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September 24, 2007


susie b

I thought about Floyd all weekend. If you had his ear, would you tell him to appeal or save his money? For justice, I'd want him to go ahead, but financially, I just don't know. At least I don't see CAS as beholden to WADA as I saw two of the arbs as beholden to USADA. So, perhaps they would acknowledge the truth. However, that French org could STILL block him from ever racing in France again. BTW, anyone know if they are still going forward with their "case"? I'm as convinced now as I was then that this was merely a ploy to keep him out of this year's Tour in case the Hearing had been held & settled in Floyd's favor long before it actually transpired. It's almost comical to think they were worried about THAT when you remember what really happened this July.

I do have to say that I got choked up when reading the quotes Floyd gave Bonnie D & Michael H on Friday. It sounded like he was probably done with cycling for good. But that was probably just the anger & pain talking. I'm hoping he comes back after the suspension, not just because *I* want to see my guy on the bike again, but because I think it would help him to get over at least a LITTLE of the bitterness. If he could ride for a good non Pro-Tour team (& who knows if that will actually exist by 2009) that gets invited to many of the big races, it would possibly help alleviate some of the rage when he wins ALL of them. Tour of California, Tour de Georgia, Tour of Missouri, US PRO, etc. Whether ASO would ever invite his team to the Tour, I don't know. If MD is actually correct with his "no publicity is bad publicity" refrain then they would as it certainly would draw attention! What do you guys think?

And I missed the Last Days of Disco (aka ToM) because *I* thought it was to be shown Sunday & in fact waited all damn day, checking Versus every half hour from 3-7! I was NOT happy! Since when do they show cycling on Saturday?! (Not during the Tour, that is).

Are any of you watching the PBS mini-series that just started last night? It's a Ken Burns docu on WWII called 'The War'. When I saw his Civil War doc miniseries several years ago, I sat mesmerized. I've seen it several times since & it always moves me. I have felt drawn to WWII my entire life & have read hundreds of books & I think I've seen every English-speaking movie (that still exists) ever made about it. SO, I was psyched. However, I am shockingly disappointed so far. I liked the idea of picking 4 varied towns around the country to show the impact of the war on their people. But the 1st episode was flat. I LOVE Big Band music & other music from that era & looked forward to that as the connecting thread, but they've only used a little of it & instead have interspersed with some TERRIBLE musical choices that has made sections virtually unwatchable. Still, I'm sure it will get better. There was some really fantastic newsreel footage & some interesting 1st hand accounts. Plus, it's Ken Burns! It's World War II! It CAN'T suck! Could be I was still just ticked I didn't get to see George, Levi, Theresa & JD earlier! Yeah, that's probably it! :)


In my usual STM loss, I can't remember who told me here that VS was showing/rerunning the ToM this week.

I wanted to watch the Burns series last night, but got tied up (no, not the fun kind like Sara has) with chores and work and fell asleep at 9 or something!

My natural inclination is to let go of shitty stuff, but that is not how FL handles things. I suspect he needs to focus on his family for a while (Amber and Ryan) as this has been a tortuous year. He doesn't sound like he wants to do this anymore. I think his feelings about cycling will change as he is able to see the world outside the looking glass. I sure wish I was a buddy that could go over, sit and drink a beer while lending a friendly ear and shoulder. If not that, then go beat the shit out of someone!!! Gee, I'm not vengeful....

Sara, no worries about short posts. Anytime you have for us is wonderful. Don't know how you manage with all that's on your plate.


susieb it was Julie that said VS is replaying Tu or Wed.

Larry, I somehow missed your post yesterday, I think I was writing while you were and posted without looking again. I mentioned "Crash" in one of my many accolades about Mr C. I have been watching him since 1980's and have always loved him, well maybe that's not the right word, but let's say I admire, am fascinated and drawn to his work. In all, I found "A History of Violence" to be his best and most accessible work because it was less surreal and on the fringes ( I happen to like the fringes, eg, David Lynch). Mostly I liked it because Mortenson gave human weight to the film. Cronenberg can produce films that generate a lot of strong feelings, but few of them are warm or compassionate. Viggo's face emanates compassion. I keep telling myself I need to watch what he does to see why that is. I have been planning to rent AHoV to study it for movement, technique, framing, etc. My favorite scene in the film is on the stairs. Cronenberg managed to capture everything about relationships between passionate men and women, and the specific dynamics in that marriage. The power shifted there, and you were able to see she had ALWAYS been attracted to the other side of him, without even knowing it existed, and she rejected that side of him and herself at the end of the scene. Really powerful stuff.

Once again I am amazed how you can meet people feel a connection and be surprised at how much you share in common. If anyone asked, I wouldn't have guessed so many of you would like Cronenberg. He can be tough to watch.


Yeah, the stairs was nice. I suspect you also have a soft spot for William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in Body Heat from many moons ago.

Funny how one's mind wanders, but I'm reminded of a funny Seinfeld episode about "The Move". Sometimes you see things in movie that makes you "wanna get me some of that". Funny. Life need not be so serious.

But, yeah, Cronenbeg is tough to watch. And his look in real life matches his persona behind the lens. I'd like to see him do some creepy cameos a la Hitchcock and M. Knight.


Okay, ATTN!!!! Vs is repeating the ToM on WED Sept 26th, 3pm-5pm CENTRAL DAylight savings time!! That's 4pm-6pm EASTERN time.
It was so weird seeing the guys racing thru my childhood stomping grounds(and teenage, and 20's!)

The website

I haven't totally checked out yet.


I've tried to find the said link to Floyds letter to supporters - cannot find it or i am zipping too fast along to see the link highlighted.

Haven't seen the Crash movie yet because Spader worries me. I swear he's going to end up on a S. Pacific island, gain 300 lbs and and have nubile 13 olds for roomates. Worries me. But I loved H of Viol. because of it's clear, exacting portrait of violence. That is WHAT a bullet does. And you don't get back up and run 15 miles after being shot, while chased by borgs. Give me a little "realism", be it the naked butt or the bullet.

So can I find that link somewhere? I'm not trying to be lazy. I'll go check FFF.

I watched The War part 1 too susie. But it's my first Burns so no comparison yet.

Paula Kirsch

Jessica you can also find the statement from Floyd on TBV.



Susie - In the news video of Floyd outside his house (linked at TBV), he sounded like he wanted to race again. But, as he commented elsewhere, not in France again. It's a crying shame, but I wouldn't go back there if I were him. If they can get it wrong once, they can get it wrong again, especially if they're really trying to fry him. So I can see him coming back to other races, especially the US ones like you said. If the Giro and Vuelta would still have him, I think he should win them both in the same year and show the Tour what they're missing. ;-P

As for the appeal, I really see Arlene's point, why put yourself through what's likely the same thing again. If he had 20 million dollars (btw, I've been having those lottery fantasies from day one, too, guess it would help if I actually bought a ticket) he could go for it without the frantic stress of gambling his future. But as it is now, I wouldn't blame him for letting it go. His story has been so mangled, how many minds would it really change? Altho, he would get to race sooner, but would everyone be so pissed that "he dragged it out" (so not true, but you know what I mean) that they wouldn't let him race anyway? Yeah, no easy answers, except my other fantasy - it looked like his appeal might work, so some guilty party somewhere kept quiet, and now that Floyd's officially stripped, they come forward with a tearful confession. (a lab tech, a rider ::cough:: Honchar, I don't know, it's just a fantasy darn it!)

I would watch The War, if they did it like in the old days, where they just showed it over 12 weeks or whatever. I can't take this cram it all into a few nights thing. Seems to be the trend on any kind of lengthy documentary these days. I guess the idea is people don't have the patience to come back for 12 weeks, but I don't have the time to watch it all at once myself, and I always liked investing an hour week after week, made you feel a part of something. I guess that's what Netflix is for...


Just to clarify, I meant no conspiracy theories in my comments on past or future. Just human error, and the effects a desired outcome have on the natural course of things. Those conspiracy theories annoy me, and detract from the real defense, so just wanted to be clear!


In case you haven't looked it up yet, Jessica :)

I second what Cat said, Sara. We're happy with any kind of post!! I look forward to whatever you have to say. I was really happy for Menchov, after that fiasco at the Tour and was also proud of Sastre for his 3rd place.

I'm not sure what I would say to Floyd at this point. If I KNEW that I was innocent and being screwed that way I'm not sure if I could let it go. But....were my friend going though that situation I might advise them to let it go and focus on living life. He's got some difficult options to consider. Guess we ALL need to be buying those lottery tickets! As for whether or not the ASO would EVER let him ride the Tour again -- who the heck knows what type of logic they follow from day to day much less year to year in their decision-making process??

I've been watching the Burns documentary, too. Its not NEARLY as good as the civil war series, but it is interesting and captivating nonetheless. The personal stories really draw me in as opposed to simply reporting the events in a "history book" type of manner. The scope and horror of the situation absolutely hits home to me when you can identify with the real people living through it. Which reminds me -- we toured the Truman library on our trip to MO and it was absolutely fascinating. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys history.

Finally got through my ToM pics last night. I have some good ones of the Disco guys, Slipstream, and of course Theresa. You'll have to let me know if you'd like to see any via email.

Larry, just skip this next section ;)
I was excited that DWTS was on again tonight! My girlie and I were dancing to the Cha-Cha all night. The women were good and the men perform tomorrow.


Julie - where was the news video you referred to? I looked at TBV (though my eyes might just be too tired to see straight!).

I know others have said it often, but THANKS PAULA for all of your tireless efforts! I check your links absolutely every day (at least once!!). You're the best!


No problem Julie. Wouldn't it be something if someone, like Honchar, said maybe that was his sample since they screwed up the samples! But not in this lifetime...What I've decided on all the stuff I've read, I don't think going to CAS is going to change anyone's mind; and if Floyd gets screwed again...that would suck. It's bad enough that they have outlawed his TT position, which was developed to help his hip give him as much power as possible. Screw it! I've been submerged in US cycling for the last 2 months, between DG and ToM, and I'm telling you, it's SO MUCH FUN!! The American teams are more accessible, as well as the riders from Canada, Australia, NZ, Mexico(except they don't speak english...and it make s you think they are laughing at us!) American paranoia!
I can also see the races live for a lot less money, something I can afford! I'd like to go to Minn for the Nature Valley road race, and even looks like a big cycling carnival, take your pick, what do you want to watch! Of course the ToCA and ToG, but Philly week; and the races earlier, Athens Twylight race, and the other in that area.

Yes I know, when the Spring Classics start, I'll be singing a different tune..but I really think I'll be watching the Pro's in the hemisphere a lot more.

Rumours are starting to surface. Someone talked to someone on HealthNet at the ToM and maybe that's were Brad is going. he's been around Tim Johnson and Karl Menzies, cause he's dropping names!

Oh I guess he's been talking to Jelly Belly too!!

ATTN: Cathy Mehl!!! Brad is going to be at InterBike!!
Your mission, is to find him and interview him, PLEASE! If you've got the time!!


Janann, well said!! You are so effecient! I'm impressed! Cat is going to be lucky if she gets pictures and her bell, before Thanksgiving!!

And, I remembered to tape DWTS!!! I'm so proud.


Oh, yeh, I want the link to that video too!!! PLEASE!!!


I went to the FFF homepage the other night and 'supposedly' made a donation...on the final stage (the confirmation) the screen went to the error wasn't sure if it took or not. Do you get a confirmation email or thank-you email (or anything at all) when you donate? If so then it didn't take and I will try it again.

I'm currently reading "the Tour de France 2006" by John Wilcoxson & the Editors of Velo news. VERY FUN to be re-living the race! I'm almost done (Floyd already had his 'bad day' and then the AWESOME DAY). I'll finish tonight, and move on to either "the Rider" (Tim Krabbe) or "the Tour (Dave Shields")...and thanks for the recommendations by the way (Waddy I believe?). The Borders book store had a pretty good selection of cycling books...bought 4 the other day! (my night shifts are LONG and pretty boring). There was one I left on the shelf but will prob go get: "Inside the Postal Bus"...sounds relive the Blue Train days.

Glad to see Menchov take the Vuelta...he sure had a tough season. And to talk about the Rabobank team for a moment...the tour book I'm reading...Floyd mentioned how he had NO PROBLEM letting the chicken have that 30 they were teammates and are friends. while we were (and have been) all crucifying him...Floyd still has his back. Didn't he say that he believes Ras is the true winner of this years TDF? Food for thought...(and to be fair, so far he hasn't been convicted of ANYTHING except missing tests and lying as to his whereabouts, correct?) Hmmmm. Hmmmm. (any way you look at it, it would stink to be yanked from the race while wearing the yellow and GOING to win barring disaster).


Matt, thanks for the remind on the books. I went to Borders when they were first mentioned, and they didn't have them. I will go back or perhaps check out Amazon. They have everything, even my Mom's books!

Guys in the peloton develop strong loyalties, and if someone shares your work ethic and has great talent, a lot is over looked. Back to the OTB view of life, I suspect. And Ras is OTB.

Now worries about the pics, T. I'm happy to see a couple whenever. Sounds like your schedule is going to be veeeery full with all those races you're going to. Better save up our vacation time!

I can't find the video either...

OK, so I finally get the Honchar references. Was he then the other number that somehow got mixed up with Floyd's? And why didn't I think of this before, did FL ever think of having the urine DNA tested to see if it was even his? All moot, and water over the dam. It would be nice though, at some time in the future, to read a detailed analysis by some investigating reporter who proves what went wrong. Cathy? Cathy???


Another dumb thought. Will the TdF be calling FL and telling him he has to remove all references to his 2006 "win" from his web sites or risk being sued?


Remember to pick up "Need For The Bike" by Paul Fournel. Great book. Pure love letter to cycling.


I just finished "Need for the Bike" and "The Rider." Both really good.


Sastre came in second! And that's not being nitpicky, that's giving the man props for doing an awesome TT and hanging on to his spot. :-)

I believe the video I'm talking about is the Fox link on this page:

Cat - yeah, Honchar was the presumed other number. There are multiple samples tested now, but I always still think of that.

Jan and T - if you ever have the time, I would love it if you created a gallery in Flickr or some such place of your ToM pics. Then you can just post a bunch there and not have to e-mail them individually. I'm one to talk, I'm still working on getting my Acadia pics up...

And we should all hoist a bottle of Gerolsteiner for what they did for Canada!


Okay, my Walgreens CD didn't work last usually starts loading, but it just sat there...need to talk to them...

Cat, I re-read my post where I was HIGH on US God, the things I say, after work, when I need to be in bed!!! Let's say, I'll spend the next 10yrs, going to all those races, and maybe the Elite races they have in KC and StL.

Julie, if I could figure out how to LOAD my pictures then got to Flicr, I'd be soooo proud of myself...Janann, HELP!!!

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