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January 23, 2008



Yeah, 10 grand is a little rich for this wanna be, rich over zealous tricked out racer. But I did stay at a holiday inn once!


PB you crack me up!


Sorry to go off topic, but I've just seen the funniest spoof ever. For anyone who has seen the latest Tom Cruise Scientology video floating around the internet, this will leave you with tears in your eyes. I'm posting a link to both the original Cruise video and the spoof.


As for Axel, I look at it like this: he will still be on a bike (which he obviously loves)...he will be making a decent living riding around the Belgian countryside...showing his beloved sport and country to other people who also love cycling (you don't chunk down 10 grand on a bike trip if you just 'like' cycling). matter how "over-zealous" and "tricked out in their ridiculously expensive kits with the matching shoes, water bottles, helmet and sunglasses" they are, when push comes to shove on the bike, they will still get their asses kicked by the real deal. (And maybe THAT will make it all worth the 10 grand!) I personally would LOVE to get my ass kicked on a bike by ANY of my heros...Big George H. would be at the TOP of my list for instance)... What an honor that would be (for me anyway, he'd be pretty bored I imagine...stopping for tea and some light reading along the way while I catch up!) How can Axel go wrong here? It sure beats going to 'work' in a cubicle somewhere! Tour guide or not, he will be on a bike riding while I am 'at work' at a desk. Ride on Axel!

(and just for the record, I am only partially tricked out, my sunglasses don't match, and I've got an excellent balance of zealousness....not over nor under). AND, if I just happened to have a spare 10 grand lying around wondering what to do with, I still wouldn't do a 10 grand bike ride. Sorry Axel...I won't be one of your customers (unless I hit the lotto...then all bets are off!)

Sara Best

Don't get me wrong. I think that, if you have the cash, $10,000 on an incredible bike trip in Belgium is a fabulous way to spend your money. If I was richer and a better rider, I would consider such a trip myself. But I do wonder about the people who sign up to spend that kind of money just to ride with a star.

Either you're a fan nearing the level of stalker, which is sad. Or you're so full of yourself that you think you can beat him and that's just sadder.

And you know I adore you all, but I can't apologize for mocking riders who spend as much money on their matching outfits as they do on their bikes. If anyone can give me a good reason as to why your sunglasses need to match your water bottle then I promise to post an apology tomorrow ;)


Sara, Matt, and Philip all on a roll today - love it. "balance of zealousness" LOL!

Didn't have a chance to jump in yesterday, but I think its fabulous that you're working on a novel, Sara! I seriously don't know how you get everything done.

Thanks for the links, Waddy. Looking forward to checking them out at home -- they don't let us youtube at work (wonder why ;)

Oh, and Matt, you KNOW that Lotto winnings go toward Team Gladiator (can't let Susie bear the entire burden) so no Axel tours for you!


OT (sorry Sata!): my friend Bruce Hildenbrand now has a cycling blog on Active. Bruce really IS a cycling expert unlike he who shall remain nameless, and has been a real friend to me during my short time in journalism. Give him a read!


Why do people paint trailers to match their trucks? (motorcycle trailers too)...why do women match their shoes to their outfit? (yes, I know I'm treading on thin ice here!)...or their purse? Call it what you will...if you've got the cash, then why not! However, in the cycling is rather funny that some OBVIOUSLY out of shape riders spend SO MUCH $$ on their kits and bikes. But each his own...maybe it's like the adage for work: 'dress for the job you WANT, not the job you have'. Maybe wearing the full-on-kit makes you FEEL like a better rider. I know that I wear PLAIN jerseys for most rides (GASP!)...both road and mt bike...only bust out my precious 07 Team DC jersey for big group weekend type road-rides (and I didn't buy was a gift!) The only other REAL jersey I have is an 03 Saeco, which I picked up used on Ebay right afer I bought my USED 03 Saeco edition road bike...seemed to be the thing to have (still wear it on the color/style!) And I wear the SAME sunglasses for all rides...just switch the lenses for conditions. Plain black helmet doesn't match my bike or clothes...(but it's a NICE helmet...which is MUCH MORE Important!)...nor do my shoes. I'm suprise the cycling fashion police haven't pulled me over and issued a citation...indecent public exposure. Maybe THATS why I don't get too many 'waves' on the road or trail?? Hmm..will have to ponder this. I always thought there were just a bunch of 'stuck up, full of themselves' people out there..but maybe it's ME! Maybe I look so GHASTLY that they can't even be seen waving to me! (Ignore him and he will go away). Could that be it?? I also wear white socks with my blue-jeans EVERY no fashion statement there either. I think the fashion police have just given up on me actually.

And JD, if I WERE to win a lotto and be able to help sponsor Team Gladiator, then I don't think I would NEED to pay Axel...I'd have a WHOLE FRIGGIN TEAM of studly racers on MY payroll who would be HAPPY to ride with me! (Happy, or unemployed...take your pick studly racers). Team sponsors get a LOT of perks I would think!


Waddy, hilarous spoof on the T.C. video...thanks for the link. Cathy, I will surely give your friend a read, also thanks for the link. And finally (catching up here)...WAY TO GO SARA! I always thought I should write a book, or 3...would need a REALLY REALLY REALLY good editor though...(my ed. would be thinking "gads...didn't this macaroon take ENGLISH in school?" as he reads my draft). Or maybe a 'ghost' writer...I mean, Lance has written 2 books! Sort of. Not that I have anything interesting to write about. It would be more on the lines of any Seinfeld episode (a story about nothing). I could do THAT!


Cathy, I've read Bruce before. I'll have to link him. I have totally given up on MD; he either pissed me off, or talked about running everywhere, which I'm not "into". So I missed the whole nasty post!!

I'd LOVE to have the money to go with Axel, or Davis Phinney or any of the Tours! If I'd could pick a pro,(Brad Huff, of course); I'd LOVE to ride with Floyd. That's why I was thinking about his camp.
Speaking of Floyd, yah, he's mad as hell, and I can't blame him. I may have cringed a bit during the article, but after what he has been thru, I feel he has the right to throw anything at anyone, and point fingers. And, honestly, I think so much of Floyd, that I'm giving Michael Ball a look with a different point of view.
Ya know, Mike Creed got dumped from SS; and he signed with RR. And Creed is a good cyclist and a straight arrow.

Some of my very favorite riders are on SS. But, I'm not trashing RR after watching them race last year, in person, I might add!!

Oh and the statement that JV doesn't want to win is just crap! At Downers Grove, SS riders were killing themselves at the front; in the rain; and I was standing with riders from Mercy team out of Ark. One of the guys said; " JV must be here, they've all gone to the front!" So I think the PR machine is out of control.

I haven't been posting as much, since I can't at work. I can't even read my email; but I can read Sara's post and comments and Cathy's new cycling site, but they have blocked everything else.

Cat, I'm proud of you for walking in this weather, we got nothing but ice Monday night. I had a co-worker bust her kneecap falling right after she walked out the door. God it was messy! But I made it into my garage that night, very exciting experience, and by the time I left in the car the next day, stuff had melted. It was pure carnage down here!

And Sara, great on the novel!! I guess we won't see any articles on Cathy's website with your byline to soon, huh?


The guys I get a kick out of are the mid-50's guys with about 50 extra lbs riding a Madone and wearing full DC kit. If they lost some of the lbs, it would be much more effective than spending the extra $$ to take a 2-3 lbs off the bike. But they have the $$ and walk into the LBS and say, "I want the BEST!"

Sara, can't wait to read your novel! You go, girl!

I am about to get a real job where I can't spend half my day reading blogs and doing crossword puzzles. Sigh...


Oh Barbara, that sucks! Don't go to the dark side!!!


Speaking of bikes and the people who like them, that reminds me of Waddy and Larry, who like a conversation about great drummers. Guys, I got to witness the awesomeness of Alex Van Halen last night, and he and the whole band just totally blew me away and off into the stratosphere. Alex Van Halen is really, really an incredible drummer. Do y'all agree? You better. :) And David Lee Roth is the hottest 54 year old I can think of. MAN, what a great concert. If they come near you I hope you get to see them!


Okay, i've read my Velo News issue that came a couple days ago. And I just want to say that despite what we think, everybody seems happy. George is way happy being team leader and working with the young guys, Levi, Johan and Chris Horner are all happy, the SS guys are who are we to grouse about the Teams' names or missions? They are all excited about the season, and I couldn't help but be excited! I just wish Team HR would have picked a different's not very jazzy and it's black. That's is my only complaint!!


Camille, It's interesting in that I know Alex is a great drummer but certainly was never the focus of the band since Eddie was always the one everyone came to see. Did you know that Eddie's son is their bass player now? Wonder how he feels playing with Dad and Uncle Alex?


Waddy, of course I know Wolfgang is Eddie's son, I was just bringing the whole thing up by seguing into the drummer angle. Yep, Eddie did an Eruption solo and it was of course, phenomenal the way he just taps and does it all so fast. I just had never heard Alex do a solo before and I thought he was amazing. But Wolfgang was very subdued, he'd smile but is obviously still getting comfortable onstage, he mostly just stood there. But it was cool. Just thought I'd tell you and Larry about it since it's gotten kinda quiet on this blog since Sara is obviously quite busy.

By the way those Tom Cruise videos were really something. He has always given me the willies. But as I was listening to him I tried to suspend disbelief and see if I could see where he was coming from. On the talking about "spectators," I actually saw what he meant in a way. But he just gives you the feeling that he's *this* far from totally losing his gear when he does that maniacal laugh. That laugh of his scares me!

trust but verify


"The guys I get a kick out of are the mid-50's guys with about 50 extra lbs riding a Madone and wearing full DC kit. If they lost some of the lbs, it would be much more effective than spending the extra $$ to take a 2-3 lbs off the bike. But they have the $$ and walk into the LBS and say, "I want the BEST!""

Hey, I resemble that remark!

Except it's full Phonak, a 5200 I got used, and "only" 30 pounds. Well, maybe 40. Sigh.


Sara Best

dB, I think we can all agree that if anyone in the world - other than the guys who actually had contracts with the team - have earned the right to wear full Phonak kit and get away with it, it's you.

I'm sure Floyd would agree ;)


dB, after all you've been through this year I hope Floyd BOUGHT you the full Phonak kit!


I can't resist...

Now read this, just for the enlightenment...


BTW Waddy, I wasn't saying at all that I believe in anything about Scientology, just for the record. In fact I know zip about it except that L. Ron Hubbard started it. I was just talking about the concept of "spectators" in life, in general, not in relation to Scientology. Just wanted to clear that up so you don't think I'm "on board" -- :) My husband was just telling me that the Body Thetan idea really is part of Scientology -- that's too funny. When TC was talking he kept using abbreviations and words (Xenu?) that I'd never heard of so frankly it was all Greek to me except the spectator part. lol

After hearing about the Body Thetans I've got to go back and watch that first Tom video again. I think he said he can tell what BT's people have?! Gotta go see... too funny...


So, Tom spouted off RH (guess that's L. Ron Hubbard), KSW (huh??), SP ("Have you met an SP?" -- whatever that means) and PTSP (something about "control, shatter, suppress" -- sounds very 'live and let live'). But no mentions of BTs; guess I dreamed that. Anyway... what the HAY-ul was he talking about?!!!? Guess I've got my Googling cut out for me... I want to figure out what alien spirits have attached themselves to MY... parts...


Whew, I've found out waaay more than I care to know! Here's a link with the abbreviations explained:

Sara, you know you could stop this talk with a new post... :) But then you'd be an SP...


Hey Camille Honey - I've just been in the silliest mood lately. My posts were not at all a reaction to yours. Just remember - KFC, it's just good chicken - whoooooo!


Lately?! :D

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