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October 31, 2007



Ahhh Sara, no worries! WE shall keep things alive here with one inane discussion or another...and just to keep the 'hits' coming, TOM BOONENs BUTT (that should bring in a few wayward google searches!)

I also look forward to Halloween...we can take our KIDS out to a few houses in the neighborhood that I know have doggie treats. If only I could get them to carry their own treat-bags...(not that they would be of much use...the girls will eat any and all treats on the spot!) Enjoy the day!


And hey, isn't the NYC Marathon this weekend? I vaguely recall hearing that somewhere.


Here's a subject! What costume did all of you wear for Halloween the most when you were a kid. I grew up in Baltimore, and since Halloween is right in the middle of football season, I dressed up as Johnny Unitas (former Colts QB - R.I.P.)more times than I can count. Any stories out there?

My daughter is going as Cinderella. We spent all last week at Disney World and we're fully accessorized. And I know more about all the princesses than I thought I'd ever know.

Paula Kirsch

Take a break Sara and relax a little!! (warning: shameless plug Alert) Just go to TBV and you can catch up on anything that is important :-)



Johnny Unitas..arguably the GREATEST football player ever (so far anyway). Back when they played for love of the game. I grew up a Bart Starr my Dad was from up in the Illinois/Wisconson area (though he disowned me when I started rooting for the Raiders..back when Darryl Lamonica was the MAN).

I can't think of any costume theme I used year after year...grew up outside of a small Wyoming town...trick or treating involved door to door in the CAR! Then after hitting all the houses on our outlying country road (10 or so?) we'd head into TOWN (about 12,000 people) and hit a neighborhood or 2 where we could actually walk door to door. Ahh..those were the days... when homemade carmel apples/popcorn balls were the coveted prize! I am hungry for a carmel apple and popcorn ball!


So Matt -- do your girls dress up?? We ALWAYS tried to dress up our dog when we were young - what a patient fellow he was!

My daughter is going to be a bunny - after vehemently rejecting the puppy outfit I got her on ebay!!! **Note to self: never try to guess what a 2-yr-old might like. She's been resolutely practicing her bunny hop for the past 4 weeks and driving everyone crazy :) Poor thing's been pretty sick with the croup since Friday, so I'm really hoping she'll feel good enough to at least hit some relatives' houses tonight.

Waddy, when I was in early elementary school I received an elaborate face painting kit for my birthday, so for many Halloweens thereafter I used my mom's old clothes (which I thought were HILARIOUS)and went as a clown! One year I even talked ALL of the neighborhood girls into joining me and I painted faces seemingly all night.


Darryl Lamonica, now that's a blast from the past. Who could forget those Raiders. I often imagined I was Fred Belitnikoff going up for an incredible catch. And of course, the oldest man to ever play football - George Blanda. Oh, and The Stork - Ted Hendricks, who became a Colt. I'm geezin' now!

And Janaan, if they borrowed our old clothes now, it'd be like a remake of Saturday Night Fever.
Hope your daughter feels better. Every kid in town seems to be getting sick around here. It's amazing my daughter hasn't since we just spent a week in Germ World, I mean Disney World. The other family we went with has a daughter my girl's age who had that cough, but that wound up being the worst of it and it has seemed to pass. Good Luck!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! With a bday near Halloween I have a long history of bd/costume parties, and some of my favorites for myself have been: Lady Godiva-I wore a flesh colored body suit and long blond wig and rode my real horse into the party! A pig--pink long underwear top and bottom, stuffed with pillows, and baby bottle nipples sewn on the top shirt with little stuffed pigs attached to them! Grapes--I was purple grapes (balloons) and my boyfriend was green. And one time we went as Brad and Janet from Rocky Horror--I wore my bra and slip all evening and boyfriend wore boxers, a bow tie and nerdy glasses!

Love Halloween. My boys are grown now so they went to the infamous Isla Vista street party last Saturday along with 20-thousand others and wandered the village with all the revelers. Best news--they didn't get arrested! Hope all of your kids get pounds of candy! Remember bringing your bag home and dumping in on your bed to see what you scored?!


I have identical twins, they are 21 months old and appear a little amused and confused by Halloween. Since they don't really get it yet, we're keeping it simple---two big bird hooded fleece sweatshirts with a rock tied between them (a little rock)Two Birds with One Stone!

Happy Halloween


My daughter is so worked up about Halloween that she woke up in the middle of the night from a dream whining and screaming about candy. She has no recollection of it but my wife and I thought it was pretty funny. We scraped her off of the ceiling and she eventually fell back to sleep.


Libby, that is HILARIOUS! I love themes like that! (hence my 'FAST FOOD' costumes for my dogs). Janaan, didn't you get the email I sent last night w/ the new picture? I thought I sent it to all the IA residents...(that I have email address for)...PG and Sydney are ok with the costumes, as they get lots of attention and revel in it. Sweet Pea HATES her costume, as she's afraid of everybody..even the she spends her time trying to slink away and get the 'burger' off her back. Poor thing...the stuff I put her though.

Waddy, I always loved ol' Fred B...Mr. Stickum! (if I were to ever get a Raider jersey, his is the one I'd get). He'd have so much crap on his hands...remember the pass he caught on the BACK of his arm/hand? Stuck to it...and yes, I still remember George Blanda coming in to kick the extra point..he was the backup QB to Stabler by the Matusak, Alzado era...ahh....back when they were a team to be feared! (somewhere I have a whole shoe-box of NFL trading cards from late 60's/early 70' prize cards were Bart Starr...1967 or 68 I think, my beloved Darryl L, and of course Johnny U...had to trade for all those older ones. And I had most of my Raiders...remember Jim Otto (his number was 00)..oops...sorry to be going on and on about football...but hey, bike season is over. It fills the gap...when football is over, it will once again be cycling season! PERFECT!

Back to Halloween..remember homemade candy handed out on WAX paper? Gum drops, chocholates,stuff like that...mmmmm. If I had thought of it earlier, I would have picked up the stuff to make ME a carmel apple tonight...that would be a cool little tradition! We did carve the pumpkins last night...which IS a tradition. So bring on the kiddies!


Oh, and Cathy, I will NOT try to envision you in your outfits...but they sound AWESOME! (a pic of your L.G. outfit would be worth a thousand words or more I'm SURE!) Part of Halloween to me is to seeing everybodys imagination played out. I love the crazy stuff! I wonder who the 'costumes' of choice will be this year for boys/girls?? I have no idea right now. Will know soon enough though!


What great costumes Cathy!! Picturing the pig costume made me chuckle. You NEED to send us a pic if you have one....

Matt, for some reason that email didn't get to me last night (darn Mediacom) but I just checked that email address from work and it was there. OMG - those are PRICELESS costumes!! I'll bet the kids that come to your house enjoy seeing the pooches almost as much as getting candy! I might need you to design my daughter's costume for next year ;)

Oh - I do miss all of those homemade treats - would never get away with that now!

Awesome costume idea for twins Libby :) I'll bet they're adorable. Girls or boys?



BOYS. 2 sons, 1 husband, 2 male dogs---I gotta find me a calico cat.

And cheers to Matt and any other 'old' raiders' fans. "The only team in the league to travel with our own bail bondsman" Ken Stabler


I was considering making tasty flavored popcorn balls and putting a slip of paper with each with my name/addx/phone the parents could call if they had any questions adnthey would know where it came from (ie: safe)...but one of my friends brought it to my attention that I'd just be opening myself up to any whack'O' (and they are obviously out there) who could slip anything into one and claim I did it and sue me...too bad our society has come to that. Oh bought candy it is. Oh, the loss of innocence.


And Sara, we MUST see a photo tomorrow of your "excited little tiger and penguin"!


I just remembered a few more recent ones: I wore a grass skirt and coconut shells "top" with one of those fake butts underneath the skirt--so people kept getting glimpses of what they thought was my real ass. They would ask me if I had anything on underneath my skirt. And when my son was three months old I was Olive Oyl and he was Sweet Pea because I had to carry him around all night!

Matt, I used to LOVE to get popcorn balls, YUMMY! Almost as good as chocolate. Last nite at my bd dinner at my friend's restaurant (Mattei's Tavern) the house sent out dessert platters so we could all try each of their desserts on the menu! Wonderful creme brulee, and mud pie and sorbets and cookies.....getting hungry now just thinking about it.

There is a very funny Jerry Seinfield routine about Halloween, basically saying, "Imagine! An entire holiday just dedicated to CANDY!!"


Sara, there is so much in the world to talk about besides cycling. Debby sent me a book group to join, Susie and the guys like football, then there's rugby, we could alll learn about that sport, what about the Olympics bids? What about the Chicago boxing snafu and shoplifting ouster? Then there's politics, religion, sex, all hot and exciting topics. I mean, we have all kind of political debates happening and the Vatican keeps putting out edicts like, we must feed patients who are in a vegetative state and pharmacists can refuse to dispense contraceptives and euthanasia medication (????). California fires, global warming, the disappearance to our bees (who polinate every damned plant we grow).... There is soooooo much to discuss. And when we need a lead, susie can talk history feminism and music, Waddy can take his clothes off while Larry and Woofdawg discusses shaving (maybe do a demo?), I can contribute death, dying and philosophical naval gazing, Cathy can put on her costumes, T can haul out her autographs and stories, Debi can tell us how to play "real" football in South Africa, Philip could teach us Quebec french, and Matt can cause a cosmic disturbance (it's been a while dude, you're due). Sara, just sit back and we'll make sure to embarrass you. Then when we are done, we can dissect that little race that's happening this weekend.

Matt, I remember homemade candy. I also remember being told I was "too old" to T or T when I was 12!! 12! Can you imagine? I pass out stuff to HS kids. Hey I love to look at their costumes, and raz them. I make them model for me and I OOH and AHH. The ones who want to "hit and run" don't get anything. Some of them love it. some get embarrassed. We used to put out a black light, play scary music, and dress up ourselves, but now that my son is gone, it's not the same. Plus, the lady across the street and two doors down has a house decorated like 5th avenue for every holiday. On Halloween alllllll the kids go there and ignore us. Kinda sad. We have to pull the shades at night cause the lights are so bright. TACKY!

Have fun tonight ya'll with your little ones (be they dogs or kids!).

(Libby, loved the two birds with one stone, and Cathy, you had some great costumes!)


Uhhmm...Cat, need I remind you of the latest round of fires we had out here? HHHMMMMMM???? I usually try to keep my disturbances out of state, but apparently (since it's been awhile since I unleashed THE POWER) it hit a bit closer to home than usual...must have been all that bottled up cosmic dusturbance energy that set off all those diff fires at the same time. Yep...feeling kind'a spent at the moment.


You guys are great! What great costumes!! I'm here at work, but some of the employees really were good; and we have a contest. But now everyone has gone home. I'm not very good at costumes; just wore my Slipstream gear, which took no imagination at all!
Cathy, you are the Queen of costumes!!

Oh, and don't forget Track season has started! Track cycling, that is...


Oh yeah. I forgot about track cycling, zzz-zzz-zzz-zz.... snrkz! Whuh? Oh sorry musta dozed of there for a moment! (Sorry T, I couldn't resist.)

Matt, didn't the fires start BEFORE you got home? And I thought those powers only worked on other places not your own hometown. You know, when you travel...besides, didn't a little boy confess?


This is just gross. Ewww, Lance.


Sorry I gotta be the one to break it to y'all, but if I don't, who will?


This is a much funnier take on the latest Lancecapades. I think he likes her cause she's "Tour Skinny".


Ewwwwwwwwww doesn't even *begin* to cover THAT Waddy!!!! OMG

Sounds like you've got a house awash in testosterone there, Libby! YOu definitely need another girl around, feline or otherwise ;)

Oooooh, Matt, I hadn't even considered CDB as a cause for those fires.......guess that's what happens when your powers are contained for too long. BTW - is that your NEW tile we see in your Halloween pic? Very nice! Dare I it finished yet?

Cat - "philosophical naval gazing"?????


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