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November 14, 2007



Dave Z is THE MAN! His TT position is the envy of all (and if you have never tried it, I can tell you that it's pretty dang uncomfortable!) And I only ride in a semi-TT 'into the damn wind' position I call it. I have a shorty set of aero bars permenantly on the bike as we have SO MUCH WIND here...I can't imagine holding the full-on TT position for even fifteen minutes! But my bars are too high and my aero bars too far apart...I have to have it that way as I'm a beat up semi-old guy and have to have SOME level of comfort, even in my lame aero position. Watching any pro rider hang out on the nose of that seat and riding on the edge of their Lactate Threshhold for a 30k TT is just plain inspiring. The pain and suffering they can endure is phenomenal! sheesh...just looking at that picture makes my neck hurt! (Darn I need to take some more advil!) And he makes it look so easy!
I AM getting pretty stoked for the new season to start...coming up fast! Really hope Slipstream can get into some BIG Euro races! And the ToC will be right in my area for 3 days...(the stage finish in San Luis Obisbo, TT in Solvang, and stage start in Santa Barbara) hopefully I'm NOT on travel this time around and will surely be there! Gotta get me a cowbell! Theresa, do you still have the link to that site where you got yours?


Perfect inspiring pic, Sara! That really DOES make me excited for the new cycling season to begin. I'm hoping for big things from Slipstream and DZ. You're right, Matt, I think I'm as amazed by the time trialers as I am by the mt. goats. Oh, and the ones who are good at both make me doubt that they're human or have anything close to the genetic make-up that I have!

Lindaloo - how AWESOME that you get to go to the Slipstream debut! I'll bet T is green with envy LOL! You will definitely have to give us an extensive report about your experience. We enjoy living vicariously.

As for DWTS......
T don't read if you are waiting to watch. I thought that Marie should go, also, but she just has SO much fan support. Since she is staying, I'm glad that Cameron left. Hoping that Helio and Mel will be in the finals, though I'm looking forward to seeing Jenny improve again next week. I just think that those 2 couples are miles above the rest -- Helio is my pick to win right now. You don't like Max, Susie??? Is it the cocky attitude or something else? He's one of my faves. Pretty cool that Julianne AND her brother have both made it so far this season. I really enjoyed seeing some of the background info from the pros last night.


Ok, I with Sara on cycling right now. The Euro scene is a big mess, and it's great to focus on some of our FAVORite riders!! DZ is the man!! I can't remember if Felt is their bike again this year. Dave's on his Cervelo.
LindaLoo, we must have a complete story of everything that happens!!

Janann, it's okay, if I know ahead of time. I'm glad Cameron left, I'm afraid Marie HAS to be next. Mel B, Helio, and Jenny are the best!

And Matt, I don't even have a TT position! Although I do have a "fight the wind"; but I have no idea how aero
dynamic I am!lol


Okay, never mind, I read the article; and Felt is adjusting their new bikes from the positions on their old bikes!


I'd tune in to hear what Dave Zabriski had to say, and look at his pictures no matter what sport he did. Okay, except basketball or Nascar. Have to draw the line somewhere!


Ho w cool is this from Sara's link:

"David Zabriskie is the only guy in the world who has earned a very special yellow sticker shaped like the map of France for his top tube. The sticker proclaims "Fastest Time Trial Ever: 54.676kph, David Zabriskie."


Totally off topic (but that's what I love about us)... for all the moms (and for anyone who's ever had a mom), this is great!

On topic - DZ is cute, funny and fast. Imagine how fast he can be if he trains in a wind tunnel? Love the article, love the sticker!


This is very off topic, but still very cool. I saw it in my paper this morn and immediately thought of Sara's play pen. Go to and start taking the vocabulary quiz. I think there are 40 levels or something big like that, and for every word you get right 40 grains of rice are donated to a foodbank. The maker of the site has done other feed-the-world sites too in order to raise funds, awareness, etc. I have to admit I am getting a little hooked AND testing my vocab!!

I'm not quite sure how I ever lived without the internet.....


My error: only 10 grains of rice are donated for each word and there are 50 levels all together. Each time you go back to the site you start all over again, learning new words and donating more food!


OK, the wife and I are off to the East Coast soon for Thanksgiving holiday vacation (can you BELIEVE it's already THAT time of year?) WE fly the lovely Redeye out of LAX tonight, end up in Virginia tomorrow morning. So if any cosmic disturbance starts happening over there, you know who's to blame. (Susie, beware...we'll only be a few hours south of you I believe! Cover your car, put your lawn furniture away..stuff like that..just in case.)

And this Saturday is the long awaited Michigan vs Ohio State football game (college). Too bad they BOTH lost last weekend...OS WAS ranked #1..and I was really hoping they would be that way until Michigan knocked them out! Oh well..should be a good game, and a few of my friends from all over the country and I gather just south of Columbus (Ohio) on Saturday to watch the game together from DEEP in enemy territory...our annual boys-weekend-out...(or as the Lancaster Ohio locals call it: mayhem about to happen!)

OK..I now take you back to the D.Zabriskie forum. As you were and all that.

susie b

I couldn't get past Level 47. I erred on : courgette, vair, altazimuth, anechoic, deckle, monotreme & trave. I don't think I've EVER seen any of those words before! And there were a few others that I wasn't 100% sure but lucked out. :)

Janann - I like Max's dancing but he's just way too nasty & arrogant for me. A lot of those ballroom guys are like that, from what I've seen & read over the years, so he's not unique. Of course, not all pro women dancers are all sweetness & light either.

And yes, Marie SHOULD go next. But, her doll collectors & other fans may keep her there to the very end. I also adore Marie but she is not on the others' dance level. We all need to start voting!

Thanks Matt for the heads up! And I've been WAITING since Saturday for you to say something about Mich & OS! Cover your eyes for this next part, but I do feel a bit sorry for Ohio State as they seemed to be rolling straight for a return to the BCS title game & now, no matter who else they beat, the "experts" all say they can't get there. Yeah, well, show me ONE expert that said Notre Dame would be 1-8! Anyway, I'm going to root for Mich just for you, Matt! I have to confess that until the last few years, I never really knew how BIG the rivalry was between those two schools. (Hey, except from an airplane, I've never even SEEN the midwest, ok?!) Is it like this in basketball & other sports or just for football? THE big rivalry I've known of almost all my life is Carolina vs Duke in basketball.

And on one more football note. Those Oregon uniforms make me nauseous! Who the heck designed them?! Have they always been like that? Between those outfits & Boise State's BLUE football field, I'm not sure which hurts the eyes more! Ewwwwww! OH! Let's just hope Oregon never plays BS on that field! We'd ALL be like that one girl on Heroes & black tears would gush from our eyes. Oooooooof!


OMG, is SO much fun! I played for about 15 minutes and got over 2000 grains (wish the FAQ told us how much rice that is, as how many meals - I know I could go into my kitchen and start counting grains, but I'd rather play word games). Here's what I learned: there are a LOT of words I don't know; Latin class was indeed helpful; doing 3 crossword puzzles a day has introduced me to a lot of words; and if I take a minute to try to figure it out, I can figure out a lot of words, even though I've never encountered them before. And it's not even a waste of time becuase I'm learning something and feeding people! I want to tell everyone about this... Cathy, thanks for bringing it to us!


If you want to read a GREAT book about the Carolina/Duke basketball rivalry, check out "To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever", by Will Blythe. He's pro Tar Heel, and it's big time funny. And he interviews all the major players/coaches. If it's OSU vs. Michigan you want, as I've said before, check out the Sons of Woody, formerly known as the Dead Schembechlers.


oooohhh, stop that Sara. Now I'm looking at DZ, getting all tingly, mind wandering....NOT good.

I can't wait to check out that rice/word site. Will go their rigt awey. (sorry barbara, couldn't help myself)

Not sure about the rest of you but I am waiting to get the report on matt's re-fitted bike bits. Please promise to give the low-down.

And thanks for the reminder about the ohio game! I have to send that Dead Schemb's site to folks in Wadsworth OH.


Oooooh! The Tour of CA looks exciting for next year.
I got an email today proclaiming 96 days to go -- and the excitement builds!
I hope you get to report on the race for us this year, Matt!

susie b

Ooooh, I meant to write this up 1st thing yesterday. Late Tues night I decided to click over to ESPN & to my shock & glee, there was the Head coach of the Texas Tech football team sputtering out my chicken/pig quote! Unfortunately, the poor man was all confused & said his team was "the ham" & stumbled over the words, backtracked around & then said they "were pigs" as they were committed. The ESPN anchors cracked up. It seems he was still agitated over the officiating at the Texas-Texas Tech game two days prior, although I'm not sure how that quote was supposed to explain things, even IF he had said it correctly. Still, I got a kick out of hearing someone at least TRY to say it on national TV. :)

As for doping & cycling - do you all know the meaning of "metal fatigue"? It's when metal breaks apart after repeated use stresses it completely. That's how I feel about doping & cycling. Too many damn stories is repeated stressing. I'M not breaking apart, it's my love of the sport that's breaking. I'm actually GLAD the season is over so we don't have to hear about another damn positive test. Which if WADA has it's way, only ONE test will be necessary from now on to convict. HOW on earth after all the problems seen with the tests themselves & the various labs the last two years is that viewed as a good idea?!


haven't had time to read your post, sara, or any of the comments, just wanted to tell you what we're up to this weekend.

130 mile mtb race (unsupported). start is at midnight tonight and we should reach the finish at 2pm tomorrow. that's 14hours dudes ! YEEHA ! ride 'em cowboy . LUCKILY, they're not allowing female entrants, as the route goes through some pretty extreme rural territory, so i'm doing support for my riders, not riding myself.

so spare a thought if you can, i'll tell you all about it next week

happy weekend y'all.

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