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November 30, 2007



That is not setting the bar very high!


Hard to predict how it will come out in the end (who would have predicted that VINO would be cheating for gosh sakes!) So I figure to take it as it comes, enjoy the stages as they play out...and the chips will fall where they may. And I can only HOPE 'the Team formerly known as T-Mobile' has no further infractions! That is HILARIOUS Cathy! They will forever be known as that!

Larry Maxwell

"Its like a cheating boyfriend..." C'mon Sara, a little balance. Dontcha mean "like a cheating girlfriend?" I'm just askin.

Just me the Grinch checkin' in on things. Looks as if Matt and Waddy have things well in hand.

ps Susie B, if you don't cash that cheque soon it will self-destruct a la Mission Impossible.


No, I don't think it will be the cleanest ever. I think there will still be those who think they can beat the system. I can only hope that the front-runners at least can be hero's, not 'dopes'


Spooky, Sara. Almost like I'm hearing an echo! It's a thin line between cynical and bitter. I'm in white knuckle mode on the cynical side. If I hear any more I'll be on the downslope with no brakes.

As long as our sport puts the onus on individual riders I will receive no further dope-drama transmissions.
Wake me when it's over!

susie b

Sorry Larry, things have been hectic the last two weeks. I plan to get to the bank on Monday.

Tomorrow is Janann's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! Hope you have a great day & eat as much cake as you want. You KNOW you don't gain weight eating anything on your bday, correct? That's part of the "Day of Immunity" package... What do you mean you didn't sign up for that package?!

Riis should get Sprint as one of CSC's sponsors - "Can you hear me now? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" Although personally, I'd get a kick out of seeing 'Mr Clean' as a sponsor. "Mr Clean, Mr Clean, Mr Clean"!


I received an email from Slipstream regarding this SI article on Vaughters:

Makes one hopeful.


Thanks Susie! You're so great about keeping track of us all and our "big day" :) I did have an ultra-sweet experience this morning. When my 2 1/2 yr daughter heard it was my birthday she immediately sang me the sweetest version of Happy Birthday, demanded that I find a birthday hat to wear, and asked if I wanted a cupcake. How can you beat that?

We would've gone out for dinner, but are being hit by a rather nasty ice/snow storm today - ack! Power keeps flickering and I'm carrying a flashlight, but have my fingers crossed that we'll keep some power here. You getting any of this, T & Cat?

I'm still on the optimistic side about cycling this year; borrowing Matt's rose-colored glasses. Hope you can spare them for awhile ;) Thanks for the link about JV, Cat. I'm counting on that team to do big things this year (and to do them cleanly).


It depends what you consider clean to be.

If a bunch of people get caught, then theoretically, the race was cleaner than had they not been caught.

One can only assume that the same doping methods, relatively speaking, are being applied throughout. I doubt anyone really has a secret formula that the others don't know about.

So, the more people that get caught, the better, in a way.

However, I can easily see how a race with no one getting caught also appears clean. It's tough to say.

It would be nice to not have to deal with this problem at all. But that may be a little too much wishful thinking!


Ah, JD, I went to a few cards sites to send you a BD email, then got waylayed by hubby's insistence on starting our errands before the storm. He was right but, I'm so sorry!!!!

The weather, though dicey for a few hours yesterday, turned out to be OK. Hubby and I went out to run errand just before the snow started falling. The roads became incredibly slick, probably due to the fact that we haven't had any rain or snow to wash the oils off the road. People were skidding everywhere and at one point we were honked at while crossing the street on foot because the driver realized he had lost traction. He was able to stop and no one was hurt, but we decided to go home. No errands were accomplished! Spent the rest of the day in the house. Bailed on a party for some of the same reasons.

Adam, your point is well taken. All things being equal, I would prefer a race with no positives. The press for positives and non negatives (what the heck is that?) is just too damaging. No matter how the results turn out whether overturned by the B sample or on appeal, the damage is done by the initial carnivorous media reporting of the result. I say, NO POSITIVES.


I agree with Adams most excellent point! It's all a matter of perspective...the press makes it SEEM that if there are no doping issues brought forth by the powers that be during a race, then obviously it was spic-n-span clean...absolutely no doping going on. However, the races (such as the 07 TDF) where riders get caught is a dirty race, but as Adam said, the cheaters (or at least some of them) were caught...AND, the more that get caught, you would think the others would sit up and take notice and maybe NOT the penalties are just too great! Thats why I look at the last TDF as a most EXCELLENT race! Cheaters were caught, way more than would have been is sad when a fav goes down (Vino..oh COULD YOU!)...but it's his choice...his situation was totally diff than just seems as obvious as the nose on my face that he was a scapegoat. I TRULY believe the CAS will overturn this injustice and man, THAT will be a day to hoist one (or more) to a clean peleton!

Had an awesome MTB ride today Waddy...ROCKY like nobodys business! Scary rocky even! (pumped the tubless tires up a bit more than normal so as not to trash a rim). Man the PUSH shock just ramps up so smooth over some pretty huge hits, it's like a nice soft push as I go up / ovr the rock (the hit I get to my butt is nothing in comparison to the size of the hole/rock)...and the small stuff just disappears. But my damn hayes HFX brakes. Those new pads squealed like a stuck pig the ENTIRE RIDE! (I've never actually HEARD a stuck pig, but I imagine it would sound something similar to my bike today!) Gads I am hating those brakes more every ride. But now is not the time to get selfish and buy new disc brakes cuz I 'Hate' my old ones. Maybe after the holidays. (ok, no maybe about it..AFTER the holidays, for SURE!)

JD, glad you got out of the bad weax...good call to give it up and go home.

OK..gotta finish up my household chores...hope you all had a great weekend!


Oh sorry...meant to say Cat, not JD on that last post...slip of the fingers...


Matt, I got out today for about an hour and thought of you. Hoped you were diggin' it as much as I was. Sounds like you were. The Santa is handling better than ever. No doubt that I'm definitely transferring more power from pedal to wheel than before. It can't be that I'm in better shape - I'm not. But I seem to be faster. And the bike is just better through the rough stuff. Holding the trail. On the braking front, I've always been a V-brake guy. I mentioned the Avids I've got now. My brother-in-law and his racing wife seem to love the Magura Marta SL's. I've got no experience with them, but I do know they were on sale at Cambria Bike Outfitters (CBO) recently. Only reason I know this is because my bro-in-law and wife were here for Thanksgiving and had a rear brake shipped to our house. I've ridden alot with them and the only squealing was coming from me as they both dropped me like a bad habit. I love taking my sister-in-law out with my weekend group guy ride. I'm accustomed to getting dropped by her, but it's funny watching other guys turn themselves inside out trying to stay with her. God Bless Her!


Well said Adam, Cat, and Matt.

Wow - we had a lot of ice to chop through today (we meaning my husband ;-) By about 2:00 we could travel the streets again though, so it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

So.....Saul got married in Maui yesterday! Despite his heartbreaking news of last week, I'm just so dang happy for him. The distance he's come in the last 18 months is nothing short of remarkable. Cheers to Saul and Aleeza!

I just visited TBV, but I must say that my brain seems to turn to complete mush when trying to understand all of the scientific discussions over there these days. I just hope that some of it may mean good things for Floyd.

susie b

It all depends on whether the pig is just irritated, sort of upset, or flatout super-pissed when "stuck". And when they're the latter, you better have earplugs.... The loudest pig I ever heard was one of the times my Dad wanted me to help him give a sick sow a shot. We get into the enclosed pig pen & he holds her while I'm supposed to jam this humongous needle into her neck. She was squealin', she was screamin', she was SO loud, I could not hear a thing my Dad shouted at the top of his lungs even though he was right next to me. I didn't think ANY living thing could ever be THAT loud. Anyway, I jam it in there & let's just say she was NOT a happy pig in shit.... I swear she remembered as for the remaining time we had her, she would snort & "charge" in my direction whenever I went down to visit the animals in the barnyard. The fact that the shot saved her life did not seem to impress her one little bit. ;)

And Matt, it appears we will be Bowl adversaries! Michigan plays my new favorite team Florida on New Year's Day. It will be the Tim Tebow show as long as his hand has healed. Actually, I'm quite ticked that the Gators didn't get into one of the BCS games. Hopefully, this year's multi-shock season will FINALLY pave the way for a freakin PLAYOFF. And could you believe that #s 1 & 2 lost AGAIN this weekend! I was not surprised about Mizzou but stupified over WVa. And Matt, to make up for my voodoo hexing of the Wolverines in "our" game, I'll root for LSU against Ohio State in the championship game. Ok? :)


Ahh Susie, I"m still reeling that OSU slipped in the back door to the title game. Hope LSU whomps on them good (and I am betting they will). But we shall see...they wiped my mighty wolverines all over the field pretty handily. And unless we get some different play calling, the gators will whomp us in the bowl too.

And funny you should know what a stuck pig sounds like. I remember visiting my cousins farm (in North Dakota) as a kid...they had pigs, cows, goats, name it. I remember the sow w/, you don't want to get into THAT pen...she was BIG! VERY scary for a little kid.


All I have to say is... Susie, after hearing that story about you giving a big honking sow a shot in the neck of all places (the rear might have been a lot easier)... girl, you are One Tough Beeotch!! I used to give myself allergy shots in the thigh but at least I held still, didn't scream and didn't charge at myself forever afterward! I bow down to you. I was going to call you the Suzenator, but maybe that should be... SOWzenator :)


Well, Mizzou, lost to OU. I NEVER pay attention to football; but this game, you couldn't get away from!! Because we are in the south of the state, Okla, and Ark loyalties bleed over into the state. Besides Kansas! I guess the sports bars had some interesting behavior going on Sat night!!

The weather was WINDY and cold; and then it RAINED. But, the worst I have to complain about is not getting my Sunday paper!! I was out there in this blowing rain, yelling, " where is my PAPER?!!!" while I got soaked.
I worked over the weekend, and last night I couldn't pull up Sara's site. But nothing exciting is going on my life.
I need to look for info on the wedding of the year!

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