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September 25, 2007



Oh, Kathleen, the bracelets! Waddy gave us a link to the bracelets from Loud and Clear designs, thru Google. I ordered some. I don't know if they are the "same" at the Aussie bracelet; as quality, the price is a little lower; and the shipping was free or built-in to the price.


There we go. Unless you want the ones from Australia...will have to look harder for the link. And Amy says the shipping is 21 gazillion dollars!!


So, is it stuff YOU type Sara that can link people to your site, or anything in comments too? Hmmmmm....


Aardvark, biosphere, crustacean, dingleberries, endorphins, Fahrvegnugen, gestapo, hematocrit, indigenous, jaundice, krakatoa, llama, merrimac, napalm, omnivore, platypus, quesadilla, Rastafarian, tourniquet, unibrow, viagra, warthog, Xena (princess warrior), yeti, and finally Zappa.

THERE, that should get you some INTERESTING hits! (Long night shift, I think of this stuff).


Kathleen is VERY astute. Liggett DOES have a h*#d on for Boonen. Picks him EVERY time on the flat stages. I've pointed that out before. BUT Kathleen, while you might remember what Bobke said, you wouldn't even care if Boonen spoke. You might reconsider your choice. Buy Bobke's book and shag Tom. If I had to choose between a ride with Big George or shagging his wife, well... Ahhh, memories last a lifetime, or at least until you get to be my age.

Is this a cycling blog? I've forgotten. Gotta go put some clothes on...


And for a man's perspective, just a thought. For those of you feeling like Floyd has no motivation to go forward, I think Amber Landis is a hottie. Floyd ain't got it all that bad.


On the bracelet front, Sara can only wear one that spells it out until her kids can spell. Not much time.


I know this is confidential information for Sara's eyes only, but did Kathleen find her way here by Googling "Tom Boonen naked"?


Matt, I've worked a few night shifts in my day, and you are so right...your brain starts doing funny things around 4 or 5 am. I almost spit my coffee out when I read your list :)


It seems like cyclists and race car drivers all have hot wives. I wonder what happened to poor Eric Zabel.


She would've been considered a real babe in the roaring 20's.


Sara -- Here's an additional tip on brake cables. If you must cut the cable, either cut the cable and housing together (with cable cutters) or if only the cable, wrap with electrical tape and cut in the middle.

What was I thinking this weekend when I forgot this detail, and frayed the cable in spite of using cable cutters? That led to a bike store trip for a new cable. Then, I routed the housing thru the new FSA K-Wing bar was now too short. Back to the bike shop. Then I realized how totally neglected the brakes/shifters were. Oooops. Clean and lube. Better lube the cables inside the housings. I made every mistake possible before eventually getting it right.

Then I took it out for a quick 50 thru eucalyptus trees, orchards of orange trees, and rolling ranch lands. It was cool and beautiful after the previous day's rain. And the FSA felt terrific.

I think it felt better because I wrenched on my own bike. Sometimes I don't due to lack of time. Good that you are taking the class.


Jes, I bought that book (Bobke II) last week and started reading it this weekend. He is soooo odd. What a goofy strange guy. I really like him, but some of his references are too obscure for me to understand. Do you?


hi guys..... i'm back now. been nose to the grindstone trying to house the poorest of the poor (thats what we do) in a country rapidly declining into the fetid swamps of corruption. ( i really do love this country, just get depressed by the african system of doing business) BUT NOW I'M BACK!! i started to panic when i realised how much i've missed and spent ages trying to catch up.... it nearly did my head in. (i can't catch up, so i'll have to just remain 'missed').

sorry about the floyd debacle. what a travesty. it just shouldn't be allowed.

whoever made the remark about the gazillion dollar postage from oz.... my god, you're right! how can the postage cost more than the band? reeeediculous.


Ameeee, you don't like Zsa Zsa Zabel????? She's a full bodied woman, no model type for him!! Besides, maybe she keeps him reeeeealy warm at night ;-).

Boy you guys are randy for so early in the morning!

(I loved bobke's pose and red boots)


I am in Vegas too! I am on line outside the doors waiting for the show to begin. Tried several new road bikes yesterday at the demo. Have a room at the Vegas club for 30$! It was much better then I expected but Freemont street is a little rough. Tonight is cyclocross race, cross vegas. Yahoo!

susie b

Hey, I'm having a problem when I click NEXT to go to the next page's comments. The only way I can see them is to type in a comment & hit Preview. Anybody else having that problem all of a sudden? Plus, I hate the NEXT thing anyway!

Maybe Zabel's wife just had a baby & really got BIG during the pregnancy? Besides, all those cyclists are so damn skinny they could use the body heat at night, like Cat said! :)

Glad to see you're still here Debi! I enjoy hearing your perspective.

And here's hoping Cathy & Philip have a great time at Interbike & tell us ALL about it. Maybe you'll run into each other.


Okay. WOW. I forgot Philip was racing in Vegas!! Watch for our favorite riders! and Good Luck!

I think Zsa Zsa Zabel is great!!! Because she's not some skinny model type...Basso 's wife turns me off because she looks like she always on the runway.
Thanks Waddy, we needed male insight.
And Matt, lol!

Debi, I just heard on BBC America last night that 23 African nations are at the bottom of the list in ease of doing business. And the Congo is the bottom.

Cat, Bobke is weird..his book takes getting into. But there's some good stuff in it, I liked it!

Paul, you are so good. I didn't understand all of that wenching bike shop would be very unhappy with me if I tried to do anything to my brakes BY MYSELF!!!


Susie, I had trouble with "next" too, this morning!

Bitch Kittie

Kathleen . . .I have had MANY beers with Bobke, and white russians and greyhounds and bottles of expensive wine, bottles of cheap wine, bottles of "Wayne Newton" wine - don't ask - the list goes on. I would take a shag with Boonie ANY DAY over that. Seriously, dear heart. Take the shag

Peace Out

Gerolsteiner Drinker

You can buy Gerolsteiner in Canada at places like Sobeys, and for sure in Calgary at Co-Op, and Sunterra Market


Why BK! Nothing like a ringing endorsement...LOL! Really, gazing at Boonie (and colleagues) is a guilty pleasure best enjoyed from afar. As Waddy alluded to, finding out what is or isn't between TB's ears could spoil the fun. And that's something I know about from experience.

As for Bobke...I'm such a lightweight I doubt I could keep up with the two of you anyway! That's quite a list of alcohol... One dirty martini and it's naptime for me.

Thanks for reminding me of Wayne Newton. I used to know a girl in elementary school who insisted she was Wayne Newton's illegitimate daughter! Her mom had been a dancer in Vegas and swore it was true. Poor girl. God knows what became of her.

I don't know if you'll find this (so far back on the blog by now) but I'm honored that you broke your blog silence to enlighten me! Great to hear from you.

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