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November 23, 2007



Nice post Sara. I've had the pleasure of hanging around with Jim and Yvonne, Saul's parents. They are delightful people and so dedicated to their only child. I've spent enough time with them to hear more of their story than has been in the media and believe me when I say this couple has been put through the entire spectrum of emotions in dealing with Saul's situation. When I was around them it would always pop into my head to question how I personally would have reacted in their place, how I would have stepped up to the situation. They have always said they want Saul to be happy and fulfilled and have supported him 1000% along the way. But I can't help but think there has to be some satisfaction that the decision for him to return to racing has been completely taken out of their hands and they can breathe a collective sign of relief that he can't get back into a racing situation. They deserve some peace of mind, too. They are incredible people. Someone should write THEIR story! Parents all over the world could relate to what they've been through.


Saul will always be a cycling hero, even if he never gets on a bike again. Like you said Sara!!

I want to see pictures and stories from the wedding!!!!!

Paula Kirsch

In a time when it's so easy to be cynical about cycling and cyclists, Saul is an inspiration to everyone who has seen his remarkable recovery. I hope that he can stay in cycling in some capacity, he would make an excellent ambassador for the sport.



Agreed Paula! He will remain an inspiration regardless of what path his life takes from here. Excellent post Sara!!


I am so glad that I got a chance to chat with Saul at interbike. I told him about my Mother having a hemmorhagic stroke and how difficult it was to understand and get help. I lived with her for a couple of months before we figured out how to get the help she needed. He was so attentive and understanding. I was extremely touched. Reading his book I was reduced to tears several times. He is a special person and I am sad to hear of his latest difficulty. I hope he stays in the cycling world and wish him the best in his upcoming marriage. Thanks for the post Sara.


On his website Saul asks what type of career he could have. Immediately I thought of: inspirational/motivational speaker, life coach, cycling coach, assistant director of a usa team (moving up as his health improves), spokesperson for MANY products. Other suggestions from the IA?


Such a sweet kid! I wouldn't throw in the towel just yet. Brain injuries don't take prisoners but they do take TIME, lots and lots of time. Doctors don't know everything. Saul is so young yet. All that training is never for nothing.

Not that I'm psychic or anything but when I saw Saul interviewed during the TdF this year and they were saying he wanted to win the tour in '08 I looked in those eyes of his and thought 'Nope, not yet honey, it's too soon'. Somehow I just knew. 2009 is not that far away. He could be a motivational speaker, true, but dreams are powerful and miracles happen every day.

Maybe a break from trying so hard to make a comeback is just what Saul needs most.

A wise Liverpuddlian once said: "Let it be."


Kathleen, you are absolutely, spot on about brains. Especially when one is young. They are much more plastic and flexible than older brains. His neurologic function could make great strides just due to his adaptability and youth alone, which I am sure has been true so far. I don't know what kind of brain injury he had (I do know it was traumatic brain injury and hemorrhagic) or where the damage was located, but certainly recovery can happen.

I agree with Cathy, when we are young we feel we must achieve what we are striving for or we have failed. He has so much more to offer. Just the fact that he has the personality to succeed in cycling says a lot about him. That is physically and psychically an incredible achievement. Hopefully he will be able to translate his focus and determination to some of the areas Cathy mentioned. I am sure his family, and future wife, will help him see another future.


Howdy everybody...I"m BACK! Nice vacation over Turkey-day, now it's back to the hum-drum (work).

Nice post on Saul Raisin Sara, too bad about his (potential) end-of-racing career, but who knows what doors are opening as this one is closing. It just seems to work out that way (usually). He is young and hard working, so will surely find his way on whatever new path is awaiting. The fact that he's ALIVE to search for this path is the miracle.

Waddy, my new shock is IN and INSTALLED (top priority this morning) on the Blur...possibly tomorrow night for test ride (tonight is road ride).

I see we have a NEW we drove up the 101 from LAX Sat evening heading home, I could see the smoke coming from the Malibu area. This one looks to be fast and furious (aren't they all?). Lots of wealthy and famous folk in that area. Fire takes no notice of social status though.

And Susie, your Terps did good this weekend, which was another crazy one! I watched the VA/VA Tech game ON THE PLANE on Sat (satellite TV to every seat, how cool!) and had already seen that LSU had lost a heartbreaker triple overtime on Fri night. Then the Kansas/Misouri game, and #2 goes down as well...what a wild season it has been! If OSU gets the nod to the title game I'll just scream! I'd personally like to see Misouri/WVU get the shot. But the BCS has strange ways. We shall know soon enough. OK, enough inane chit-chat...Time to catch up on work and such (ack!).

susie b

I feel a bit guilty writing about college football after the eloquent & heart-tugging post & comments by everyone, but I can't stop myself. I haven't been this into college football since I was 17-20. Those were the years I came home from college & the Bowl games were one of the few things through which my Dad & I connected. And just my Dad & I. The only shotgun my sisters & Mom knew about was kept in the hall closet. So, it was me on the sofa & Dad in "His Chair" for two weeks. Wagers were made & massive amounts of Xmas treats were consumed amidst much ooohing, ahhing, moaning, & cheering & occasionally one of us would rise from our comfy seats to either high-five or rub it in that OUR chosen team had decimated the opponent. Oh, the good ole days. :)

Anyway, this year has jump started my enthusiasm. I LOVED that you never knew who would be toppled from the #1 or #2 rankings week after week. Reminded me of this year's Tour - not knowing what would happen next. This last Saturday evening, I watched three games. Even though the FOUR OT Tenn-Kentucky battle was great, the Border War between Kansas & Missouri was a bit of a let-down. #2 Kansas was outplayed all over the field. Just not their night I guess. But my fave game by FAR was the Florida vs Florida State game. Now, I haven't gone & joined the Gator Nation, but I'm now a Gator fan as long as Tim Tebow plays for them. LOVE THIS GUY! From the games I've seen & read about this season, this guy should definitely win the Heisman even IF he's only a sophomore. Plus, he looks like he could actually DO something in the Pros in a few years. Unlike the majority of Heisman-winning quarterbacks. If you only watch one Bowl game during the Holidays, watch whichever game has the Fla Gators. It will definitely be exciting, just watching Tebow! The guy passes AND rushes for Touchdowns. Then, I found out last night that Tebow played most of the 2nd half of that game with a broken hand! Granted, it was his non-passing hand but still! Yowza. Sounds tough enough to be a pro-cyclist! However, his 6'3, 235 lb body probably precludes that. ;)

And Theresa, I bet even YOU know how Missouri did! Your newspapers must be full of it. They are the new #1, for the 1st time in about 50 years. And if they beat Oklahoma this Saturday, they will be in the Championship game. And if they don't, poor Matt will have a fit. Yes, the Buckeyes are lurking. Well, whether it's Mizzou or the Buckeyes, it will be West Virginia who will be waiting for them in New Orleans.

And you know, even though Austin Murphy personally expanded SI's jinx when he wrote two weeks ago that "NO one expects LSU & Oregon (then #s 1 & 2) to BOTH lose", I have to agree with him when it comes to the game of football - Saturday Rules.


Gawd, Susie, thanks for the info....The only time there is anything in the sports section of the paper, was during the Tour of MO. I also went to UMKC, but that's still not a good excuse for not knowing what the Tigers are up to! I'm glad they beat Kansas, we have as many Jayhawk fans, as Mizzou fans! It sort of like the I-70 games between KC and St Louis!!


Matt, I'm anxiously awaiting your feedback on the shock. I've been out several times on mine and I'm thrilled. I did a 23 mile mountain bike ride on Thanksgiving Eve and my bro-in-law and I were so psyched that we went out at 10:30pm the same night for an hour ride. He did a brief video with his little digital camera and posted it on youtube. Here's the link.


I'll surely be wearing my 'Tigers' shirt to work on Friday in support of your team Theresa (My wife brought me back a nice Tigers polo shirt from her Kansas City work trip last year). And who would have thought they might be getting a shot at the Natnl championship! GO TIGERS! (and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T LET OSU GET INTO THE TITLE GAME! MUST BEAT OKLAHOMA!) Funny you should mention Tebow of the guys in my 'Weekend in Ohio' team (when we gather annually for the Mich/OSU game) is a staunch Clemson fan..he can't STAND Tebow! (he is stationed down in Jacksonville area...he says everything is 'Tebow this, Tebow that...drives him crazy!) But he does appear to be the REAL DEAL! But about Chris Long on Virginia? (Howie Long, Oakland Raiders hall of famer...his son)...plays the same position (Defensive End), possibly BETTER than Howie did... Going to go VERY high in the draft..possibly #1 (it would really be something if my lowly Raiders could draft him...we need all the help we can get! And it would be very fitting too!) I know the Heisman typically goes to QB's...but he should surely be invited to the award...(along w/ Colt Bresnan from Hawaii...yes, a lowly Pac-10 team, but he now owns a pile of NCAA records...and they are also undefeated... and up to #10 I think in the rankings...pretty dang good for a pac 10 team to go that high!)

And finally...yes, Saturdays RULE, Sundays Drool! (sorry bout that...just getting a bit fed up w/ the pros. Too uppity and all...College ball is much more exciting!) And we're coming down to the sad end of more week, then the bowl games. But wait...not long after that, it's CYCLING SEASON! Seems a perfect fit! Cycling takes you to Football, and vice versa. Think about it!


Yo Waddy, hope to get out tonight to give the shock a try (slipped in a 1-1/2 hour road ride last night..was dark when we got back, but weax was pretty nice...was still 52 when we finished...not too shabby!) Where is that trail at you linked the video? Looks very similar to trails I used to night-ride up in Wisconson (Kettle Moraine park). Check out THIS video bit...these guys ROCK and make the pretty freaking large (and numerous) gap jumps seem tame and no big deal...very nice video!

OK...time to go donate blood..the quarterly tri-counties blood drive is this morning...I GUESS I can spare a pint.


Okay, after watching the videos, I do understand why I ride on the ROAD!


Oh Theresa, you're missing the best part! Mt biking is like hiking AND riding all in one...(you DON'T have to ride like a maniac...thats optional!) I like it as I can cover SO MUCH you get the gnarly climbs that test your conditioning, AND you get the descents...ahhhh...thats where the fun is! The best days I've had on the mt bike were at Mammoth Mt...the ski resort is a bike park in the summer. Bikes loaded into the gondolas, take you to the summit...and then you (mostly) just have to hang on! TONS of trails/ skill levels to choose from. Nice wide groomed that brings a smile to my face! (I'm not much of a jumper though..that video is just unreal how EASY they make it look. My wheels belong attached to DIRT at nearly all times! But it's still a blast! And even nice, rolling forest trails (like on the video Waddy linked)'s like on the do what your skills are up to. Speed is up to you. I come up on deer all the time (and a Mt lion last year) can be pretty silent when climbing...the freewheel doesn't give you away like on the downhills. I cut my mt biking teeth up in Wisconson...beautiful trails, largest hill was maybe 100 yards of climbing..but LOTS of them..twisty, mostly smooth blast to ride! I actually PREFER it to road riding.

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