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November 21, 2007


Paula Kirsch

Hey Sara, nice post, you're linked!!



I sure hope this brings different results for Floyd and cycling. However, I too am pessimistic. Certainly the only hope for the sport is that it finds an honest way to deal with the use of illegal substances by some riders in their attempt to achieve superhuman results. What drew me to cycling in the first place was the willingness of men (and women) to push themselves beyond human endurance in one of the most graceful, elegant, brutal and compelling examples of mortal achievement I have seen. I would like to believe it is possible to reach this level of performance in a way all can agree is fair.


In the "how about that?" category, I found an interesting link at Chuck the Cyclist's website:

Boy, losing 5 seconds for discarding a water bottle inappropriately would certainly help the environment and cost of
cleanup, but might change the results of a race!


Last Hope.......but we're still hoping anyway!!

I wish a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to everyone at the IA!


Pretty cool story about the bike in France, I wonder what happened to the rider?

At the same website I found this:

I still have some hope for Floyd. I still hope for vindication, but I know, it's probably not going to happen.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! That lives in the US, I guess....this is our holiday, Thank God for the Native Americans that saved the colonists lives!!


Happy Turkey-Day! Sara, most excellent post yesterday! (I didn't get to it until today). I believe that the CAS WILL overturn the ruling! How can they NOT, based on what the evidence and testimony during the Arb hearing, and the fact that the CAS actually seems fair (having overturned other decisions). So I will ONCE AGAIN be wearing my rose-colored glasses and hoping the HORRID wrong will be righted. Yellow Cowbell with strap: $5.49; new cycling team jersey: $99; seeing Floyd pump his fist at the world winning his NEXT race: PRICELESS!


Yay Matt, our resident optimist!! Love you dude!
(the ad analogy is wonderful)


Ms T, what a wonderful link, thank you!! I love Fatty, he is such a funny writer.


Matt, awesome and "priceless" comparison!!

You guys are getting 3 emails from me, one's actually from Amy! They really are good!!

I was watching DWTS today while America watched football!! NOW I know what you mean about Mel's costume! What great dancing!! I am hooked for life!!


holding thumbs on floyd. . . . wouldn't it be wonderful?

so our crazy-ass 210km mtb race last week was just that. . . crazy. my riders did really well all things considered. the midnight start saw 10degC (50F) temps (bearing in mind that the average midnight temperature for this time of year is 20C(68F)) and thick mist, which had turned to rain by 30km. one of our team (teams of 3 riders) flatted at 20km and in changing the tube in the dark, something went pear shaped with his rear brake. i think he leaked all the hydraulic fluid so he rode the rest of the way on a front brake! the mud was outrageous and by 130km gear shifting was almost impossible on most bikes. the weather conditions never improved during the race and the finish (on our home beach) was raining and miserable. our boys did it in 16h42 and we're extremely proud of them.

next one is in a weeks time - 72km to the top of sani pass. (highest pub in africa!) 36km up and 36km down on rocky roads! woohoo.

oh and happy belated thanksgiving america

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