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January 14, 2008



Way funny, Sara! Those cartoons are a freaking hoot. I love the art work, the's all good.

Regarding your email-pals who don't like to post and prefer to remain nameless (which I do understand but still think is amusing; I mean this isn't the NY Times for cripes sake!) why didn't you just tell them to put on their HTFU bracelet and get ready for the season?!!

It will be interesting/fun/crazy to watch this team race all season. Everyone deserves a second chance, I have no problem with that, so let's see how they come together and race as a single unit. Your piece didn't promote doping--how silly is that? Any one that visits here regularly knows you are against doping in cycling. If someone just dropped in because a search engine alerted them to your comments on Rock and they only bothered to read the one post, then they didn't do their homework did they? So they only get a C-grade for average performance and perhaps a HTFU bracelet for good measure.

BESIDES it's your blog--you can say whatever you damn well please. That's the beauty of it.


YEAH! What SHE said.


Damn Cathy, you are the Woman!!

As a funny aside, when you were writing about Team High Road/Suck up, I thought the names were ALL euphamistic; I didn't know there was a team with that name. How dumb is that (not just me, but the name)?


Dang, Sara, that is a hilarious link. The third comic on that page had me rolling "Karpets and Brochard at the Mullet Alamo"! Reminded me of that post on DZs site awhile back about riding up to riders and trying to cut off their mullets during a race ;)


Right you are, JD! Sara you sometimes out do yourself.


Just wanted to let everyone know we did a soft launch of the new cycling news site I'm editor of:

(I don't know how to make that a link, I guess...)

The site will focus on american cycling as well as americans racing in europe, and if it pertains to a bicycle we will consider writing about it! I welcome comment, contributions, photos, etc. We want this site to have "heart" instead of just being a news site. So we're just getting started and still tweaking things, but check back every now and then to see what we're up to.

Sara, Susie, anyone else....write something!!

BTW some good cycling pals of mine will be doing the media for RR! Now won't they have some stories to tell?!! (This should also mean that I can get good access!)


Way to go CMehl! Great new site. Looking forward to more and all the 'inside scoop'.

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