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September 21, 2007



Now, Amy, would that be, "I'm Tom Boonen, bitch" or maybe, " I'm Tom Boonen's bitch"...

either slogan will get you attention for sure!


Jeez-Louise! Good thing I have a 12 hour graveyard shift, so-as to sift thru the days postings! JUST read the article on Velo news with Pereiro's statements, and they make me sick. He ACTS like he won the race by being the best rider there, day after day, beating all comers. In reality he just HAPPENED to have his breakaway on a day when Floyd (and the rest of the teams) decided NOT to chase (as he was NOT a GC contender). So yes, he did garner a large amount of time on everybody, but it so OBVIOUSLY was a fluke. And yes, he is now proclaimed the winner. OK. Yes, he WAS the 2nd place guy. He's just TOO full of himself, like he EARNED the title "Winner of the 2006 TDF". He didn't, Floyd did. And anybody out there who thinks the Arb panel chose correctly needs to read the dissenting opinion by Chris Campbell (here is the link, In fact, EVERYBODY should read this, to help REMEMBER why the Arbitration panel majority decision is pure BULLSHIT!)

I just don't see how ANYBODY can read this and not at LEAST see reasonable doubt. But my hat's off to Chris Campbell, who appears to be a man of high ethics and principals! Cheers to you Chris! And same goes out to all the Floyd Faithful (Paula and everybody at TBF, Matt F at FFF, and everybody else out there who slips my mind at the moment) who have tirelessly worked to keep us enquiring minds educated and in-the-know over the last 14 months or so!

And Cathy, way cool you get to continue your work at Paceline thru Nov...I am anxious to read all your final interviews and such.

And lastly, I guess I missed the toast to Floyd today (when was all this planned?) Not that I would have been able to's highly frowned upon to have ANY fun-beverages prior to a shift working with spacecraft...(not sure why that is...guess they are funny that way). But I AM hoisting an Ice Cold Dr. Pepper to him at this very moment (coming up on Midnight). AND, I will have a 2 or 3-bottle toast of Cytomax in his honor during a nice Mt bike ride hopefully on Monday (when we finally go down to 8-hour shifts...I'll still be on Graves, but figure I can catch 6 hours of sleep and sneak in a 2-3 hr mt bike ride every other day...hooray!) OK, back to work.


Oh, and I think you should replace that HORRID photo Sara...ack, gag, yak! Can hardly stand to look at it every day when I log on! (hi Jeannie!) GRINN!!!!


Yea Matt, the toast kinda snuck up on everyone. TBV posted it the day before so if you didn't go there on Thursday, oops missed it. Correct me if I'm wrong Sara & Paula (I miss strbuk), etal, but I remember TBV talking about doing it a few weeks ago, but don't remember a date being mentioned.

Missed a call from JD last night on my way to a movie ("Eastern Promises" filmed in Canada-oh-Canada), which was really good, albeit gory. But heck, it was Cronenberg (a Canadian!), so no surprise there. I do love watching Viggo Mortensen act. He's a pretty scary dude in this flick, and although you can see his handsomeness after a while, it's hard to do at first. Some tough scenes to watch, especially the ones where V is sans clothes in an old fashioned spa (there's frontal!) but getting sliced up at the same time. He does kick some butt himself, but it is all so subhuman and animalistic that hubby covered his eyes. I'm usually the one to do that, but Cronenberg's chilly directing kept it all at arms length for me.

We have been following Cronenberg's films since "Scanners" in 1981. I never saw "the Brood." Are you a fan Sara? I'm sure Larry isn't, doesn't seem his cup-a-tea. JD and Ms T -no,, no, but she'd yell at the screen, Matt-no, maybe a few months ago I would have thought so, Greg-no clue but I bet he doesn't watch movies, Amy-no, Julie, not sure (!) but she definately wouldn't barf, Camille- oh she'd feel like she was wasting her time but wouldn't cring, Paula no way.

No idea why I felt compelled to say all this, but, well, there you are....


Susie - I wrote an article on music in ads some years ago, I should dig it out for you. I think the one that broke me was "I Feel Good" in a laxative ad. :-P

Amy - re: shipping from Australia - well, at least you'll get the same kind the CSC guys are wearing!

Cat - I'm a huge movie fan, Netflix makes no money on me, but oddly enough it appears the only Cronenberg flick I've seen is A History of Violence. I liked that one, despite William Hurt's painful-to-watch performance. And I love me some Viggo, too. As a die-hard absolute fanatic of HBO's Oz, I obviously don't always shy away from gritty violence, but I think I'm getting soft in my later years. I really did not enjoy Pan's Labyrinth at all, and found myself looking away for half the movie. So I'm not sure either! :-)

susie b

Cat, I LOVED your TAB treatise. Truly, 'TAB' has a whole nother meaning for me now. :) Hmmmmm, I've got a name to add to that list. ;)

Sara, I'd only found the Harden... wristbands at that Australian TV site & I wasn't sure about that show, plus the shipping was horrendous. So, I "designed" my own at 2 "custom wristband" internet sites. I bought 5 each from 2 places as I want to compare them for future purchases. It's wild, they have tons of colors, fonts, types. I wanted the "debossed" like the Livestrong ones. Anyway, I ordered from Wristbandsnow & LightbeamLabs. (The latter vendor was much more expensive than the 1st). Mine will be black & say "HTFU". I can send you one if you want. Just FYI, there are a LOT of custom wristband sites but many have minimum orders of 50-100. The 2 I ordered from had no minimum.

And remember, we can make up INANE ASYLUM wristbands, so check out those sites if you're interested. I'm partial to the maroon as I think the guys wouldn't think that color was too "girly". :)

And Cat, I saw Viggo on Letterman last week & was SHOCKED! I didn't even recognize him. He must have lost 30 lbs & looked emaciated. I assume it was for a movie role but man, he looked terrible. But, he was surprisingly funny, very low key & dry, but funny. They did show a clip of one of his 1st acting jobs, as a bit player on As the World Turns & his character had to keep REPEATING the name of this island. It was hysterical. The great thing was that Viggo "set up" the clip, so he was totally in on the joke. But, as for that movie. Too violent for me. I LOVE action & "war" movies but from the reviews I've read (& now your review), I think it's too much gore for me.


You're right, Cat. I'm not into too much violence in movies, though I really did like "History of Violence" with Viggo. Yes, he was the reason I went to see it despite the title ;)

I was thinking the same thing about the interpretation of those Boonen T's, Theresa. Those are hilarious Amy - thanks!

Susie I know JUST what you mean about music holding a special place in your memory; some of it just SHOULD NOT be messed with by using it for a commercial! LOTMohicans is also one of my FAVORITE soundtracks of all time. I can absolutely picture that beautiful scenery in my mind's eye each time I hear it.

Matt, your response was exactly what I imagined it would be and I AGREE wholeheartedly. Sounds like many of us missed the actual time of the Floyd toast, but made up for it later. I'll bet Floyd felt like having a "toast" or two himself last night....

Be sure to read Julie's new post if you haven't - excellent as always.


Good (but sad) article by LATimes - Hiltzik,1,7619413.story?track=crosspromo&coll=la-headlines-sports&ctrack=4&cset=true


It's funny, I think "A History of Violence" is one of Cronenberg's most accessible movies. I do believe that Viggo brings heart to the director and that is why (aside form being a fabulous actor) Mr C likes him and has made two films with him. Although Maria Bello was in the was in the "AHOV," Naomi Watts (in "Eastern Promises") is the same physical type and felt like the same character, but a little more timid. both too.


Theresa -- We have not found Floyd (nor Lance) on any of the local roads, yet. A couple of weeks ago, we were on Latigo Cyn in the LA Santa Monica Mtns and we THOUGHT we saw Lance coming up the road. We kept going. On the return, at a slight let up on the road, Greg, Mark, Scott, & I were riding really strong & quick. Is that Lance coming down!?!? Boy, I did my best to look like I wasn't feeling any of this mountain road stuff. Then we saw it wasn't Lance. Oh, well. We do believe that Lance rides the SM Mtns when in LA, and rides that road. I've heard that he rides up Stunt Rd. in 15 minutes (my PR is 60% longer).


I think all Greg and Paul do is work and ride! And Matt; keeps getting sent out of town, just enough to interrupt his mileage.
Well I rode 55mi yesterday, in my ToM leader's yellow jersey, from Hincapie Sportswear. They happened to do $1million in sales at the ToM. Or did I mention that already?? I needed my HTFU wristband yesterday..some of those back to back hills, were killers. And of course; the last 8mi, is so long. I'm getting close to my 1000miles goal for this year...if it hadn't been scorching hot for 2 weeks; then rained every day the 10 days before the Race, I'd be further along.


Wasn't Cronenberg the filmmaker that did "Dead Ringers"??? OMG, that was the most HAunting movie I ever saw, and I couldn't watch some scenes.....that was it, all I needed from him!

Did you guys watch the ToM coverage yesterday??? Janann and I were in the shots from the TT finish...but you had to look for our yellow cowbells!lol


Hey Cat. Talkin' 'bout that mysterious Canadian director Cronenberg are we? So just what do you think IS "my cup of tea"?

Well, if you want to take the full artistic measure of the man, you might want to check out "Crash". Has some pretty good actors in James Spader, Holly Hunter and Rosanna Arquette. Automobiles and bodies collide - in more ways than one. Lotsa death, dismemberment, danger... and sex. Not for the faint of heart. But worth seeing nonetheless. Definitely off the beaten path. Words of wisdom - don't see this movie on a first date.

Something by Cronenberg that might be more your speed is "The Fly". Some of you may have heard of the lead actor (one of my favourites) - Jeff Goldblum.

ps we have another top notch director up here. The "other Canadian" is Atom Egoyan. A movie done by either is worth seeing.

"Now there's your Canadian tip of the day. I'm your Canadian host Larry Maxwell. Back to your regularly scheduled program. The Appeal starring Lance as Brutus.


Ahhh, sheise T, I was too busy doing my household chores and answering pages yesterday to watch anything! Did not turn on the TV once all weekend. Damn. Do you think there are any shots of you on the internet? I did watch some of the race there when it was going on.

And yes, he did do "Dead Ringers" which I found disturbing but fascinating. Besides, I love Jeromy Irons and, um, jes sec...Genevieve Bujold!! (god bless Google)

He is still violent, but the thrust of his films or the tone is more well mature and I think subtle. Though anyone who saw "Crash" would question that statement....

It's Monday. I wonder what Floyd is doing......


T - woohoo, good riding! I was hoping you'd tell us if you were in the ToM footage - I looked for you, but it was hard to catch all the faces on the crowd shots. I recorded it, though, so I'll look again now that I know where!

Cat - Versus will replay ToM this week, maybe Tue or Wed, check their website.


Thanks Jules.


Wednesday, is the repeat. Yes, in the TT finish footage if you look close enough for Janann and my yellow cowbells, you can see us! I saw our arms and shoulders once!!
Not bad. I thought I saw Janann in one of the podium presentations...back of her head, sunglasses, and hand.

I spent yesterday being on-call. So I still didn't work on my pictures....but it'll happen. Janann is doing a LOT better than me!!!

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