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August 31, 2007



Awwww, dahlink, zum of ahz juzt ahnt az *zlim* az udderz deze dayz... undt ve gotz to brink our leetle doggie witz ahz eveddyvere ve goez, don't ve dahlink? Undt kees zee hoosbandt before he razes, don't you know dahlink???


She probably serves up a mean plate of sausages and mug of beer at oktoberfest.


I've had a warm fuzzy place in my heart for Eric, since watching "Hell on Wheels". And this picture just seals the deal!!

btw; Branson MO's IMAX theatre is FINALLY showing the "Wired to Win" from the 2003 Tour. They are showing it through Sept 16th!! I'm sooooo excited!!!


OMG, that is a great photo! I think that he should definitely be carting that doggie in a bike basket!

Well, I only started back to teaching last week and I ALREADY have a goldarn cold from those young 'uns....

Thanks, T. We'll try and hit the IMAX while we're visiting :)

How's it going w/out the girlies around Camille?
BTW.....its very difficult to TYPE with an accent - LOL!


Hi y'all from US Pro! Everything is going well here. There will be live links on the official site so you can watch the races--the TT is tomorrow and the road race on Sunday. Tyler will be racing one of those, at least that's what I hear!

Weather is good--maybe some showers tomorrow but way cooler than last year for sure. I can't wait to see some live racing, plus the Vuelta starts too, so what a bonus Saturday we have!!!


Theresa my condolences on Huff no longer in argyle next year. He will show up somewhere. Time to start working on an entry to the slipstream jersey design contest?


Danielson crashed out of the vuelta after only 90K! Hard luck season!


Janann, it's going fine without the girlies but I'll see them tonight at my first art show -- Hooray! My husband is going to do a last minute self portrait entry too, just of a stick figure with a smiley face head. This pretty much sums up his sense of humor and paradigm on the world. :) By the way, he is out riding his bike right now (true statement and brings us back to the subject at hand...) Hooray for on-topicness!!!

Oh, Janann, I come from a family that was very big on accents. One time there was an SNL skit about someone like that who always talked in accents... that was my family! What's so funny about THAT, SNL? Hmph! :)


I bought a t-shirt yesterday. *You* know which one I'm talking about. Yes, that one. Oh hell, why not? It's a good cause.

Sara Best

No Camille!! You need to be strong. Do not go towards the light!! Don't do it!!

I'm kidding of course, I was actually going to ask who here had bought one of THE shirts.

Well, let us know what it's like when you get it at Christmas.


No, I contributed to his team the last time, since he hasn't played well with others (particularly people I happen to respect), I don't see a reason to do it again. Too bad, since his kids are a separate thing all together.

Camille, you surprise me with your purchase in light of your experiences with all things MD. I have found him to be rather opportunistic. His choice, but not mine.


Well, there are so many ways to make decisions in life. We can say "I will cut off this or that person because they did this or that thing which offends my sensibilities. Therefore they are banned from my radar screen." If I used this as my template for who I associate with, I'd be aaaaaaaaall alone in the world. Sometimes I just have to look at the big picture, at least the way I see it.

I went back and forth...and decided that the big picture fact were these:

1. It's some kids honoring their coach and trying to get racing shoe money.

2. The coach they're honoring is a writer who introduced me to history books that I actually read and ENJOYED reading. It was a turning point in my life, folks! I scanned history books all through school. NEVER READ ONE!!! (and I got an Art History degree, emphasis on the ART, with scanned history) (Okay, I mostly didn't even scan the history -- that's how bad my boredom mental block was about history) So seriously, it was a Helen Keller at the water pump moment for me ("W-A-T-E-R!") when I went all the way through Into Africa and was really riveted to the ending.

3. Nobody's perfect.

4. My husband can just deal with the fact that I spent money we don't have.

5. I do want to Keep Pushing.

6. Grudges aren't worth the emotional energy.

7. It's nice to be FOR something, and to support kids who are blameless in the realm of the infighting we're all aware of.

8. All you need is love.
Love is all you need.

That's the gist. Don't stone me.


I want Brad to tell us what's going on!! I flipped when I didn't see his name on the roster. But he's doing Track in the Olympics, and maybe he's worrying about a commitment to a team, when he's focusing on Track Racing. I don't. Haven't heard a word, he's racing in Greenville. His blog says ZIP, nada, zero. If he doesn't say something soon; I'm calling his DAD!!!


I debated, but ended up getting one too. Maybe it's the long distance runner in me. One of these days, I'm going to buy a running or cycling shirt, and have Inane Asylum Racing Team put on it, and send in a picture of me wearing it during one of my running events. It could even have the web address on the back. Or maybe Leather Up! The possibilities are endless. Come on all you creative people out there *cough*Camille*cough* Why don't you design a shirt for us :)


Yeah, I can understand Amy and Camille, you are runners at heart. Personally, I haven't been reading him lately, because I'm all wrapped up in cycling. I'm not saying Camille didn't have a perfectly good list of reasons; but I'm having trouble keeping up with cycling sites, I haven't even been to Camille's blog!! Rode 50miles this morning, finished at noon. It was friggin' cold at 6:30 this morning!! What happened to summer???

Dave Z is still our US TT champion!!! ONE SECOND between him and Danny Pate. I like and respect Danny; but I LOVE DAVE!!!


Okay, Philip, JV said there is still one spot open on the team to fill. He said at the press conference that it should be filled in the next day or two....HOW about that for leaving us hanging??


Camille, I didn't stone you.


Hey, we talked about T shirts a while back with IA and web address and can't remember what else, though I'm sure it had to do with cute guys, in leather.... Who got elected to create them? Was it Maaattt?

It would be very cute especially for those who race in one event or another. Our name is out there ya know, publicly announced at the National Criterium in DG IL!


Thank you, Catherine! I 'preciate it! :)


Yea, Cat! That's a good idea! Even maybe a bike jersey!!


Theresa I've been waiting for his call! Maybe I should send him a pic?


Since I'm feeling a lot of love these days, I had a funny thought on the MD front. I'm not at all interested in reading his blog, but I decided he didn't delete my comments along with Larry and Susie's. My theory is that when he moved over to active, he decided he couldn't live without them, and he took our 3 comments with him and left the REST behind. I giggle every time I think of that, so I'm going to leave that as my final thought of Marty. I think it's awfully sweet of him to honor us that way. Of course, I don't actually know this is the case, but as in many other aspects of my life, I shall choose to live in that alternate reality. And it makes me giggle.

Janaan, Sadly, my wife and I decided it was going to be way too much driving so we bagged the Greenville trip we had been planning. As it turns out, I'm writing from a hotel in Harrisonburg, VA, where the Shenandoah 100 begins tomorrow. We won't be hanging out for that either. We're on the road early in the morning to get home, but it feels good just knowing I'm close to a very fast Floyd.

And it's not that I'm a slow read. I knocked out 3 books this week. I'm a binge reader. I'll have to see if there are any books I've forgotten to toss out here when I'm back home.

On GL, I've given him some serious thought this week. I read Phil Liggett's "Dancing on the Pedals" and it occurred to me how many references there are to riders who were either suspected or confirmed to have doped. Many in the early to late 90's and forward. From that perspective, I understand some of what frustrates GL. But ultimately, his behavior is sad if only because his personality is a product of what we now know is a traumatic childhood. For that reason, his public displays should not be considered to be those of a healthy mind. I'm being completely serious when I say he needs to deal with his personal issues professionally before he decides to go on a crusade for everyone who has ever ridden a bike. He's like a televangilist who is trying to save everyone and ultimately crumbles under the weight of his own life experiences. It's really quite sad.

Saw a kid at a restaurant today with argyle shoes and thought of Jonathan Vaughters.

And I've only got one word for Ms. Zabel - ZAFTIG!


Camille - I loved your list - almost Lettermanesque ;) Wait a second....your first ART SHOW?!?! Bravo to you! I had no idea and think you need to give us a report on how it went. Does that expose me for not meeting all of my daily blog-reading obligations? Go Camille!

RE: accents (I think that this is completely off topic and I can't for the life of me think of a way to tie it in -- Camille's fault)
I seem to have the crazy innate ability to pick up accents from hearing them. Unfortunately this is a subconcious skill and I often don't notice that I'm speaking to people with the accent that they're using. My husband says that he can tell who I'm talking with on the phone by the subtle accent I've picked up. This is VERY embarassing when meeting new people (husband's aunt from Louisiana) or having a parent/teacher conference with an international student. I'm REALLY NOT trying to mock you - honest..... ACK!

Bummer Waddy, though I hope you've had a very relaxing weekend away!

Oh no Theresa! Has your charmed luck with Slipstream changed? NO Brad?? I cracked up when you said that you were going to have to call his Dad to get some answers.

Also, our dear Cathy Mehl who is bringing us reports from Greenville (thanks!!) is pictured on the Paceline, hard at work!


Ah yes.....the IA t-shirts. Much discussed, but never finalized. Amy, OF COURSE the phrase LEATHER UP must be included ;)


Philip, I'm slow, but I finally got your point!lol Maybe you better send him a pic!!

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