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December 18, 2007



I'm more surprised that Levi wanted to go that route. But he might figure that he's going to have to beat Contador one way or the other if he wants to win. He's already made the podium. Might as well go with the strongest team to have the opportunity to win if he's in the front group at the right time.

Kloden had already put himself on a team where he was the defacto 2nd man behind Vino, and became even a 3rd man when Kascheiken had a strong 2007 season. So Kloden has already played that role to the hilt. And for a rider that really didn't prove anything last year, he's smart to stay with a strong team and manager. He probably welcomes it. The old Astana structure may not have suited him well for all we know. He may feel like it was the best thing that could happen to him. He'll have a strong chance at some really good results next season, Grand Tours notwithstanding. It'll be fun to watch!

Paula Kirsch

Hi Sara, I so hope that you feel better soon. I am just getting over what sounds like the same thing and what with my baking business and school it's been brutal. Don't burn the candle at both ends, take it easy when you can so that you will be all ready for Christmas. I am not sure how to post to the Inane Asylum, though I do get the emails, and I want to wish all who are reading this a joyous and wonderful Christmas, and a great 2008!!



Paula, the Inane Asylum is us! You just come to Sara's blog, and you're there!
Though our little core group that started here with Sara's help, is growing, and I love that!!!

I remember reading that it was a surprise that Kloden went to Astana last year. He had issues with someone, DS, or someone? So maybe he is really looking forward to working with Johan and the guys.
And Levi is happy working with the team, AC or no AC. They looked pretty happy at the Tour of MO!


Sara, I'm just getting over what it sounds like you have, and I only had a few rough days where I just needed to rest and sleep....then I started to feel better and better each day. Once you turn the corner the recovery is almost exponential! Get better.

Regarding Levi and Klodi (whom I know nothing about except Lance whupped his ass on the line the day Jan wouldn't let Floyd get away!!) I think Waddy is right that they both know they have to beat AC whether he's on their team or not, and better to be setting up for the win with another rider who might falter so one of them can step in to complete the job for the team. I think people have been mislead by the era of Lance that a team should be 100% behind ONE only worked for Lance, not anyone else. I think other teams would be smart to watch what Johan is doing and follow his lead. He does, afterall, know what he's doing! Take a look at my recent interview with Levi--he spelled out his feelings for AC very clearly and was sincerely happy with what he ended up with. I was there, I saw it!


Test Test Test. This is NOT a spam, I repeat, this is NOT a spam.

If this had been an ACTUAL spam, you would be directed to your Anti-spam bunker.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled comments.


matt, welcome back to the real thing! i hope i don't type this whole message and also get referred to the spam-catcher.
we were meant to be en-route to our dream vacation destination already. in checking dave's bike yesterday, which has just come back from the fox agents in SA, he found that the positive air in the fork was leaking into the negative air!! oigavalt! now we have a problem - holiday delayed, whilst dave napalms the local bike shop who handled the repair and borrows a bike that will actually work. oh, and the baby's got tonsillitis so nobody actually slept last night, so we're all shattered.

anyway, the long and short of all that is that i can now wish everyone a very merry silly season and joy, peace and happiness in 2008.

and welcome nakigirl, good to have a friend in the southern hemisphere.


Wow, Matt, Greg's bike does indeed sound cursed. That was a fun story though :) Could it possibly be that your CDB powers are unleashed when the adrenaline is pumping???

Hope you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again soon Sara. At least it happened now and not next week!

Best of luck getting that vacation up and going, Debi!


Did you guys see that Lance is on the USO tour right now??
I wonder if he is just doing the meet/greet thing with the soldiers. When I read this I had a horrible mental pic of him performing on stage -- and flashbacks to that Saturday Night LIve hosting gig - AHHH! ;-)

Good for him though! I think its great that he's taking the time to do that.


whoo boy. is it just me, or does it bother anyone else that Contador (there goes that first name/last name delineation, showin' my feelings again) is expressing thanks and appreciation for older, great riders, supporting him to a win? That seems to lack some modesty, if not demonstrate a bit of arrogance. But wait, hold up there, what am I thinking? I forgot I'm talking about cycling. Arrogance is a honed skill, up there with climbing and time trialing! (no insult intended, only spam)


JD, how the heck did you find that link??? Do you think LA is playing straight man to Robin? Maybe LA can sit on Robin's lab and play the ventriloquist doll. Now that would be sumthin'.


Here's the deal with Berto: he IS better than the older riders!!!!! So when facts are facts one does not have to be modest about them. He also acknowledges he needs to improve in areas, especially time trialing and measuring his effort in a grand tour. [Sounds pretty smart for a 25-yr-old!]

I liked Levi's comments in my interview with him a few weeks ago: "Alberto was racing like there was no tomorrow and it was fun to watch." Yes, it was!!! We might be lucky enough to be seeing the early years of a young man who may soar for years at the height of his sport. Lucky us.


Hey..that Tom Boner is a MADMAN! Thats what I have heard anyway! (just testing the typepad antispam feature...looking for THE keywords).

Interesting article on Lance w/ the USO JD...thanks for the link...the writer of the article DID however mention that he is a SIX time winner of the TDF...OOPS! A little FACT CHECKING would go a long ways there!


Hi all

its been awhile....
not sure what's up in here but wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (hope that's OK with y'all) and Best Wishes in the New Year. Won't likely be "stopping by" again until Tour Time.

Also, I seem to have picked up lots of friends via email but would appreciate it if you folks could drop me from your group mail-outs.

Cheers. Peace out.

ps I'm a huge Red Sox fan and was crushed when Clemens went over to the dark side (pinstripes on Darth Vader). Looks good on him now. What goes around comes around.

pps if there was some mistletoe in here, I'd give Camille and Susie B a kiss. On the cheek of course ;-)


Well Larry you didn't say which cheek... but I think I know. We'll miss ya. Until Le Tour, Mon-soor. Keep rockin' Nova Scotia. And remember, if it ain't Scottish, it's crap.

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