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September 25, 2007



Sara, I ordered extra wristbands. If you want to email me your address, I can send you one.

Sara Best

Thanks Amy, that's so nice of you.

I just emailed you my address.

Let me know what I owe you.


I just posted on yesterday's post. Sigh....

Anyway, I want to thank Gerolsteiner too, let's get some of that water imported!!
Surely they can track the creeps that did this. The bikes, I'm sure are serial numbered etc, right? They will probably start putting GPS on them so they can track them. Like cars..


Kudos Sara!! On changing the brakes! I still can't even change a tire. I know the how; but to "do it" is something that would need to be in a controlled situation and supervised!!


Oh, and Matt, you do get an email thanking you for your donation. If you didn't get it; I don't think it took your money!


I'm with T, I so need one of those classes!

Great Towle/Rogers video at VeloNews, discussing ToM and other things, including how tough Brad Huff is, and Horner and Rodriguez at Rock Racing next year.

Sara Best

I don't mean to keep gushing about Gerolsteiner, but I just got a press release from the Canadian Cycling Association in which Kris Westwood, High Performance Director for the World's team is quoted as saying. "The Gerolsteiner team opened its doors to us and told us 'take what you need.'"

I just think it's so amazing of them. And, keeping in mind that the Gerolsteiner team has four of their own members on the German team for the World's, plus one alternate. I'm not saying that the Canadian team is necessarily huge competition for them, but competitors are competitors and it would only have been to their benefit to have few riders in the field.


All I can say is WOW.

And thanks Amy, I was going to suggest one of us mailing Sara a bracelet!

Sara Best

Ah, I just got another one from Google Denmark, "boonen girlfriend"!


Maybe you should email him and tell him you're not his dating service!


or perhaps you (since you are busy) repost the "gladiator" post! taht'll keep them happy...


Well.........obviously you would be doing the (female) world a great service by hosting such a blog, Sara :) LOL

Glad you corrected me about Carlos, Julie! I'm even more excited for him now. We just watched Overcoming last night and I always feel like Sastre is the "SOOOO close but no cigar" rider. Boy, all of the doping charges, accusations, and admissions of the past year really made me view that film in a new light. I can still admire all of the hard work that each and every one of those guys put into their career, but it made me wonder if they were always looking over their shoulders even then - especially Riis. I simply LOVE the Jens Voigt parts; that guy is one of a kind :)

You can also find David Shield's books on his website -- and he'll sign them for you. They're excellent!

Flickr is a good idea - if I find the time I'll do that.

BRAVO to Gerolsteiner!!


Re: special "Tom Boonen and his fling of the day" posting- hey whatever floats your boat, I'll still come back. I'm kind of worried about what sort of info you can surreptitiously mine from typepad on your readers (I better be careful where I browse before I send more messages in the future). Good job on changing a brake cable Sara, my hat is off to you. I mostly take my bike to the shop now and let professionals take care of it (and do it right the first time). And I do not ride all the time (although some people in my family might argue with that)- maybe two or three times per week. If my boss would continue to pay me I would ride more though. I also find the HTFU bracelets pretty humorous- I'd have too much explaining to do at work. And finally, a salute to Gerolsteiner. OK, I’m heading back into the steath mode again. Keep those cards and letters coming.


All this info and fashion too! Be still my heart! Having googled what HTFU meant I now must have said bracelet as well. Source in the States?

Re: Gerolsteiner, thank you for this heartening tale. I may be biased perhaps but think as athletes go cyclists are a sunnier, more down to earth lot and this story is more proof indeed.

As for Boonen - they don't pronounce it "Bone-In" for nuthin'! Wherever he is rest assured he ain't alone... Fantasies of our #1 poster boy are better left unfettered by facts.

Congrats Sara on your mechanical empowerment! I too truck it to the shop to fix a flat...
Cheers, -K

Sara Best

"I - am Tom Bone-In

I - am Specialized."

That's hilarious. Thanks Kathleen. Are you new? Have I welcomed you already? I feel like we haven't heard from you before, but you're hilarious, I hope you'll keep visiting.


Congrats, Sara, on your newfound mechanical prowess! I took a "roadside maintenance" course a couple of years ago because I didn't want to feel like such a "girl" if I got a flat. I can fix a flat (theoretically) but so far have only assisted on the actual procedure. But a brake cable? Wow.


OK Sara, time to resurrect the "gladiator" post to keep all those passersby satisfied!

I never thought about how he pronounced his name, but what a hoot! Thanks for the laugh Kathleen! (remember during the tour when I called him "boo-boo Boonen" for his baaaad behavior? I was just mad at him for having a snit. This is much funnier). Kathleen, Sara has a very sexy pic of him al natural. What is the header (hehe) Sara so she can find it?

Sara Best

Ah, how could I forget. It was Stage 13 - Haven't Seen It on July 21.

Enjoy Kathleen.


Hmmm...I'd just have to hobble my way home on a flat tire - and brake cables?! Forgeddaboutit. I'm impressed Sara and I'm pretty sure I need one of those classes. I haven't heard about anything like that around here.

That post featuring Boonen (now all I can hear in my head is that Specialized commercial!) during the Tour was the day that my hubby chose to check out the blog that I'm always talking about. He wasn't sure WHAT to think ;)

Hey Barbara and Kathleen - what part of the country/world do you call home? Just curious :) (Susie will be after you for your birthdays pretty soon too) Which reminds me that we haven't had any news from S. Africa lately. Are you still around Debi?


Funny JD, I was thinking the same thing! My Gawd, we're becoming synchronized! (BTW, what did he think about the blog?)


Thanks for the links to said FFF letter yesterday.

By the way, since this has taken a salacious turn; has anyone else seen the cover of bob roll's book, Bobke II? Wandering barnes & noble tonight I went to visit Floyd in the sports section and there was Bob. And if that isn't the most assertively sexually masculine pose I've seen in awhile....whoa. But red cowboy boots? I had no idea.


Oh Cat, LOL! Finding the naked Boonen on the cycling blog that I rave about -- after hearing all about Team Gladiator during our visit to the FFF event with you -- he wasn't sure that he's cut out for this blog ;) Then we go to visit T and her copy of Velonews with TB all dressed up on the cover is lying on the table; he's now sure that this blog is just a disguise for some type of Boonen fan club. Further evidence of course are all of the hits Sara is getting from the ladies interested in TB's love life. So I think we've discussed this enough today to ensure that those hits just keep comin!


TB is cycling's pretty boy! Remember the interview that Neal Rogers was having with Tom, and some girl comes up and kisses him??? That was so funny!

Thanks Julie, for the heads up on "Shop Talk" with Dave and Neal. It is great! The talk about Stage 2, and race tactics at this time of the season, and the "unknown team" that Chris Horner and Freddy are going to. The interesting talk about HealthNet's decision to support Frank Pipp in the breakaway, instead of Nathan O'Neill. But in the televised ToM, Dave and the other guy(can't remember his name) talk about the fact that the break was MORE successful because George was in it. He did the most work, and when they started backing off, he'd go to the front and pace them. And I'll bet that without him, that break would not have had as big a gap.

Oh, and what about Sally? We'd like to know where Sally lives...she speaks up when she has trivia questions that need answered!! Was that event a race or ride??
I think Debi was giving up on talking to us, because we are upside down from where she is, time-wise.

And Janann, I forgot that Tom Boonen was laying on the table for Alan to see when you guys came over!! At least I didn't have anymore covers of him laying around!


Jessica, did you see any video of the David Witt race at the Velodrome, last spring? or was it fall? Oh, well, Bobke had a PINK helmet on! I mean pinker than mine!! Not that Pink is a "girl" color or anything, but his cycling jersey didn't even match...nor his bike!!

That was when DaveZ and Floyd did track riding, for the first time!


Many thanks all. It's always nice to know you make people laugh! Sara, I 'blogged on" for the first time the day of the Landis decision last week. I'm in San Diego county - Floydland USA!

Ah yes, nude photos of Boonen - are there ever enough? Even Mr. Liggett can't ignore it when "Big Tom Boonen's rippling thigh muscles..." are filling the screen. In case you aren't aware there's a profile on myspace by Liz Hatch - also known as "Roubaix Girl" - an awesome cycling femme fatale in her own right who races for Vanderkitten. She's got a veritable shrine to naked cycling hunkitude and horrific road rash.

For the record however, if offered a choice between a shag w/Tom or a beer w/Bobke I'd take the latter every time. I know Bob would be very fun and actually remember my name!

Ok now let's get back to sports! Did I miss a link to those bracelets?

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