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December 20, 2007



Sara, get some couch time and take care of yourself!

Thanks for posting this interview - nice to hear from Alejandro. There's something very engaging about the imperfect English, too, isn't there? And, softie that I am, I loved his last comments about being another man when the twins arrive (he doesn't know the half of it!).


LOL - you're right about that Barbara!

UGH, strep always makes you feel really yucky. Rest up and feel better soon, Sara! Thanks for the post today.


I am the mother of twins and he is absolutely right - life will never be the same again!

Hope you feel better in time for christmas Sara.

And thanks everyone for your notes of welcome :-)


Get well soon Sara!

I think it's a charming pic of a young suburban dad. Sometimes it's refreshing to see them in jeans instead of spandex.


Take care of yourself Sara, and be sure to eat some Activa yogurt if you have trouble with antibiotics effecting your lower gastrointestinal system. Be well dear!


oh shoot, thats awful Sara, feel better soon and yes, find your way to some yogurt. I am soothing my sore throat w/ some red wine and it's almost as effective as the antibiotics. =)

That is a nice little article, I haven't read many interviews w/ him - thanks and tuck in, stay warm, take care!

Speaking of warm, has susie seen the Jan. cover of Outside yet?

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