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January 16, 2008


Larry Maxwell

You wouldn't pick Cadel Evans!!?? I disagree with you Sara.

Oops, sorry everyone. Mea Culpa. I forgot the new rules of engagement. I'll send a seperate email to Sara where we'll have some private discourse.


I agree with Fabian!!

I got to Cathy's new site; but don't have time to check it out right now. Have to do that when I get home from work....I did notice the info on the track competition in Carson City, Mr Huff and Mr Freidman are there!!


I think Cadel is a good choice. He had a great year overall...winning the TDF isn't the only game in town (sorry Lance!). It's just ONE of the Grand Tours amongst a multitude of awesome single-day races worldwide. As for Contador...well, he wasn't GOING to win the TDF...he got it kind of like Pereiro did (not to say he didn't ride his ASS off, and still hold his place thru the TT's, even though the hounds at his heels are much better TT riders). It was an awesome and truly unexpected win for him and Team DC..but again, he SHOULD have had 2nd place. He WASN'T going to win till they yanked the Chicken for reasons OTHER than doping. No matter your opinion on Rasmussen, the fact remains that he WAS winning, and most probably would have. But back to the topic at hand...Cadel 'seems' to be an honorable cyclist, high finishes in lots of races, is an excellent teammate and well liked in the sport (as far as I know anyway)...well deserving of this award! (I say 'seems' because we just don't know anymore WHO is clean and who is not). AND, he used to be a pro Mt biker...and a VERY good one at that. Certainly it is very difficult to single out just ONE cyclist out of all the worthy contenders. I'm just saying that he is as good a choice as any. Congrats Cadel! I look FORWARD to seeing you compete again in 08! (you will surely be VERY high up in my GC contender list for Le Tour!)


Oh, and CONGRATS to the new site Cathy, very nice! I now have it bookmarked in my 'daily read' folder, right below Sara's site (which still holds the coveted #1 slot, sorry). Then TBV, Rant, Dave Moultons, CNN, Velo News, Daily Peleton, Spaceflight Now... and on from there into the wild blue of many other fav's. I look forward to getting ALL the news on N. American cycling in one place!


The teams have just been announced for Amgen Tour of California. Looks like a great line up of teams!


I sent a message to the NEW EDITOR of US Cyling report congratulating her...just want you to know I am a caring person, in spite of appearances.

BTW, I agree with Cathy, susieb and sara should definately write something for the web site. Cummon, when wa the last time an editor ASKED YOU unsolicited, to write soemthing for them? Free publicity susie (evidently sara gets enough)! Besides, it would be a hoot and a half to see susie compete with the likes of Mr D (there, that's the last gauntlet I can think of).


Oh - Cat you're a crafty one! Wonder if it'll work?

Congrats Cathy! Can't wait to see how your site grows and progresses. We'll be looking for some great insider information ;)

Thanks for adding the link to the TOC teams -- oooh that will be a great race to watch!


Fabian would have been my first choice just cause he is so cute! I put a word about Cathys new site (which I think is most excellent)over on The One Who Must Not Be Named blog. Please susie write something for it! It would be such a perfect place to show off your steller knowledge and rapier wit!








Awww, Sara, we have a little revolution goin' on down here!

Hey, if it makes the two youse (S2) feel inspired, I have been working on an article with my ICU co-chair about culture shift in the ICU. Be quiet, I can hear you snoring!! Seriously, it's not that bad, and both of you seem to flow forth with delightful imagery!

Hey, maybe there could be a monthly guest column called 'S2' or the "Two Esses", or "S Squared", or.....


Interesting ESPN feature on Slipstream:


I read that piece on ESPN last night. There are so many parts about it that irk me I could barely make it to the end. As though Slipstream is the only team trying to race clean--that's bullshit. It's too bad so many non-cycling people will read such a prominent piece by such a prominent journalist and once again bad mouth cycling as a dope-riddled sport, miles ahead of other sports in their doping culture.

Millar mentions that Astana should not be given a pt license but doesn't mention High Road. DZ bad-mouths Discovery when his most recent team had a self-confessed doper leading the charge. And TD's comments....his name would not even be known if he hadn't ridden with DC, he just doesn't have the results to make him as popular as he's gotten via riding for a popular American team.

These guys need to shut up and ride. Let's see the results on the road.


The one interesting aspect of the piece is Ann Gripper's comment that she says she thinks MOST athletes in all sports are clean. She doesn't seem to cast all cyclists as dopers. She was quoted as saying that "I do what I do for the clean riders, and I really believe the majority of athletes in all sports are clean". Thought it was a strange comment coming from someone in her position. Not typical UCI-speak.


Actually Waddy I did a double-take on Gripper's comments too. I think I raised my eyebrows and said to myself, "Oh really?!!!"


The article was a bit self congratulatory and disingenuous at times, but I liked the back stories. A truly telling point in the article was the section with Ann Gripper. That was a revealing section. Who's shitting whom?

One could argue that this attitude, or tact is the new marketing method. However, I think it will take quite a while to see real change. This is especially true if there are racers who are able to dope and get away with it while the "mere mortals" ride on legal enhancements only. I think Slipstream will struggle, and might only contribute, along with some others, to the leading edge of change. What thy must show is that it is possible to stay financially solvent and ride without illegal substances. Truthfully, I think that's the only place to start, stay solvent. Until the playing fields are somewhat level, I don't see how they could win the TdF, but perhaps other shorter races?

What I have always wondered is, if you took a totally clean peloton, and set them out on the road for three weeks, could they finish the TdF and what would the times look like? It is a grueling, devastating race. Lest I forget, when I read about the racing schedules they have to complete on an annual basis, it's hair raising; especially for me, a softie American who doesn't have to physically struggle for anything.


Floyd talking to Neil Rogers:
"You have teams like Team High Horse, or whatever they’re called these days, and Jonathan Vaughters’ team, and they are saying we don’t care about winning, we just want to be clean and so it’s okay with us to get whatever place we get because we’re not doping. You know what? That’s one of the most offensive things you could ever say. That immediately accuses everyone who finishes ahead you of doping. That’s hypocrisy. That’s asinine. They have to stop saying that. It’s all fine and good that they are against doping, but for them to say we’re not interested in winning, we’re just interested in being clean is an accusation of anyone that is better than them."

Sara Best

Amen Floyd!

"Team High Horse" that's even better than my "Team Suck Up"

susie b

When I got to work this morning, I saw I had received three emails about a certain blog post. I clicked over, read, & saved the thing plus all the comments (including a lengthy one by a disgruntled AUSTIN MURPHY) to a word document. It seems that shortly after I did that, the entire post was removed from the blog site. You can email me... ;)

Anyway, did you all read Neal's VERY lengthy interview with Floyd? I saw it only via a link on TBV as it's not on the regular Velonews site for some reason. I have to tell you, that interview saddened/upset me a great deal. For several reasons. But I want to know what you all thought.

And as for the ESPN article about Slipstream. Again, I was linked via TBV. I liked the individual article by Bonnie on Vaughters, but the lengthy writing that was from the Slipstream website (I guess, I was confused about where I was), included some things that were either surprising, mystifying or down right irritating. And while I don't agree with Dugard's assessment of Slipstream (or his previous opinion, at any rate ;), I have to say that I do find it a bit strange for a team to say they DON'T CARE AT ALL about winning. Come on, that's a bit much for a SPORTS team. I agree with Mr "Live by the Freakin Rules" Landis on this point even if I do vehemently disagree with his opinion of Michael Ball. Floyd, don't let the DEVIL fool you!


Well, truthfully, I was poised above my keyboard to comment on MD's post, but instead turned to susieb. Boy, am I glad. She saved the whole thing after Austin's comment, which wasn't there at the time that I read it. Now MD's all apologetic. Which I guess shows consideration and humility, or something, but actually ended up sounding embarrassed.

Ah, a little online meltdown. Ouch.

As for the article, I liked a lot of it. I liked the stories about how they were trying to pull together. I also like the team cohesiveness they were trying to build. Certainly our national character is very mistrusting of writing or verbal expressions that are sentimental or too emotional. We tend to trust a more taciturn approach. I agree that there was a bit of treacle and fawning in the article, but actually enjoyed it quite a bit and thought it was well written.

On the other hand, I thought MD's post was, well mean. Which he occasionally slides into during the winter months when I suspect he is too idle and left thinking too much. He seems to be a guy that needs physical activity to burn off the positive ions created by too much writing (he just finished off his latest historical tome).

Or maybe, as I told susieb, he just needs a better internal editor. Sometimes when the writing is hot, you just have to leave it to settle overnight before posting.

Then there is the Neil Rogers interview with Floyd. Talk about needing an editor; how about an external one! Yes, I can tell Floyd is a guy who could get well, verbally demonstrative, but, someone stop him! He has shown ENORMOUS restraint over the past year and a half with his ability to stay rational, focused on the point, keeping on track, and demonstrating a solid understanding of the facts at hand. I haven't read anything showing him fly off the handle. That has been remarkable, because I am sure any of us in his circumstances would have a) given up, or b) beaten the crap out of someone, if not literally then figuratively. Although I really enjoyed hearing him rant a bit, I don't think it will advance his cause to those who are undecided, or worse to those who assume he is lying and wish him ill. Can we change their minds? Probably not, but why give them ammo, especially "F-bombs."


Wow, Cat. I was going to comment on those two articles myself, but I may as well say "What she said".

I felt the same way about the Slipstream article, but was impressed with the prominence that the article was given on the ESPN site. That ANY cycling article, much less an expansive one that wasn't about a racing event - but about the building of a team, would be presented to readers in the polished way that this one was is encouraging for the sport IMO.

I hurt for Floyd after reading that interview (even after cheering him on during parts of it). The frustration and bitterness are palpable now - not that I blame him at all for being, well, human in his reaction to the destruction of his career and the system in which he's been forced to defend himself.


Oh Susie B, please email me the goodies!

I won't say more about Bonnie's article because many of you are right that it is great to see cycling get mainstream coverage on a big format, etc. But in the back of my mind there has always, ALWAYS been something nagging at me that something feels wrong about SS. Then I read Roger's interview with FL and FL's comments about how irritating it is for a few of these teams, SS included, to present themselves as the only non-doping teams....and that anyone who won in front of them had to be doped. FL's comment finally brought into focus why I was having trouble with them. That attitude is what turns me off to them right now. I hope I can turn that feeling around.

And Cat, I think FL's F-bombs are kind of okay because in truth don't you think he'd rather be going after some of those guys with a gun or something?!!


P.S. I think that Rock is going to officially announce Cipo's signing in a few days, and I just think he is going to look fabulous in those jeans, don't you ladies? MB is no dummy--his clothing sales will sky rocket when Super Mario starts strutting in those pants on freaking American soil at freaking American bike races!!!


Hey Cath, don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you on many points. I guess what I am trying to verbalize is the difference between private speak and public speak. When saying what MD and FL were saying in a public way requires very clever, carefully crafted and thoughtful comments. Even the most critical observation can be made clear in a way that provokes the reader to go, hmmm, and rethink what they previously took for granted. Although there are times when blunt or graphic descriptions are necessary, a concise but more subtle approach is usually more effective. Unless of course you are Mr Ball, where well, that's the whole point.

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