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November 12, 2007



Hey Sara, glad you are still alive and kickin' up there in the cold (I am assuming it's COLD up there). Yes, you know us...we can (and will) find topics to amuse ourselves while you are busy.

I went out on a long ride Sat morning. Was THINKING I would do most of the upcoming Solvang Century. Well, turns out I bit off a bit more than I could chew. Got down to Solvang just fine (actually I used way too much energy on this leg. On the last stretch into Solvang I spied 2 riders ahead and went into CHASE mode. WHY DO WE DO THIS? I HAD to catch them. Which I did, in fine style too!) Took a quick snack break and left Solvang...where the road turns west...right smack into..yes, you guessed nemesis...MR. WIND! Damn I hate that guy! I realized I was in trouble at about the 50 mile I was FAR from home and no way to get there without facing the enemy. My brain shutdown into survival mode at about mile 55 as I was shouting at the wind (reminiscent of that scene in Forest Gump when Lt Dan was fighting the hurricane on the shrimp boat)...and I was praying for something...when I remembered a 'short cut' coming up on the route...but it goes up and over a rather nasty canyon (it did cut off about 10 miles thankfully). But when I was past the canyon I once again had to face the enemy head on for about 15 miles, then suffer thru the crosswind the rest of the way home. Ended up with 84 miles (35 of that into the gosh-dang wind!) and was so beat when I got home that I had to sit down in the shower for 'a while'. While recovering in the shower I was pondering why we chase things. I mean, if I open the door and there is a cat in the yard, my dogs will go hell-bent until they catch it or it escapes...the only way to stop that chase is with a rifle I think. (thankfully all cats have escaped thus far..but I do think it's a 'kitty-club' membership ritual crap in our lawn and wait till the door opens...and if you live, you are IN!). So I yell at them for chasing the cat, yet I see some bikes ahead of me and the brain goes haywire...and I MUST catch (catch hell, PASS!) them! Even if it kills me (which it nearly did this time!) And if I am riding along and someone passes me, same deal..I MUST catch them and show them they can't just go passing me without suffering. (When I caught the 2nd guy he sat up as I was passing him..made me feel good as he wasted himself trying to stay away!) If only they knew how hard my final 35 miles were, they would really be chuckling they surely had the last laugh, even if they didn't know it. Do pro racers go thru this, or do they LEARN not to? Just curious. We are strange creatures.


Nice comment Matt. Sorta like a post of yer own.

Sara, How about you just post a topic every day or so, with a cute or interesting picture (I imagine you have a gallery in your computer, and if not, I'd be glad to share some of mine) and then you don't have to write, and we have a new clean playground. I don't mind that you don't post, but it is hard to flip trough the posts after the second tier forms. Lose my place, can't remember if I read something or not. sometimes miss stuff.

Anyway, just a thought. Oh, I just had another one. You could offer up your blog once or twice a week to a "guest writer." I am sure there are plenty of people "down here" who would be happy to write. Just think, we could learn about S. Africa, Nova Scotia, California, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Washington, Merryland... A trip around the four corners of the country! Maybe themes like, your favorite road trip (bike or car), your favorite race, nicest restaurant, cutest B&B, best place/community to live in, best day spent with a loved one, best kept secret of your town. I don't know, just an idea.

Paula Kirsch

Hey Miss Sara, glad to see you back!! In case anyone is interested Floyd has written an op-ed piece that is posted over on TBV. Nice to see he's still in fighting form!!



How thrilling is it that the Belgian feds are threatening
to drop the UCI like the bad habit they are and say most of the other euro countries are leaving too! So there!


Oh and I am halfway through Saul Raisins book and have no more tears left! He gave it to me signed at interbike and the impression I got of him is repeated in the book. Sweetness personified!


So glad to hear from you, Sara! Cat's right -- we can entertain ourselves pretty well, but I still miss hearing from you when you're busy :)

I agree Philip - Saul's book is really amazing! Great insight into what his parents went through; he was blessed with an amazing family, no doubt.

matt, your stream-of-consciousness posts are priceless.

I'm glad you mentioned that piece on TBV by Floyd, Paula. Its very well-written and worth reading. I'll bet he wishes that he didn't have quite the first hand knowledge of the inadequacies of the system that he ended up with...


Glad to hear from you Sara!! And Cat, that's a good idea, give us a pic and a clean slate each day or two, and we'll be fine! I start having problems when we get past the second or third page of comments too! And I look at the number of comments to see if anyone has posted something new.

Matt, loved your story! Now for some reason, I don't feel that need to "chase". A cyclist can blow right past me, and I usually just want to say "hello" as he goes

I don't know about everyone else, but this weird weather is annoying. It's too hot for November!! Tonight it's so foggy, that you can see across the street, but that's about it. It's pretty eerie.

Well, my corporation is getting crazy on blocking sites!! I can read Sara, but not post, but I can't read TBV or VeloNews, or even check my personal email anymore!! We can read the newspaper and check the weather though. "They" say it's security, but I think it's the time spent on the internet!!


Maaaatt--I understand the chase and destroy mentality. This weekend, I passed up a dirt bike ride. Stomach was really sore from a week-long flu-like bug. To make it worse, had business travel in the middle of the week.

Sure enough, Greg calls about a quick 50 miler. How dumb is it to say Yes to this while feeling crummy?

OK, so now we're on the road, and saw riders ahead. Thoughts of my gut were gone and it was total focus on reeling them in.

Sometimes (on long hills for example) it's fun to savor the chase. It's the best when they know you're there. Then it's time to play. He speeds up, so do I. Slow down? Ratchet up a little tighter, then slow. I have thought of my Mom telling me to quit playing with my food, but it's too much fun.

Oh, yeah. There are times that I run up against a "Philip" and get my clock cleaned. I've learned to meter my effort as our rides are seldom less than 60 miles, so I do not chase Cat riders (unless I'm really close to home).

susie b

I think it's that 'Hunter' DNA kicking in.... :)

And Matt, Mr Wind is your friend! You are a strong rider who can chase imposters down & crush 'em! And why? Because of your friend! You need to show him some love. :)

And Barbara - I've been thinking about your language pet peeve since last week. I think you can lay the entire blame on a song. That's right - "Meeeeeee & Mrs Joooooones, we got a thing going on....."! :) :) BTW, that's another 'belter' tune!

And Sara, we just miss & worry about you when you're away too long! Although we ARE thrilled you are busy, busy, busy with work! Go Sara! Of course, anyone who can succinctly sum up an Olsen Twin with one spot-on statement would be in demand -"the girl barely has enough lean muscle mass to hold up her grande latte". LOVED that! :)


Now THIS is important!! Who do you think will be going off DWTS tonight? I think it needs to be Marie--she probably has a huge fan base, but she's not keeping up with the others. I finally voted last night--4 x for Helio and 1 x for Jenny. I'm loving Helio more and more each week. His competitive spirit is soaring now!

Also, route for Tour of CA was released this morn. Don't know who I will be working for but I WILL be there. Who else?


Thanks Matt and Waddy for the info! I'm test riding the Ibis Mojo this weekend, if I like it, I'm going with that, it's had some great reviews, if not, it's the Santa Cruz Blur xc (I think xc I forget the letters at the moment) and going with XT, can't afford XTR. I'm too sketchy with Ellsworth, I want to trust it, but just heard too many bad things.


I have taped, but not watched DWTS, yet. But I cannot imagine that Marie had much time to rehearse.
Helio is great, but Jenny seems to appear to be getting less nervous. And I think she's doing great. Cathy, be sure to let me know who get kicked off tonight!!


LOL, Susie!

And it IS a belter!

Another language rant... the other day on the Today show (I really need a job), Giada D. asked a guest, "Is there any truth to the fact that..."


Barbara, love that quote!!! I am sure there is a web iste dedicated to collecting such faux pas.

Cathy, I would love to see the ToC, but don't think I will be able to get there, though my Auntie in Santa Rosa would love to see me!

BTW kids, guys hunt and chase, gals gather and wave as the rider goes by! EVERYONE passes me except the old people and ones with kids. I don't even feel I can say hello to the "real" riders. Plus, they ride on Sheridan Road and risk life and limb, I ride on the bike trail with the sub professionals. Mr Wind? Knocks me over. Mr Hill? I only have one per route and you guys would consider them "slight variations" in road surface!!! Yeah, I am a total dip and not a rider, but someone who toodles around. But hey, I'm out there like the Penguin, doing my best but not "pushing it." ;-)

susie b

As much as I adore Marie, I think you are correct Cathy. She should probably go home, based on current skill level. However, I bet she stays tonight. She has a MASSIVE fan base in all the QVC doll shoppers, plus there is the sympathy vote this week. I'm amazed both Jane & Marie were able to practice & appear on LIVE television the weeks their parents passed. These women are strong!

If Marie does not go, it should be Cameron. Another sweetie, but just not as good as the other three remaining. My current faves are Jenny & Helio. I like Mel B but do not like her partner Max.

My favorite of ALL the pro dancers is Julianne. She's just fantastic! I like Cheryl Burke a lot too (past two-time winner) & the woman who was Mario's partner & whose name I have temporarily forgotten. Funny that all my faves are the girls! :) I think it's because I keep envisioning ME being able to sashay around a dance floor like that.... I WISH I had been that good! Even half that good!

And all you guys who sniff at these dance shows, you don't know what you're missing! Almost every pro ballroom/Latin dancer I've ever seen has a fantastic body & the female pros on this show are no exception. :) And in Europe, dance shows are on TV all the time as a SPORT competition. Aww, stop your groaning, Larry!

BTW Larry, quick question. When watching hockey on TV, do you try to follow the actual puck or just the general direction it's going & concentrate on the players instead? I'm giving myself a headache trying to watch that damn little puck. No, I haven't gotten the 60 inch screen yet! Come on, tell me the trick to viewing televised hockey, pretty please? I think I could really get into this sport if I could SEE what's going on & if they outlawed fighting. WHY exactly do you HAVE to slam a player into the wall? Stop rolling your eyes, I'm serious!


Yea Sara for being so busy! I do worry a little if too many days go by without you but that is just the Mom in me! I like Cats idea of "guest writer". Matts description of his ride would be a great 'for instance' of guest writing. Holy Moly Matt- 85 miles.. sheesh! I ride to work and back, today the wind was trying to take me east while home lays in the west so I just had to keep my head down and pedal. I call those rides Coin Rides. I add up all the spare change I see on the road (6 cents today) Keeps me occupied! So - tomorrow I'm attending the SlipStream Team Launch in Boulder. Fashion question... Free Floyd shirt or not? I can't find an argyle shirt :( I'm so excited for this! Don't know what to expect, will we be sitting in theater seats all night or will there be a chance to mingle. If I do get to mingle does anyone have any burning questions I should ask? I've been trying to get SlipStream to hire me or even let me volunteer to work with them. So last weekend I stopped in their office to drop off my resume and there was a bunch of unpacked boxes stacked up and a few suit jackets hanging there. Eric (the guy who was the only one working on that weekend) said they were the suits the team would wear at the Launch. How cool was that. Do I sound like Theresa?! It's so exciting and fun! Hopefully I will have antedotes to tell you on Thursday. How do you spell anticdotes? anti-dotes hummm.


Yes, LindaLoo, you do!! How
COOL!! I'd love to be there! And I have an offical Slipstream shirt from this year, purchased at the Hincapie Sportswear tent at the Tour of MO on the last day in St Louis!!

And regarding DWTS, I like Mel B. and her partner Max, I think they are well suited. I may have to make time to watch Monday's show before Sat night if you guys keep giving me teasers!



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