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January 22, 2008



Sara, that is really exciting to hear you're all involved in working on that novel. Maybe I shouldn't say so, but I'm gonna... to me that's a step up in your writing career, nothing to apologize about whatsoever. I'm proud of you and it's fun to watch you go. Do it all quick before your kids get in softball! Better yet, just say no to softball! :) (games or practices every night... need I say more?)

Sara Best

Thanks Camille, I appreciate that. It's probably going to take me over a year to get it finished, but I'm really enjoying the work. I'll expect you all to go out and buy a copy if I ever get it published ;)

And I can already see what you're talking about with the kids and sports. We're not into softball yet but they're already signed up for soccer this summer and they play on different nights so with two nights of driving around to soccer I realized last night that I am officially now a Soccer Mom! Yikes!


Sara, we will buy many of your novels; all of our friends will know about you, too!

Cat, from previous post about FL needing to keep some things private, I agree with you. I just think that's not really him. What you see is what you get, or hear, or read, or whatever. And I think his anger and disappointment at being "abandoned" by his cycling federation was such a big deal for him. Being raised the way he was that had to be a huge blow to his very foundation. Johnson saying he didn't pay attention....well, hmmmm, the rest of us sure were. Where was the head of USA Cycling at that point?

FL should be writing his story himself, and then hire Sara to fix it. He has a story that needs to get out, or he needs therapy. Or maybe both!

BTW, I have family visiting and we all went to Universal Studios yesterday. The Bulgarian men's track cycling team was there enjoying the attractions and we went up and chatted with them. They were cute and having a blast!

And if Basso went to Rock at the end of the year when his suspension ends, well, that team would rock the fashion world!


Sara, the good news is you're in the age of being able to bring your laptop or Blackberry or I-phone, etc. with you to the games/practices and if you get a sudden surge of inspiration you could always surreptitiously get it committed to print before the ideas leave you. When I was a softball mom there was only one parent there who had a cellphone (they had just come out, before that they were just "carphones") and we all thought she was the BIGGEST show-off, sitting there making use of the time on her cellphone. I did crosswords maniacally; anything to pass the time and I sure wasn't one of those Cellphone Showoffs!! lol Yep, I'm old allright!
But I digress, you can still work on your novel at soccer games and practices -- do we live in a great age or what?! Of course there's still the chauffeuring/commuting time but we just won't think about that! :) We can't write novels All the time, right?


Novel? Where have I been?! What are you writing about? My inner English Major is *very* excited to read it :)

Paula Kirsch

What Floyd needs is a re-write of history, and "10 years down the road" perspective.


Paula Kirsch

BTW, Cathy Mehl please get my email addy from Sara and be sure to point me to your web site when there is any Floyd related, or doping news, OK?



Had to chose timewise, this AM between commenting on my fave guy Floyd, or congratulating SB...sorry, Sara!!!!

So, the book, Amy you aren't in the dark, I don't recall anything about a book, but then I have an old brain. susieb and others would remember better than I.

But, what I really want to say is YAY Sara!! What is the book about, who is asking you to write it and if not are you searching for a publisher yet? My Mom just got her's finished and started sending out her blurb to various academic houses. Gosh it's a lot of work. Can't wait to buy (many) copies!


My post just disappeared after i did the final step!

1. This morning I did a quick check while waiting for hubby, only had time to comment on my fave guy Floyde or congratulate Sara...sorry sweetie!

2. Damn Sara, writing a book! Do you have a publisher asking for it or are you just compelled to write? Congratulations!!! I can't wait to buy ()many) copies!

Sara Best

Thanks guys. Cat, Amy, no, you didn't really miss anything. I haven't talked much about the book here because we come here to talk about cycling (and a little American Idol and DWTS) and I never wanted to write one of those blogs that was basically a personal journal about my life.

However, the novel comes from an idea that's been rattling around in my brain for a few years now and I've just never had the time to work on it until this year. It's called GEORGIA and it's the story of a young woman named Charlotte whose sister dies suddenly leaving behind a five-year-old daughter. Charlotte has to battle and overcome the demons of the past as she fights her estranged mother for custody of little Georgia.

Sorry boys, it's a chick book. Think Maeve Binchy, Billie Letts, Joanna Trollope, those kinds of writers.

No, I don't have a publisher yet - I wish! But once it's done I will be actively trying to get it published. My mom is a writer. She has five novels published and she teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto so I'll be leaning on her a lot as I go through this process as a first-time novelist.


Sara, should we be reading your mom's books? I am an avid reader, currently whipping through all of Jodi Picoult's novels and would love to add a new author if you want to recommend her work (and we can purchase in US)

No wonder you are such a great writer--you come from writing stock!

I remember thinking this weekend, How could Taylor Phinney NOT win bikes races with the gene pool he comes from??! Same with you SB, you were probably destined from an early age to write! BTW, in 5th grade I always told everyone I wanted to be a writer and wrote stories constantly....then I never could figure out as an adult how to make my dream a reality so I pursued other things for many years. But once I got back to it I felt like I'd been writing forever. Weird. And now I feel like I can't NOT write!

susie b

Sara, I am SO excited for you & can't wait to read the book! Please keep us up to date on how it goes. AND I wouldn't mind hearing about those 40 books you plan to read. :) I love to read about/discuss books. Always great to add another author to your list.

I agree with pretty much everything that ya'll are saying about Floyd's recent interview. I experienced several emotions while reading it & literally groaned out loud ('Oh nooo, Oh noooo..') throughout. At various times I wanted to yell at him, hug him, cry with him. At the end, I sat stunned & was very disappointed. With Floyd. That lasted just a few minutes. Til the memory of all he has endured came crashing back. I agree with Cathy that the seeming indifference to his plight by the head of USA Cycling, the group that SHOULD have the riders backs, who should ABSOLUTELY make sure their athletes are protected from incompetent testing let alone injustice, actually barely seems cognizant of the facts of his case. And that must just gnaw at his insides. Especially when seeing how the Spanish cycling group is standing behind Mayo.

I'm actually kind of surprised Floyd hadn't let it all out like this in public before. Since this farce began, I had written several times/places that I admired Floyd's restraint. I was dumbfounded to tell you the truth. If I had been accused of something I did not do, barred from working in my chosen profession, & forced to watch my WORLDWIDE reputation ruined, I would have had a breakdown or done something REALLY bad that landed me in the slammer pronto. But I think Floyd really thought TRUTH & JUSTICE (or as he refers to it - "following the freakin RULES!") would win the day & he'd be back on the bike in no time. After the USADA Hearing's decision, with the additional insult of an adjusted suspension start date, the French org saying they weren't going to abide by the CAS decision anyway, & then all the nasty things said & written about Floyd in all the End of Year newspapers, sports shows, blogs, etc, is it ANY wonder "the guy isn't mad has hell & not going to take it anymore"?

I'm not going to lie, if I'd been in the room, I'd have tackled him to get him to shut up. As much as I believe his feelings & anger are justified, I knew how it would play in the media & to people who are not staunch fans. I also would chip in to pay for an EXORCISM as regards the Michael Ball connection. The only way I can stomach it is by repeating the refrain - "the enemy of your enemy is your friend". Floyd is mighty pissed with UCI, ASO, USADA, WADA, & Ball has already made it known HE's no fan of those orgs, so, it's a "friendship of convenience". I guarantee you that's what it is for Ball. The soul-sucker.


This is completely off-topic but I guess everyone saw that Heath Ledger died. I really enjoyed his acting and looked forward to his films. He just really had something special that most actors don't. Bummer.

susie b

As for ME being disappointed that Floyd is so BITTER? Yeah, yeah, so I can RELATE a little.... ;) Which reminds me, I don't know if many of you remember but TODAY is the 1st anniversary of a Day which will live in INANE infamy. Just thought you'd like to know... ;) And let me tell you, when I was reading Austin Murphy's "You cannot be serious" reply to Dugard on that blog yesterday, I almost choked on my gum. My current fave song had just come on the radio ('No One' by Alicia Keyes) so I turned it up. At the PRECISE moment that I realized WHAT type of comment Austin had written, the chorus of 'No One' blasted from my radio - "OH oh OH oh OH oh OH oh". Man, some moments are just priceless. :)

Howevvvvver, as much as it pains me to admit, I agree with a COUPLE of Dugard's points. Between the stuff on ESPN, (which I swear, I got confused thinking I was on the Slipstream website) & other recent articles, my head is already aching from the "Slipstream will be the 1ST team in the HISTORY of time to ride clean!" (Ok, not an exact quote, but it's close!). And the only clean team now! And we don't care that much about winning! They need to dial it back on ALL of that. And I agree that there seems to be a MASS running towards this team by the US cycling press, as if they're a new Pop band & the journos are wetting their pants over the possibility of Backstage Passes. Let's see - there's the year long coverage by ESPN (& please, tell me you didn't giggle over that photo of all the wine bottles & Vaughters looking pensive), the embedded reporter from Outside mag during the ToC, the season long "Slipstream Chronicles" on Surely, there MUST be a reality TV show in the works. Which to be honest, I would LOVE to watch, if only for Dave "Vhut Game Play" Zabriskie.

Don't get me wrong. I LIKE Slipstream. I like many of the riders ("over the hill, never was & never will be's"? Ooof, OFF the mark on that, MD!) & look forward to reading about them, especially in the mainstream press. But for cryin out loud, Vaughters needs to stop trying to make them into the ALL SAINTS. It will bite you in the ASs every time.

I'm thinking that all this is perhaps PR run a bit amok, anxiety/desperation to secure a title sponsor, & maybe just getting carried away with the realization that THEY are now America's cycling team. (Sorry Theresa, WE know they're not, but that IS how it's coming across, especially in the msm). But the management needs to zip it about past doping & concentrate on what they're going to do now & going forward. Team camaraderie is a great angle. Of course, considering they are just trying to compete with the media Black Hole that is Rock Racing, maybe they should PUMP UP THE VOLUME. Wonder if it's too late to get a rider on the next DWTS? :)


I came home from work (walked home in the zero degree weather, with a brisk wind of, I don't know, gusts to 30mph), opened my webpage and saw Heath Ledger was dead. And it had happened only one hour before. God the news agencies are too much. One commenter said she learned about it faster than she did when her uncle died.

And yes Camille, I agree, he was a wonderful actor. After his work with Ang Lee on "Brokeback..." I knew he would do more wonderful stuff. He showed so much vulnerability in that film. Since I don' t read a lot of tabloid stuff, I was disappointed to read in the article that he and Michelle Williams had separated last year. His poor daughter, who is too young to know him, will certainly miss him greatly.

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