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January 29, 2008



Sara, maybe they just like your posts about Tom.:)


I'd say something to the effect of 'T.B. sure is in great form at the start of the season' but you ladies will inevitably giggle and such, taking it to a totally different meaning than intended. Am I right, or am I right?

Man, cycling season is surely BACK when we can talk about sprint finishes again!

And Cathy, you are SO FUNNY! (in a sarcastic journalistic sort of way)...your comment yesterday about SS and winning...aahhhh...can you feel the love?


And Sara...we can always create a 'code name' for T.B. so that you don't get the 'strange' hits after a mention...we can just call him "Frank" or somehing like that.

Say..did you see the ABS on Frank? Man he's looking HOT!

And everybody who is a 'regular' would know EXACTLY who we are talking about. Just a thought.

Sara Best

If it'll get Matt to keep talking about Boonen's abs then I'm all for it because that's just freakin' hilarious.


Hey Hey HEY! I was just REPEATING what I heard earlier! AHHHHHHHHH!!! Thats IT! CINDY CRAWFORD! CINDY CRAWFORD! (Just had to throw out a BABE's name to get my mind right!)


Oh Sara -- I was thinking exactly what you wrote!! That was too good to pass up, Matt. And, hey, I'm just glad its Cindy you threw out there and not some Olsonesque waif ;)

Funny that you posted BKs link today, as I was thinking just last night that I should email you to see if she was planning a return to the blogosphere. Glad you're back BK!


OH, Matt, I meant to ask if you were getting swamped with all of the storms out there. And speaking of weird weather.....our temps are supposed to go from 34 degrees this morning (a virtual heat wave) to -11 by later this afternoon. YIKES!

susie b

So, Matt. Are you a metrosexual male? What "products" do you use? Come on, 'be METRO, be proud'.... :)

And btw, I kept meaning to tell you your channeling of a teenage girl several weeks ago was PRICELESS, so spot-on! All except the "gee-willerkers". (slightly wrong decade/century :). Next time, say "like" every other word, & people will start checking your ID....verrrrry closely. :)Like, can't you see? Like, come ON!

Also, I'm STILL laughing over that "Moo shoe Pork" picture. I HAVE to get a bigger pic of that to put up in the office. That & the photo of the double-decker johns, the top one for the upper "management". Killed me. LOL!

As for that 'race' over in England. I did the same kind of stuff just for fun on the farm before I was 12, when I came to the realization I'd have even MORE fun if I smelled better & didn't look like one of those African mudpeople... I have the barbwire scars on my legs to prove my once-upon-a-time insanity. However, I didn't dive into mud when the weather was under 50 degrees, and we didn't have cargo nets to scamper up, but farm machinery, 30 ft stacks of hay bales, & barn rafters.

But, I "outgrew" that phase a loooooong time ago. I don't QUITE get why adults would subject themselves to that. When I was a kid, we were just "playin'" & I always felt driven to do nutso stuff. Just to see if I could. But, I no longer feel that compulsion. Perhaps I AM missing out, but making it around something like that just seems pointless. Maybe the problem is with me & I know I just don't have what it takes to do it. And I understand & remember the "testing" of one's self & how great you feel when you make it through something most people can't. You feel invincible. But, the constant need for that feeling is an addiction & can lead to pure stupidity. Plus, isn't it a bit pathetic to always feel you need to PROVE you are "better" than everybody else? Reminds me of the tough guy in a bar who always wants to arm wrestle everyone.

I don't know, maybe I'm just an old "stick in the mud" (sorry, couldn't resist;), but the point of TG doesn't seem to be a race so much as to just "torture" you. Anybody ever watch that dubbed Japanese game show? THAT was insane. I remember seeing these people try to hang on to a giant spinning mushroom... Hmmmm, wonder what the plane fare costs between The O.C. & Japan....


Forgive me Sara, for correcting you, but BIG Tom Boonen is 6'3"...


Well, I have to admit that I've never had sex on the Metro no, I'm apparently NOT a metrosexual (but I'm willing to learn!)


Or is that sex in a large urban enviroment? I might qualify for that!


I was going to post this as "off topic", but I think, given Matt's thread, that he might think I'm not so off topic.

Tonight at dinner my 5 year old daughter asked what it felt like to be a grown up and if it was more fun to be a grown up or more fun to be a kid. My wife told her she had more fun as a kid. I told my daughter it felt taller to be a grown up and that I thought it was more fun to be grown up because I had her, which she knew I was going to say. Then she said, " I think it's more fun to be a grown up. You know why? Because of the breasts."

I'm sure Matt would agree.


Hey, I posted something about Bitch Kittie, then my crummy and weird weather and it's not here. Sawa! Am I being censored by the internet gods?????


Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Ah shit Waddy, I just peed in a good pair of pants!

I assume your daughter would like to HAVE the breasts, not feel the breasts.


Cat, I think I remember reading your comment about the weather and I no longer see it.

My daughter, via her Barbies, had an early breast awareness. The fact that she associates them with fun must be something genetic that she gets from me. I have to agree, Barbie NEVER looks bored. And Ken's head does spin around occasionally. And he never looks bored either. And he's always stiff, but that's all I'll say about that.


Big Tom picked up his second win in two days. And we all know "Tom Boonen is a breast man". (Had to put it in quotes for the search engine monitors). I'm not saying being a breast man makes you a winner. You draw your own conclusions. (Milk - it does a body good)

matt managed to bring the off-topic madness around to being ON-topic...sweet! (just like a wacky Seinfeld all comes together at the end)...I love it!

susie b

Hmmmm, should we make a bet that if Basso's suspension DOES get shortened by 3 months, CONI will no longer be so determined to "re-open its enquiries" into OP?

Man, all this crap makes me sick. It's been almost 2 freakin YEARS & besides Basso's sorta-confession & suspension, Jan's rumoured blood found in bags & his retirement, all we've gotten is ruinous rumors & inuendos about riders. And what the hell business is it for CONI? It didn't happen in their country! Oh yeah, they want to make sure "any foreign national competing on their soil has not broken anti-doping regulations". Give me a f*ckin break. You know, I think I want to file a law suit against Cipollini, as I want to make sure no TAX EVADER is allowed to compete on OUR soil.... Hmmph, you think *I* care that Italy hasn't even ruled in the case? HAH! Why should that stop me? Let's see, what else. Oh yeah, let me file a suit against Bettini, 'cause I don't want no non-anti-doping pledge-signin' ITALIAN who NOW says he wants to "fight doping" competing in OUR precious land. If Italy & Spain can have a pissin' match, well, I've been holding my water for quite a looong time, so I'm ready & able to join in the fun.

And speaking of piss, how angry do you think Italy is that the only rider to be suspended from OP is one of theirs & yet, the SPANISH riders, whose country this all transpired & who STARTED the friggin investigation, jes keep on ridin'?

Is is any wonder whenever I tell people the "news" in this sport, I involuntarily do the patented Colbert smirk? Hell, after the last 2 years, I smirk whenever I READ the news to myself...

I tell you one thing, if *I* was an accused rider & I had NOTHING to do with Fuentes & never even cough*THOUGHT*cough about doping (ala Basso), let alone had my blood sitting in a Spanish frig, I would move Heaven & earth to prove it & go nah-nah-nah-NAH-nah-nah to all who dared to call me "tainted". Can't some kind of legal action be filed to FORCE the Spanish authorities to release any & all "evidence" on a certain rider so he can prove once & for all he was not involved? Hell, if CONI can start calling "witneses" of an illegal activity that took place in another country, why not? I'm surprised the legal bottom-feeders in THIS country haven't caught wind of this opportunity. They could drag out the lawsuits til the NEXT century.

The only sport more puke-provoking & assinine when it comes to the idiots "in charge", is figure skating. A couple weeks ago I read that the French male official who was pretty much proved to have forced the female French judge to throw the 2002 Olympic pairs competition has just been voted in as the HEAD of the French figure skating organization. Wonder where L'Equipe is on THAT story? Think it's too late for Floyd to switch sports?


OMG, Susie, the little comment I was going to make about the weather seems silly, after your post!! I sick of OP, too. Talk about a big Nothing about Nothing.....and I still haven't heard one name of an athlete that isn't a rider.

Anyway, we are having fun in the Midwest! Janann and Cat are having the most fun!!! But we might get some SNOW!!!! Since the temp is so frigging cold.(Remember--this has been the ice storm haven of the lower midwest!!)


Oh, and I can't figure out how we can talk about cycling with out mentioning Tom's name!! He the biggest celebrity in the sport; and he wants results this year! I mean Lance never had a song about him, and he didn't do nude ads either!

OH OH...update on track!! Brad Huff is on the long list for the Olympics. And Mike Freidman is there too!!!!!


(first off-sorry Sara...)

T, Lance did do a nude ad. On a bike (I think it must be the one that Bob Roll copied in the OLN comercial in 2004). I have it in my cycling folder if you'd like a copy. ;-)

Waddy, I just love it when you talk dirty. Ever think of doing a "dirty rider" blog, or maybe write for Cathy (could they stand the heat?!)? Your poor daughter. On the one had she will fully understand the male psyche, but never understand why they aren't all like you. Wait, all women have that problem cause daddy's behave differently towards their daughters than other females!

susieb, honey, honey, dear, just remember THEY ARE ALL A**H***S.


Sara, are you blocking my comments? They aren't possting. Let me know if I am in the wrong. Thank you.

Sara Best

What?!?! No way, I've never blocked anyone's comments. If they're not showing up then it must be some problem with Typepad.

Wouldn't be the first time.


Nice RANT Susie! You are ON today!!! Nothing I can possibly add to that. Something surely got your feathers all Ruffled today (or in Theresa's case, 'Huffled') :D

Sorry to hear about all the nasty weather out there...we have been in the middle of our worst winter in years! The snow is down to around 3000' or so (I see it up on Mt. Figureoa, and it's NOT melting!) Lots of rain too (which is also abby-normal)...Did a road-ride last night after work as the roads are dry at the was 51F at the start and 47F at the end (which is QUITE chilly for us pansies here in CA let me tell you!) I was on a borrowed bike too (my rear-shifter is off to Campy for rebuild as it was slipping...hopefully it will be back SOON!!) and it was strange riding a bike w/ compact gearing...but a pretty nice bike overall. I could see having a 2nd bike w/ compact chainrings (You reading this Jeannie? Hope NOT!!!) know...for those rides that have LONG NASTY climbs. I have no need for it normally where I ride. But unless I hit that lotto (and hence go into bike team sponsorship) I don't see having a SECOND road bike as a viable option. MAYBE I can find stuff to trade? I'll have to work on that one. Actually, I have considered getting a 2nd road bike for some time now...for commuting to work now and then...(you know, cutting my use of petroleum products and my greenhouse gas the planet and all...any of this sound like it will work on Jeannie btw??)...and the compact would be nice as I do have a serious grade on my commute...and as I'd be loaded heavier than for recreational rides, the lower gearing would be needed. Hmm..will have to continue working on this one...refining it becomes APPARENT that I NEED another bike! (but sweetie..look at it this way: if I don't EAT one day a week, in 3 years it'll totally PAY for the bike!) OK...I'll keep working on it.


hey guys, we missed the nominations for the bloggies!!! But. YOu CAN vote if you go here:
Nest year let's nominate our favorite authors (wink wink) for things like best sports blog, best new blog, funniest blog, etc. go check it out, especially previous year's winners and runner ups. Good source for new and interesting sites. (damn if I'd realized I would have nominated TBV, Sara, and of course Cathy's latest!)

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