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October 26, 2007



OK -- I was apparently commenting while the new post was going up so I'll copy here :)

Hi all! Dang its been busy around my house lately so I'm just trying to catch up on all the posts here.

You (and everyone else out there) have been in my thoughts this week, Kathleen. That was a nice post you linked us to. So glad to hear you're out of harms way! Hope you are back to biking soon.

And Matt is FINALLY home! Hooray! I can't imagine being on the road all of the time - often for long stretches - like you are. I greatly enjoyed the impressive story about Paul Sherwen that you shared from a book awhile back. Excellent example of the kind of person he is! thanks

I'm glad that Levi was able to stay with Johan, as he seems to be very excited to continue the partnership. I was somewhat puzzled at first about that decision, but you're so right Cathy regarding his phenomenal season this year. I can see him wanting to continue under similar circumstances and leadership. He is just such a professional, classy guy that I'd LOVE to see him at the top of the podium before he retires.

OMG Sara! I've never been to Facebook, but I laughed SO hard at the groups you found! "I wish that Phil Liggett would narrate my life" is a classic :) Of course this post will also ensure the legions of Boonen fans will be back!


LOL -- Sara, you saved the best Facebook group for last! My daughters are in all kinds of strange Facebook groups. Don't you wish we had that back when we were young(er)? Think of all the bad dates that would have saved us... I could have just said No and saved myself the misery. Oh well, free dinner, why pass that up? Alright, 'scuse me, I gotta go talk to the ... oh never mind.


Sara, those names are TOO FUNNY! I am laughing hard! I think I'm registered on FaceBook, I'm just not sure why!! (Too old I think)

I grew up in a very small town on the Colorado River (Blythe, CA) and every year the high school Homecoming/Alumni weekend is a big deal as all the classes come back at the same time, with classes celebrating their special reunions every 5 years. So my brother and I come every year, play in the alumni golf tournament, go to the homecoming parade and football game, then hit many parties in the evening, depending on which classes are having parties and who we want to see. Then on Saturday night it is a city-wide alumni dinner and dance, which is open to everyone. It's really a cool way to do reunions because you get to see the people you really went to high school with and/or hung out with, or the friends of your silblings, etc. My brother and I have a blast every year, plus it's the only thing we've ever done as adults that didn't include our spouses or children. So we call it our Sibling Week-end. Anyway, it's gorgeous weather out here in the desert but the football game is cancelled because the school we're supposed to play is in San Diego County and all sports are off! But we're having fun anyway--time for the parade down Main Street now and then some kick-ass Mexican food! It's pretty fun to take a trip down memory lane once a year! Happy weekend, all! Go Yellow Jackets!! (This isn't a special year for me, but it's my best friend's 35th. I should have laryngitis by midnight!)


Thanks for that HUGE belly laugh sara! I had no idea but of course, this is what the internet can create.

And I'm kind of quietly holding my fingers crossed for Levi. Its my suspicion that he learned some interesting lessons having ridden with angry, openly "win at all costs" riders and I like to imagine he is angling to be subtle.

Glad you're starting to get some fresh air kathleen.

susie b

I love all those group names! But, my company had blocked access to Facebook before I even had a chance to know what it was, so I'll just have to be amused from afar. :(

Matt, I'm so glad you're home as I hope this means there's time for you to work on that new costume. I'm also hoping for some new pics of "the girls"! :)

I wanted to comment yesterday about Levi but the day got away from me. For years I'd always thought a TDF team needed ONE top-guy & everyone devotes all their energies to getting him on the podium, preferably top spot. This would mean, among other things, that all the other riders would hold back in the individual Time Trials, so as to conserve their energy & be able to to help their guy when needed on the mountains or just shielding from the wind. But, IF you are a lucky & rich enough team to have TWO GC contenders, well, we saw how fantastic that worked last year for Alberto & Levi. With the aid of super domestique Popo, poor Cadel didn't stand a chance. As he would tell you....and, uh, tell you. ;)

Larry, your joke was a hoot & thanks for letting me know who to watch in the NHL. I was surprised you left off Toronto. Are they no longer YOUR team? And that you included your hated enemy Ottawa, well, are you feeling alright? :)

What do you all think of Sinkewitz testifying that the T-Mobile doctors supplied the ENTIRE FRIGGIN 2006 team with blood doping? Not that I'm totally shocked but that it was after Jan being thrown out shows once again how absolutely entrenched doping was in this sport. At least by some teams/riders. I can't believe this isn't a bigger story. Of course, it would just make the MSM cast even more stones so I guess I'm glad it's not. In fact, if you hated cycling, you could have a field day with this. 2006 supposedly being "the CLEAN Tour" & all... And will anything happen to Kloden's 3rd place? And what about Honchar?! I'm shocked he didn't spill when he got thrown off the team earlier this year. My God, he was an instant pariah. That must have chapped his ass since those same doctors were being lauded for spearheading revolutionary anti-doping measures at the time... But hey, at least Whiner Boy had the TT of his life & was dope-free! Of COURSE he was. Asthma meds nothwitstanding. I'm telling ya, I think Floyd was the cleanest of the damn top ten (at least!) last year, even if his ass had been covered in T patches...

If you were going to dramatize the pro-cycling world of the last 2 years & you wanted accuracy, would you go for Tragic Opera or Marx Brothers-type comedy? It's a freakin toss-up.

BTW, do they drug test rugby players? Y'know I'm all over those physiques, (wishful thinking ;) but all achieved enhancement-free? Sure, I believe it. Just like I believe that the "biological passport" will eliminate all sports doping. And that I'm 37. And that one day soon, my OTL will realize what he's been missing in his life. Uh, that would be ME, people. You know, I LIKE living in la-la land...


My sister is getting into myspace. But I've never tried to get on Facebook. Those are great names for the groups!!lol


My son, the innocent, started on Myspace then moved to Facebook. He was so shocked when hubby and I told him he shared tooooo much personal info on MS. How the heck did you find me???? he asked. Duh. was our response.

I don't want to be anyone's bike seat. peeyew! Funnyfunnyfunny as alway Ms Sara, you strive to amuse and ya honey!

Paula Kirsch

Hey Sara, who knew? I am not into Facebook, but I'll have to head over there to start a new group myself. Let's call it: " People who believe in Floyd Landis (and think he is relatively attractive) despite the catcalls and insults of others who think he is the scourge of cycling and/or just plain ugly". That should get some attention, huh? :-)



"Relatively attractive?" I think he's damned good looking. Not in any traditional way, and certainly some photos are not flattering, but he's a cutie in my book, even more so in person. I even like the one of his that everyone says is awful; you know when he's at the press conference, hat on backward (love that) scratching his face, down turned mouth...

I like your idea! But don't get bitter Paula, stay really pissed off!!! (easy for me to say, I don't have to wallow in it every day)


Floyd is a handsome man!!! A Hunk in cycling!! He's not a "pretty" boy, and maybe doesn't have the sex-appeal of TB; but I'd say, he'd rather NOT be that popular!! And as much as I love seeing him in a cycling kit, that photo shoot with him in his black suit, was pretty sexy!!

But, Paula, I have a hard time reading anything that is negative towards Floyd. I can't be objective. And personal attacks on his looks or him, personally, are just disgusting.
I remember when Amy Carter, and Chelsea Clinton, took hits on their looks...the girls were very young; and were does the press get off saying they were "not pretty"? How would they like personal attacks on their kids, for no good reason????
That's why I like being over 50, I don't care if I'm "pretty" in the conventional sense anymore.

Which leads me to a funny exchange with male co-worker. I was wearing rather funky clothes, that day, and talking about Halloween. Trying to decide between the US PRO shirt(red white and blue--wild!) or my Slipstream shirt ( plus matching socks for both), that were purchased at the Hincapie sportswear booth at the ToM. (And I forgot to mention to ya'll that I got fushia hair extentions in my hair for Breast Cancer raiser....anyway..the point of my story is getting lost.
This co-worker asked me if I ever planned on getting married again!!LOL


Susie -don't dream it. BE it! I vote Marx Bros. with a little Shakespearean tragedy for the hypocrisy factor. Thanx Sara for the yuks! Must be weird being Boonen! Even weirder being Boonen's Girlfriend. Had to get that one in there, as if you needed more hits!

Theresa, what your co-worker doesn't know is that there are 50 bike geeks at every race who would think you were their dream girl!


Kathleen, I agree completely with what you just said about Theresa -- she just needs to find someone who's equally enthusiastic about cycling (shouldn't be hard to do) and the rest will be history! Personally I think those fuschia hair extensions sound kinda hot! How long are they, Ms. T? And I also agree that it horrible of the press to critique the appearance of those young girls. I remember being horrified about both those things.

Paula Kirsch

Yeah Floyd's a cutie, but you can't believe the blogs I have posted in which people say he's ugly, I don't get it. And , what me bitter? :-) Perish the thought!!


susie b

Hey, I've been inspired by the Facebook groups & I want to tell you about a new club I just started - the PDS Club. Membership is by invitation only. How do you qualify? Well, you have to admit to having done something Pretty Damn Stupid. I not only nominated myself for membership but elected myself President in a landslide. I had many PDS moments to choose from for my qualification. When I was 6 or 7, I dragged my Dad's fancy, heavy, English umbrella up to the roof of a 15 ft shed. In next-to-hurricane winds. I wanted to fly like Mary Poppins. I did not. The umbrella "reversed" itself on the way down. Did this deter me from trying to emulate my flying idol? Heck, no. I figured it was the umbrella's fault - too heavy. I ran back (well, ok, I crawled as the wind was so severe I couldn't stand up) & retrieved my Mother's. Remarkably, no broken bones. Although I did get a whuppin' when the now-useless umbrellas were discovered under the sofa a few weeks later. That I considered it a fair price for "flight", that I didn't realize how lucky I was, that I would have tried again had there been more umbrellas are all proof I was Pretty Damn Stupid.

Oh, but you say what about recently? Ok, just this week I almost let stress & misplaced guilt lead me to apologizing for doing, well, I don't know exactly, but that wasn't going to stop me. That's right - I came thisclose to acting like a man. Well, a husband to be more specific. They apologize all the time & have NO idea exactly what for... Hmmmmm, maybe husbands should get automatic membership into the PDS Club... ;)

So, does anyone here want to admit they qualify for membership? Lets hear your PDS moment.

I'm thinking t-shirts & silicone wristbands. I would do secret handshakes but since all the members will be Pretty Damn Stupid, well, that probably won't work out. ;)


I agree that Floyd is attractive. Maybe not at first, but he grows on you. And he's better looking in person. Still, my coworkers are in the ugly and guilty camp, so I'm always defending him. Thanks Paula for all your hard work on TBV.

Here's my PDF moment: I installed a computer on my bike and was riding around my neighborhood playing with it when I hit the edge of a grate and crashed. Now I have some really nasty road rash and a broken shoulder. All because I wasn't paying attention!


Uh...PDS club. Guess I really qualify!


that was pretty funny Danaus; I thought it fit perfectly that someone who would tack a computer on a bike would say PDF - - a very tech kind of mix-up =)

here is a silly that a friend sent me today:

A father asked his 10-year old son if he knew about the birds and the bees.

"I don't want to know," the child said, bursting into tears. "Promise me you won't tell me."

Confused, the father asked what was wrong.

The boy sobbed, "When I was six, I got the 'There's no Easter Bunny' speech.
At seven, I got the 'There's no Tooth Fairy' speech.
When I was eight, you hit me with the 'There's no Santa' speech.
If you're going to tell me that grown-ups don't really get laid, I'll have nothing left to live for."


Oh my goodness Jess, you made me burst out laughing and read the dumb joke to my husband (show didn't laugh as hard as me, silly guy).

Danaus, have you posted before? If yes, I apologize for missing it and wish you welcome anyway! How long have you been lurking? (BTW, I am the most elderly in this group, with the crappiest memory ;-)


Zombies walked the streets of Toronto recently and ended up at the Bloor Cinema. Sara, why haven't you told us about this?


P.S. for Matt. Sorry, there is no Elder- Lube...yet. I made it up when with a group of newly 40-something pals. We were talking about the pesky effects of aging - reading glasses and such and concluded that the creaks that set in after working out like you always have are by far the biggest pain in the a~s.
I said that I knew the 50-something Boomers were not going to take the joint/tendon thing lying down and now that they've conquered erectile dysfunction, Elder-Lube can't be far behind!
Wonder if it would show up on a dope screen?


i LOVE facebook. that's how i found sara. and i also found a friend from school who i haven't seen in 25 years. she lives on a farm in zambia and was here within 3 days of us having made contact. we had a fabulous 10 days catching up with other school mates from my area. we were at boarding school (do you have those there?) for 6 years together so the bond is pretty damn strong.
LOVE facebook. my favourite group is "A.D.D..Attention Defi - Hey look a butterfly !!!" how often do i start a comment here, write a whole heap of random crap and forget the point of my comment, so i just delete it and walk away. THAT is the truth about why i'm sometimes so quiet!

and suzie b, i can't say for certain whether the rugby players are drug-tested or not. i DO know that a lot of our school boy rugby players are equally as big, so maybe it's just in the genes. the springbok team will be in durban on friday with the webb-ellis trophy. might have to go and see them.

welcome home matt - lucky you're not trying to keep the shuttle in orbit from SA. we have load-shedding daily (no power), in fact the ANC's new name is Another Night by Candlelight! heehe


Cat, I've posted a few times before, but not for a few months. Most of the time I don't have anything to say, so I just lurk.


Danaus, it's fun to have lurkers, they often provide refreshing insights, remind one that this ISN'T a personal private blog, that others are looking, and that element of surprise is nice.....


Debi, just post the "crap" we are all full of it also, BTW.


I agree Cat! That's what makes us so interesting!!
Camille, the extension aren't very long, since my hair is so short. Which, btw, cat, I'm growing it out a little. So now I have this HUGE alfalfa cowlick! That's one reason I kept chopping it off, I have to get it long enough to get that hair to lay down!

Susie, my PDS moment(among others) was when I was trying to learn to ride a bike again, and I put my clipless pedals on it, and proceeded to fall over and break my wrist!

Oh,oh, I went to watch "Boston Legal" Sat night, and I found I had taped the 20/20 about the fires you guys saw! So I saw it too. And I watched the Frontline on Iran, and I'm scared to death that Bush is going to do something really stupid before we get him out of the White House!!!

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