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September 27, 2007



You are a thoughtful host, thank you.

Glad to know about BK/Jessi. Life sure is a lot of work, and keeping one's mouth shut is really hard at times. I can thank my deficit oratory skills for controlling my comments. My heart has been bursting to yell, but my vocabulary is not printable nor worthy of print. Basically, I can't get my brain around my heart. It's OK, sometimes ya just gotta be quiet and let others speak, and there are plenty out there talking up a storm.

I have clicked on the two afore mentioned links, but still don't get it that's whay I asked. Maybe the one is to get notices when there is a new post??


As I said, Sara, you're days with that bracelet are numbered. How long till your daughter can read? Or did you get the initialed one?

Sara Best

Sadly, you're right Waddy. My daughter would already be able to sound out the "F" part of the inscription.

I think I'll just keep it for myself and wear it when I know I'm going to need to really push myself out on a run or ride.

I won't be wearing it around the house.

Sara Best

And congrats to Fabian Cancellara who just successfully defended his title as the World ITT Champion.

We all fell in love with this 26-year old during the Tour and he had been doubtful about his chances at gold again this year as he's been racing a lot more this season leading up to the World's.

Good for him.

DZ finished 12th.


Hooray for Cancellara!!! Gotta love that guy :)


Yes, Fabian is great!! That's for sure. I wondered how DZ was going to do, improving his climbing and all-round-ness may have effected his TT time. But that's OK. We love him, for many reasons, and just his TT'ing ability isn't top on my list. But, hey, being 12th in the World's isn't chopped liver, either! I think Dave's just happy to wear the Stars and Stripes skinsuit during time trials.

Sara, thanks for checking with BK. I understand completely. I've had to just keep my mouth shut about Floyd. I've gotten told that I'm wearing "fan" blinders and that he's a doper....and that didn't go down well AT ALL. So, pretty much, I've been keeping to myself.

I may just try the Type-people thingy, and see what happens.


That's great news about Fabian, I love him.

susie b

FABulous Fabian! Yeah. He's a cutie AND a sweetie. But I feel for DZ, as I'm sure he wanted to do better. However, I read it was a very hilly course & not really Dave's speciality.

I just read the newest article on Velonews about Bettini & the Worlds. How can you not laugh/cry when reading this stuff? Besides trying to block Bettini (which I AGREE with if he won't sign the pledge!), the Stutgart organizers want the head of German cycling to leave for HIS connection to a doping case. Where does a CITY putting on a World Championship get this kind of power over an event? The only other time I've seen this is with boxing & cities won't let certain bouts take place in their envrions due to a problem with one of the boxers or promoters. But boxing's got a sordid history. Yeah, worst than cycling! :) I can't think of a World Championship for another sport where the location-city can decide who can compete, can you guys?

I watched the next episode of The War last night. Interesting, but I had to watch the 2nd broadcast which started at 10:30 & I feel asleep for about a half-hour of the 2.5 hr program! Urrrrrgh. Naturally, by the time it was over at 1:00, I was wide awake. It was good but I've seen better documentaries on D-Day. Still, because they're trying to include EVERYthing, I guess they can't spend that much time on any one part. I then realized last night that the next episode is not til Sunday! And here I was excited that Fri & Sat doesn't have much else on TV, so I wouldn't have to watch the late viewing! Don't you all just hate that the TV networks now jam everything into 5 nights!

After The War ended, I clicked around & landed on MTV, showing a true-life film called 'Fat Camp'. It was fascinating! My camp friends & I used to wonder what 'those' camps were like, as we always saw the ads for them at the back of magazines. My camp was all-girls & was a "regular" camp with horseriding, swimming, tennis, archery, hiking,etc. But there were some similarites to this co-ed Fat Camp. Lots of interpersonal "drama" & love for the camp. I didn't realize that campers who went to Fat Camps repeated year after year as we did, but evidently, many do. The docu focused on about 7 of the campers & teen counselors & their own experiences & interactions with others & not so much on the camp program. I ended up watching the whole thing. There was this one girl who made me flashback to the one type of girl who did NOT fit in at my camp; high-pitched, super-whiny girls who never want to do ANYthing & are usually cryin & moanin how homesick they are. Even now, it makes me cringe. I was a bit surprised to see that at a camp where ALL the kids are overweight & have self-esteem issues & especially since we're living in this PC age, that the kids were on occasion even more vicious than anything I ever witnessed at my old camp.

BTW, are there such things as cycling or mountain biking camps for kids? I know of 1 week cycling "camps" for adults, where they usually ride with a pro, but I mean a 1-4 week real camp for kids that emphasizes some form of biking? I think it would be a BLAST!


HELLO from Interbike, and Sin City to boot! I am dragging myself away from the likes of Mario Cipollini to say hi to you guys and give you a few tidbits. First of all, I think the total purse for the race is 11 mil and it's not a was in the media guide today because I think the press conf is today. Of course with a Sept calendar it will interfere with USPro, Vuelta and Tour of MO, which all struggle to get quality riders/finishers anyway....and it just seems like an idea way over the top to me. And 27 stages is too much, but that's just my opinion. Slipstream revealed their new kits. Personally I don't care for it, liked some of the others better, but no worries. So Rock does indeed seem to have signed Fast Freddie and Horner (at least people keep saying that even tho CH himself told me otherwise) PLUS they have signed Victor Hugo Pena! That is most excellent, as he comes off Phonak and then Unibet, so he deserves something better. Met and talked with big Maggie B last night and you cannot meet a nicer guy. Just as normal as can be, very likable. And all the guys at are great fun: Simon, Anthony and Martin are all here doing live shows throughout the day. The crit is tonight and Tony Cruz is racing. Will be fun to see a live race while at IBike rather than just drinking vodka every night! So all is well from IBike-- and Super Mario is looking good indeed!!


Hey guys, I have discovered the weird world of blogs in my search to find a replacement for our failed author, MD. Do you know not only is Sara a far better writer than most, the commentors are dull dull dull.


Yay Cathy!! Takin' a break for us!

Thank you for your comment about Slipstream's choice. I wrote them a while back and asked why they wanted to mess with a good thing. I like their kits, they aren't like anyone else's. They are fun and fresh. Those darker colors are too much like every other kit out there and I have never been a big fan of light blue with dark blue, especially navy.

I agree that ToUSA is a good idea, but not at that time and not that long. No one will watch for that length of time, and who would be left? They guys who played it safe for the first three weeks? It doesn't seem like a good idea to compete with fledgling races that just might make it.

And...there are races at this product show?? Gee, what a weird surreal scene it must be. Will you get to catch any shows? Circ?

Paula Kirsch

BK we love you, hang in there! A LOT of us are torn up about the Landis decision, A little birdie told me that Floyd is feeling optimistic, about "something" anyway, and that makes me feels better. Thanks Sara for your blog, I always feel it's a safe haven here, and that's rare!!!



Hey, Paula, thanks for that tidbit about Floyd; that makes me feel better!

And Cathy!!! Wow I didn't think you'd remember us!! Mario is such a doll!! I told you about Chris and Freddie! There's a photo shoot with the 2 of them and someone with RR, that's out of Neal Rogers' mouth!! He said it's scheduled at IBike. Tony must really like racing Crits! And our Philip is there too!!!

Now, I can't find a picture of which kit out of the 5 won. That would be helpful!


When you find that kit pic, send it to me T!

Thanks for checking in, Cathy! I've been wondering how your adventure to LV was going -- sounds like you're having a blast! If you chat with Neal Rogers (and get Susie's autograph) be sure to tell him how much we all LOVE his videos :) Man.....I was convinced that the Tour of US HAD to be some kind of joke. What's the "talk" around Interbike about it? It simply sounds crazy to me.

Thanks for passing on that info about Floyd, Paula.

OMG, Susie. I was channel surfing when I couldn't sleep last night and ended up watching that same "Fat Camp" show! I haven't watched a THING on MTV for literally years and years so it struck me as hysterical that I happened to know what show you were talking about. Funny


I'm glad you included the note from BK, Sara. I've been wondering about her (after the site went down) for awhile. I understand, though.


Thanks Sara for keeping up with Robbie. Must say he won my cycling heart in last year's Tour! And for checking in on BK. Keep the Faith BK, you're a very important voice in the tribe! Also, bracelet ordered via graciously provided link.

A factoid for anyone else who's interested: I saw a post of items introduced at Interbike this year and saw that some brilliant soul had designed a speaker that works with an ipod to mount on the bike! No headphones or earbuds. It's called "Cy-Fi". Lucky CMehl may have seen it already!

I have literally had fantasies about burning up the road with my favorite tunes blasting from my bike (obnoxious I know). I always thought it was ridiculous to wear something over my ears in traffic... I can't wait! Now that's a perfect stocking stuffer! No I don't work for the company - I'm just a serious music freak (currently listening to Dreadzone). Everything goes better with a beat! I hope others are equally thrilled by this innovation.

susie b

And THANKS Sara for addressing those pesky typepad questions. I've been wondering ever since I started reading that 'other blog' last Fall but thought EVERYONE else but me knew what they meant so was too embarassed to ask! :)

And I'm also relieved to hear that BK is alright & I hope to see her site up & running again soon. I found her blog last year thru Bobke's (btw, what about HIS blogsite?). She's a hoot & a half. :)

And thanks for the report Cathy! Try to get SOME sleep! And uh, give Neal a smooch from me...I mean all of us girls here! And a "hey, how's it going" from the guys. :)

Janann - I was entranced by that show! But that one girl, whooo, her whining was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. And I felt so sorry for Petey. SO crazy about that one girl & when he lays out his heart, his letters became joke fodder among all her friends & EVERYONE who then watched that show. He defintitely made the biggest physical transformation; almost unrecognizable from how he started. Someone has told me there are other versions of 'Fat Camp' for previous years - I'll have to track them down. It's like 'Real World' & a makeover show (w/o the plastic surgery) all in one!

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