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September 20, 2007



Floyd will always be my 2006 Tour winner! I'm dissappointed, but not surprised. The system has got to change!
I wonder how much it costs to do the CAS thing?


My husband just called me to let me know. I thought I was prepared but I was wrong. What I find particulary difficult is that going forward, they will not accept positive results who have problems like his did, but because they did a "more sensitive" carbon isotope test on his speciman, they upheld the positive. Do I have that right?

I am with T, Floyd will ALWAYS be the 06 TdF winner. I need to find his address.....

susie b

Even though I'm not surprised, I'm still devastated. For Floyd. And why is it not retroactive to August 2006? When he was suspended?! Damn, I really thought at least ONE of those other ARBs would side with Campbell. What evidence did THEY see/hear?! I'm very disappointed in them.

Floyd Landis - 2006 Tour de France winner. Forever.


Even though I pretty much expected it, I still feel like I've been kicked in the balls. Ranks right up there with the stolen elections of '00 and '04 in ignominy utter disappointment. Fuck.

I thought about making a bumper sticker awhile back-"maillot jaune" yellow, saying "Floyd Won."
Need to do that.

Bordel de Merde!


I think the stripping of the title waits till the appeal if there is one?


I too was not expecting exactly how it would feel to read that headline. I've kept my yap shut about this because I just kind of wanted to hope (denial) a wee bit longer. But it feels like it got really quiet in my neighborhood just now - a real silence in my ears.

He's my 2006 too and sign me up for the bumpersticker/sit-in/candle vigil hug-fest.


I keep remembering the elation of what he did on Stage 17, as we all watched and cheered for him. Three days later, the best day of his life, and three days after that, the worst. We've all been through it with him and I still feel cheated of the afterglow of the win. I'll never believe he cheated, never.

I saw it first here right after you posted, and I ran to my cell to call the only friend who has been watching and waiting with me... and it rang, and there she was with the news, too. Damn! Damn.


Hanging crepe in the land of Floyd... Hello Sara. Been following your column for some time now - consistently excellent even when you ramble off topic! But was not moved to comment 'til now. I went to check my hotmail acount and saw a little picture flash on my way to another page "floyd found guilty". GULP.

I'm with everyone else here. He won it. We watched him win it.

I don't remember so much the triumphant day where FL wowed us all with the comeback that drew the testing attention. I remember the day of the epic bonk. Watching Floyd on that day actually touched my soul. I recall vividly seeing his coach coax him simply to maintain his rhythm. It was brutally apparent that the only thing keeping him in the saddle was his courage. He was miserable but he he dug in; refused to give up; refused to give in. When he crossed that line I crossed it with him knowing that we can all do anything if we just refuse to quit.

Floyd Landis is the picture of American true grit. He is a champion. I'm sure we will see him triumph again once that bitter taste leaves his mouth.
Kudos from San Diego county.


And one more thing... I just HATE that now we're going to hear that "Now we know, he did do it." As if this decision changes the facts.

Even Phil & Paul, during the Tour, kept lamenting the fact that "a year later, we still don't know if he cheated." I screamed at the TV, "No, what we still don't know is if he will be convicted." The eternal problem here is that you can't prove that you didn't cheat.

Sara Best

Welcome Kathleen, it's great to have you join us here - although I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.

Very well said about Floyd. Ever since his incredible performance at the Tour in 2006 I have - and still will - used him as an inspiration when I felt like I couldn't run any farther or ridden any harder.

Sara Best

Sorry Philip, that would be too fair.

Ugh! I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.


Devastated IS the word, Susie. I thought I was prepared, too, but dang it hurt to see those headlines. It still seems surreal and I'm having a hard time believing it. Empty feeling indeed....

This quote on Velonews - ACK!
"We have waited a long time, too long. We said since the beginning that we were confident in the laboratory (AFLD) at Châtenay-Malabry," Prudhomme said. "Now it is proven and confirmed that Landis cheated." How can he say that when even the majority opinion talks about how the tests were done incorrectly and could lead to charges being cleared in the future?! Did Prudhomme actually WATCH the hearing???? I'm with Julie - why would they give them a "warning" that these types of errors might clear an athlete in the future and not clear Floyd NOW?

This ruling doesn't change any of my beliefs about the case, but its definitely difficult to swallow. We're still with you and believe in you Floyd !!

PS - welcome Kathleen!

susie b

OMG, just the IDEA of Whiner Boy being the TDF winner is a sure Sign of the Apocalypse. :( :( :(

You're right Barbara, every time P2 said that, I also shouted at my TV!

And woofdawg, after the 2000 election, I wore black everyday for a week. I will NEVER accept that imposter, that THIEF in the White House as MY President. And yes, the disgust I felt the day after that election is similar to what I feel now. But, I'm having the last laugh about GB as his time in the WH will be remembered in history solely for 9/11 & that disaster/War in Iraq. Who says there's not justice in this world?

Hang on Floyd.


Spot on, woof, one of those things that forever comes back to you, and you're equally stunned each time you think about it that such a thing could be allowed to happen and let be.

Really hard to shift gears, but the deadline is Friday, so I want to make sure everyone has voted for their favorite Slipstream jersey! One of my favorites made it in to the finals, so I was psyched to be able to vote for it. So go vote, it will make you smile and think of the future!


This is from the race report I published on Sunday, July 23, 2006. I still believe and stand behind the words I wrote that day (from the Paceline):

"For the eighth year in a row the day belonged to an American champion. Floyd Landis donned the Maillot Jaune and climbed to the top step as the winner of the 93rd Tour de France, raising his fists in triumph before hearing the national anthem of the United States –this time being played just for him."


"Landis still has one final chance to salvage his name and rescue his yellow jersey. He can appeal to CAS and, if successful, he would be back in the picture as the 2006 Tour winner. However McQuaid feels confident that the UCI will win out, even if an appeal is lodged". From cyclingnews.


I'm sick of power politics and power plays. You don't have to play by the rules, just be in the club. We can go bomb other countries and start wars, and ruin athletes lives, just because someone has the power.

I wouldn't blame Floyd if he never competed again. But he will always be one of my biggest heroes.
But at the same time; I just found my joy again in cycling....
I feel like someone died....


Theresa hit the nail on the head for me. I've lost 2 friends in the last year and a half, and when I think about them, I have no words. I just shake my head and sigh. That's exactly what I'm doing now... 2006 TDF Winner - Floyd Landis.


Many, many people here, and at MD's, literally kicked the shit out of Greg Lemond in defence of Landis. I can match the "detached and objective" stance with the best of them, but I must admit I was surprised at the vitriol thrown GL's way. I was also smart enough to know that I don't follow cycling with the same fervour as most of you do. I love riding my bike and I've always loved the tour. But I don't visit a half dozen cycling blogs and a half dozen cycling web sites a day. Some of you do. Good for you. We all have our passions. And consequently, I'll admit I don't know the cycling history (factual) that results in most of you putting GL in the "bad boy" corner. I also recall that a prominent lament from some of you was "why doesn't Lemond do something "GOOD" for the sport?....

Stay with me. I'm going somewhere with this....
The same people here (love Lance/hate Lemond) unequivocally (from initial recations posted here) are prepared to go to their grave believing Floyd is innocent. I'm good with that - don't agree, but I think I understand.

given that Lance:
A) supports Landis and believes in him
b) has made millions from the sport
c) and is the sports most prominent cyclist (active or retired - think of snow-free states that have never been in a rink but know who Gretzky is, or backcountry Canadians who've never held a B-Ball but know who Michael Jordan is)...

Why not right a not yet proven, but assumed injustice, do soemthing "GOOD" for the sport (cause Lemond "won't") and strategically spend some of that personal wealth to help Landis. Yeah, I'm talkin' funding Landis' appeal. Hell, Landis seems like the kinda guy who would pay ya back when he gets on his feet. And IF he were found innocent on appeal, he'd earn a lot back.

As an aside, Sara, wondering if you know about Canadian Genevieve Jeanson - one of the fastest and most promising female cyclists on the planet who got suspended for doping last year. She denied it repeated (come to think of it, all deny it - no one ever says "yeah, I did it"; and dirty cyclists don't have a monoply on that schtick. Well, today she came clean and admitted all - couldn't live the lie any longer. Love the sinner. Hate the sin.

Whatever corner you're in, its a dark day for cycling. And I'll still remember watching that stage and know I bore witness to something incredible. Legal or illegal. I loved it. And will still love it when I see it again. Even when I'm an old man.

Anyway, this guy will be listening to hear what Lance has to say tomorrow. And watching, even closer, to see what action, if any, he's prepared to take.


Thank you folks for the welcomes. I employed my usual cure all for the blues: a 20 mile bike ride, diet coke, barbequed potato chips (dirty martini...) Voted on the Slipstream kit - gotta get that one! Thanks for the tip.
A parting thought: wouldn't want to be Oscar right now. I'm sure wherever he is in the world the microphones assembled early outside his door. Like a hot potato thrown in the lap, no one wants to win by default, ESPECIALLY elite competitors.

Well, as Scarlet O'Hara once said: "Tomorrow is another day!"


Oh, Kathleen, you made me laugh!
I voted too. We do have to think of the future.

Paula Kirsch

It's never going to be over, and no one wins. Floyd will always be a champion to me, I wouldn't give up a year of life for anyone less.



Larry, I'm going to address your comments in no particular order. First, I'm glad you showed up to this wake. Comforting just knowing you're here. Second, you ARE an old man. You just don't know it yet. Third, I like your idea about Lance throwing down for Floyd. It ain't gonna happen though, 'cause Lance wants a piece of this action about as much as Eddie Merckx wanted to testify for Floyd. Fourth, the comparison to Jeanson doesn't work for me for one reason. There was a window of time when, hard as it would have been to swallow, I might have believed it if it had come out that Floyd actually cheated. But I absolutely can not believe that it's in Floyd's character to take people's money while looking them in the eye if he actually cheated. He may deny vehemantly like Jeanson did, but unless he admits it, I'll never believe that he could accept money from hard working people knowing that he cheated.


And whoever finished 6th at the '96 Tour is a more deserving winner than Oscar. I say this with absolutely no sarcasm, but Oscar is one of the most talented losers in the peleton today.


BESIDES he told his mama that he didn't do it, and while we might lie to our mama when we're teen-agers I bet most of us don't as adults!

A different piece of cycling news (just because I can barely stand to think about the big news) is that Scott Moninger announced his retirement today. He's 42 I think, has been a bike rider since he was 15 and has 275 victories, more than any other American cyclist. And the press release didn't say this but I heard at USPro that he will be a new DS at Toyota-United! Right on, Scott, time to give back to the sport!

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