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December 07, 2007



Yeah, Sara, all that. I was SO excited when he staged the comeback, bandages and all! I keep wondering why I was so ready to believe he doped and so ready to believe Floyd hadn't. Maybe I've used up all my trust on Floyd.

Vino sounds like he's looking for the "real killer"...


I have to admit my memory is a little sketchy (trying to get BOTH brain cells working in tandem seems harder and harder these days!)...but wasn't Vino 'accused' of homologous blood doping? That is a far cry from what Floyd is fighting. I mean, thats using SOMEONE ELSE'S blood, not even his own (AKA: Operation Puerto). Not being a lab tech, I can't say with scientific certainty...but detecting blood cells NOT from your own body is a much easier test than the Testosterone tests (which we have seen surely leave lots of room for speculation). I was also totally rooting for Vino...and was pretty crushed when his test result was announced. He can 'say' he will fight it, but it would appear he doesn't have a leg to stand on. He can ask Tyler how that fight went. I have to say that his explanation of the 'positive' being due to "anti-Kazakh bias" is an even a sadder EXCUSE than Tylers lost twin thing. Sorry Vino..I'm all for due process and innocent until proven guilty...but you are going down and are taking what's left of your 'good name' and flushing it down the toilet w/ your career. Good luck with this fight though.


Right on, Sara!!!

And Barbara, there is more to you trusting Floyd and not Vino....WE wanted to Vino to be clean, but he's part of old school Ullich.
And it has nothing to do with prejudice against nationalities! I've never felt comfortable with Tyler either.

susie b

Vino has been singing the same sad song since LAST year's (2006) Tour, which MAY have been understandable at the time since his team was not allowed to start the race even though there was no evidence HE had doped. But then he sang it again when Gripper came out with the "men in black" remark. And then again at the start of THIS year's Tour (which I did not get at all - they were IN the race but I guess the amount of genuflecting was deemed substandard) & then again when his ass was thrown out of the 2007 Tour when there WAS evidence he had doped. Everybody sing now - "the circle of life...." Oh I know, NOT the same circle!

Anti-Kazakh? Talk to the big green hand, Vino. Maybe this is an effect of living under Soviet rule for so many years. Or maybe everyone in that country is rightfully ticked that the only "Kazakh" most of the world is aware of is a boorish, bullying FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

No, no, no, DICK Pound is a real guy & he's Canadian... ;)


Oh Sara - you had me laughing out loud at work!

I'm ashamed to admit that during the tour I've put my anti-Kazakh signs in my windows each year -- seasonal decorations you know. And I can't even begin to count the number of appalling anti-Kazakh bumper stickers you can observe at the local bike shop. can you ever eradicate such a long-standing and entrenched cultural bias as the one against Kazakh cyclists? I'm sure that there will be college courses on this topic offered soon.

Sara Best

Oh Janann, that time you made me laugh out loud.

" can you ever eradicate such a long-standing and entrenched cultural bias as the one against Kazakh cyclists?"

So funny.


Hey JD, you taking mocking lessons from Waddy??


Ahhhhhh Men!


All I can say is thank god Vino won't be looking to Johan's new Astana for a team when his ban is over! And how did he only get a 1 year ban for doping and Basso got a 2 year ban for planning-to-but-didn't dope? I'm sure the UCI was frothing at the mouth.

RAIN in California! I'd forgotten what it looked like.


Wadda buncha bulls**t. Get a life Vino.


I'm sorry sara, Now That's Just *Funny*!

Wondered too about that Basso vs. Chicken length of bans. Curious. Or annoying.


Basso didn't inhale, but obviously the anti-Italian bias is even stronger than the anti-Kazakh bias.

Sara Best

Ah, that's true Barbara. How could we forget about the strong anti-Italian bias in cycling?

It's why so few Italian riders ever make it in the sport.


"Bike finishes race without rider"


Resting my case. Thank you so much Vino... Awhile back on this blog we were joking about to shag or not to shag "Boonie" (if given the chance) and I suggested that it was better that fantasies remain as such because reality might topple the object of desire from his pedestal.

I was so hot for Vino this tour too... And now look at both of them. Inane drivel from one and cradle robbing from the other.

So much shame I have been spared!

susie b

Ah Janann, the 1st step is admitting you have a problem.... ;) When you go to Rehab, can you get Britney & Lindsey's autographs? I'd like to sell them on ebay. Hey, some car repairs have left me a little short!

Anyway, tonight my boy Tebow should win the Heisman. Whoops, better not let the Ravens hear that. ;) Actually, I clicked over to that game last Sunday night with 5 minutes to go & once I put myself back on the sofa, I started whooping & hollering. I was SO disappointed when the Pats pulled it out. However, I've decided I don't care anymore if they lose in the regular season. It will be BETTER when they LOSE in the playoffs. I don't care who will be in or will win this year's Super Bowl. As long as it's NOT the Patriots. I don't think I've hated an NFL team this much since the heyday of the Redskins-Cowboys wars of the 70s & 80s. Now THAT was some good hatin'. :)

But back to Tim. He won two college football awards Thursday night at that ESPN thing in Orlando & he's such a sweetie. A BIG sweetie. The guy's pretty huge for a quarterback. Not fat, just tall & pure muscle. If he doesn't win the Heisman this year it will only be because he's a sophomore & some of those voters may have a problem with giving it to a underclassman. Either way I'm thrilled that I'll have a top team to follow for the next two years as I think Tebow will stay & graduate. And then he'll go on to have a huge career in the pros. And thank June Jones when he accepts the regular season & Super Bowl MVP awards. For all you non-football fans, June Jones is the coach of Univ of Hawaii & his quarterback - Colt Brennan is also up for the Heisman. Jones gave an interview on ESPN last weekend that said his guy was far superior to Tebow & will have a much more successful pro career because Tebow just works in a college "system". You can imagine how that went over with the Gator Nation. But actually, it's freakin great 'cause now Tebow & the Gators all have something to train for during the off-season. Florida plays Hawaii next August in the 1st game of their season. Can't Wait! Damn, them June Bugs are tasty! Chomp, chomp!


Waddy, that is a great video!! Can you imagine what that guy was saying to his bike!!

And the rest of you guys are just cracking me up!


Have any of you heard of the "one laptop per child" program??? Well, I hadn't really, til I watched 60min last week(I think). And I just bought one for each of my 10 yr old nephews, in the Give 1 Get 1 program, going to Dec 31st. Really Really COOL!!! I get a tax-duct for the computer I bought that goes to a kid in one of 5 countries, and then I get one for $199 for each of my nephews. It's a $400 deal for the 2 computers...and I bought 4.
this is the website, check it out...

They've been working on this for almost 3 years. The founder is Nicholas Negroponte, an MIT professor. I'm excited to see if there are any XO s that show up here, or in KC when we turn them on. I won't get them til Jan 08, since it's already Dec. And when the boys outgrow them, we can give them to other little kids!


check out this article on the Laptop from the NY times...


I heard about the program on NPR a while back (prob cause Negroponti-or a relative- reports on their show from time to time). Then I read further in some computer mag and they took issue with what was available for those who buy them here, and issue with giving a computer to kids that don't have proper water, food and living conditions. I know, I know, wet blanket....scrooge.

As Ms Latilla used to say: "never mind!"


OK, reread the article and yeah, they talk about the scrooges and naysayers who miss the entire point....but I ask you, do kids in Uganda need laptops? Talk amongst ourselves....I'm verklemmpt.

(T, don't hate me. You know I am usually a softie.)


I know what you are saying Cat! But, it's EDUCATION that's important, and the schools that have these laptops, the kids are breaking down the door(so to speak) to go to school; cause it's FUN!!
And they are teaching each other.
Regarding, kids here, my nephews only have the internet at school, and the library. My sis can't afford it yet. And this is something I can get them for $200. Sure it doesn't have Microsoft, but it has cool stuff that you can't get on laptops here. And it's a way of challenging them and hooking their interest. Look, one nephew is learning chess, and his twin brother thinks there is nothing but sports(FOOTBALL) in this world worthwhile. And besides, Zach would BREAK a regular laptop!!! He lost his gameboy or whatever, last year. So Eirik gets the "new improved" one from me for christmas, and Zach's NOT. Although he is getting a cool castle to play knights and kill the dragons, with a extra knights etc, for fighting.

I look at it like this. For $200 each I'm providing a tool; for them to use and learn with, that can't be broken the first day. I'm refuse to buy them $400 or $500 computers at Best Buy. It's a experiment. These boys need all the help they can get to do well in school...the "genes" are against them. Their oldest brother, who is 18yrs old, is working in a seafood restaurant, with no car, living with a friend. He has NO desire to go to school; because of lack of confidence in himself...learning disorder...If I can do more for his brothers, than I could education-wise for Brandon, then I want to try. My sis didn't pick the best biological fathers for any of these boys.

So now that I hyjacked Sara's blog; I'll keep you all informed, on how it works out. The "mesh network" alone is super cool. And T-Mobile is throwing in a year subsciption to Hot-Spots!


I promise to dust off my own blog the next time I get started on this subject. Which will be when they arrive...and see how the kids react.


Oh, and just to keep you up with the US cyclists in Beijing for the Track World Cup; Freidman and Phinney are wiping up the track!!!


hey t, i just hope none of those laptops are destined for schools in the rural areas around where i live - the schools don't have electricity !! i donate all my scrap paper and pens because otherwise the kids have to use a slate, and each day the slate gets wiped clean, so there's no record of what they've already learned. hopefully, when we're a big and grown up country, and everyone has electricity, the laptop programme will still be going, so my kids can benefit too.

matt, please add me to the IA mailing list.

i wish all these winey cry-baby cyclists would STFU already. the chicken needs to have a proper meal, it would make him feel better. and vino should thank Borat for putting kazakwhatsitcalled on the map. how i'd love to see vino in borat's green bathing costume!

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