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September 14, 2007



OMG Sara, I'm sitting in the ICU trying to tie up loose ends and decompress from the day's events (a 39 y/o lost her battle with metastatic breast cancer) and I opened your site to see if you had posted yet. You made my day!!! The story about Pieploi leaving to be with his wife was so heartwarming and the last line is priceless!!!

"It's sort of like if Phil Ligget and Dave Zabriskie had a baby and it became a cycling race announcer." Two of my foavorite guys. You are such a hoot!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you.


Sara, you have got me LOL with the image of Phil & Dave having a baby race announcer!

I have to send this to my friends who already think all I do is read blogs all day!

Go George!

Sara Best

No Cat, thank YOU. I wasn't actually going to post today. I read the news this morning and nothing jumped out at me and I just honestly couldn't think of anything to say today.

But I hate leaving you guys without a fresh space to chat in so I wanted to put something up and then I read the story about Piepoli and I knew what I wanted to post.

But hearing that my little post, and the great story about this caring husband and father, made you - someone who actually does something noble and important for a living - feel a little better today, makes me SO happy that I didn't just take a pass until Monday.


What makes you think your work isn't noble? The artists of the world reflect back to us the humanity and meaning in our work and it's place in the world. Don't understate your contribution!!


Here's another saying from Towle when a rider is working hard: "He's flogging himself like a rented mule!"

And Sara, all I can say about the double posts yesterday is: There's A Page Two?!!!!! Who knew?!!


Here's another saying from Towle when a rider is working hard: "He's flogging himself like a rented mule!"

And Sara, all I can say about the double posts yesterday is: There's A Page Two?!!!!! Who knew?!!

susie b

I don't have anything cycling to say today except I saw a couple of Neal's video interviews from the ToM & I need to talk to the camera guy - he's cutting Neal out of some of the shots! No, no, no! If I had time, I'd watch ALL those clips, even of riders I've never heard of, just to see Sweetcheeks. :)

I have a question. Does everyone here sleep on high threadcount sheets? I've done it so long I'd evidently forgotten what "regular" sheets feel like. Had a reintroduction last night & I am shamefacedly admitting I've become a spoiled, pathetic, pampered wuss! Last night I decided to change out all my bedding for a set my Mom gave me a couple years ago as a gift. I had thrown them in the Linen closet & forgotten about them. They're very pretty (hot pink!) but let's just say my Mom & I don't shop at the same stores... OMG, I kept tossing & turning all night. It was agony! Scratchy, itchy. I feel like the damn Princess & the Pea! I CAN'T sleep on those things for another night! I'm not kidding, it was awful. Can you actually become addicted to high threadcount? ;)

Camille, Washington was only on the CNN City Lists once, in the Intelligent group. Austin was in 4 different Best categories, including Wild Weekend! Nobody comes to Washington for wild weekends, well, except maybe Bill Clinton... :)


Susie, Sounds like you spent last night in DOWNTOWN PAINSVILLE! I don't think thread count is all it's cracked up to be. I've seen very high counts in discount places, but in the end, you get what you pay for. I don't think what I'm on these days is a high thread count, but there aren't enough o's in smooth to describe how smooth they are. Enough said.

And if Phil and Dave had a baby, it had to happen in Mexico. Just ask Jessica's mailman.

Theresa what a long day!!
I finally rolled out of bed, and figured if I got to lebanon by 9:30am, that would be fine; it's a hour away...btw. So, I get there, find the place I'm supposed to check in, and everyone's gone!! So, call me a lousy volunteer!! I went to the Start instead! By the time I found myself a spot; "autograph alley" when the riders are checking in,there were still a decent number of riders signing in. I'm standing there with someone (who says his name is Brad!) and all he knows is Levi and George, and he wants to use my marker! Sara, I got Svein Tuft's autograph!!! And he's wearing a special Pro Americas kit; so I haven't been able to recognize him! And our US Senator is standing there(with people) looking for my Brad Huff!! You should have seen Brad's face when he came down from signing in; I'm sure someone told him he was being "paged"...sooo cute!!

But, I got several autographs, some of the riders are hard for me to put a name with the face...Danny Pate came thru, and I was trying to think of who he was...And I stuck my book out for him to sign, he was kinda smirking, and I saw his "D" and I said"OMG you are Danny Pate!!!" And he grinned and said "yes I am", and I dug his photo card out of my pile and thrust it at him; and he said "Thanks" and acted like he was going to walk off! He was being so funny!! And so was Steve Cozza, who has the "Build a Bear" young rider's jersey; and I called him by name; he turned around and said; " for that, you get an autograph"!lol THEN later, it dawned on me what SHIRT I had on....they seen them all week!!!lol

But, I got George,Levi, Alberto....such beautiful eyes, Benjamin, Tony again, on his 2005 photo card. I called one of the German riders "a belgian" and none of the Tecos riders speak least not around the fans! It was a good start, for a fairly small town..So I called Janann, and they were are their way to Columbia, so I climbed in the car and started driving!!

My Lord, HOW do people do the Grand Tours???? I'm exhausted, I'm starting to lose track of days, even Dave Towle called Columbia, "Springfield", and I thought I'd NEVER get home!! But it was so worth it!!
Slipstream was trying to set Brad up for the win, and Parra, with S-D/Prodir won, and he got a Brazilian flag from someone; and was riding around at the finish with his flag!!! So NEAT!!

Janann and Alan's Prius and my new Civic are friends now!! They were sitting there waiting for us when we got back to the parking lot..they had a couple of shuttles. I headed back home, and tomorrow, Alan and Janann are going home, after the start in Jeff City...

Good Grief! What a long post...and I haven't even remembered everything yet!!


T, why aren't you sharing the computer with Janann? Tell her we want to hear what she has to say ABOUT YOU!!!

Where are the pictures from DG??? Come on gurl. You aren't doin' nuthin'.


Cat, I PROMISE, cross my heart, Janann and I talked about it; and I'm making a CD of my 218 pics(many have nothing to do with DG; but they are in the same file! And I'm mailing it to you!
We are doing the same thing with these pics, because, JD, Tom, and I all took pictures. My battery went dead, and Tom was getting all the good shots of the TT. AND JANANN AND I made the Sfpld paper again!! you need a magnifying glass to see us, but they had a picture of the finish.
Janann, and I have shared a computer wed, when she and Alan, got stuck looking at all my pictures. I'm starting to get the races all mixed up...time has passed....
Today, we ended up with tall people in front of us, at the Awards ceremony. And Alan said the paper stated that Build-a-Bear at a great day yesterday in Branson!! The shop was right there on the Landing. See, what sponsership does?
I feel sorry for that Bear, they probably have to give him IV fluids by the end of the day.

And Susie, we finally had some Neal Rogers moments, watching him run in flip-flops was pretty funny, he still looked cool! And Janann, told me the photog that I was hassling, because he blocked my view of the finish, was Neil Browne..and I think she's RIGHT!!


OH OH, Liz was there, and Janann recognized her from Paceline, so she came over to us and chatted for a bit! So nice...she's not sure what she's going to do next year, either.


Oh, and I called John Devine by name...process of elimination...but it pleased him to be called by name. I missed Fuyu, and probably would have misprounced his name anyway..:(


T, YOU are in the wrong profession!!!! And when the heck did you go to bed?


Okay, I got the name of the stage winner wrong! Pagliarini(I think) and it looks like he got the flag from someone in the crowd. He was adorable and he said the race was very well run!! First stage win in America, but he's been a pro for 10yrs!

Cat, I got to bed after 1am, and I woke up at 6:30a, and rolled over and went back to sleep! But the events from the race are dancing in my head!!


So T, are you going to the final stage today?


(Sorry got my days wrong, are we at stage 4? Two more to go?)

OK T, your mission, should you accept it, is to find Neil Browne and SET HIM STRAIGHT! He hates Springfield...

susie b

I love your comments Theresa! I want to hear everything! And as soon as Janann gets herself to a computer, I want the full scoop from her too! BTW, did you meet Chris Brewer? I was going to say "another hunk of hotness" but that's soooo demeaning to men.... ;) And really, I admire Neal & Chris for their, uh, journalistic greatness! Actually, they both seem such sweet guys, how can you not like 'em!

And T, I've always thought following a Grand Tour would be an Endurance event itself. I think this is great experience for you so when you go to the TOUR, you'll be better prepared! I couldn't handle all that driving. I'd be great for that passenger seat though. :) I've been on a couple 2 week bus tours, where you are in a different hotel each night & traveling from place to place & you do lose track of the days & start getting the hotels mixed up. It's like you're in a separate reality. Kind of reminded me of camp. The "outside" world is suspended & 'Time' is heightened, compressed & intensified all at once.

And Waddy, I never thought the fancy, smancy sheets were that big of deal either as I've used them so long, they just seemed 'regular' to me. Won't make THAT mistake again. The Salvation Army is now getting a brand new comforter (not even out of the wrapper) & another unopened set of sheets. Don't know if they'll take the set I've slept on ONCE. And don't know what sheets you've tried, but I'll never again take threadcount for granted. Give me at least 275! However, I'm not a complete nut & do not spend $300 for a single sheet. Which you could, if you were rich &/or crazy. If my Mom ever knew what I spent on bed linens, I'd never hear the end of it, but I'm not completely insane. ;) Much cheaper, but still comfy are flannel & "t-shirt" sheets (the ones Oprah raved about a few years ago); very nice in winter!


I just told Neil Browne he better watch out for you T!


When I was younger (and full of hormones) I loved flannel and T-shirt sheets, but my bed partner got too hot and complained. Now I am the hot one and he comes to bed with ice cubes for feet. Is there NO justice???? They need to make a SHEET number bed to meet each person's needs...


Ok, cat, I went to Neil's blog , and posted a comment. I reminded him I have a subscription to his magazine!!

Driving home from Columbia last night, I was in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of our state...and I suddenly realized that I didn't have my AAA card!! After 2-3 hrs winding thru the Ozarks, getting to Spfld was like reaching an oasis!!


Tonight I'm driving up to Six Flags and stay in the Days Inn, then drive into St Louis and find myself to the start. I get VIP treatment tomorrow.


WooHoo!!! Ms T's a VIP! Glad there were no mishaps on the way through the Ozarks.

You know, I am not sure I have ever been in Missouri.... I see a trip in my future.

Neil seems cute, but not as cute as Neal!


Danny Pate won the stage!! WooHoo!!!! Just talk to Janann, they are in Iowa, going to Grandma's to get the baby. The start in Jeff City she said was packed and then they stopped and watched at Hermann as the riders went by.
Pate was in the break-away all day. I feel asleep at about 85km left; I was having trouble with live feed, and I have to drive 3 hrs tonight. So, I napped.

I gotta start getting my stuff together, so I can leave around 7pm.


Hello all! We're home!

Yes, T was indeed harassing Neil yesterday for stationing himself directly in front of our view of the finish line (that we had spent an hour and a half holding). She told him that she expected some pics from him since he "took" ours ;) We did get a good view of the back of his head, however.

Liz Kreutz, from the Paceline, was simply adorable and so sweet to come talk with us. She said that the guys have been having a fantastic time during the race - a lot of goofing around on the bus. When I asked her what she'd be doing next year she said that she didn't know but that she is fairly certain (not public yet) that Johan will be joining another team next year. I hope that she is able to find a position taking cycling photos because she is just really damn good!

Susie - Neal Rogers was there, but was difficult to keep in sight. He's FAST even in flip-flops! So....didn't get to talk with him. I did talk for quite awhile with Dave Shields (The Race, The Tour, Tour de Life). I love his books and he was an interesting guy to talk with. He was selling a lot of books to that crowd!

We had an amazing time following the race! Theresa is such a sweetie (as you knew she would be) and had boundless energy and incredible dedication to Slipstream and her boy, Brad. Cat, she really DOES have photos of your DG trip - I saw the proof! I have LOTS of photos of the ToM, but haven't had a chance to recharge batteries and see if they turned out well or not.

I was thrilled to see George do so well and having him in yellow meant we got to see a lot of him (close-up) during the podiums.

I hate to make this too long. I'll just add little stories when they come to mind. Tell me to cut it out if you get bored with it all ;)

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