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December 21, 2007



Thanks for the link Sara...looking at the pics really gets me in the mood for the 08 season! I agree, it's going to be GREAT! I wonder how Lance feels, seeing his guys w/ another team...he's going to be totally OUT of cycling for the first time this year. I'm sure he will make appearances, but without any direct involvement, it might be strange. Or maybe he's cut the cord and is now FREE of cycling obligations...not really sure of his motivations. I'm anxious to hear about your new project (with PRIZES too!). And maybe when Astana gets their Team issue bikes, these old raggedy piece of crap Madones (brand spankin' new!) will go out to regular folk (like ME!). You have to wonder what happens to all the bikes from the teams after each season. SOMEBODY must be getting them! And Sara, hope you feel better quick...don't want to be feeling bad over Christmas! I have the day off today, so am lounging around w/ a cup of coffee, the fireplace blazin, doggies snuggled all over the place...ahh...gonna be a nice day!


Somebody on another blog that we used to read reported that Tailwind Sports has the Disco team bikes on ebay for $10-12k and they "do not certify that this bike, in its current state, is in riding condition".

I checked the link and all I saw was a bunch of TT helmets. (Um, I won't be needing one of those anytime soon.) Did they take the bikes off because they weren't getting a lot of bids at that price?

OK, time to go out and start my Christmas shopping! (Actually, I stopped by my bike shop yesterday to get a jersey for my bro-in-law and ended up staying 35 minutes chatting with the guys about winter training... one of the things I love about being involved in a sport (or any hobby, I guess) is that a visit to the shop is a visit with friends. But it makes the shopping take a lot longer!

susie b

(Little shout-out/apologies to Snoopy...)

"The news had come out in the 1st Blogging War
The bloody Bad Dugard was writing once more.
The I.A. command ignored all of its men
And called on their gal Susie to do it again.

Twas the night before Christmas, 40 below
When Susie went out in search of her foe.
She spied The Bad Dugard & fiercely they fought
With ice on his hands, Dugard knew he was caught.

(Christmas bills, those Christmas bills!
Pounding in my head.
Just give me PEACE for a few more months
And then I'll pay The Man! ;)

Sometime back The Dugard had Susie dead in his sights.
He reached for the trigger & pulled it up tight
WHY he did shoot, well, we'll never know
Maybe too MUCH pushin', so she HAD to go!

The Dugard had made Susie leave his fair land
Yes, he up & kicked her out of the band.
Susie was certain that it was her blogging end
But the I.A. called out, "You're welcome HERE, my FRIEND!"

So why does Susie now offer a holiday toast
To even the The Bad Dugard on the opposite coast?
'Cause Susie knows deep in her soul
A heart is no good if the color of coal.

Christmas bells, those Christmas bells!
Ringing though the land
Bringing peace to all the world
And good will to man."

susie b

And to everyone at the Inane Asylum :

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need.
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree.
I just want you (all) for my own
More than you can ever know.
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is youuuuuuuu."



Ahhhh Susie, you SLAY me! If you're NOT earning an awesome living writing lyrics and such, then you SHOULD be is all I can say!

And's BOWL season! (sorry to those of you NOT into College Football!) I once again managed to pick the LOSER in last nights game (the Poinsettia Bowl...1st bowl game of the season) beloved NAVY went down 35-32 to Utah, but it was a great and exciting game to the bitter (for me) end. And so my bowl season begins. My amazing talent (picking losing football teams) folds over into the stock market: I can pick stocks that will plummet to the ground soon after I buy's a powerful ability that I need to figure out how to capitalize on. I was thinking along the lines of a pay-for-info type website, where I tell my subscribers what stock I am GOING to buy, so they have a chance to get out before the death spiral...think that would work? I'm thinking this ability is a spin-off of the Cosmic Disturbance thing. I root for a team, they STINK UP THE FIELD (I am a Raider fan after all..explaining the last Decade PLUS of field-stinking!) Anybody got a team they want me to smite? Toss a little coin my way and it's DONE! Hey..there's ANOTHER $ making opportunity! This just might be something!


Susie! A toast to YOU for your Christmas spirit, and for hangin' up the boxing gloves!

Sing with me everboddy!! ... Kuuuummmmbayyyyyyaaaaaahhhh my Lorrrrrd.... etc. :D

Sara, hope your strep is feeling better... and Happy Holidays to aaaaaall the I.A. (and to M.D., too) (c'mon, people now, smile on ya brothuh, everybody come together, try to LUV one anuthuh right now...)

Sorry, Susie started it!!



NEVER! (I think I have distant relatives in the Hatfield family! We KNOW how to hold a grudge!) GRRRRR!


Matt, I see ashes and switches and coal in your stocking!!!


Susie, You never cease to amaze my canine brain. You rule. And you too, Camille, and Sara and Matt and well, y'all rule. Big time.

Woof, baby, woof.

btw, whatever has become of Toolgard, arnyway? I've been doing nothing but working (and training as much as possible) so am kinda outta the proverbial loop...


Yep, the vision is getting stronger... your stocking name is in block letters, M-A-T-T, and Jeannie's name is in script, and she has candy and toys, and YOUR stocking is overflowing with COAL!!! Tsk tsk !!!


Woof, we ALLS rules, 'round here. Especially Larry, in absentia! (sniff!!)

Read this and tell me if you still feel like calling him Toolgard. I mean, have a heart, y'all. Seriously. I rest my case.


Awww heck Camille. I see your point. Maybe I'll go stand in the corner for a minute, then just let that little bit o' rancor go away. "Peace and love, rise above," as my friend Jen says.

You know, I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and in that 99% still asleep state the name "Larry Maxwell" crossed my mind. Then, I woke up this morning with "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" running through my brain--it's been one of those involuntary, default tape loops in my head all day. Weird.


Woof, it's the right thing to do, and it's a good feeling to take a deep breath and just let it go.

(...bang bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer....)

Now I'VE got that in MY head!


Thanks, Susie, for the inspired poetry and the reminder of one of the really fun Christmas songs of the 60's (70's?).

Ahhh... the Bowl games. Here I am, a Notre Dame fan with no team to root for and, this year, no football-loving friends to watch with.

But one of the intrepid ride leaders from our bike club just posted 12 days of Christmas rides, every day from today through New Year's day, except Christmas. He said he came up with the idea after stepping on the scale. So life is looking good...

I'm off to the Berkshires for Christmas with the extended family - Merry, Merry, everyone!


"The Berkshires seem dreamlike on account of that frostin'"


Well, I haven't thought about MD in a long time, but interestingly enough, when I click on your link Camille, it says the connection is lost! That 'bout says it for me!

I see that susieb has taken her meds ;-) Go girl, go.

susie, have you ever thought about going on "Don't forget the Lyrics," or what ever the name of that show is where you finish the lyrics and win money? That cute black comedian is the host, um, he was on "Who's line is it Anyway?" OOoooo...Wayne.... Wayne Brady! Just think, you could fund Team Gladiator!!!

Now that would be a Christmas present.

Have a wonderful Christmas, or if not your holiday, a nice day off.

Hope you are feeling better Sara!


First of all - you should DEFINITELY be making a mint with your clever lyrical wit, Susie! LOVED it!

Camille, I'm so glad that you posted that link. I haven't visited MDs in a long time and had almost forgotten how he can just knock the breath out of you with his writing at times. Wow....

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us, Sara. I don't remember exactly when you invited us all over here to play on your site, but I'm thankful that you did! It *absolutely* makes it more fun to follow the cycling season (and of course to delve into any number of inane topics as the mood hits us).


Ow, ow, OWWW! "Piece of crap Madone's" indeed. At least it didn't break 17 miles in the middle of nowhere (granted, neither did yours). Nontheless, I would be happy to get in line with you to snag one of those high end bikes. I was at our local high-end bike shop where the owner said he "wears out" his bike every year at 12,000 miles. I wonder what these bikes are really like after professional riders get done hammering the heck out of them?

I hopes that 2008 will be a turnaround year for cycling, though I suspect other sports are going to get a taste of the doping controls, complete with an unjust "judicial" system and inept measurement laboratory(s). See? It's not just cycling; it's every sport. See? We need to put Real Science and controls to work and purge the sloppy techs with an axe to grind.

I look forward to centuries, after-work rides, even a few double centuries (never done one), and climbing-fests in the local Santa Monica mountains.

I hope this is a great year for all. Here's to a healthy, happy, and FUN new year.


Sara, take care! I'm just fighting a viral infection, that makes me feel yukky and half-witted. I'm glad I don't HAVE to do anything today!!

Sara, I looking forward to your website!!

And, Matt, you could get a tree in your stocking!!!

Re: the Madones....when I was at Downers Grove, Brad had a store issue Felt...his had broken. Then Mike Sayers broke his bike in the race...I'm talking break, like in half!! So maybe they aren't in very good shape by the end of the season! The Astana team looks so cute, half and half!! It'll be neat to have them in the US for training camp.

I think I need some herbal tea, and watch my new dvd of 2007 P-R; and Scott Coady's new movie "Tour Baby Duex". I'll give you review.


Since Larry's taking a break, I'll try to take up the slack a little bit:

Little Melissa comes home from first grade and tells her Father that they
learned about the history of Christmas.

"Since Christmas is for Christians and we're Jewish," she asks, "will God
get mad at me for giving someone a Christmas card?

Melissa's father thinks a bit, and then says, "No, I don't think God would
get mad. Who do you want to give a Christmas card to?"

"Osama Bin Laden," she says. . . . .

"Why Osama Bin Laden," her father asks in shock. . .?

"Well", she says, "I thought that if a little American Jewish girl could
have enough love to give Osama a card, he might start to think that maybe
we're not all bad, and maybe start loving people a little bit. And if other
kids saw what I did and sent cards to Osama, he'd love everyone a lot. And
then he'd start going all over the place to tell everyone how much he loved
them and how he didn't hate anyone anymore."

Her father's heart swells and he looks at his daughter with newfound pride.
"Melissa, that's the most wonderful thing I've ever heard."

"I know," Melissa says, "and once that gets him out in the open, the Marines
could blow the shit out of him."

As you were :)


Aaaaamy!!! I didn't know ya had it in ya honey! Boy, you do a damned good imitation of Mr Lars. Somebody send him notice.


Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

We are having a swelteringly hot christmas eve - hopefully it is a bit cooler for our picnic at the beach tomorrow...


Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!

You're KILLING me with the talk of heat and beaches as we try to dig ourselves out here, Nakigirl! ;-)

susie b

Amy, that's PRICELESS! :) As for Larry - "You're a foul one, Mr Maxwell...."! I'm behind in my reading & have just now read his "Buh-bye", aka "the kiss-off"! Hey, I appreciate the Xmas smooch & reciprocate, but come onnnnnn Lar, no sibling rivalry, no noogies, no fightin' at the table that Mom Sara needs to break up for the next 7 loooong months?!!! Who am I going to ask stoopid hockey questions? Who will I tease relentlessly about some Canadian faux-pas?! What, you & B.A.D. (figure it out guys... ;) really ARE the same person - 1st you break my bloggin' spirit & now you break my bloggin' heart? Now THAT deserves a ton of COAL in your stocking. The size of Matt's. Ooops, YOU didn't see that photo... ;)

I'm happy ya'll had a giggle at "Susie's Christmas Song". A confluence of things Friday morning prompted that unplanned little ditty. When I had gotten to work I tried to put away my new 2008 Farside desk calendar & my desk drawer was too damn stuffed with papers so I had to go through & clean out. About half-way down, I found 2 forgotten pages. Some of you may remember I "rewrote" a little Xmas poem last year while stuck in traffic. I had scribbled it all down when I got to my office but what I did not remember was that I had saved the scribbling. Right behind that page in the pile was the lyrics to Snoopy's Christmas song. And as I read those lyrics, a big fat smile spread across my face. I took it all as a SIGN. I'm a BIG believer in signs. Yeah ok, so I didn't pay attention to the DETOUR SIGNS last August til I was run off the freakin road.... Despite rumors to the contrary, I ain't perfect. ;)

Once again, hope everyone has a happy, healthy holiday & a great new year! I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to 2008. And a special thanks to Sara for letting us all hang out here. This really is the best Xmas present. Well, ok, winning the LOTTERY would be pretty good too.... ;)

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