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October 23, 2007


Paula Kirsch

That guy who won the Tour de France last year? That is funny, I hope Floyd gets a kick out of it, I bet he'll be glad they left his name out anyway, you know? Oh and no need to apologize, I thought it was kinda funny myself!


susie b

This is a HUGE story! And it could help Floyd.

The whole thing is freakin unbelievable. And yes, Sara, where ARE the headline stories?! This poor guy, Mayo, has been suspended without pay ever since the TDF ended. Could'nt race & no salary. And it takes 3 MONTHS for the B test's results to be revealed. Plus, how utterly fascinating that the f*cked-up A test was done at LNDD, while the B test was done at two OTHER labs.

How exactly can you mess up an EPO test? I thought they were fairly foolproof? Either it was there or not. Do you think maybe Mayo had the Dynepo in his blood & LNDD erred in identifying it as the current 'illegal' version of EPO?

And why did it take 3 months?! For pete's sake, this guy's career was completely stopped. There's no excuse it was not done within a WEEK. Can't a rider take some legal action to FORCE a B test be done ASAP? And how come the test was done at two other labs? Is that the usual protocol for anyone not named Floyd?

There's a HUGE story here. Where are the freakin investigative reporters? I think the doping authorities withheld the results until after Floyd's verdict because proof that LNDD messed up AGAIN could have swayed the arbs in Floyd's favor. Plus, it puts into doubt every other 'positive' EPO test from LNDD. No wonder they sat on it. How does this lab keep its accreditation?

How can those WADA nitwits say B tests are not neccesary?! And hey, Dick Dick Bo Bick, whaddya got to say?!

Is SD going to give Mayo all his back pay? I'm not a Mayo fan but am outraged this travesty was allowed to not just occur be be dragged out for the rest of the season. However, that this could help Floyd in his case before CAS makes me very, very happy.

I also think we are not seeing the whole story. Something stinks.


First of all I am thrilled Mayo's B came back negative. All the comments I read by him after the A just rang of devastation and truth...of course we've been duped before but I still chose to believe until proven wrong.

But the most amazing part of all of this was that UCI allowed the B sample to be tested elsewhere....have they done that before? Have they ever shown that they cared about confirming results? And the fact that TWO other labs supported the negative is even more telling on LNDD. Do you think the ruling in Floyd's case that slammed the lab forced the UCI's hand in being more diligent in testing? If so, then Floyd's case has already had a positive impact for other riders, which is part of what he wanted to accomplish.

And Susie, I think he'll get his back pay. SD is a great team, but as part of the PT charter they had no choice but to suspend him while the testing was done. I think they treated him fairly, at least I didn't read any nasty comments from them (unlike your pal John from Phonak!).


I wonder how much longer they can allow the LNDD to continue doing it's fine work?? Maybe Floyd's CAS appeal....we can always hope.


Don't plan that Iban party just yet:

susie b

In other shocking news, I just found out my OTL, (that's Rick Reilly for those of you not paying attention ;), is leaving Sports Illustrated & going to ESPN the Magazine! I know ESPN has been trying to woo him for years, but wow, SI just won't be the same. Just yesterday, I called SI so I could subscribe once again as my local grocery stores are no longer stocking enough issues & I've been SI-less/grumpy for the past month. However, the Subscription Dept was closed - maybe it was a sign....

Gosh, my Sweetie gone from SI. I'm verklempt.

And I'm not exactly a huge fan of ESPN the Magazine. THAT'S its actual name btw... I've only bought a few issues over the past couple years & it's bulky, tries too hard to be hip, I hate the graphics & print, & is geared even MORE to the male reader than SI. They also do not cater to golf, which Rick loves, so it seems a strange fit.

On the bright side, maybe this means I'll get to SEE him on TV. On SportsCenter occasionally or one of the other ESPN shows. Maybe as a sub on PTI whenever Tony or Wilbon are out of town. Hey, this might not be so bad after all! :) Unfortunately, we won't be seeing him or his words anywhere for 6 long months. He'll be at SI til end of November & then he won't show up in the ESPN mag til JUNE. It's gonna be a LONG winter & spring.

And to all you Californians - I hope you, your families, pets, & houses remain safe. It seems almost anywhere in the southern half of the state is in possible jeopardy. And even if your house isn't in harm's way, the smoke & other repercussions must be awful. I feel so bad for ya'll. How long do those Santa Anna winds last? Please be careful & know that we all send good wishes your way!

Paula Kirsch

But wait, no good news for Mayo after all, the "B" sample has been deemed "not negative" by Anne Gripper of the UCI and it will be retested at the LNDD. BIG surprise huh? Sorry, but I am beyond cynical now.



Thank you so much Susie b! The winds are quieting down, temps are cooling and there is a tiny bit more moisture in the air! Yay! I'm very lucky to be back in my home with my neighborhood untouched. Oddly my 'Harden the F- Up' wristband arrived in the mail the day I was evacuated!

My area near the coast is usually crawling with cyclists, teams, clubs and individuals. You can't look out the window without seeing a cyclist. But the lanes have been eerily empty since the smoke rolled in.

Many are being evacuated in new areas tonight. But fire crews are hopeful that the end is in sight. Ash in the air is making us all a little loopy. But neighbors are turning into super-neighbors and we are all taking great care of each other.

So wonderful to have such "trifles" as pro-cycling to think about! Have heard the phrase "Astana is 'Disco-lite'". GdL left me thinking 'Whaaaa?' A disjointed yet lovely-to-look-at end to the season. Cycling is both a business and an art. Waiting out the raw deals and groping in the dark for the art to return. Someone at the UCI has to recognize that they are now doing more damage to the good in their efforts to root out the bad.


I watched the 20/20 special last night about the fires in California. Wow. What a nightmare. How do they start? Why don't we hear stories about Iowa burning? Conditions for fires are just perfect in California? And who knew about fire tornados? Yikes. Be safe everybody.

On a completely different's Fatty's post about Halloween costumes for cyclists.


Hi y'all. I considered a diatribe of sorts relating to how pathetic the pro riders are in that not one could find their way to that recent gathering about cleaning up the sport (some McQuaid dude and having a base blood profile inventory). I'll stop at "pathetic" and settle for a joke of sorts:

A man is in his front yard attempting to fly a kite with his son.
Every time the kite gets up into the air, it comes crashing down. This goes on for a while when his wife sticks her head out of the front door and yells 'You need more tail.'

The father yells back 'Thanks a lot! I told you yesterday I needed more tail and you told me to go fly a kite!!


Amy, I saw the 20/20 special last night, too. I just can't process the randomness of the destruction and the fear. There was a picture in our newspaper this morning of a neighborhood, almost totally burned out, but 4 houses - not adjacent - were inexplicably intact. I know these people are relieved they still have houses, but they sure don't have a neighborhood. Half a million people evacutated! My heart goes out to everyone affected by this disaster.


Here's something they often don't point out on the news specials: when you see a neighborhood with some homes randomly standing THAT is the house that was often where the fire fighters took their stand against the fire, so it was saved. During the Painted Cave fire in Santa Barbara in 1990 the fire fighters also said they often had to make snap decisions about which homes to attempt to save and which were already a lost cause, hence the way some are left standing while everything around them is destroyed.

ALSO of interest was during same fire when the neighborhoods were rebuilt with beautiful brand new homes those that still had their older houses ended up not being very happy about the value of their real estate in a "new" neighborhood! Of course they had all their "stuff" as George Carlin liked to say, but the other people had all "new stuff"!! It was kind of interesting the way it played out. And many of us suffered some post-traumatic stress/depression as we had to drive through the burned out areas every day to go to work, day after day seeing the was hard on us and we didn't even lose our home.

Kathleen, please stay safe. Been there, done that so thinking about you and your neighbors. San Diego area is in my thoughts and prayers. The weather is looking much better today I think. Take care please.


I got a Google alert mentioning Floyd's house, but it looked pretty bogus, has anyone heard anything about Murrieta?


I watched 60 min. on sunday, couldn't believe that fire marshall's info on how fires have changed. But am avoiding the Sunday NYT article, it sits on my table, mocking me. Seeing the droughts to come will be horrifying.

(I believe that GWB thinks this is what those heathens of CA deserve. I mean, it's his politic to let the "un-equally yoked" of this world go down with the natural disasters.)

OK deep breath. I'm wishing there was someway to help - keep strong CA. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks to you all, I've moved my radio station to a commercial free, nearly all 70's/80's tunes channel and find myself wondering "would anyone at 100miles listen to this or would they laugh at me?" =)

woofdog - The tooting boats made no sense. It was not Boating Day. The tsunami never came. It's Lk. Union - and i'm not a duck.

Sara - I'm curious, what timezone is your site set to?


oh i see, it must be East Coast timezone -


Thanks guys, for keeping me up to date on the fires. I avoid the news, but the NY times article on the changing nature of the fires is very interesting.
Meanwhile, I watched the Frontline I taped last week, about Cheney....MAJOR scary stuff...if that's what we know about what he's been up to; then God forbid, what we don't know yet!! I always knew the Prez wanted to be KING. But even the Queen of England doesn't always get her way!!

CA be safe, and I still don't know if the fires are the natural ones, or are they started? Like the one that was near Cathy's home?


Jessica, why would we laugh at you for listening to 70's and 80's music??? I like it when they throw in a 60's tune now and then!!!


theresa, you watched frontline too? did you not just sit there with your mouth wide open in shock?! we KNOW they do that stuff but 100's of signing papers filed??!! It was solid evidence of what I think our guts have been telling us for years.

And yes, give me a 60s tune and any big band tune as well, I'm pretty happy. I'm an equal opportunity music lover. Except for that ex-boyfriend who tried to convince me of the value of MUSAK in elevators. Dunderheaded-notion.

Uh-oh. I worry that Sara is watching all these exchanges and saying "hmm, further evidence of the U.S. self absorbtion." SO SORRY SARA. Maybe I'll cleanse my guilt and go give some $$ to FFF.


Sincere apologies to those of you who live or have loved ones in California, near the fires. I had posted a joke earlier without reading the thread and may have come off as insensitive and inappropriate. It was not my intent. Ditto what Susie B said earlier. My family is watching with interest and cocern and empathy too.



How many times can you say."OMG" with your chin on the floor? This administration beats everything...and to think, he was elected twice..sort of.

Larry, your joke was fine. No offense taken!


Also, jessica, John Ashcroft was never one of my favorite Missourians. He got beat by a dead guy in the Senate election. BUT, my level of respect for him has risen dramatically after watching that report!


looks like im stalking theresa today - - but yes, i was amazed at that story. He is the guy afterall who made them put a cloth over the Woman of Justice statue in the FBI headquarters because he thought bare breasts indecent. But standing up to those to yob-heads while on his hospital bed? Phew.


Hey guys, I received an email from my first spinning teacher and cat 4 racer! They are in CA, now. So good to hear from them!
I posted a new post on my little blog, just talking about them, and me....and CYCLING!!
Check it out if you are interested!

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