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September 26, 2007



Lore is over. Not longer Tom's squeeze...they need to give up!!

Sara Best

Maybe it's Lore who's doing all the searching. Maybe she's like a crazy stalker-ex-girlfriend.


The Germans have finally cracked spectacularly. According to CN, Eddy Merckx is no longer welcome at the Worlds in Stuttgart. Absolutely nuts. Seems the race organizers in Europe are getting crazier by the day.


I was just reading the summary by Radio-Canada and came across this interesting passage:

"De son côté, la Française Jeannie Longo a enregistré un respectable 7e temps (36:05,6) à 48 ans! La grande championne française, qui compte treize médailles d'or mondiales à son palmarès, a réussi son meilleur résultat depuis 2003."

So, Jeannie Longo from France, at 48 years old, finished 7th in the women's time trial. 48! That's pretty amazing. It was also her best result since 2003, however, she had already collected 13 gold medals from worlds in her career!

Also, some Canadian results on the women's side: Anne Samplonius was 15th and Alex Wrubleski was 31st.

The American women put on a show. Kristin Armstrong 2nd, Amber Neben 4th and Christine Thorburn 5th.

On the men's U23 side, Canadian results include the following: David Veilleux 34th and Christian Meier 48th.

Should be an exciting week.

susie b

27 stages?! Multiple Stages of over 200 MILES?! Makes the TDF seem puny! :) On one hand this is what I've been waiting for, it's even being held at the same time as the Vuelta, which I've suggested for years. These guys must have been reading my comments of the last year! But wow, $11 MILLION purse! Even more than I envisioned. Damn it, Floyd would be PERFECT for this race! And he could recoup some money! Still, I'm not going to get too excited til I see it REALLY coming together. I read last week that that million dollar Dubai race is off. Speaking of that race, did ya'll know that 2nd place would have only won $60,000. God, worse than Survivor!

Seriously, do you think the Pro-Tour teams will come to this race? $11 million dollars is a mighty big carrot. When is US Pro next year? Seems like there will be a conflict. I do wonder how this company got that kind of money to back such a race at this particular time. I wonder how far they've really gotten in shoring up stages with the local municipalities, transportation, hotel rooms, etc, all the organization needed for a Grand Tour. Massive undertaking. I just don't want to get too excited now only to see it fall apart.

Plus, an entire month, with stages even longer than the Tour's. Is it physically possible for the top guys to race like they do at the TDF in a race that is a WEEK LONGER with stages a third longer? Or will it just draw "Stunt-cyclists"? ;)

And now for a little non-cycling commentary...
I watched the next 2 episodes of The War & am happy to report they were MUCH better than the 1st. Used Big Band music throughout, so I was "in the mood"... :). More great newsreel footage & personal accounts. However, what I think is missing is a Shelby Foote. LOVED that guy on the Civil War miniseries. I had read some of his books previously but had never seen him, so he was a revelation. With his fab southern accent & folksy way of talking, he just explained things so everyone could understand. I think they should have had a WWII historian on this one as a connecting & explanatory thread. Maybe they tried to find another Shelby & gave up. For people who really don't know the history, I would think they are confused with the big picture & the timeline. Still, it's fascinating. My biggest complaint is they should have started airing it 2 weeks ago, before the Fall TV season started! I also wish they'd picked more families to follow from each of the towns. One personal comment was just searing. It was from a guy who had been a pilot & he said the big difference in how the war was experienced by the airmen was that whenever there was a death, they never saw an actual body; the guy just "never came back"... Logical yet gut-wrenching. Tonight's episode should cover D-Day & it will be interesting to see what it will emphasize.


Okay, dis-inviting Eddy Merckx, is just weird. And Eric Zabel, too???


Tour of America, in September!!!??? Come on, that interferes with the Tour of MO!! How about having it in July....maybe we would have better TV coverage!!!


But at the same time, it turns St L. into cycling central, since it would be a stop on the Tour of USA.


Did you see that Valverde will ride??
McQuaid CANT be a happy camper!

Thanks for the link about Merckx, Waddy. UNBELIEVABLE! did have a great quote from Eddie that makes me giggle...
"while Merckx found the organizers to be crazy, as Sporza reported on its web site. He bluntly added that "dumb people are everywhere, even in Germany."


Just googled Tom and his mom and the second hit (after his TdF withdrawal due to knee injury) was this very post!

susie b

Ok, I went to the prelim ToA site. The overall winner gets $1 million. Each STAGE winner gets $100,000. (You'd have to knock out Robbie with a tranq gun to keep him from winning all the sprints....;). And there would be a NEW category - Overall PLACE winner. Whoever has the lowest (best) placement in each stage added together. Say what?

This has to be a GAG. I think someone has been engaging in T.A.B.... ;)

Too bad, as I sincerely hope there WILL be a Tour of America someday. That WILL offer the best prize money & WILL eventually entice all the best cyclists from around the world.

Meanwhile, thanks to CAS, Alejaaaaandro will be pushing the pedals round at Worlds after all. Wonder what the UCI will do next, well, once they've revived McQuaid. ;). I just want to see all the "evidence". And if there IS a bloodbag with the name "Pitti" on it, I want Valverde to offer up his DNA, with his rep standing right there as they test it against the DNA of the bloodbag. Otherwise, I won't believe he's not involved. Come ON! If your blood is not in those bags, wouldn't you INSIST on showing the world?

BTW, what organization is actually in charge of the World Championships? I would think THEY would have the right to invite/block anyone they want. Not the country where it's being competed & not CAS. The UCI should have followed Floyd's blueprint & released ALL the evidence online. That would have truly been sublime, no? Too late now.

And what's up with Bettini? Watch too much subtitled Mr Rogers growing up & he's just too freakin SPECIAL?!! Sorry, I kinda liked him but have NO patience for that. I'm all for "human rights" but this sport is on life support, you do whatever it takes to keep it breathing. If that means pledges, MORE testing, etc, then so be it. And if Sinkewitz did get those T patches from him & another Italian cyclist, oooh boy.

Germany. You have to laugh. No Merckx - the world's most revered cyclist. But they will have Valverde & Bettini. Once again, that "publicity" refrain rears its head. Personally, I think this kind of crap makes the sport a laughingstock & hardly conducive to attracting new viewers/fans. If I wasn't one already, I'd never start now. All these stories about doping is like digging at an open sore - will just get infected & eventually poison the entire body & death is inevitable without the proper meds. How ironic. How perfect for this sport, where irony reigns supreme.


An American tour would be a wonderful thing for the sport here in the States but I'm with susie b. It's my understanding that there's a reason marathons top out at 26 miles. There's a point at which the intake can't keep up with the output without sufficient rest... It would definitely be a tour where more of the field would drop before the finish. I wonder also if viewer fatigue would set in or that folks just wouldn't tune in until the last week.

Didn't a commentator once say that Tour riders "...start out skinny and end up skeletal"? How will they be after 27 days?

Thanx Sara, for the news on Boom and 'Cross and Adam for the snippet on Jeannie Longo. The momentum of cross in the US has got me thinking about racing - and not worrying about my age being a factor.

Waddy you are a funny man! I found Sara via the raves of Bitch Kittie - what's happened to her column lately? Anyone?

BTW - I thought "Boonen and Lore" meant mythology as in: "trivia and lore". Lore is a person? Oh no that's got me falling off my chair!

Sara Best

Oh ya Kathleen, Lore is Boonen's ex-girlfriend. They broke up after the Tour this year but clearly someone out there in internet land just can't let it go.

And now that we talk about it so much this site seems to be the number one destination for those searching for more info on Tom's love life.


OK. 30 days is too long for a race. 27 stages? what are they nuts? Everyone would be dead. Skeletal indeed.

I asked Sara a couple days ago about BK. Her site is suspended. Do they do that when you don't write? Did she do it?

Also SARA BEST suz and I asked what those funny links are on your site: "subscribe to feed" and "add to typepad people list"....what's the answer please?

Got an email from Slipstream, here's the link to the announcement of the jersey redesign (hurumph, I like the current ones), but I can't get it to play.


I looked at that link Cat, but it was an interview with a guy who builds bikes. Maybe I didn't watch long enough. May I change the subject for a moment? (My apologies to the IA men)

ps: I just got my HTFU bracelet from AUSTRALIA. I'll send yours out on Friday, Sara.


No offense to the dancer, but I would think that the women of the IA might rather see a web page with Tom Boonen and the rest of the peleton in their TT tights, entitled "The Hard Men of Cycling". I'm just sayin' ;)


Things are getting VERY dicey for the UCI. Valverde has been cleared by the CAS to participate in the Worlds. Big blow to the UCI. What follows will be very interesting to say the least. Future implications?...


OK, It's always important to wait for the right moment to turn someone on to a new musical artist, but this is so totally appropriate given the tone of today's posts. I give you a hot new folk artist, Jenny Owen Youngs, and she's for real. The song is a Nelly cover I'm sure you'll recognize. Cause it's been a little "Hot in Here" today.


My my Amy.......that is a LOVELY web site ;) Now Sara will get all the ladies looking for pics of Maksim, too!


Ok, he is pretty, but does he race bikes???

Actually, I hadn't stopped and thought of the implications of a 27 day Tour with 200mi on some of the stages. Would the teams be able to send in replacement riders, as we put racers in the hospital???


The Slipstream press conference isn't til tomorrow! That's so we can watch it LIVE!!

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