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October 25, 2007



Well hey everyone, I'm BAAACCKKK (Home that is)! We are north of the havoc down south (not THAT far south...our air is pretty brown right now!) I've been digging thru the rubble of life after being away from home and work for most of the last 3 months...jimmineeze a lot can pile up on you in that time! Giving the mt bike a cleaning/tuneup yesterday after hammering it for the last 5 weeks, turns out I broke a spoke on the rear wheel! How in the heck did I do THAT and not even be aware of it? (these are the shimano tubeless XTR wheels...can't just go BUY a spoke, NOOO...I have to order it special!) Guess my whopping 2' of air I was catching off the water bars on the descents did it in. Not really sure when my 'fear' jumping on a bike took hold. I can remember as a high school kid on my dirt bike launching as far as I could (tore off foot pegs even), which seemed to be the thing to do (I grew up 60 miles from the HOME of Evil Knievel in his heydays)...but now somehow I am filled with GREAT APPREHENSION if the wheels leave the ground. Strange how we change as we age. Watching all the X games and such, the kids make it look SOOOOO easy to launch 50-100' gap jumps, and drinking a red-bull, send a text message to their buds, AND smile at the crowd...all while in the air.

And back to that almost all of DC has found a home, and yes it makes no sense for Levi to sign with Contador, unless maybe thats the only real offer he had?? I guess it would be better than nothing.

Strange weather we are having was HOT yesterday! (We are NEVER hot here where I"m at). Cathy and Greg are farther south, towards the inferno. Sure glad I live up here out of that! My thoughts are with everybody down there horrible to take what you can and flee, not sure if you will see your house again. Thats got to be a bad feeling.

OK..on to the first meeting of the day..the work day has commenced. Yep...reality. Hmmmm...


I totally disagree about Levi needing a team that will solely support his efforts at the TdF. In reality only a very special rider deserves that type of 100% devotion from a team, and with the costs involved in running a team and participating in the Pro Tour teams can't afford/risk to put all of their eggs in one basket anymore. It worked perfectly for Levi and Alberto to work together last year. Levi did not have it to go for the win or he would have been allowed to do that. Perhaps in 2008 it will be his time to shine and Alberto will be his helper. It works both ways and even at the Tour it is a team effort; I should say ESPECIALLY at the Tour, and sacrifices will be made by every single rider.

Levi just came off his best season ever: winner of Tour of CA, stage at the Tour, third place at the Tour and US National Champion. OF COURSE he will be staying with Johan! He will have the best team support and best mental support by staying with what has worked for him, so his chances for another stellar year hit the ground running early in 2008.

I don't think you'll see so many teams just lining up one team leader any more. It worked for Lance, but it hasn't worked repeatedy for anyone else for awhile. Plus with TdF going totally private there is no guarantee that teams will even be invited to ride, so what a waste of a season that could be for some if they only cared about the Tour.


Welcome home, Matt!! Nice to have you back where you belong. Although the night shift produced some wonderful posts from you!!

Cathy, I agree about Levi. After this season, he'd follow Johan to the moon!! He was probably thrilled when the Astana deal came up, and Johan didn't retire.
Sara, I'm not saying I don't see your point, but it worked for Menchov and Rassmussen...til it all fell apart. And we know what happened to Vino...
2006 was the year, the riders really seemed lost!


Well, Sara and Matt reflected some thoughts of mine, then Cathy came along and ed-jucated me! One of your great strengths, Cathy, enlightenment!

OK, I am really glad the winds are dying down and hope they stay that way for a week at least.

700 square miles of land and 1500 homes have been burned.

The Guvonater says "we will rebuild!"

So, how bad does it have to get for us to realize we are destroying a place, and should consider other environs? No disrespect to those who love California, it is one of my childhood homes, but when you lose a house twice to fires, isn't it time to reconsider relocating? I also question the wisdom of investing Federal dollars on an area that is overpopulated and enviromentally challenged.

All political hyperbole aside, I cannot imagine what SoCal is going through. Even those "uneffected" are feeling the impact of the force of these fires.


PS Welcome home, Matt!!! Your family must be ecstatic. In your own bed, with your loved ones....but I'm with T, those lonely, midnight posts were fab!!!


Larry, loved you joke yesterday!


Hey Matt all you need is a little elder-lube with your redbull - rock that glucosamine/condroitin and the halfpipe is yours!

Levi is such a sweet guy I want to see him get his day in the sun. I agree that the 'after you', 'no, after you...' bit became a little confusing.

Thanks everyone for the good thoughts on So Cal. Thanks Sara for sending your super water bombers. They drop water in a swath the size of a football field. Those things are like the hand of god!

The air is almost clean enough to ride in again. Will probably get out there tomorrow.

I was asked by the Triple Crankset blog to do a POV piece on the fires. So check it out if you like:


Kathleen, nice post on triplecrankset...and btw, I AM on Glucosamine/chondroitin/msn....where can I get some of this 'elder-lube' at? (and I don't think I will be on the halfpipe anytime soon, nor the quarterpipe, and prob not even the one-eigth pipe!)
Did my first road ride in months last night..ahhhhh...chilly (50's) but the air was our winds have shifted and we had the usual marine layer covering us.... NICE! Man the road bike is one speedy steed as compared with it's burly brother mr. Mt bike. Only did 26 miles but it felt GREAT!'s good to be home!


Kathleen, your story is compelling. That picture of the fire with the house and bike burning is scary. We have tornados, and straight line winds, but nothing like those fires.


Hi all! Dang its been busy around my house lately so I'm just trying to catch up on all the posts here.

You (and everyone else out there) have been in my thoughts this week, Kathleen. That was a nice post you linked us to. So glad to hear you're out of harms way! Hope you are back to biking soon.

And Matt is FINALLY home! Hooray! I can't imagine being on the road all of the time - often for long stretches - like you are. I greatly enjoyed the impressive story about Paul Sherwen that you shared from a book awhile back. Excellent example of the kind of person he is! thanks

I'm glad that Levi was able to stay with Johan, as he seems to be very excited to continue the partnership. I was somewhat puzzled at first about that decision, but you're so right Cathy regarding his phenomenal season this year. I can see him wanting to continue under similar circumstances and leadership. He is just such a professional, classy guy that I'd LOVE to see him at the top of the podium before he retires.

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