like your attitude. Must confess I don't know a lot about Mr. Ball either, but have to say the whole set up reminds me of the old Oakland Raiders - the team we loved to hate, always one step ahead of criminal charges. Every time they won property was destroyed and something was set on fire.

Put a black uniform on a man add a couple of skulls, tattoo "Born to be Bad" on his backside and get ready to rumble.

It's pure Voodoo. The men in black will always be the most colorful team on the field.

And it's not like they ain't got skillz. Skillz + a shady reputation? I'll be watching. Heck, I'm already making pop corn!

'So you think I'm bad? I'll show you BAD!'


Not only that but, uh...just found this:

Check it out.
Michael Ball is kinda, er... HOT!
(thanx Triple Crankset)


All right what did I miss? Why is Jessica congratulating Cathy M? And Theresa's mentioning of a web magazine. Dang-I don't want to be missing out on ANYTHING! I don't comment often but I read daily. Do I need to give an email to get the whole picture? Cat you are right about other blogs comments BORING! This blogs the BEST (get it?)!


Off topic - sorta
Do y'all read Racejunkie? Cracks me up! At first his ranting style turned me off at times, but after reading his posts for awhile he just simply makes me LOL, or SOL, or sometimes BMON ;)

Lindaloo, I think all of that info was in the comment section in the past few days. Great things happening for our dear deserving Cathy Mehl - hooray! But,if you're interested in the email exchange too (the more the merrier), you could probably email Sara and have her send us your address (hope that's OK Saraloo).


Happy bday CAT!!!!!!


egads - its done past your bday but happy "top down, driving the winding back roads in the moonlight" birthday Cat!


Thanks. You guys are real sweet to an ole gal like me!

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