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September 19, 2007



Boy it's been busy times here at the I.A. I am on travel again (up in Sunnyvale CA, doing some work with spacecraft testing)...not sure how long this one will be...a few weeks at least.

I also am so glad to hear THE VERDICT will soon be announced. I try not to get too caught up in thinking about it though...but I sure will be wearing my rose colored glasses!

VERY COOL on DC's last ride...nice way to finish. Not sure how I feel about JB, but I guess it can't be a bad thing to have him staying in cycling! Also nice to hear Levi found a's shaping up to be a banner year in 08! Could only be better to see FL in the peleton too!

Jaanan, didn't mean to diss your Prius...I think they are a marvel of cool technology, and they surely have their place. Stop and go city traffic, they totally rule. Long highway miles, I think the diesel is a better option. But I've been beaten down a few times by uppity prius owners who feel that their car (and their car ONLY) is the mileage winner and the greenest thing going. I've even been accused of lying by said owner about my mileage (I track EVERY single tank in a log book).

Funny to hear about things over at that 'other' blog... considering how his roots here in the blogosphere were firmly planted by covering the TDF, yet it appears he doesn't really give a hoot about cycling, and the deception he held for the last 2 years has been dropped. Waddy, you are a BAD man, but I am STILL giggling about your search to MD's...and am pondering joining your that is just hilarious knowing that he can see what was typed to find his site! I might even have to activate a few alias email addresses for this one!

OK..gotta run...doing 12 hour NIGHT shifts...FF FOREVER!

susie b

Amen, Sara. I agree with everything you said. There are SO many days when I read about the pro-cycling world that I think I've stumbled down some rabbit hole. If it was a TV show, it would be a comedy. That it involves real lives makes it almost tragic. The thing about Valverde's situation that I DON'T understand is that I read all about the 'Pitti connection' LAST summer & wondered why he was allowed to start the 2006 Tour when several others who were blocked seemed to have the same kind of "evidence" against them. If the UCI is now sitting on more info, then yes, get it out there. But why would the Spanish federation be SO adamant there is nothing there? It's not like Valverde is their only cycling hope now that Contador has emerged as a Tour-winning superstar, so I can't believe they'd try to cover it up for him. The thing that aggravates me & makes me highly suspicious (& already mentioned here previously by someone else) is that Valverde doesn't just say "TEST ME! Here's my blood, get out those bloodbags & have at it!"

BTW, I don't see the World Championships on Versus' schedule! Is that true?!

And Matt, I so miss you when you don't/can't write! You too Larry & where has Julie been? And Matt, I meant to tell you that your info on your car & alternate fuel was fascinating! I had no idea that was even available. Yes, I guess I've had my head in the sand.

And I believe 'Maurice' is our own canine companion, woofdawg. BTW, do all Maurice's buddies call him 'Mo Mo' as a nickname? :)

Sara, I have a question for you. When people comment, can YOU see their email address? In the old days, it would mandatorily show up under the comment connected to your name (I hated that), but now it only does that if you want it to (much better). So, I've wondered what you, Sara, see. And if a certain other blog host sees who is REALLY writing on HIS site... ;)


Susie, no peeking behind the curtain!


I agree Sara, the UCI should produce what they've got, or shut up! And I really don't understand, if there was this big cloud, why the ASO let him ride in the Tour. They even decided who was going to win the event!!

I want to speak to Adam's comment about Dom Rollin!! How about that guy?!! I've got a picture of him standing on the podium at Downer's Grove too!! Kodak was working hard, and making their presence known during the ToM. I think it's lousy they where left off the ToCA and Georgia!! They are an excellent US domestic team, and they proved it last week!!!


Oh, and Matt, I missed the post on your diesel. Right now in MO, diesel is great for some people that live out and drive a lot of hwy miles...but for my driving and what's available in alternative fuels in Spfld right now, the hybrid is the best choice. They used the E85 Escape, which is alternative fuel in the ToM for one of the vehicles. But I don't know where you go to fill it up, I'm not sure if it's reg diesel or bio-diesel.


Off Topic: Don't know if any of you check in over at Fat Cyclist, but it looks like his wife got a great report from the oncologist. Highly relevant!


Bravo, Sarah! Nice!


Agreed, Sara. UCI has another pawn to screw around with. This time he's Spanish instead of Danish....they like to spread their non-love around the peloton.

Susie, I've come up with a plan: if I get a gig with BMC and have to deal with John I will wear my Free Floyd shirt! Wouldn't that be hilarious? Something that would make FL laugh for sure.

Paula, should we be wearing our Free Floyd shirts this Friday so we can send him all the good cosmic energy we have? Especially Susie, cause she has the power. Remember all those lottery winnings when she was getting the Gladiator team going? I'm not joking when I say I think she has some control over some good juju.

I'm not sure I can stand it if Floyd's name is not cleared. I think we need to be prepared to bolster each other up here when the news comes down. Because remember, if he's cleared then UCI can file an appeal. If he's guilty he can file one if he has the money. And regardless, he still cannot ride on the roads in France and still has to face that situation when the UCI is finished with him. Oh lordy, this IS going to be a long week. Good thing I get to go to Vegas and see cute boys on bikes next week so that can serve as a distraction. If any of you see that someone is going to be at IBike and you want me to get their autograph for you be sure to let me know and I will try to do it. I'm driving so room for IBike crap is not a problem. (Full reports, of course!!)


I'm around, just busy livin' life. :-)

I know Bicycling mag is looked down upon around here, but y'all should check out the new issue - There's a pink Fat Cyclist jersey featured on the cover, a nice piece about the Tour written by David Millar, and a refreshingly realistic article on Saul Raisin. Good stuff.

Days are getting cooler and shorter fast around here. I had to break out my bolero, UnDFlector, and leg warmers for my Sunday romp through Acadia. There's something fun about that, but also something a little sad. Tempus fugit.

Sara Best

Oh Libby, that's great news. I love his site and I'm so pleased to hear that Mrs. Fat Cyclist is doing well.

It was great to see that jersey on the cover of my Bicycling magazine this month.

And you're right Julie, this was a particularly good issue. Almost makes me think about renewing.


Hey, Julie!! I still like Bicycling. They get some really good articles, and if I remember to go to the website; there's a lot there. I noticed the Fat Cyclist pink jersey right away!! And I'm now the proud wearer of a Raisin Hope bracelet; Dave Shields had them at the Tour!


.....and she bought one for all of us! Thanks T :)

susie b

Yes, Cathy, the vision of you wearing your Free Floyd shirt around Lelangue is ALMOST enough to keep me from picketing their team bus next year... LOL! And funny you should mention my past Lotto winnings, as my palm itched like crazy this morning & that's the sign! However, if I truly had "the power", I'd convince some of the billionaires in this country to use their petty cash & sponsor a team. Too bad Oprah's trainer didn't get her into cycling. She would have been perfect - foot the bill & be the PR!

And, uh, I would luv an autographed photo of Neal.
However, if I put that up in my office, I'd probably never get ANY work done & the drool would get all over my keyboard & how embarassing to explain to PC Tech... But for Neal, I'll take a chance! :)

And yeah for Mrs Fatty! How GREAT is that! I know Floyd's situation pales in comparison, but it gives me hope for him too.

So glad to hear from you Julie. I miss your take on all things cycling when you're away too long. How cold is it already up there in Maine? Ripcurl mentioned on his blog yesterday that it was 36, yes, 36 degrees (!!) the other morning in MN!

And Amy, I found that HTFU wristband online after the Tour because I SO wanted one. But, I don't know anything about that Australian TV show & was afraid IT might be offensive (;), so did not order one. I did look online at those sites where you can create your own 'custom silicone wristband' & am planning on buying 5 or so of "HTFU" in black. Abbreviated, I'll be able to wear at work! With a knowing smile... :) BTW, I meant to tell ya'll, we could create 'INANE ASYLUM' wristbands. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. We'd have to decide on a color & font. Think about it.


For some reason I can't post again from work (I'm on corporate servers...and I can view the blog, but it takes DAYS for the comment section to finally pop up, and if I try to comment, it just sits there and finally times out). But at least I can LOOK!

I'm not getting any ride time at all now that we are on 12 hour shifts...but we go down to 8 hours 7 days a week starting I should be able to sneak in some quality ride time (I brought the Mt bike...rode last Sat/Sun and Mon...GREAT mt biking up here!)

I know this is WAY off topic, but the new natnl geographic has a GREAT article on alt fuels (ethanol and biodiesel) real insight into making them and such. We here in the US have a LONG way to go to wean ourselves off foreign oil. alt fuels are the way to that. And cars that run them are key. But the automakers / gov don't seem to be heading in that direction. Hybrids are a great stopgap measure (as they get better mileage than gas only) but still not the answer. Biodiesel seems to be the key...and they can make it from dang near anything...including green algae! (there are many startup companies working that right now)...other cool stuff about green algae: it sucks up CO2 and makes oxygen, AND we can make fuel out of it. They are working on cleaning up power plant emissions w/ green algae...sucking up some of the greenhouse gasses and all...and they can make ethanol out of sugar cane, which gives much higher yield than corn. BUT, a car has to be 'special' to run ehtanol..whereas all diesels can run biodiesel. I don't see the trucks/trains being off the roads anytime if we can make a fuel that is GROWN and renewable for them, which cuts the bad emmisions, how can that be a bad thing? OK..I"ll stop this here...getting long and WAY off topic...

cathy, have a blast at IB....I will be anxiously awaiting reports! OK..time to go to work...ugh....another LONG night! You may now resume the bike talk!


OK, Matt, cool stuff on biodiesels, wish I could use some. No worries about off topic convos, that is something we haven't done in a while, and something I love about our little community, we talk about everything! Sorry you are working so hard, can't post, can't you sweetie at least coming to visit, or are you already at home doing this crappy stuff? I've lost track of where you are.

Amy, way cool to hear you are going to be an APN or did you mean credentialing in Critical Care? I have been wanting to find a good medical blog, but most of the one's I've found just aren't written well enough. That's one thing I really miss about MD, he's a damned good writer, though nothing has been great for a few months anyway.

I like the idea of wrist bands instead of Tshirts or wicking jerseys. They are easier to manage and cheaper! We wouldn't be advertising the blog though....

I have been avoiding thinking about the Floyd decision. I feel the worst will happen regardless of what they decide and it makes me want to beat someone's head in. Sorry, lost my inner optimism there for a moment. I know many people think we are fools to have such blind faith in him, but it is rare to meet someone with such a strong ethic. And i trust his parents! Ain't that a funny thing.

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell those of you that worry about your email revealing who you are (when in disguise), don't you know how to MAKE ONE UP? It's not like there is an email phone directory to check it against.

AND-I am waiting for pictures (foot tapping), Ms T.

Oh and PS: Sara if I click on the "Subscribe to this blog's feed" where will it go? And what does "Add me to your TypePad People list" mean? Been wondering for a while, forgot to ask til someone reminded me today....


OK, found all the posts in a previous "Training Ground" blog. I thought they'd all been erased when I couldn't find them. Earlier today I did post a comment here accusing him of erasing again, but it's gone and I'm wrong anyway.

Boy oh boy oh boy. You guys burned up the ether!!!! Why did you post at TG rather than Active? Actually, Barbara is the only one who has posted at Active since Friday, I'm sure that won't make them happy, though maybe if the hits are there they don't care. Certainly he'd enjoy being alone, no? No one to detract from the sound of his own voice.


Right on with your post, Sara. What a fiasco...

Matt, its funny that you should post your comment on alternative fuels today because my brother has been investigating all things E85 lately and we are looking at possibly converting the Prius to be E85 compatible. I wasn't even aware that you could do such a thing to older vehicles until he put a conversion kit in his 12-yr-old Blazer. Check this out:
Maybe you guys have heard of this before, but it was news to me! Brazil has had such AMAZING success with its sugar cane program (all cars are using alt fuel) - though its controlled by the gov't, I believe, and I can't see big oil or the car manufacturers letting that happen here. At least we seem to be making PROGRESS these days; for awhile we were at a complete standstill. Sorry you're required to work SO much these days, Matt. Doesn't leave much time for anything fun, does it?

Susie I was just wondering the other day how your "special touch" with the lottery had been playing out ;) We hadn't heard for awhile and I'm hoping against hope that Floyd is going to need that team soon!

Dang, I've forgotten to check in with Rip's blog - I always enjoy it. We had to turn on the HEAT because when we got home from MO the house was about 42 degrees! It has warmed up again now, but BRRRRRRRR!

Cathy that sounds like so much fun! You're opening a giant can of worms with that offer, though!!!

Good vibes to Floyd! Can you imagine being HIM and WAITING for this decision?? I can barely stand it, myself.


A nice CNN video on Saul.


Hi Everyone,
I have a random question, it's for a race I'm doing, and we have a quiz to determine our starting spot. Here's the question: 'The band Real Life released one of their most famous songs in what cycling movie?'

Since you all are the cycling/music experts, I thought I'd throw it out there and give you something to think about. I'm clueless!


susie b

I had to look it up. Yes, people, I have IMDB bookmarked, right next to Amazon. I'm a movie nut.

"Send Me an Angel" from the movie 'Rad'. I'd never heard of the movie but I know the song!

And Happy Birthday, Yvette! Been a while since we've heard from you, too long! Hope you're wearing your Party Pants & are having a great day! :)


According to ESPN Landis decision was against him. I'm very sad for him and for us as well.

PARIS -- Floyd Landis lost his expensive and explosive doping case Thursday when arbitrators upheld the results of a test that showed the 2006 Tour de France champion used synthetic testosterone to fuel his spectacular comeback victory, The Associated Press has learned.

The decision, handed down nearly four months after a bizarre and bitterly fought hearing, leaves Landis with only one more outlet to possibly salvage his title -- an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

According to documents obtained by AP, and to be made public later Thursday, the vote was 2-1 to uphold the results, with lead arbitrator Patrice Brunet and Richard McLaren in the majority and Christopher Campbell dissenting.

The decision means Landis, who repeatedly has denied using performance-enhancing drugs, must forfeit his Tour de France title and is subject to a two-year ban, retroactive to January 30, 2007.

Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press


2-1 against Floyd:


Right on, thanks so much! I knew someone here would have the answer:)


“If such practises continue, it may well be that in the future, an error like this could result in the dismissal” of a positive finding by the lab. (from the majority, quoted in MSNBC article linked above)

Are you kidding me?? Then why the &$#@ not NOW??

Campbell's opinion (also quoted at MSNBC) is cold comfort, but I guess it's something.


Damn damn damn damn......

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