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November 05, 2007


susie b

I think it's tragic what happened to Ryan Shay, but at least he found something that gave him joy, a REASON to get his ass off the sofa. Other people are not that lucky. I feel as much sorrow for them, heck, maybe even more, than for him.

I was very irritated over the weekend as I didn't have internet access. And the NBC coverage of the marathon didn't show Lance AT ALL (!) & only mentioned him briefly near the end when Al Trautwig (God bless 'im) piped up that Lance was at the 18 mile mark & under 2 hrs. Like a fool, I kept going over to ESPN all night to see if Sports Center mentioned where Lance finished & got bupkis. SO, I'm very pleased to see he came in 233rd out of 39,000 runners! 2'46. VERY impressive! I thought he'd go under 2:40 this year, but that is very close. Go Lance! I'll try to find some interviews online later today. If ya'll saw him, did he wear those awful 'bermuda' shorts like last year? I want to see some leg, damn it! :) No really, how do you RUN in shorts like that?!

As for MD. I just went to read his post-marathon post & he doesn't seem too torn up, so happiness all 'round... For a man who a few months ago seemed to forget he'd committed to running the thing & then was beset by area fires which made outside training all but impossible during the last week, well, I have to say it's actually impressive he even showed up. And he finished. So, there'll be no gloating from me. :) Well, ok, a smile is tugging the corners of my mouth just a weeeeee bit... Hey, Lar - did you write out that check yet to the Canadian Cancer Society? :) Bottom line is that because MD kept his promise to 'race' Lance, the LAF & the CCS will get donations. Which will end up helping people, yes, I have to say it, to keep pushing...

And y'know, going by that photo Sally linked us to a few weeks ago, it seems even TNSS can have damn sexy legs... Like I said, happiness all 'round. ;)


Very sad story about Ryan Shay...have to admit I didn't know much about I don't follow track & field much (until it nears Olympic time...much like Cathy!) Just goes to can be in the shape of your life and still fall over dead...when it's your time to go, it's your time. So enjoy yourself ALWAYS...thats my motto!

And not to Diss MD or anything, but LA really smoked him! Just did the calcs, he averaged 6.5 min per mile (pretty damn good by my humble NON-runner Opinion)...MD: 8.5. I'll shut up on this now as there is no WAY I'm ever doing a marathon. HOWEVER, in the spirit of the day, I DID go out on the road bike and set a new personal best on a local 59 mile canyon ride! Take THAT Greg! I will not go down easily nor quietly on our early Dec 'FUN' ride with the boyz...consider yourself warned!

susie b

And Happy Birthday PAUL! I'm not sure if guys have or admit to having, um, Party Pants (;), but either way, have a great day! :)


Well said, Sara. A friend of mine once pointed out that the key is to "live until you die." It sounds so elementary, so obvious--but how many people actually figure out how to do it?

There's a great article in this month's Running Times about Tony Krupicka, an amazing ultra runner who is currently living in Bozeman. A fine example of someone who is doing a great job of grasping the things in the world that are essential and not getting caught up in a bunch of superfluous b.s. I'm not that easily inspired, cantankerous old curmudgeon that I am, but reading about this guy--and heaing about people like Ryan Shay--has gotten me excited to bust out of a few ruts and run and live with a renewed purpose. Funny, this time of year always seems to leave me feeling particularly mortal. It's interesting to get the sort of reality check that a story like Ryan Shay's provides--along with the perspective that one can gain by looking at it in a different way.

Running right along... check out Lance's splits:
5K 0:20:01
10K 0:40:08
15K 0:59:54
20K 1:19:27
1/2 1:23:41
30K 1:58:40
35K 2:18:00
40K 2:37:47
Total: 2:46:43
Pace: 6:21

He damned near negative split it. An amazingly well-run race. A certain other, smack-talkin' runner got his posterior soundly kicked by Mr. Armstong. While Lance dropped 2 seconds/mile in the second half, Mr. Toolhard dropped 25 seconds/mile (overall pace 2:11/mile slower that Lance. Uh-huh. Keep pushin' THAT!

Larry Maxwell

Susie B, been thinkin' how we can settle our little wager. I want to stay on your theme of "happiness all around". How's about this:

I send you a cheque for fifty bucks. (probably closer to $52 US) You in turn, flip this cheque over to the LAF. In doing so, you donate the cheque, "on behalf of Larry and Susie B, in honour of Ryan Shay.

What say you? If agreeable, send along your coordinates and I shall lick a stamp.

"Pay It Forward"

Cheers, Larry


Yes, this is a milestone B-Day, as I'm officially eligible for "full" retirement (though I have too many left-over tuition bills to pay and too many toys to buy). Soooo, I'll keep my nose to the grindstone at the rocket engine factory.

But.....just go ahead piss me off one more time and I can tell them to...

(this is a total idle threat. I love what I do. It would kill me to not work.)

And, so it's just another day afterall! And, I get to plan out more zany antics. Motorcycling this "SundaySundaySunday!!" at California City. And looking forward to riding with Matt in Dec.



Woof, you are cracking me up this morning! VERY well said! And Larry, very cool idea, good on you! (and Susie too..nice things you are doing!)

And Paul, nice to know you are still 'out there'. I'm also rather chicken on most descents (both road and mt bike)...but I did manage to break a rear spoke on my recent Sunnyvale trip on the rip-roaring descents up there...livin' on the edge I tell you! (and not to start a rant here or anything), but those 'special' Shimano XTR spokes: 30$ for 5...and of course, drive side/rotor side are diff I ended up ordering 5 spokes for each side..(as I see one dinged pretty good on the other side)...and 5 is the minimum number you can order from Big S! So I just blew 60$ to replace 2 dang spokes! YE-OUCH! Oh well...they ARE very nice wheels (and tubeless too!) Cool you have a specific 'Downhill' bike...I'd be skinned alive if I went for that! (already have 3 bikes hanging in the garage...I mean MY wife has one too!) Guess I need to get rid of the ol' carbon hardtail MTB...maybe TRADE it to somebody for a downhill rig??? GRIN!!!!


Susie - here are some Lance pics for ya (click on the thumbnails to get the full view):

He's letting his hair grow out it seems, for a slightly different look.
Very tempting to put some Olsen caption on the tongue sticking out one, but really, the dude just ran a very nice marathon, so I'll refrain. :-)

And I agree with those that say Marty did just fine for himself; great bits in his post today about the guy in the crowd and the little kid.

Sara Best

What's the black ribbon for?

And, I know I'm going to get shot here, but why can't he sign up for the damn race like everyone else? He has to have the little "LANCE" bib? He can't jump online and send in his check and get a number like everyone else?

I know, I know, he's a busy guy, busy out there saving the world, but if he has enough time to get lap dances from the Olsen twins then he has enough time to fill out a stupid registration form.


No, all the famous runners got their names--Paula didn't have a number, she had Paula. And well, Lance is Lance, not # 38,100 or whatever. Plus people along the sidelines can see their names and cheer. You'd be amazed at the people that cannot recognize someone they've seen in the press. I think it's cool that they do that; runner friendly so to speak!

And the black ribbon was to honor Ryan Shay. A nice touch from some of the runners. So sad for his family. Nice post about him, Sara.

Sara Best

Oh, okay, I thought it was a special thing for Lance. That's not so irritating then.

Thanks Cathy.

And that's nice that they were wearing the ribbon for Ryan.


BTW, I think cycling would benefit from putting the rider's name REAL BIG on their helmets! I cannot count the number of times I've been at a race and no one around me had a clue who had just gone by us! In fact the first time I went to a mountain stage in the Tour I was the only one in the little group I was standing by that could recognize anyone except Lance. And the group only recognized him because of the maillot jaune. But I'd yell out the guy's name and then all the french people would yell it too and hoot and holler! Hard with those damn helmets have to look them RIGHT IN THE FACE to see who it is!


On Pic #3, what is the MEDAL around Lance's neck for? Just's not like he WON or anything...anybody?


And Cathy, Vino was easy to recognize in this last tour...due to the 'Pope hat' helmet...(and special color too)...but I agree...put their names on about on the Jersey like in US Football? Right across the back's not like Pro Cycling teams can't afford that...


Matt, my guess is that Lance is wearing a Finisher's Medal. You get one for finishing a marathon, and they usually are nice and heavy, not like some of the dinky finisher's ones I've gotten from shorter races. And the tongue-sticking-out picture is priceless. An Olsen caption? huh? Should my ears be burning? :)


Matt, I'm trying to remember from watching yesterday but maybe everyone got a medal for finishing? I'm not sure--someone else will have to chirp up on this one. If I was able to finish I would want more than some freaking medal. I'd want a brass band, a parade of my own and some diamond earrings I think!


I got a lovely medal for finishing the Birkie (x-country ski marathon). After your first year, you only get a pin. Funny, I've never been back.... (Hehe, that's not the reason, but the nice ladies at the finish joked about how I should enjoy the medal, because it's all downhill from there!)


Everyone gets a medal for finishing. Don't know if they still do it, but when I ran it the women got a long-stemmed red rose, too. And a volunteer said, "Congratulations, Barbara" which impressed me, since I was something like the 14,000th finisher. I wore my medal to work the next day! The marching band couldn't make it.

Not only did Lance wear those stupid basketball shorts, but black socks, too.


One more thing... that hair. Can't get used to Lance with hair. I recall that in his book (It's not about the bike) he said that he would keep his hair super-short for the rest of his life. When I read that, I wondered... really?

How many things have you ever thought you'd never wear or do? Bright red nail polish, headbands, untucked shirts, running tights (when they first came out we all wore running shorts over them)... to name a few for me.


I'm curious how people feel about the revelations coming from Patrick Sinkewitz and how you think it should impact the current team's position in the peloton as well as how the sponsor should feel about it? This could be a huge story in cycling, HUGE! Wonder if Johan saved a slot for George, just in case???


Nice post in tribute to Shay, Sara. The loss of someone so young always makes me look introspectively at my own life and the way I live it....

I certainly have been wondering what the heck is going to happen over at TMobile after reading everything that P.Sinkewitz has had to say. He is definitely reinforcing the idea held by much of the public that 'everyone in cycling does it'. The article at cyclingnews today had some interesting quotes from him. About doping, "That's the way we cyclists have always handled it. But taking something in order to improve my performance was simply a part of my life." Regarding the new management and anti-doping stance embraced after the 2006 fiasco "Of course the word was no doping!" he said. "I understood the message this way, 'don't get caught!' But now I know that they really meant it seriously."
It seems to me that most of what we're hearing about took place before the new program began this year, but whether or not that will be enough justification for the sponsor to stick with the team is anybody's guess! They've GOT to be getting weary and frustrated.


susie b

Not to sound even dumber than I'm feeling, but as I've never deposited a Canadian check, I don't know the legalities, etc. Larry, the LAF has an 877# for donations & I bet they can take a Canadian credit card. American toll-free#s work in Canada if the 'owner' of the # opened it up. If that doesn't work, your idea sounds ok. Let me know.

I called the LAF after commenting here this morning to see about donating in honor & in memory of 5 different people & went ahead & did it all over the phone. I am just a LITTLE worried they may mess up the "in memory of"s with the "in honor of" emails, so Cathy & Camille, please let me know you get the right kind of email. MD should get an "in memory of" email, so I commented on his site today to hopefully hint why he'll be getting an email with my "name" somewhere in it & to remind him of The Throwdown Wager. He is partly responsible for the money going to the LAF so I thought it only fair he knew he was responsible for SOMEthing good... ;)

Change of subject. I know a lot of you don't watch football but you should count yourselves lucky as a new IN phrase has taken the sportsworld by storm. Yes, if I have to hear ONE MORE SPORTS GUY describe a team as needing to "RUN THE (freakin) TABLE", I can't be responsible for my actions! I swear I heard it more than 15 TIMES just yesterday & I was only watching a bit from channel to channel! Who knows how often I would have heard it if I'd actually watched an entire game! Is there some national joke going on that I missed out on? I don't remember them ever using that phrase til this year. It's "OUTTA CONTROL"! (That was an "in" phrase from years past). And I'm sure Chris Berman on ESPN is a nice guy, but it's been YEARS since I'd actually watched more than a few minutes of him at a time & last night I watched an HOUR straight. OMG, the guy irritated the hell out of me. "Whaaaaaat?" "Whaaaaaat?" That's his schtick & it was old by the 3rd "Whaaaaaat?"!! I wanted to bash my TV every time he said it. Ok, calm down.... But then the Patriots go & beat the Colts! I freakin HATE the Patriots! Ever since that video cheating thing came out about Belichik & Tom Brady dumping his looooongtime girlfriend & a minute later hooking up with Giselle Bundchen, I've wanted them to lose. Sorry, Larry & anyone else who's a Pats fan. And yes, I felt this way BEFORE the Pats beat the Redskins by a score of what was it, oh yeah, something like 150 to 3... ;)

I did see some nifty taped footage of Adrian Peterson of the Vikings last night on ESPN while futilely hoping for a glimpse/report of Lance at the Marathon. (SO different than last year btw, when he was all over the coverage. And thank-you Julie & Barbara for the photo links!). Anyway, I'd never heard of Peterson & my God, he was like the friggin Energizer Bunny. He almost rushed for 300 yards in a single GAME!! Set a record. And he seems so sweet & soft-spoken. Please, don't tell me he's a jerk who hangs out at Strip clubs. What am I saying, I think that's mandatory behavior for an NFL player or you're booted off the team. ;) Still, his performance was amazing. I don't think they ever gave the damn ball to anybody else!

Oooh, ooooh, did ya'll see the footage of the college game LAST weekend where the one team lateraled the ball about 15 times, all on the same down?! It was hysterical. For a while there, I thought I was having a rugby flashback! One of the best things was the announcer. By the 10th lateral, he was jumping out of his seat! By the time the team lateraled its way finally into the End Zone & won the game with time run out, the announcer was almost hoarse. It was a HOOT!

This ranting thing is very cathartic. :) :) 'Night everyone!


Wow, Susie, CLASSIC rant!

If we're going to talk about use of the language... can I please rant about the overwhelming usage - by everyone from high school students to scripted, supposedly educated/intelligent TV show characters to, I am not kidding, NPR newscasters - of sentence-opening phrases such as "him and I", "me and Susie", and "her and Matt" - I just want to scream! I cannot think of a single instance where it is appropriate to begin a sentence with the words "him", "her", or "me", so when did it become the vulgate? EEEWWW!


Wow, Go SUSIE and BARBARA! (and even Sara was a little bit testy today on a comment...LOVE IT!), to back up a tiny bit (I couldn't post from work all dang afternoon!)... everybody gets an Olympic size finisher medal..thats IS quite an event to survive! (I had no idea they did that). As to LA wearing his baggy shorts to run, I'm cool with fact, I honestly HATE the skin-tight cycling shorts (which I only in the last year or so finally started wearing on the road bike)...yes, I gave in to the dark side of the force! I had been wearing my mt bike 'baggies' prior...LOVE them! But they do flap around a lot in the wind (faster speeds equals more flapping, which actually gets annoying on the road bike, but not so on the mt bike..not sure why, but maybe thats why I finally gave in? Don't really have an answer..except maybe skin-tights surely FEEL faster). So I actually give Lance BONUS POINTS for the baggies! Style over function. In fact (a little story here), on my recent trip I was doing a road-climb on the Mt bike on my 2nd to last 1800' climb, twisty road thru the redwoods...very sweet climb. Anyway, I was catching up to a small group of 'roadies' (they didn't know it..I can be very stealthy when climbing)...which only made me shift down (quietly) and 'put the hurt on' (myself mostly)...but while passing them, I gave them a nice 'HOWDY' and a glance (boy were THEY suprised!)... then I just cruised right on by! Man did that tick them off...2 gave chase, and I was able to stay in front all the way to the top (thankfully was less than 1/2 mile). I was way down in my 34x20 middle-ring combo trying to be smooth (so-as not to bob too full suspension will, which robs your energy). I can't even begin to tell you how cool that felt! Of course, I was totally wasted, but had the tasty 1800' descent awaiting me 1/4 mile away on the right. I guess my point is that it can be very cool to buck the accepted trend (especially if you do well) what feels right...and the hay w/ what everybody else thinks.

(oh, I hate the Pats too...ever since that big fat defense dude crunched Gannon in a playoff game a few years back..put him out, we lost, they went on to win the SB I think?? Can't remember for sure, except that he was gloating that it was the best $$ he ever spent (it was a cheap hit and he was fined by the NFL for it). I hope somebody like my Lowly RAIDERS beats them! (they don't play though...maybe the Bengals?) I was really rooting for the Colts yesterday. Dang.

And Cathy, to the Sinkewitz thing, hmmmm. I can only THINK that T-mobile is being pretty vain here...they HAD to know THEIR Team was doing whatever it takes to win...if they didn't know, then their heads were burried in the sand...I mean, if Team Dr's are doing dispensing the stuff?? Come ON! MAYBE they are just THEIR team got caught, and now they have to act all suprised and innocent..."how DARE THEY! DAMN THOSE CHEATERS!" (Psst..Hey Bjarne, when are the guys gonna win another race, huh? Do whatever it takes!") Of course as always, this is just my 2-cents worth. OK...thats it for tonight.


You could be right, Matt. I don't really know how much the actual sponsors themselves know about the workings of the team. Management YES, but do the guys ponying up the money really know (or care - unless it becomes a publicity issue) about the methods? Maybe its all "understood" -- wink wink -- but it also could be possible that the sponsors let management run the team until something ugly comes up and they really don't know what is taking place. Though with problems as seeminly systemic as those that were present at TMobile, that would be somewhat difficult to believe, I guess. Maybe they don't WANT to know.....?

Sorry....think I'm rambling tonight :)

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