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August 30, 2007



The ticket to salvation is to throw oneself at the mercy of the UCI, thus recognizing before the world and ones' peers the omnipotence and omniscience of that august body. Such an act of contrition serves to undescore the the authority of the guys in suits while reminding other athletes of their assigned place in the hierarchy of the food chain.

I just flashed on the scene in "Triplets of Belleville" where the kidnapped cyclists are forced to ride in the betting arena--and the ones who can no longer continue are summarily shot. I've always liked that film and find a little more caustic commentary in it every time I see it. I wonder how many of the cycling metaphors in it are pointed specifically at pro cycling? More coffee, please.


No doubt, there's a valid point here, however, the 11 yrs. hence (is that a safe enough distance from the present?) must be taken into consideration. Otherwise, any who do confess outright get the obligatory 2 yr ban regardless of tears or contrition. I like your pot stirring, though!


Boys, very well stated.
I do think that the past needs to be left there, but people just can't let go. I thought when all the T-Mob riders confessed; it was like opening a locked closet that had cobwebs in it, and had been painted over several times. I feel 11yrs is is a safe distance.

And Sara, I think you've got the UCI figured out!


Oh, on news from this side of the pond; Team Slipstream is working for Danny Pate at the US Pro this weekend!


We just need to establish what the statute of limitations is for cycling doping. The 7 years for 'normal' crimes would seem to be a tad short from what we've seen in cycling thus-far. But it's NOT QUITE a capital crime...and Valverde was pardoned with 11 HERE-ON, any admissions AFTER 10 years, 4 months, 6 days and 9 hours will henceforth be ok, and anything even mere minutes less than that will be a hangin' offense. THERE! We've got THAT sorted out. Next item to fix?


I'm on vacation but I'm checking in. Just finished Floyd's book, which has got me bouncing between optimism and pessimism. I have always believed in Floyd and still do. It's just hard to come away feeling good about it. The book said it right, there are losers and bigger losers. No winners. However, I didn't dwell long and picked up a book I had not yet finished. "Need For The Bike" by Paul Fournel is far and away the best cycling book I have EVER read. It is the Shakespeare of cycling books. If you don't go out and get this book, write me so I can buy it for you. It's the sweetest love letter to cycling you will ever read. It was definitely what I needed after Floyd's book. Big smiles all around.


Even a big smile for claired. Nice to banter without guilt.


Yo Waddy..thanks for the scoop on the book..I will SURELY get it soon!

And also thanks to all who 'had my back' the other day...nice to know!

I start MY OWN little vacation right about NOW!! My wife is flying in to FL as I type, lands in just about 2 hours (YIPPEE!!!) Finished up all my work here is GOOD! We have the long weekend to hang back to CA on Tues. SWEEEEEEET!

And I second the big smile to claired! I prob got a bit ....well, I don't know...miffed? Not sure why...I guess we all take things on of mine surely is that Floyd DIDN'T cheat...surely we all are biased in certain ways and then what we see and hear we form that somehow into and around our beliefs...I don't believe I've ever read or heard anything to give me doubt on Floyd...hope I never do. GL, well, he IS a hero for what he did on the bike. It was incredible, breaking thru into the domain of the Euros. I can't fathom how difficult that must have been. But SINCE, he's sliding down on my scale by his words and deeds. I wish it was otherwise...and as I said, Cycling sure could use a hero about now...many woes that need to be addressed. Lance seems to be pretty busy with the foundation...but just MAYBE GL could be that guy! The one who helps cycling get a leg up on it's troubles...spokesman for the riders...PROTECT them from the witch-hunts and punishment without due create a REAL riders union...or unify the pro THAT would really be something that would RIVAL what he did on the bike...are you listening GL?? Bring us your 'A' game. BECOME GREAT AGAIN!

And with that, I sign off for a few days of fun in the sun. Have a GREAT Labor day weekend everybody and be safe out there!


Sara, trying to figure out the "rules" as per UCI is enough to drive one mad - it can't be done - they change with every situation. Your 1st paragraph pretty much sums up the game though Woofdawg.

Sounds like fun, Matt. You and Jeannie have a great time!

You're going to the Championships this weekend, right Waddy (or did I dream that)? Have FUN and give us a gripping report :) I hadn't heard of that book before....


1. Lovelovelove (do I hear the Beatles?) the "Triplets of Belleville" Can't get it except by renting or ordering it. Wonderful, fabulous film. My husband and I watched it three times before we realized it was in French (there is very little dialog). My son (when he was young) also loved it. Grandma loves it too and found it online to order!

2. Loved Floyd's book (damn Waddy you are a slow read). Don't know the book you mentioned. T, will you please make me a list of all the books I have to read? Better yet, Waddy, will you send them to me? I will happily pay you tomorrow for the hamburger I eat today.

3. Aw crap, can't we do what someone suggested a while back, everyone confess, everyone gets off, start clean from today????

4. Yes, I am that naive.

5. The promise of sex, will always make one happy, Matt.

6. How come claired only writes when she's unhappy?

7. Who the heck is George Mitchell? And why does he care?

8. Sara, since the United Castrati Internationale (UCI) can't figure our who took their balls, so it's no wonder you can't figure out their rules.


lol!! I need to watch the "Triplets" again. The first time I watched it, I didn"t know as much as I do now about pro-cycling. I just watched it with my mouth gaping.

You need to read Dave Shields books. "The Race" and "The Tour" , I haven't read "The Tour" yet; but I bought it last year. " Wheel within a Wheel" I had that with me in DG, and forgot to give it to you! Saul's book; I'm sorry to say, that I haven't finished yet, but I just got started on it, and have been bad.

Ian Thorpe(the swimmer) has been cleared of his doping allegations.! Ok, how about Floyd, now?!!
Did you guys see where Kashikin was when they did that OoC test? He was in some remote part of Turkey, for crying out loud!!


Floyds verdict at the end of sept? Check out for some good cynicism. I start my last race of the season this afternoon, the Green mt stage race. Four stages in four days, then ice cream and beer! Winters coming!


I ordered "The Need for the Bike" yesterday afternoon. Sounds fun. I recently finished Tim Krabbe's The Rider and LOVED it. I, too, finished Floyd's book and had similar thoughts. What the hell are these arbitrators waiting on? Free Floyd, already! So, I'm working through the required reading list. The Race is on the nightstand, great so far, but I'm too tired this week to make much progress. The Tours next, I think, then this new one. Am I missing any?


Okay, I just ordered the"Need for the bike" and "The Rider" from amazon.

Philip, have a great race!! And good luck!
I sent you an email, because not everyone got to see your pictures when I forwarded them!! We LOVE pictures!!


Ok, the guys that post on Brad's blog, have finally figured out that I'm a cycling groupie! I told them ,cat, that I'm a cycling slut!


Greetings fellow inane groupies (and sluts as Theresa aptly points out),
I've been away from the computer most of the week and just had the chance to enjoy the renegade band bantering- you guys are too much. Problem resolution for all the major stuff done here:
1) The UCI doping statue of limitations
2) what idiot thing has GL done lately
3) pretty much any of Cats observations (the comment about the promise of sex was good!)
4) good book, music and movie recommendations (Shields book the Pendulum was really good also, although it wasn't about cycling, and I agree the Tour was excellent- thought provoking observations about the perceived need for doping)
5) I also want to be on the Waddy book distribution list
6) Camille's post on tomorrows(?) post about Zsa Zsa Zabel left me rolling
Have a great long weekend everyone and stay cool- its bloody hot here in So Cal land- today is another 106 or so day through middle of next week

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