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November 27, 2007



Man that is just too sad. Maybe Astana can sneak in Big Geroge. Team Discotana, or Ascovery. Surely some team will be able to pick him up (but what about the REST of the guys?) Man that just plain sucks! Good thing I DON'T have a T-mobile phone...I'd cancel it! (T-mobile may THINK it's bad to sponsor a team, but surely there are patrons who USE their products BECAUSE of the team sponsorship). I like to think this is a GOOD time to sponsor a team...look at what they all are doing to combat the doping issues! No other sport (except the Olympics) are doing as much! I think there is more to this than their story says (look at the reaction this past TDF by the German Press and such). T-mobile is worldwide corporation. I think they are being very shortsighted. Just my 2 cents worth.


I don't think it will be a problem continuing the team in 2008--Stapleton prob has the money worked out already and there had to be some form of payout for T-Mobile to be allowed out of their contract. Beyond next year could be the troubling time, imo.

In my gut I think Telekom might have known more than they now say about the years of team doping and THAT is why they are walking away from the sport, in hopes of letting those news stories die down without needing to respond. Just a feeling, not substantiated by anything.

Slipstream still has no title sponsor either and has private money backing them through something like 2009 while they look for a title sponsor...I thought with DC leaving the sport they would be able to get something as both teams were going after the same corporate sponsors, but so far that doesn't look to be the case.

Cycling: it's never boring!

BTW, I heard Cavendish is going to a Canadian team! Just kidding SARA!!

Sara Best

Cathy, I'd come down there and live with you if that happened.

Don't scare me like that. Jeez!!


Now I'll never get those fuchsia pink gloves!

T-mobile is a lousy company - my personal experience. Best thing about their sponsorship INMO was putting the bright pink kits on the road.

This is really an earthquake year. The whole map is changing. You know all the top guys will find a good place to land.

Definitely not boring!


Sorry, I couldn't resist :)

This Year's First Christmas Joke

Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the
pearly gates.

"In honor of this holy season" Saint Peter said,"You must each
something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven."

The first man fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a lighter. He
flicked it on. "It represents a candle", he said.

"You may pass through the pearly gates" Saint
Peter said.

The second man reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of keys. He
shook them and said, "They're bells."

Saint Peter said "You may pass through the pearly gates".

The third man started searching desperately through his pockets and
finally pulled out a pair of women's panties.

St. Peter looked at the man with a raised eyebrow and asked, " And just
what do those symbolize?"

The man replied, "These are Carol's."

And So The Christmas Season Begins......


LOL Amy! I was sure I was going to see Larry's name at the bottom of that. You have any good ones for us Lar?

Upon reading the TMobile announcement I had the same thought, Matt, that it was a very short-sighted decision - with cycling really *seeming* to turn a corner and TMobile putting their faith in so many young riders. But, after reading Cathy's comments, the argument that Telekom knew more than they were letting on about the systemic doping implications and want to put all of the questions behind them makes a lot of sense. I wonder if we'll ever find out....

It DOES make me sad to see TMobile leaving the peloton, though. They were always there, making races interesting! You're right Kathleen - DEFinitely not boring ;)


OH - I am SOOO glad that Marie was the first to leave tonight on DWTS. I thought that her dances last night were awful and after seeing Sabrina dance again tonight was reminded of how much more the Cheetah Girl deserved a spot in the finals.

I know that you're not a Max fan, Susie, but didn't you think he was really sweet in his interview when he talked about Mel? Helio has completely won me over, though. I hope he wins -- we'll find out soon!


Ok, CathyM and Sara, our voices of reason! Bob Stapleton has plenty of money, he sold his communications company to T MOBILE! I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm glad the team is NOT unraveling. And I think T-Mobile probably knew more than they thought. At least in the 90's. But I'm still gonna support the team, I love the new team they've built; even with Mark C!!


what a sad day for big george and the boys. i just HOPE johan has kept a little spot open for him on Team Ascovery. or Ass(re)covery.
surely if we pass the hat around the IA we can put enough money together to fund a pro cycling team for a few years? maybe? anyone? PLEASE? LOOK, I'M GETTING ALL SHOUTY IN MY DESPERATION !

amy. . . you go girl! keep 'em coming.


I think we are all counting on Susie to win the Lotto for Team Support (Leather UP team GLADIATOR!)

Waddy, sorry but I think you will just have your wife's Juliana shock rebuilt yourself. I GUESS I will keep mine (GRIN!) Did a short one-hour ride last night...lots of sand w/ scattered hardpack. Right off the bat I found myself hitting every large bump/hole I could find. I have no idea that anything is happening on the rear suspension. Before you were aware it was taking the it's almost imperceptible! Haven't yet tried it on a road-type climb...but I did notice at the end of the ride that the little O ring that u use to set the initial SAG was way farther down on the shaft than ever I'm getting more shock travel (on the same pressure setting). So far I'd have to agree w/ you and say it's pretty impressive! And I only figure that to increase as I do rides in rocky/rutted areas (coming soon!). Now I can't WAIT to get the fork done...but dilemma...Price Point has Avid Juicy-7 disc brakes on sale..would love to put those on in place of the Hayes HFX-Nines I currently have.

Amy, that was FUNNY! Holiday Humor..have to have it...Can be very stressful times. I'm all for skipping Xmas this year.


RE: DWTS...I was so happy when Marie went off because then I was okay with whomever won. I voted for Helio because I felt he made the most strides in dancing and he's so damn cute, but I thought Mel B was very sweet, humble, funny and charming. And I love Maks, he was so cool last week on Larry King Live and his life-story is quite interesting and I'm always into the history of a person. Plus I thought he was very moved by his new friendship with Mel, I liked that. So while the dancing on Monday nite was far less than what it had been the week before, last night was good and I like the winner picked. BTW Mark (Sabrina's partner) dislocated his shoulder last night while dancing. What, does he think he's a bike racer or something??!!


Oh, forgot to say, I did this interview with George last friday for Paceline but has picked it up too and I want them to think I have some readers who follow my work, so if you get a chance click on this link so they will have volume on the site! I thank you! (Sorry for abusing your readership, Sara!),6610,s1-3-12-16626-1,00.html


Nice interview Cathy. Thanks for the link.


great interview Cathy!

George is definetly our elder statesman, because he believes in cycling and wants to stay active in it. I think he's probably going to be a bigger name than Lance(you know what I mean!)!!

I've been dealing with someone stealing my debit card #; and they even got the little code on the back, one of the ladies told me!!! I've been lucky, this is the first time it's happened to me, and I'm so glad that I bank online!!

Now I need to check what VeloNews has to say about the former T-Mobile team..


Wow - great questions Cathy - thanks for that link! There is no one else like George is there? I'm glad to hear that he wants to stay involved in cycling in the long run.

Matt is right, Debi ;) We've all put our faith in the huge lottery pot that Susie is going to win (when the time is just right) to start Team Gladiator!!


Cathy, nice interview with George! Even on the phone, you got a lot of great stuff from him.


Matt, Glad to hear the positive feedback. I don't think I'm feeling as big a difference with the fork as I do the rear shock. Not that they didn't do a great job. Your observation about the rear is well put, and it's the same feeling on the front. It's just that the difference the rebuild makes on the rear makes a bigger difference to your overall ride experience. You might jump on the brakes you want now and save the fork rebuild for later, unless you need the fork rebuilt now. I'm running the Avid Ti Single Digit 7's that I got on sale a few years ago. I've never had a complaint about them. Looking forward to hearing about the next ride full of big hits and steep climbs.


Cathy, you are truly a modest person. Your questions seem so simple and yet they produce wonderful responses. What a sweet and revealing interchange!

I wonder how things have changed now that T Mobile has bowed out. Will George be OK? I understand the money is there for a bit, but does it make it hard when you have switched to a "losing" team? Financially speaking I mean.

Also, T my love, go to the credit sites, like Equifax and Trans Union (if you haven't already) and do your check, then put a fraud alert at the sites so anyone doing a credit check on you will now someone has stolen your debit card. My son had his stolen (due to drunken stupidity) and the bank gave him all his money back. Luckily there was no identity theft, which is oh-so-painful. Good luck my dear!!

Waddy... Matt...I love it when you talk tech....


matt, you got problems with your hayes brakes? i only ask, because dave has hayes HFX-Nines and every time changes his brake pads, he uses wicked industrial language. a lot! and he's also got his eye on the juicy 7s. i ought to spoil him for xmas, i suppose.

cathy, great interview with gorgeous george.

cat, apart from the financial aspect of switchng to a "losing" team, can you imagine the psychological blow in having switched to a "lost" team? thanks god he's got such fabulous familial support.


Waddy, good info on the fork (I was thinking along the same lines...fork rebild later, new brakes NOW)...Debi, yes..I also do some 'sea talk' when I change my pads (I'm retired have a nice 'industrial' vocabulary stored away for those special moments). The pad change itself takes mere moments...but getting the dang pistons retracted all the way seems near impossible. The instruction manual says to simply push one piston in, then the other. NOT! The first one goes fine, then u push teh other one in and the first one goes back out some. My latest trick is to first use an allen wrench and adjust the brake-lever all the way to the bars (so it has lots of room to push back out as the fluid goes back into the bars from the caliper unit), then flip the bike so the caliper is above the handlebars (so the fluid resivour is downhill)...then stick a screwriver between the old pads and twist it sideways and hold it, while'st practicing my bad words...hoping and praying the gosh dang pistons retract ALL the way (which they NEVER do). Gotta hold it for a bit (60 secs or more of pretty high tension)..and they seem to go MOST of the way. Hose the whole area down with alcohol (not supposed to use brake cleaner, only isopropyl), then dry it w/ canned air..and click the new pads in, and viola...I now have nice new pads that aren't quite wide enough for the I get to mouth some more choice words trying to get the wheel back on the bike...and they continually rub at first. That lessens with each ride until they they finally wear enough so I have to start adjusting my lever throw back out...and this goes on thru the life of the pads...till I get to do it all over again. THAT is why I want the Juicy 7's! Gets rid of all that, plus nice spin-knob lever throw adjustment. Can get them for 120$ a wheel right now. Seems like a pretty good investment.

Cathy, that was a nice interview w/ Big it when his daughter said hi...that is pretty sweet! You cycling jourlalists sure live the life, rubbing elbows w/ cycling gods and such. Sara, can't wait for your next story/interview! Good to know that you are busy! Busy is GOOD!


My next bike:




oh matt, if only you knew how familiar that sounds!! i've watched the same thing in OUR bike room often enough.
there's this race. this weekend. 72km - 36km up and 36km down. (1674m in 36km- ack!) dave's planning to ride up on old pads, just to avoid that rubbing thing. OBVIOUSLY, he'll fit new ones at the top.
happy weekend everyone.


Sometimes I have my most brilliant (or insane) ideas first thing in the morning, and today as I awoke to the sound of rain in Southern California (YAY! but not too much please) I thought this: wouldn't it be funny if Stapleton's new team didn't actually have a name so the press always had to refer to them as "The team formerly known as T-Mobile". So the company would remain associated with this "dreadful" sport of cycling whether they liked it or not! Just like Prince did when he changed his name to some symbol just to piss off his record company. I am still laughing at the idea....I know, I know, I need to do something constructive with my brain. Happy weekend.

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