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November 01, 2007



I'm going to repost these from yesterday's comments in case you missed them Sara. They're a little more irreverent than the Page Six version.

This is just gross. Ewww, Lance.

Sorry I gotta be the one to break it to y'all, but if I don't, who will?

This is a much funnier take on the latest Lancecapades. I think he likes her cause she's "Tour Skinny".


Sara, that is so precious! What a great story and picture...glad you had fun! We ended up with 94 'treaters' last night...PG and Sydney met them ALL at the door wearing THEIR costumes (soda and french-fries)! Poor Sweet Pea (the hamburger) hung out 'near' the door this year...but is just too afraid of everybody to let them pet her. It was an improvment though. Great night though! (MY pumpkin caught on fire...I kept smelling something burning...finally peeked outside and the cut-top had sagged down and the candle had burned a hole right thru and the husk-stem thing was burning. Phew-EEE that stinks! My wifes did better, it was taller and had a lower-flame candle I guess).

I heard about the LA and Ashly thing yesterday( "YUCK" is my feelings exactly!), I thought it was a hoax...find it pretty hard to believe they have ANYTHING in common...but I guess it must be true. Sorry, but what the hay is he thinking?? (hope I don't offend anybody, but I rank the Olson twins right in there w/ Paris Hilton and all the other 'look at me I'm so important' self obsessed celebs).

And on a cycling note, I JUST sent in my registration for next years Solvang Century...March 8th if anybody is interested..I can get you the online's a GREAT ride over some awesome terrain (right around 5000' of climbing though, so you'd best be prepared). It's a GREAT event and well supported (4 SAG stops). Time to start thinking about next season!


I'll tell you what they've got in common. They're both extremely wealthy business people. We even have bedroom furniture for my daughter from the "Mary Kate and Ashley Collection". She and her elfin sister have created an empire. So in that sense, they do have something in common. And the fact that she's about the size of those stuffed lions he used to earn at the Tour. And I think he misses those cute little things.


Just finsihed catching up on yesterday afternoons posts...Jannan, yes that is my new tile visible in the pic, and no, it's not QUITE finished yet...still need to grout the rest of the living room (that I started back in July) I was away on work-travel Aug/Sep/Oct...then do one more small room...but it is coming along great.

And Cat, how do you know that my powers didn't MAKE that boy start the fire? HMMM?? Yes, typically they don't create havoc in my home area..but as most of these fires were down south of us...and I had been quite restrained the last few months...maybe they just leaped out in a sparkign frenzy...and hey, remember the fire that started right up here back on July 4th (the Zaca fire)..the one that had Cathy evacuated from here house? IT was just FINALLY 100 percent contained the other day...the 2nd largest/costliest fire in Calif history! Maybe NOW I can do the Figuroa Mtn loop road-ride I had intended back in early July! Have to get out on the road bike again..been doing mostly mt biking lately.


That maybe true Waddy, but still kind'a makes me gag for some reason.


No doubt, my friend.


Okay.......first Lance's love life is getting weird. Maybe that's what we will have to talk about during the off season! She's just a child. She needs a equally child-like boyfriend...I wonder how long this will last, before Lance gets bored..I hope! bleech...

AS to the adorable photo of Sara and the kids; Grace looks a lot like her mama. And, oh crap, I forgot your son's name!! That costume is just precious! I love the story!
Matt, sounds like you had a great night! And the kids must of loved the dogs! I can just imagine!

is it Gavin????


I've always accepted Lance warts and all, but this may be the deal-breaker. Beyond Ew! I was always so impressed that Full House kept the same actors from when they were babies, so many shows magically age the kids five years for convenience. But then I was sad to see how they fell into all those kid star traps as they got older. Anyway, this is just so wrong. And I thought Clooney dating a Fear Factor chick was bad...

Cute photo! :-)


Lance has let the celeb thing go to his head... trying to recapture his lost youth (too busy training the first time around)? Check this out, the picture of her looks grotesque, and he looks like...Lance. How does THAT go together? What WAS he thinking?



I love that the IA has gone all gossipy smutty in the absence of anything else to talk about, but why do I now feel like I need a shower after reading these links? And I never even touched my bike.


I second what Julie said about Lance. Ehhhhhwwww. I think it's desperate anti-gayness propaganda myself. And Jake Gylenhaal is dating Reese Witherspoon; probably the same deal. Waddy, look what you started, I had quit reading this kinda stuff! I was so proud of myself when I deleted Ted Casablancas's blog link last year and went gossip-free. And now this -- about Lance! waaahhhh. Well we know Larry is laughing :) Aren'tcha, Larry?


I agree I hate the gossip'y thing (and won't even watch any of those stupid shows on celebs...entertainment or whatevever it's called and all it's spinoffs)... but dang, she's just so slutty or something...(and NOT very pretty either...actually not pretty at ALL IMO)'d surely think he could do better...just my 2 cents case you are reading (Lance). OK, back to work for you were as (Larry would say).


Just plain CREEPY...


Despair not, Camille. Gossip itself is not that interesting to me. The entertainment comes in when a blogger introduces humor into it. It becomes entertainment itself. Here's a good example regarding Clinton (who I voted for, so don't get me wrong).


I agree the latest LA connection is a little freaky-deaky! But check out this story I posted at Paceline today about a 10-year old boy who is a cancer survivor and inspired by the man himself:
I try to keep it all in perspective that the personal side of his life is just that, and the rest can be truly inspiring to those struggling with illness or those that need to be motivated to get their ass in gear and get fit. We get the good and we get the weird....but all the time I keep it in my head that I sure am happy I'm not famous so that everything I do makes the headlines! lol

Sara, your daughter is a hoot. She should start her own blog!


Huge Mushroom Cloud Appears on the Horizon.

Consumers Willing to Pay More for a Liter of Water than Gasoline!

"Rush" Hour Research Report: Traffic is Actually Slower

Concentrated Lemon Juice Made with Artificial Citrus; Dishwashing Liquid Made with Real Lemons

Question of the Day: Why Do ATM Drive-Up Machines Have Braille Lettering?

Larry Defends Lance!

And the world stopped turning on its axis.


I'm with Lance on this one.
Ashley's cute. She's intelligent. She's rich. She's fit. And hey, when she's not around, Kate can sit on his lap.
Lance is the King. Long Live Lance!

How do you like me now Camille? ;-)

Sara Best

She's fit?!?!?

Being 20lbs underweight is not being fit Larry.

The girl barely has enough lean muscle mass to hold up her grande latte.


She's "Tour Skinny". She can fit on a kiddie seat on the back of his bike. Can't beat that!


I know y'all want me to cut this out, but Larry, here's a link to a "somewhat cute" Ashley Olsen smiling and sitting on someone's lap other than LA.


And Larry, I'm glad you're here today. I've got a music rant that, when I get time, I'll post.


Any way you slice it, it's still "EEWWWWWWWWW!"


Ewwwww? Nah, that ain't it Matt. Think Pacino in 'Scent of a Woman'.

Whooo - Ahhhh.

That's what Lance is sayin'.

Whooo - Ahhh.


Think of it like this Matt - In "Moonstruck", Olympia Dukasis (playing Cher's mother) asks "why do men cheat?". Her husband speculates it's because God made Eve from Adam's rib, and men are on the constant quest to get that rib back. But Olympia comes up with her own answer in the end - It's because they're afraid of death.

Does that help you?


No, doesn't really help. I guess he's just skanking around...a phase maybe?

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