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September 21, 2007



Sara, when I look at your photo, and those dreamy eyes, I can't help but think when you sat for that milli-second photo, you had this day - in the distant future - in mind.

"Moving On" says it all. And its as if you sat for that photo, in that frame of mind TODAY. It fits.

ps Susie B; left a bon mot for ya in the last post ;-)
Try and keep up will ya.


One problem I see with being asked to submit DNA is that people see it as being a way to prove a rider's innocence. Has anyone provided DNA to Peurto and been cleared? Why should a rider believe that they will be treated any more fairly than Floyd has been treated. Who's collecting the DNA? The UCI, WADA? Who's to be trusted? Who DOESN'T have an agenda? It's easy to say that a rider must be guilty if they don't want to submit DNA, but a rider might rather take their chances with the CAS regarding one race rather than risk being set up by McQuaid or Pound,Dick and have their entire career tanked. Not saying Valv.Piti is innocent, but who do you trust?


Larry, Haven't you heard? Sara is 'tranquilo'.


BTW, Larry has mentioned those dreamy eyes before. I'm just sayin'.


I'm guessing that Larry doesn't know that Sara is tied to a chair in that picture.

Sara Best

I'm tranquilo? I thought susie b was tranquilo.

And I am NOT tied to the chair ;)

I'm going to need to pull a Marty and get myself a fancy new picture up there.


Unless you're doing triathlons and the next pic is in a bathing suit (sorry Susie), I think Larry votes that you keep this picture.

Sara Best

I don't do triathlons, but if a bathing suit would make my readers happy then...



I'm not going to get into the other stuff, but I was sad to see Michael Barry won't be racing the Worlds for Canada this year.

Anyone know why? I know he's had a rough season and another baby is on the way (or is already here...) so perhaps that kept him from racing.

Sara Best

Adam, I don't think that Michael is in good enough form to take one of the Canadian slots at the World's this year.

The pneumonia and then tonsilitis took a lot out of him and, while he has been racing again, he's been slow to recover. He has said about the World's that he didn't want to ride for Canada unless he could be really competitive.



I too agree that Oscar probably doesn't deserve to win the TdF. However, since he is now the "official winner", I can see his point about not getting all the benefits that go along with winning the TdF. Number one would have to be the HUGE jump in salary that he would have gotten this year during contract negotiations with Caisse d'espargne. Second would be the money, the jersey ceremony, the fame etc. And although it seems like Oscar is whiny, I think most people would probably take the same stance if they were in his position. His career/life has been on hold for almost as long as Floyd's. While he obviously didn't go through the same kind of strife, he has been dealing with this for the past year plus. So if I were him, I would damn sure demand that there was official documentation that was notarized saying that I was the winner.


Okay I was the original to call Oscar a whiney baby a long while back, but I won't do that again. I think he's been pretty good throughout the trial and waiting period, and truthfully what a god-awful position to be in. I didn't take his notarized comment the way you did, Sara, I thought he just wanted something official naming him the winner instead of reading it in a press release on cycling news! lol Who knows, the translations are tough. But he will be happily counting that big fat check pretty soon while the Phonak boys who worked their asses off get nada. Course it was a long time ago now so who can even remember who they were, cept for Axel?!

Tomorrow is the TT for the Vuelta. It's showing free at world-wide and should be a good one. Menchov has been a powerhouse, and good for him. He got the win two years ago when Heras was shown the door, so at least this time he will get the party.

And I've found out I will continue writing for Paceline at least until end of November. I want to do exit interviews with the english-speakers. Any other types of content you guys think would be fun?

Sara, don't change your photo! It's beautiful! And I don't like Md's new one, and maybe don't even care for him either.

FLOYD LANDIS: the true winner of the 2006 Tour.

That's the t-shirt I need to wear when I see Lelangue!!!


Ok, sorry for a totally off topic comment, but I have another trivia question, and I'm stumped (sp?). So here's one for you all to take your minds off of the serious stuff:)

'In one of the events in a 2007 Colorado festival, a famous mountain biker returned to the racing after many years off the MTB race scene. What was the riders result?'

I wanted to say Floyd with Leadville, butI don't think that was a festival. Anyone know the answer?? Thanks for your help!


It could be Tom Danielson in the Mt Evans Hill Climb....

susie b

It's like that movie Spartacus! I am Tranquilo. I am Tranquilo! I AM TRANQUILO! :) :)

About Oscar... Yes, finishing in the top 10 of any Tour de France is nothing to sniff at & he's done it a couple times. And I had even given him some slack for his ridiculous whining in 2005 when George beat him for that stage win. And then he was Floyd's kinda-buddy, so I was ok when Floyd LET HIM get 30 minutes on the peloton & take the yellow jersey. But, but, but, EVERY time he has opened his mouth since Floyd's test result hit the media, he has done nothing but prove his Whiner Boy name. He only finished on the podium because Floyd GAVE it to him! He has never acknowledged it & in fact is quoted as saying HE was the "smartest" rider in that race & DESERVED to win. OMG. Delusional. To have THIS guy as the official winner (& btw, I'd like MY Dr to testify he's got asthma) is almost as big a travesty as Floyd not.

Only thing worse would be is if Chicken had won it this year. If Floyd does regard him as the winner then we just disagree. After reading everything that came out about Ras during & after the Tour, I think he's been a doper for YEARS. And based on the rules, he should have never been allowed to start the friggin race this year. I used to get such a kick out of him in the poki-dots. Never again. But, I'll never have to worry about seeing him in the Tour again as I think Floyd has a better chance of coming out of the Start House & let's just say I wouldn't bet the house.... But at least with Floyd, the drama happened AFTER the race. I don't think the ASO will soon forget those Euro headlines this past summer. Between Vino & Chicken, the Tour was trashed by journos around the world. And btw, didn't it crack ya'll up when a certain someone was silent on the "any publicity is good publicity" tiresome refrain when the shit was really hitting the fan during the Tour?! Yeah, I'm sure the GERMAN fans would have clanged their beer steins together on that...

Larry, I was just teasing you about Lance as we have a kind of HISTORY on that... :) And take care of yourself while you're training & NO, I will not tell you to KPA... I'll tell you ANYthing else. Go for it! Rip it up! Kick ass! Never give up! You da man! ANYTHING, just NOT that & NOT "give me your freakin "A" game, either. ;) What do they say in hockey? Eh? How about "Scoosh that Nova Scotian ass!"? Think we got a winnah! :)


Sally - I think that would be the Teva Mountain Games, yes?


Susie - I was just talking specifically about when people would say Anna K didn't have talent, not the money thing.

I agree with Oscar just wanting official confirmation, I didn't take a negative read on it. And why is it always said that Floyd gave him that time? Didn't the entire peloton? In fact, you could argue that every team other than Phonak and CSC gave it to him, because those other teams were the ones that were obligated to chase and didn't.

I don't like the new MD pic either, he looks pretty goofy, not nearly as solid and credible as the other one. Altho, it rather fits his posts of late in that regard, so maybe it works! ;-P

Re: UCI coming up with evidence - am I missing something here? They have bags of blood with his and his dog's name on them, what more do you want? This isn't asking a random person to compare his DNA to all the bags - this is, we have evidence, and to prove it we want to compare your DNA to these bags. Sounds straightforward to me. Isn't DNA reliable? I mean, people get put to death on it, or cleared from death, so I think they've at least got that one down.

On a brighter note, awesome day at the Vuelta! Well, awesome to watch, hehe, brutal for the riders. Rain, narrow roads, steep pitches, good stuff.


Okay, I'm ready to stop talking about Oscar. I don't care about Oscar, I care about Floyd.
The ASO is setting up the race so that they can personally invite or dis=invite riders/teams, directors, hell, maybe even American fans!! (I'm kidding!)

We haven't heard the end of Floyd. I agree with Sara. And even if he goes to work in the restaurant in San Diego that his mother-in-law owns, he's still my hero, and I want to know if he even rides with Matt, Greg, Paul, and that other guy, in some of those crazy rides you do!!

Funny, Julie, I voted for kit #3 too!! I like the darker color, and the play with the argyle.

I was emailed a link to youtube video of Brad landing on his head. And I found 3 more of Brad in the TT with his legions of fans screaming for him! I'll post the links if you like.
My screensaver is the final podium for the ToM. It makes me feel good to look at it. And I'm thrilled that Menchov is kicking everyone's butt in the Veulta, it's like he has something to prove!


Oh, and Sara, the Canadian team for the Worlds sounds like it'll kick ass!!
Svein Tuft was always hanging back by himself at the race, we've got to get more familiar with that kit!! Sara, what's the offical title? I call it the Americas pro kit. How about a picture of Svein??


Oh, shoot, I forgot I was going to mention Dom Rollin...what a sweet year he's had!


Okay, went to TBV and read the press release from the FFF. I just donated again.

And I need to set the alarm on my phone for 5:10pm today!

It'll be water, but that's not the point!


Right on, Theresa, I hope #3 wins!

ToM on Versus on Saturday, woohoo!


Oooh, Alberto will be at Interbike....that is going to be one freaking long line to get his autograph. Going off to practice my spanish so i can habla espanol when Pj introduces me!


BTW, I was just reading about Allan Davis and the UCI wanting him off the Australian team for worlds. Check out the article at cnews (2nd article on page):
This guy has offered up his DNA no less than three times according to this piece YET UCI does nothing to let him clear his name. So here we have the UCI playing god once again, going after riders who refuse to give DNA for whatever reason (and there are numerous) and then continuing to unofficially persecute other riders who want to actively clear their names....why won't they cooperate with Davis and let him provide the sample??? What method is there to their madness? They look ridiculous.


Exactly Cathy, Why are the UCI to be trusted? Given the treatment of Floyd by McQuaid, I'm inclined to side with Philip and say, "death to the Pro Tour". I'm not sure it is good for the riders. It's like any major league sport. The commissioners are at best, representatives of the OWNERS of the sport. At their worst, they operate with their own agenda. Who represents the riders?

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