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August 29, 2007



Another rider gets barred from competition while the UCI fiddles around. It would not surprise me if AV was a customer of puerto docs but I hate to see him barred while they decide if there is enough evidence to prosecute! Oh and thanks Claired for a civil discussion.


It all seems somehow reminiscent of the Inquisition, doesn't it? Sad to see a policy that is more about marketing the sport and postuirng in the court of uninformed perception than actually doing what's right by assuming innocence until there is proof of guilt.


Hey philip, could you send me your pics? T forwarded them to me but there is nothing there...there. pynecone_52(at)yahoo(dot)com. Thanks dude. (yes I am that old, older even...)


did I miss the penticton report woofdawg? Thought I saw you out on a bike today and almost yelled "recovery man, recovery!" at the guy.


That wasn't me on the bike today, Jessica. Full IM report is coming soon, but here's the short version: Swam, biked, ran,walked and wheezed with a 140 mile long asthma episode. Felt awful, all day long. Hardest day I've ever had--had to dig way deep just to git 'er done this time. There were small victories, though. More later...


Oh, yeah. The really relevant part: Got a t-shirt.


I want pictures of you in the shirt...and without. Gotta compete with Sir Waddy!!

Well my friends, yesterday's posts were sublime. How you are able to parry and play with folks whose logic and arguments are subterranean is just wonderful to watch. And you kept your tempers!! No diving to the depths of pathos and mudslinging for you, no! Quick wit, intelligent responses, parry and demanding a higher standard from those who hold a differing view point. Well done. Everyday I am more and more proud to be a card carrying Inane Asylum member!!!


BTW, Matt, I love it when you're angry. Get some of that CDB goin' willya?


PS Nice to hear from you again Paul!


Oooo, one more thing (sorry) The Chicago Trib had a two page spread for the ToM inside their Magazine section! How cool is that??!! I don't remember EVER seeing anything about cycling in the Mag section, or perhaps any section. Long live cycling!


Cat's right. Well done and well said men.

Like Philip, I hate to see riders banned for an indeterminate period while authorities investigate whether or not they have a case to prosecute. There HAS to be a better way??

Good post by Rant today about the GL article - with a great comment by Debby
Oh, and no personal offense taken, Claired. I'm glad you joined the discussion. We just have very different views on GL and his "calling" to toss around accusations in the media.


They've been hemming and hawwing about Valvedre, ever since the beginning of this thing. It's interesting that right before the Vuelta(I don't think he was riding it this year, anyway), and the World Championships....timing is everything. But I really thought they would keep him out of the Tour.

At least the German Cycling body has embraced Zabel, after he came clean, THEN they weren't going to let him ride at the Worlds, because he spoke up!! But I was so glad to see that someone in Germany realized Zabel had done something good!


You take it easy woofdawg. Handing you a shot of oxygen - race officials be damned.

Yesterdays posts reminded me what a bit of a pollyanna I can be at times. When GL speaks up, I always hope it''s "going somewhere". Thinking that I haven't heard the full story or full quoted text, I just assume it's another abbreviated interview, where somewhere along the line he's developed his reputation for sniping and here is one more article supporting that perspective.

But reading everyones passionate text! Whoa - wow. You are so right. There is so much he could do. But really, there is so much we all could do. See? PollyAnna.


I'm BACK! Had to step away yesterday...take a breath and all. JD, thanks for the link to Rant...just read it, really enjoyed it! I like it when others put what I'm feeling into their own (and far more eloquent) words! Woofdawg and Waddy, same goes for you both! Claired, I'm glad you admit that you see reasonable doubt in LNDD's results. It's interesting that even with all the evidence presented you still feel Floyd doped yet totally believe GL didn't. I have no idea if he (GL) did or didn't, same with Floyd, Lance...and all the other riders. GL won the tour in the HEYDAY of drugs in cycling...what was that bit I read: that a study has linked ALL 4000 TDF riders EXCEPT for GL with drugs? (sorry if I misquoted came from my feeble memory). So let me get this straight...EVERYBODY except GL was cheating yet he still beat them all THREE TIMES? (and set a record that lasted for over a decade in the process)?? Interesting theory. IF it were true that EVERYBODY else was cheating, then how COULD he beat them? Just a thought. I don't believe EVERYBODY was (and is) cheating. SURE there were some, probably always has been some, and probably always will be. Human nature...if someone is better than you, and you have trained as hard as you possibly can and are at your absolute physical peak and you still can't beat them, then you have 2 choices...accept 2nd place, or try to get an edge however you can. Big pressure there...comes down to your inner self I guess. The old question...IF you could cheat and win and NEVER get caught GUARANTEED, would you do it? To the people that answer YES to that question..well, there's your cheaters. To those that still say no, there's your winners whether they wear the yellow or not. Only the world may never know. But THEY know. I personally think Floyd is of the latter category..just say no. Just my OPINION after all I've read...AND meeting him. BUT...consider this. MAYBE he is one of the RARE athletes that has truly found his calling. Consider his childhood...(read his book)...much like Lance...found cycling at a young age and relished in it...rode hard and long...almost inhuman type of stuff. And even now (when he's NOT in his peak of cycling condition) he just placed 2nd in the Leadville 100! Beating the old course record in the process! and that includes his wreck early in the race. Not too shabby! Only Mr. Wiens (hope I spelled that right..sorry if I didn't) was able to stay in front...and he is now a 5 time winner of that race. Now I won't compare the TDF to a 100 mile mt bike race, but I can say that as both a mt and road biker, MT biking is SO MUCH HARDER mile for mile! (except maybe the big climbs). Mt team, no drafting/rest periods...send a lackey back to get food/water...hang in the safety of the peleton for MOST of a long day...then work hard for a while at the bike racing is NOTHING LIKE THAT! It's a pure Heart Rate festival...start to finish! I do too much road biking...and after a month or 2 off the mt bike, when I do go out, I SUCK! It's apples and oranges! AND..I hear Floyd is going to ride the Shenendoah 100 mt bike race too...good for you Floyd!

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