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October 12, 2007



Wanted to comment yesterday, Sara, to say what an awesome job you did yesterday on the Floyd courage post... made me cry, and everyone else said it for me anyway. Every time I tried to post a comment, the security thing was so garbled that I had no chance of figuring out what ANY of the letters/numbers were.

Love the story about Robbie and the horse!

Love this pajama party!


A very unlikely collection of words. An odder utterance is not to be found elsewhere in the universe let alone blogosphere. Go ahead. I dare ya'. I double-dare ya'. Try to find em'.

I looked in my children's dinosaur books. Nope. Not there. I did a search search on George Dubya's verbal faux pas'. Nope- he never done said it. Go to the swamps of the deepest south - they ain't there. Nor in the belly of the Rain Forest. Look it up in the index of any reputable Zoology text, or Entomology tomb for that matter. Save your time and energy - you won't find the phrase there either. Go to Egypt, search the pits of the last unopened, interred mummy crypt - it won'e be on the walls in coded hieroglyphics.

Uh, uh. Nah. If you wanna find them, ya gotta come here - to Sara's blog, where the most eclectic, motley crew of idiot savants, elite - yet - undiscovered - but - clean - amateur atheletes, cum literary critics hang out; side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder with unpublished scholarly amateur writers are to be found.

And when you stumble upon these words, its best to take a seat. Because you will immediately try to decipher the meaning of such words. And that'll take time. The Unusual Suspects will have to provide you with background...with context. Of course not all Usual Suspects will agree on such salient background points, leading to further mystery....more questions. More debate - sides will be taken. Lines in the sand shall be drawn. Feelings will be hurt. Blows will be struck below the belt. Like I said - take a seat, get out a pen and piece of paper cause it'll take a while. Pick yer poison - 2 Extra Stenth Tylenol or a traditional dry martini.

Settle in. For you are about to unlock the mysteries of this strange, seemingly meaningless utterance. The words - oh how they dance of the pages, leap from your monitor, resonate and swirl in your head as it lie on your pillow.

Oh yeah, we're in a special place here. You came to the right place. After crawling 100 Miles over broken glass and rusty nails, being hosed down with Red Devil Turpentine - you have arrived. You passed the test. You have read these strange words. You too will come to know their meaning. You will appreciate their unique beauty. You will admire their author - the ubiquitous, verbose, "taking - the - deveil's - advocate - thing" to the precipice Susie B as much as you will admire those that dispute her stances and positions.

I hope you are sitting. For these words cannot be added in with this post. Its too much - the blog will overheat, shut-down, self-distruct.


.... the thick - necked shape shifter....



Larry, What could I write that could follow that?

Matt, After the Fife book, check out "The Unknown Tour De France". It goes a little deeper. For instance, Fife tells the story about the rider welding his own fork, but Woodland actually has a photograph of where it happened. And he's got some stories and insight that Fife didn't. And I'll wait till you've finished to ask how you thought Fife treated Lance in the end.


Larry!! So eloquent! That was beautiful. And I loved your quote from yesterday!

Sara, this is a great post! I had no idea this was a yearly thing and I think it's a great idea!!!

And thank you, cat!! I now must run out and get a card!!!
And, Jessica, I agree, this is the most fun group of people that I've ever had the honor of being a part of....I'm always entertained!

Oh and Amy, I love your "cat emails" they are always a riot!

susie b

I too loved the story of Robbie & his "steed" beating the 4 legged version.:)

Just saw that it's official - Johan is the new manager of Astana. NO offical news about the riders yet. Question - who was the "manager" of Discovery? Was Johan head DS AND manager?

Other sports news. FINALLY, some movement in the USC/Bush scandal. Why this guy hasn't been stripped of the Heisman already, I don't know. And then you have your NCAA. So, if the school can PROVE "ignorance" they're off the hook? Oh yeah, a poor student driving a new car around campus the entire year is not a tipoff... It is disgusting this has dragged out this long. Meanwhile, other schools where NOTHING like $280,000 was involved, lose scholarships, post-season TV coverage, wins, etc. And God forbid a coach give a player a ride home from practice, but having a star player's poor family live in a swanky house rent-free for a year, why that's A-OK!

Ann Coulter. Idiot? On drugs? Arrogant bitch? Discuss. The great thing about her recent unbelievable comments is MAYBE, just MAYBE, she'll be kicked off the air! Why is this woman always on TV in the 1st place?! How are her anti-semitic comments any less offensive than what Don Imus said?!! Hey, Al Sharpton - where are ya?

Oh man, Larry, we MISS you so when you don't stop by & chat. Now, YOUR comment was 'priceless". :) :)

Ummm, think we can add it to his Wikipedia bio? ;)


Hey, y'all don't know it but I *knew* what I was doing when I challenged The Suze to send out her picture. No big surprise today that Larry is all atwitter and aglow and awestruck after gazing upon her glory. Love it!!! I just want you people to know that after she swore me to silence/secrecy about having sent that to me LAST YEAR, that I kept the knowledge to myself that she is a Big Hottie Who Would Make You Drool. I just let the fever climb, ssssllllowwwwwwlyyyyy and now you men are whipped into a frenzy after seeing her picture. Ain't it grand? And to see Larry all driven into literary-Nobel-Prize-winning-froth-spitting.... so great. I'd say priceless but he already said it for today.

Susie, you do owe it all to me. Not that I'm an attention-hog or anything like that. Just a middle child... of FIVE, not just three. (**cue sad violin music**)

This group really is a hoot. And yes, we always miss Larry when he's gone. But when he's back, it's like great sex after too long. Okay, that may be a mild overstatement. But close.

Ann Coulter.... I think Susie already nailed her essence. I just want her to shave her head, lose the heavy makeup and dress like she's not interviewing at Sugar's, and see how she sounds to me then. But she'd probably sound the same.


Okay, I've been to RipCurl's blog after not reading it for a while, and his posts are great!! But (OFF TOPIC WARNING!!!) he led me straight to the greatest interview I've watched for awhile...and you have to watch the whole thing!!

Truly, Bill Clinton is a wise man, (showing my political hand here) And he speaks of the current situation with congress towards the end of this interview!! Spot on!! Brilliant!! Thank you RipCurl!!


I swear to God if my wife ever so stealth-like, snook up behind me whilst I was "here", I doubt I could explain or talk my way out of it. Never in a million years.

Think about it. What would she discover?
A guy named Waddy (on a good day, when he's fiesty he assumes any number of aliases) who sits at the computer buck naked, ruminating about drums, ethics in sports, and books. In one post. Attractive women, who may be best friends or mortal enemies - it changes from day to day, mailing me pictures of themselves. Journalists who not only have met Landis and Lance, they know where they live! Might even interview them before heading off to a Springsteen concert. A few guys who could, if they wanted to, do the Kona IM and follow it up with a century "recovery ride" the next day. And then offer up tips on how to juggle the homefront, work, family and sports. A whole slew of women (Theresa, Catherine, Amy, Barabara, Lindaloo, Amy, Jessica, Janaan - who've I missed?)who share a special side of themselves here but you know they likely don't show that side to their partners, kids, neices & nephews, brothers and sisters. But they should. And wanna good recipe? Need a good book? Just ask.

Anyway, where was I - seem to have went off course reading posts about sex and seeing the photos recently... oh yeah, what to say to my wife? Or even bother? Best to take the 5th? Plead guilty on all counts. Think of the questions she might ask:

- who ARE these Americans and why do they email you outside of the blog?
- and she sent her picture because...... hello, I'm waiting... because....??
- Woofdawg and Ripcurl! WTF!
- Harden the fuck up?? Are you on a porn site?
- Did you find someone else on the internet and if so, male or female?
- and how do you know and what do you care if that Landis guys' wife is named Amber?
- Are you a cyclist or a cyclist blogger? Who are you?
- Are you a member of a cyber soap-opera cycling cult?
- am I and the kids in any danger here?
- What is Treadstone? Tell me?
- Are you Jason Bourne? You are I just know it.

If something were to happen to me and she went through some archives here, I'm counting on some of you to step up and cover for me. Just don't say "leather up".


Damn larry.....wish I wasn't here at work reading this. People are wondering why my face is red and I can't stop giggling to myself! You're absolutely correct, though, its a very crazy vein of reality here. I think I've mentioned before that my husband has been more than just a little skeptical ever since I ended up explaining Team Gladiator in the car on our way to Chicago to meet up with my "blog friend" Cat for the FFF!! And yet -- some days I just *need* a dose of you folks at the IA to make it through my day. That can't be wrong, can it ;)

Oh, and Larry......LEATHER UP!


Larry, I am so glad I "work" at home and could just laugh out loud!

This is the blog where everybody knows your name...


Larry. I am dumbstruck. Speechless. Priceless, indeed.

FYI, Keith Olbermann refers to the Skanky One as the Coultergeist. (And Fox News as "Fixed Noise" or "Fox Whorehouse"). She's soo freakin' out-there, I sometimes wonder if she's not really just a parody of the far right--but then I'm astonished to note that she really is serious... go figger.

Reggie Bush is the epitome of the University of Spoiled Children at its very finest. Talk about a bunch of cheaters. The best teams money can buy--they're in the same league as Steinbrenner. (Of course, I'm a loyal Husky, hence can't claim anything even close to objectivity, but "I'm just sayin'"...

Y'all make my day--day after day.


Oh Larry, just do m.....

Uh... I mean... your input today is nothing less than A-Game.


Look at it this way, Lar, at least this isn't a site inspired by a gritty sexy prison drama. Yes, it's true, y'all aren't "my first." ;-) First there was a Rosie chat group, and then I was lost for quite a while down the rabbit hole of the (unofficial) HBO Oz bulletin boards. I met up with a bunch of fellow Oz fanatics in NYC for a week - imagine that, meeting four perfect strangers in an unfamiliar city who share your love for a show where lovers break each other's limbs and all manner of sick shenanigans abound. But of course, as here, we weren't really strangers and they were lovely and fun and we had a blast. All good things in moderation, but the internet is a wonderful thing. :-)


Robbie 1/Horse 0 - classic! Not all stunts are bad, afterall.

Busy 24 hrs around here - boys and girls alike.
Superb fun and brilliant comments. I'm with Larry on the "oh, crap, she just looked over my shoulder"-front. Very intricate fabric were wearing at the PJ party indeed...

Tossed out some of my own naive, lost innocence thoughts on the mutant games email worm that's been working its way through the email bowels. Have a read. Thanks, Theresa for the shout.

susie b

Y'know, Larry, your comments today make up for your much-missed participation the last few weeks. I just loved them! Does it make me too damn vain to admit I read that 1st one a couple times & laughed harder with each go-through? What did you drink/eat this morning? Pass it around!

And when reading your 2nd comment, I could just visualize your wife poking at the screen going "what's this?! WHAT'S THIS?!!" By the time I got to the Treadstone inquiry, I realized it would be touch & go if I could get to the bathroom safely...:) We don't have to TELL you to Leather Up today, you already are! :) :)

I don't know about my "hotness", Camille, but you made me giggle. :) And I guess we middle kids do like a leeeettle attention...every now & then... :) :) Also, if any of ya'll have Jessica, Barbara, & Debi's email addresses, you can send the photo on to them. I just realized I didn't have theirs. Sorry, didn't mean to leave you out!

The thing that kills me about USC/Bush, is that until Reggie opened his mouth recently on TV & said he & his family were being "extorted", the investigation had been stymied. One of the so-called "agents" then got miffed & alerted the NCAA he was ready to talk. Hey, I wonder if Reggie Bush & Trevor Graham are related! Two athletic Einsteins. And personally, I think Vince Young should have won the Heisman that year...

And you're right, Theresa, RipCurl writes some mighty fine posts on his blog! I love the descriptions of his weekend Centuries but especially adore the posts including his kids. Priceless indeed. :)

Oh, & Larry. I'm still waiting for my hockey cheatsheet. Get on the stick, boy. HEY, wouldn't that be a perfect "hockey" phrase?!



I've been giggling at you guys all day, starting when I was eating my BANNED oatmeal this morning. I swear I didn't know! "Test me, test meeeeee. Why don't you arrest meeeeeeee?" From now on it's dry grout for me.

This weekend is the Hilly Hundred Bike Ride. 50 miles tomorrow, and 50 on Sunday. When I took my bike in for a tune up, I asked if they could fix it so I could get up the hills a little easier. They laughed. I was serious. The young, pierced mountain bike dude that always helps me, said he would put some mojo on it. I picked it up this afternoon, and it looks exactly the same...apparently mojo is *invisible.*


"Throw me in the jailhouse, till the sun go down...till it go down".

Betcha weren't expecting that one Aim!


Amy, Anyone ever told you to "ride the bungee"? Pick an object ahead of you on the climbs, like a tree or signpost, and imagine you are on a bungee cord stretched tight, and feel it pull you up the hill. That ought to work on the first climb. You're on your own for the rest. But seriously, considering you pulled Jerry out of your hat just now, I'm guessing you've got a powerful imagination...use it!


THAT'S the kind of mojo I'm talkin' bout. I'll try it.


The other bit of advise is to RELAX on the climbs. Drop your shoulders, let your jaw drop, don't clench your teeth, just allow your body to relax. Tensing up uses energy. Remember, shoulders and jaw. And relax your grip. The other bit is use the widest grip you can on the climbs. This allows your chest, and thereby your lungs, the widest and most open position. Ride within yourself. Don't try to "keep up" with anyone but yourself. You'll make it...Oh, and keep a good rousing Bertha in your head!


The other bit of advise is to RELAX on the climbs. Drop your shoulders, let your jaw drop, don't clench your teeth, just allow your body to relax. Tensing up uses energy. Remember, shoulders and jaw. And relax your grip. The other bit is use the widest grip you can on the climbs. This allows your chest, and thereby your lungs, the widest and most open position. Ride within yourself. Don't try to "keep up" with anyone but yourself. You'll make it...Oh, and keep a good rousing Bertha in your head!


The other bit of advise is to RELAX on the climbs. Drop your shoulders, let your jaw drop, don't clench your teeth, just allow your body to relax. Tensing up uses energy. Remember, shoulders and jaw. And relax your grip. The other bit is use the widest grip you can on the climbs. This allows your chest, and thereby your lungs, the widest and most open position. Ride within yourself. Don't try to "keep up" with anyone but yourself. You'll make it...Oh, and keep a good rousing Bertha in your head!


On the Coultergeist front, just read this very funny bit. Any takers?

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