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October 15, 2007



That is one goofy pic on the closeup!

Paula Kirsch

Thanks for the heads up Sara!! I have been able to go about my job efficiently and without excess emotion at TBV throughout this whole thing, but the day they announced that Pererio would get the maillot jaune I cried. And today is ever so hard for me to post this stuff. I don't know why, but after all the tears I have not shed, this gets to me. Happy Birthday Floyd indeed! I am grateful that the ceremony did not take place yesterday at least.



I agree Philip. Click on the picture to enlarge it, and look at his enormous hands! Freaky.


If you look closely, you can see where they airbrushed out the EPO - IV pole. Tsk Tsk. Note to self: sometimes bad guys finish first.


A sad, sad day... I saw the headline on and couldn't bear to open and read it. The picture is CREEPY indeed!


Funny, my daughter is watching Sesame Street at this moment and it's Oscar the Grouch leading the Grouch Orchestra. Pereiro just sounds like Oscar the Dick to me. And it really looks like he's got a pole right up his ass, which is where it belongs. Give me a break, not able to concentrate on his job. Effin loser, now he's making excuses for his unimpressive results this year. Oscar the Dick.

Susie, If you're a college football fan, and especially Ohio State or Michigan, you have to check out The Dead Schembeclers. They're a punk band from Ohio State that all dress like Woody Hayes. They're a riot, and their site is a hoot. And out of respect, The Dead Schembechlers changed their name, after the passing of Bo Schembechler last year, to The Bastard Sons of Woody.

And I've been to Boone, NC, home of Appalachian State, the team that beat Michigan this year. Talk about small school. And it's a dry town. It also happens to be where Lance went with Bobke to train after coming back from cancer.

Oh, and one more tip on climbs. Try shifting into different positions on your saddle (fore and aft) to emphasize slightly different leg muscles. Sliding way back on the saddle can give your quads a little break. Anything to keep you going. It's one of the reasons you see riders get out of the saddle momentarily even when they have no intention of accelerating.


OK, So a friend of mine knows how I play the porn name game, and they sent me to this site for a story about Anthony Kiedis of The Red Hot Chili Peppers who just named his first born son Everly Bear. Apparently, The Everly's are his favorite band and bears are his wife's favorite animal. Going on that theory, if The Dead are Sara's favorite band, and dogs maight be her favorite animal, she would have named her first born Dead Dog. OK, questionable judgement, but I'm working without an editor. What would your first born be named? Here's a link to the site. It's called The Superficial, and I'll admit, I enjoy a little shallow entertainment now and then. OK, more than now and then. The commentary can be pretty funny. Gotta read the Britney commentary below the Chili Pepper baby story. Think hell is as hot as they say it is? Think they'll let me bring a cooler?


On the day Oscar was crowned Queen, er, I mean King, this Dead Schembechler's song seems appropriate. It's actually a song from one incarnation of the band, The Dade Schembechlers. From their web page, "The groups set list consisted of nothing but depressing Buckeye loss inspired country tunes like 'I'm So Down I Can't Get Up to Hang Myself'." Brilliant.


What a completely BIZARRE picture! Is that the yellow brick road to OZ behind him there? Funny thing -- when I first saw that pic I was at work using Photoshop to add student faces to an animated character for one of their tech projects. They turned out a lot more realistic-looking than poor Oscar did! I really can't believe that his TEAM sent that out LOL!

Please tell me that you'll find a wonderful photo for tomorrow :) I'm glad you shared it with us, though. Too WEIRD to keep to yourself.

I do appreciate all of the hill climbing advice, everyone. Where I live, I can use all that I can get! OH and CONGRATS to Theresa who completed her goal of 1000 miles this year - Hooray!!!


Ditto, for me! That is the stupidest picture I've ever seen, and OP comments are just as WEIRD as the picture! He's got a short memory...what about his TUE for Severent??? He didn't appreciatate that little hassle, at the time.
I didn't even look at til tonight,because I caught sight of a picture that I had a problem with....and I couldn't stomach it this morning.


Rending my garment yet again at this freaky sight... WIth the pole up his patootie and the platform so round beneath him he looks like one of those toy figurines that collapse when you push your thumb on the bottom... ya don't think that maybe if we...!?!

Truly I want to see how this all looks a year from now. Just wanted to jump in and let you know I'm with all of you. And thanks Sara, even if it is a bitter pill. You'd think he would have better digi-geeks in his camp, Mr. Maillot Jaune indeed!

I'll throw in my little climbing tip. I often switch to using just my calves, getting the full stretch and extension with your foot, to make the pedals go 'round. Also you'll use different muscles if you unclip, of course. All of this obviously will not make you go faster in the moment but it does build strength in the whole leg and gives the heads of your quads a break.

Sara, you've got the heart of a journalist for sure - bringing in the story through your nausea and tears!


("...something to think about, something to drink about...!")


OK, so I'm wearing BLACK at work tonight. So my lame question is: what happens WHEN the CAS overturns Floyds 'conviction'? I find it hard to believe ANY 'Truth-seeking' people can OVERLOOK the following remark from the Minority decision/Mr. Campbell:

"47. The one witness that stood out in my mind, really stood out, was Dr. John K. Amory. He
has the experience, background and independence to assign great weight to his testimony. Dr.
Amory is widely recognized as an expert in the field of Andrology. He has received the Young
Andrologist Award from the American Society of Andrology.58 His work requires him to review
the scientific research and articles in the area of endocrinology and andrology.59 Significantly, Dr.
Amory is a member of USADA’s independent anti-doping review board.60 That fact is jaw
dropping. He is one of USADA’s experts when it comes to viewing document packages related to
doping offenses.
48. Dr. Amory was not a paid witness.61 He was testifying because he felt something was wrong.
Dr. Amory testified the IRMS test results for the stages 11, 15, 19, 20 (the additional B samples
tested) and stage 17, the stage in question in this case, are inconsistent with known science."

What a sham the Arb hearing was. There certainly should be some oversight, where someone reviews the results or something. I just find it mind boggling that the Majority could totally OVERLOOK that testimony! (I guess for them to have addressed it in any way would in effect say that Dr. Armory is either LYING or WRONG...and I don't think they want to go there. And to continue on that thread of thought, to accept what he said as true would be saying the LNDD either A) didn't know what they were doing in the testing process, or B) intentionally ran the tests outside of proper procedures to obtain the desired results, which would be a criminal act.

I am holding out hope that the TRUTH will prevail. So I'm wearing black only FOR Pereiro, as he will surely feel that way WHEN they give the Mellow Johnny BACK to FLoyd (albiet a few years from now). THINK POSITIVE!


The question then, Matt, is does the CAS review only the evidence as if starting the case over, or do they review USADA's decision as well? It's possible they might completely ignore the dissent. And let's find another word in place of POSITIVE. That one still makes my tummy hurt. How about THINK NON-NEGATIVE.


Waddy, I am not positive but I am pretty sure they start from scratch with fresh eyes. At least that's my understanding of the process.


Yes, they completely start over with the CAS. Matt, you've got to read the analysis of the majority opinion posted over at TBV (I think its called something like "Seven Paragraphs" - can't access it from here). It will make you even more incredulous about the findings and intent of the panel!

I'm with you on the POSITIVE thoughts! GO FLOYD!


Drat Kathleen! Now I *CANT* get that song out of my head ;)


Cathy, Do you think that means that they ignore the opinions of the USADA arbs or is the previous ruling a part of the evidence they review?


Jannan, I did read the Majority decision paper (the day it was posted)...what a load of crap! Their 'finding' is that LNDD does indeed have problems, and they might 'someday' cause a case to be lost (apparently not this one though), but they still believe the Labs findings are true, and they totally IGNORED Dr. Amory's testimony...didn't happen, who was that guy? was he talking?? Which is sad, as he was pretty much the only TRUE EXPERT to testify. Well hopefully HIS testimony will mean something to the can it NOT? Come on, THE EXPERT for reviewing doping cases for USADA says the lab findings are crap! It just seems like this must be the twilight zone for it to be ignored by the Majority panel, who have apparently decided that THEY know more than Dr. Armory about doping and the science of analysis. I can't imagine how frustrated Floyd must feel after PROVING his case.

And I would think the CAS would at some point HAVE to look at the hearing info, as THAT RULING is what is being appealed. But I have no certain knowledge of that.


OH....and I also meant to say that I did read the 'analysis' of the Majority decision at TBV and both decisions.


Is it just my computer, or did the typepad just start using PED's? My typeface looks like it's been using testosterone. Is it only my keyboard that would test positive right now? If it's just me, I swear I was told it was just flaxseed oil.


Very weird, but it's back to normal. Everything got a couple of point sizes bigger, but now it's back to normal and I didn't do anything. Oh well, back to our regularly scheduled program.


Um, Waddy, were you dressed when this was happening? Sounds more like LSD than flaxseed, er, testosterone.

I think it's grand that they released that photo. Just reinforces how fake the entire affair is; including the man in the jersey. OP, pee-pee, it's all mellow yellow to me.

Floyd is a true inspiration. I hope his family survives the sacrifice, and the peloton is stronger because of it.


Clean here, Cat. No 'typin' dirty' for me. But the type changed. I realized it was my computer when I went over to CyclingNews and the same thing was happening. Then it reverted back.


Sounds fishy to me Waddy!

Here is the article I was talking about on TBV that was posted yesterday:

Maybe y'all have already read it, but it really aggravated me ALL OVER again when I took the time to digest it.....GRRRRRR.


OMG, anyone else see what's brewing at WADA?? Pound's successor has resigned for WADA and pulled out his name, saying that WADA has gone back 10 years, I guess with all the crap going on. And a guy from NZ is the only candidate! Pound was "flabbergasted"!! The whole thing looks like there might be CHANGES with WADA when Pound steps down(Thank God!).

And the ASO and the UCI can do whatever they want about the 2006 jersey, but we KNOW who won it!! And did you see that Carlos Sastre says he refuses to be happy about something that has caused so many problems in cycling, and he was 4th! Carlos is my kinda guy!

And regarding the 7 just shows Boltre and Brenna worked it in some twisted way to make something out of nothing, and if CAS upholds that; I will not trust them again....

And that picture is LAUGHABLE and more stupid every time I've looked at it!!! Sara, hasn't it been up for more than 24hrs?????

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