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December 10, 2007



I presume you're referring to the sex and drugs.


I think it's against the law in the US for a man to date a woman under 18 if there are more than two years age difference between them. Someone else can clarify that for me, but I'm pretty sure a 16 yr old cannot legally date anyone 19 and older in this country or the male can be charged with the crime of SR (which I won't spell out because of those search engines already revving up to come see what's hoppin' on Sara's site!) I think it works in reverse too when the woman is older.

It's weird because of her young age. What are her parents thinking? Maybe it's ca-ching!!! (Plus the fact that the girl's mom prob thinks TB is hot too! Ewwwwww!!)

Sara Best

Double EWWW Cathy, but you're probably right.

And no Waddy, I was referring to the sex and rock and roll (thinking of the "Tommeka" tech beat that DZ told the world about during the Tour).

I have no comment regarding whether or not he can check off the third box on the rock star lifestyle resume.


Seems very strange for ANY adult to want to date someone who is still in high-school...he has been around the world already at his young age...what are HER life experiences? OOOHHH! Lookie lookie! I got a new CELL PHONE! Gads...16 years old...just don't get it. What do they TALK about?

And Susie, your boy TeBow did good...first sophomore EVER to win the Heisman, isn't he? I like Univ Hawaii (lived there for 10 years)...and June Jones is a good coach..but his comment is pretty wild. They do have possibly their best team ever..but hey, it's still WAC...they would get beat up pretty bad by a decent SEC team. I think my wolverines will be in for some beating come New Years day...maybe TeBow will have an off day? We can hope! And as much as you HATE them, the Pats are looking GOOD, and I don't see anybody beating them this year...unless they collapse during a game. Going to be some good playoffs this year though! And hey...I just got my new copy of "Outside" mag...and your 'other' boy Michael Phelps is on the cover looking all is he some athlete! (I swam all thru high can agonize w/ the endless mind-numbing laps he does...check your brain at the door!) Though of course, I sucked...but he is THE MAN! Getting ready to rock the Olympics (again)!

And England trip is back on..leave Jan 5th for 4 weeks. A chance to sow some cosmic disturbance outside our borders!

And Cathy, the Delta II finally lifted off Sat evening, 6:31pm..did you see it by chance? Really clear out, was a nice (successful) launch.


Matt, we HEARD the rocket launch and ran outside to gaze upward, but our view to the north is blocked by trees so we couldn't see anything. We thought it would launch toward the south/southwest but we were wrong! But the rumbling was mighty powerful and it was a perfect night for star-gazing anyway so I enjoyed the trip outside! Sunday night was the Boat Parade of Lights in Santa Barbara, which is always fun to see, and tomorrow we get our new HD tv delivered--gotta see Penn State whup the Aggies in the Alamo Bowl in a few weeks!

And Sara, can you put up a less hot photo of TB? I'm having trouble looking at it and thinking he's sharing all than hunkiness with a 16 year old!!! lol

Sara Best

Sorry Cathy. No can do.


I think Boonen's new girlfriend goes to the same daycare as Lance's girlfriend.


I am having the BEST day! I received a spam email just now that instead of offering to enlarge my penis they are claiming to do the same for my breasts....I am so happy the spam gods have finally figured out I'm a female!


Cathy, will you please tell the spam gods I'm female, too? I get countless enlarge your wanger emails and I'm SOOOOO SICK of them!!! Guess I could start limiting who has the honor of emailing me but that can be kind of obnoxious. Anyway, glad to hear I'm not alone, I was starting to get a complex!


I'm still having trouble with the 16yr old.....At least Lance found one that's 21...isn't she???????

Although I will say it seems like all the teenage girls look like they have been given estrogen in their food...when I was 16yr., I looked like a teenager, not a 20-something.....


"These kids today" are eating hormone-enhanced food and all kinds of additives that the body doesn't know what to do with. Then they get grown-up bodies that they don't know what to do with.

Back to cycling...Nice farewell from Chris Brewer on The Paceline today :-(

Speaking of Tom Boonen...these elves look *awfully* familiar.


I'm going to go back a bit here, I want to apologize if I yet AGAIN repeated myself when I've posted. All you have to do is say Ozzy or Black Sabbath and I immediately blab about the time I saw them. So forgive my mindlessness - it's getting out of hand!

While researching something I stumbled across a drummer website and thought of a few of you - if of any interest:

And thankfully I have been under a rock about Bonen, erp, I mean Boonen. What is the european attitude toward this? What about when Bill Wyman hooked up with his teeny bopper child-pal?

The guys are awfully quiet on this subject. a HEM. =)


Hey Hey Hey...I threw in my 2-cents worth the other day! I agree it seems rather stange (and wrong) for a 27 year old world-celebrity to be dating a 16 year old. He's been all over the world, and stood on top of some of the biggest sports-podiums there are...and she has done...what? Figuring out which color of shoes will match her purse to wear in HIGH SCHOOL? Very strange. "Hi was your day today?" "Oh, well, I beat the best racers in the world again, winning ANOTHER stage in the TDF. How was yours?" "Oh..gee, willikers....golly, lets see...oh...I know...Patty and I wore the SAME sweater to class today, can you BELIEVE IT? And THEN my nail polish flaked off some during gym class, and I forgot to bring my matching sox and shorts...and some of the other girls were making fun of was JUST HORRIBLE! Well, I need to do my homework...and then maybe later I will call Cindy and Pamela..I heard Eric TOTALLY dissed on Cindy today in Biology class! He can be such a jerk!" Sorry..I just imagine discussions like that. Prob not, but WHAT do they have in common? Not that it's any of my biz...and I surely couldn't care less about which celeb is doing what w/ whom normally. Even if it's Lance dating Cindy-loo-who(ever) know...the one that 'doesn't have enough lean muscle mass to lift her Grande Latte' (or something to that effect...Sara, that was PRICELESS btw!)
JD, Theresa and all the rest of you out there in ICELAND (which is now in the middle of the US), hope you still have power and are staying safe and warm. I sure hated those ice storms when I lived in Chicago. Nasty stuff...but hey, did I mention we had a REALLY HEAVY frost yesterday morning? I almost had to scrape my car window even! It was HORRIBLE! (would have had to use a credit card or I don't OWN a scraper! (GRIN!!)

Sara Best

Matt, I'm honestly not trying to defend the fact that a 27 year old man is out there trolling for 16 year olds, but this is a picture of her...

...I doubt that he's in this for the quality conversation.


Her boobs might not be 16, they might only be 1 or 2. And my pal Tim took that photo! I can't wait to see him at Tour of CA and get the scoop!!!

Sara Best

That's priceless Cathy!

I was thinking exactly the same thing but didn't have as perfect a way to convey it.


Hey...did you all see that the Mitchell report (on drug use in Major League Baseball) is due out today? THAT will be interesting! I don't think the Players Union will be very impressed or willing to help though...we shall soon see what they (MLB) are going to do about it (besides sweep it under the carpet and hope no one notices, as in the past). Here is a link to the CNN article:


Heard that on npr Matt - kind of curious to see George Mitchells face discussing this subject. But this will be interesting!! And by the way, I didn't mean to give you a hard time the other day - you stated a very clear opinion on the young boobage.

Speaking of boobage, I have somehow been receiving emails from a couple of people in the UK, who have my email slightly wrong. But they have a friend by the same name so I am getting her emails from 2 of her friends. And they are planning a date for the hols and one of the pubs they suggest meeting at is on Shaftesbury Ave and the pub's name is............Freuds!


Good Grief, since when can teen-agers have boob-jobs? Mom, can I have a set of boobs for Christmas???

Maybe it's because we are middle americans, and not european...

speaking of middle America, matt..thanks for worrying about us. I'm happy to report that we did not lose our power, but just 30-50miles north of me got creamed!! NOW we've got a snow storm coming. Plus I would not want to live in Oklahoma. I'm actually looking forward to the snow, I've had enough, gray, foggy, rain/freezing rain to last me for the rest of the winter. Snow's white!!


have those of you who ordered HTFU bands from ronnie johns in oz had his christmas newletter yet? OMG, i've just picked myself up off the floor and am cradling my stomach which is aching from laughter !!! that dude is SO irreverent. it's just hysterical.

and 'darling' de vliet almost looks older than "bigtomboner", as he's known in our circle. it's gotta be wrong. a lot wrong.


I finally was able to look at that pic of 'bigtomboner' (that is REALLY funny Debi!) and his teenage beau u posted here the other day Sara....couldn't look at it from work, the site was blocked. Anyway...DAAAAANNNNNGGGG...where were the girls like that when I was in HS? (Not that it would have done me any good...I was a dorky little nerdy type taking computer programming and electronics and stuff like that). OK, it DOES take a little mystery out of why he's dating her...but the fact remains that she's only 16. It would be diff a decade from now...when he's 37 and she's 26...but for now it's still WRONG!!! But MAYBE that's part of the alure?? It's WRONG, AND... she looks like THAT! Double win! AND... it sounds kind'a like she's from an extremely wealthy now she's the Trifecta I guess.

OK...I've now spent MORE than enough time on who BTB is's done, over. Move on...what does baseball do now that the gennie is OFFICIALLY out of the bottle? Do they go back and strip teams of wins (like Marion Jones, having to turn in her medals, or Bjarne Riis turning in his yellow jersey)?? They are now OFFICIALLY aware they have a problem. Some big names in that report. Where do they go from here? Does the players union Step up and start hammering 'cheaters? 2 year bans? Lifetime bans? Or do they flout their power and just bury the situation...stick their head in the proverbial sand, and deny it exists, giving out virtual 'wrist slaps'? What will the teams do? What will the LEAGUE do? For these and many more answers, stay tuned for the next edition of 'Soap'!


Matt, as far as "the Trifecta" (that's a new one on me but I can gather the gist)... okay, she's attractive and rich... what's the third woopdeedoo about her? (I'm including her boob job in the "attractive" category, or they could have been #s three and four) (and yes, I know to many people the boob job does Not equal attractive) I know she's a cyclist's daughter -- so they have "things in common," theoretically. Is that the third thing? But just because her dad rides a bike, does that mean she cares a lot about it? Maybe he just wants to get close to her dad. :) Also, sometimes guys go for the really young ones because they might not have much to compare you to on various levels, so they're more impressed with less impressiveness :) This is just my surmising and speculation (two of my favorite hobbies). BTBoner - Debi, great name!


Oh, I just reread what you said... I guess that it's "WRONG!" is the third thing - lol. Matt, you're funny today.


Thats it Camille...maybe part of the alure is BECAUSE it's wrong...makes him feel like a 'bad' boy. But I have no idea...and it's none of my beeswax anyway...other than to gossip about.

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