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August 28, 2007



Funny post...someone went above and beyond on that one! The picture of Floyd flipping 'the bird' (where did we get that from anyway? Can't, linked here? Gosh my brain is tired!)...anyway...I like to think that 'normally' it's aimed at WADA in general and DP in specific...and other days USADA, and LNDD...but the last few days it's been aimed squarely at GL! Gads he needs to shut his yap! It's very sad actually...and I guess he doesn't SEE how it makes him look??


Okay, first to address Matt before today's post: Matt, unless you got a HUGE pay increase while in Florida, I wouldn't suggest EPO. Yes, the doctors can prescribe it; but your insurance is NOT going to pay for it, just because your Hem. is low! Altitude tent is legal; go for it!

When cat and I were in DG, her friend that works for US Cycling was talking about GL, and the info he knows. But how can he have any knowledge from the current situation, he's not even in the sport! Does he have friends on teams in Europe that feed him this info??
I agree with Sara, he's in need of therapy and a reality check. When he says stuff like "secret motorcycles" begin to wonder. And attacking the US cycling scene...I know they are not pure as the driven snow; But Greg; They ARE being tested now!! His statement that they are not, sounds like early 90's or 80's to me. WE all know that since 1999 WADA(our favorite organzation) has been testing everyone!! I wouldn't be surprised if they show up at my door, because I'm helping with the race, and course marshalls might be juiced!!


Theresa - great article on ToM, you're a supastah!

I just feel sad about LeMond's demons, because he was a very special talent, and he did get a raw deal, whatever else is or isn't true. On the motorcycles, I'd cut him slack on that one, he's probably just referring to the Vaughters text about bags of blood being brought by motorcycle. And whether or not Postal did it, I'm sure somebody did at some point.


What was the article on the Lemond interview? Lemond makes me sad. He should take a lesson from Merckx! I chatted with a mechanic in France that was associated with tour riders when Lemond beat Fignon and he told me that Lemond was receiving transfusions at that time. Who knows of what? He also told me that in a stage finish to super bagnere ski area, Fignon paid a motorcycle driver to squeeze Lemond against the crowd/barriers which he did but Lemond came back so he had to do it again before Fignon could get away! Incroyable!


Hey all, I'm back. No laptop is both good and bad. Bad, in that I've had a heck of a time trying to catch up on all the posts, comments, and amusing relevant mudslinging outside of today's GL reference. I did finally manage to get another post out, but leave your relevance sticks at the door, please.

As I approach mid-life, as in, scapegoat for irrational behavior and purchases that proclaim "I am still young", I'll be in the market for a "secret motorcycle", too.
Any leads?

Sara Best

If we told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

And what good is a secret motorcycle if everyone's blabbing about it?


Do you have to wear a helmet on your secret motorcycle?

Sara Best

Yup, a secret helmet.


"I think it's sad, really, that someone who is in the position to really help the sport and build a really positive legacy for himself (...)"

And how should he help exactly if not by speaking out about what's been destroying cycling for years?

He's making propositions of how to test better and more efficiently. You can disagree with what he proposes, but at least, he is trying to help. Would we have had a so sad Tour as the last one if more ex-champions like him had spoken out?

About his "legacy", I think he doesn't care. Cycling is more important than himself. In some interviews he shows that he is well aware that his speaking out has been very unpopular. In the Kimmage interview, he implies that his cycling victories don't mean much to him and that his quest for success was an unhealthy way to hide away from his past. He stated at numerous occasions that he is a lot more proud of his family life than of his cycling career.

Also, did he ever say that he was the biggest champion of cycling history? All he's said is that he had a huge VO2max (that's a fact) and uncommon physical abilities. He never said he viewed himself as bigger than Hinault or Merckx...

Philip: I know that it's now impossible to do, but it'd need more than rumors to prove that LeMond doped. Given his speaking out against doping, I bet many have tried to search hard through his past. Finding something would be a great way to make him shut up. And the result has been: nothing.

Doping specialist Dr De Mondenard wrote an article about having made files about 4000 Tour de France riders since 1947 and found that all of them had a link to doping. All, except LeMond. That's his legacy. That, and speaking out against doping. I don't see what's sad about that.

On a more "positive" note, even as a LeMond fan, I must say that the TDFTLSHW article has always been hilarious for me. Great stuff!


Humorous intelligent post Sara, if Floyd's life hadn't turned into what appears to be a tragedy I could find it funnier. As a matter of fact GL's life seems tragic to me too. No one wins, no one....



Claired, I don't think what GL is doing can be quantified as 'good for the sport'...I'd personally call it unsubstantiated mudslinging. He pretty much says EVERYBODY BUT HIM is a cheat..without ANY data to back that up! (he has also accused Lance). He speaks like he has real insider knowledge of current events/practices...and if so, then GREAT, lets hear them! Nothing like THE TRUTH to get things rolling. But I don't hear any 'truth' coming from his lips. Throwing out accusations and innuendo/hearsay is NOT speaking out. Coming forward with real verifiable data IS. As painful as it would most likely be, I would LOVE IT if SOMEONE came out with actual data that could be used to substantiate REAL change! But I think the sport is already on that road. Sure they have a long ways to go. WHAT OTHER SPORT is doing as much to ensure it's clean? The downside is the cheaters will always be a step (or 3) ahead of the good's just how things work. GL WAS a great champion, and could support his sport in SO MANY WAYS that would be looked at in a positive light..but he doesn't. THAT is what is so very sad. Just my 2-cents worth.


"support his sport in so many ways"

Which ways? I sincerely (and I really mean sincerely) would like to know what could be done. I am deeply saddened by the state of the sport.

There's a clear dichotomy on the internet pro-LeMond/anti-LeMond, and
it's really just a matter of opinion: it just comes down to what you choose as being "verifiable data".

For me, there's been largely enough convincing data. Is this as good as 'verifiable' data? That's a matter of opinion again. What can be verifiable when the institutions at stake are not completely reliable? The only solution then is to change the institutions. But why should they be changed if the accusations against them can be rejected as hearsay/rumors? Quite a vicious circle. In my opinion, GL is trying to break the status quo, and this is a good thing.

"He pretty much says EVERYBODY BUT HIM is a cheat"
Pretty much... Again a matter of opinion. I never heard him state such a thing. Having accused LA and FL doesn't make it about "everybody but him".

Matt many ways..gee...hmmm...lets see...a prior MULTI-TDF Winner just MIGHT have some pull...just a thought...maybe somebody with that kid of clout could start by working WITH all the entities involved (UCI, WADA, ASO and others) and start trying to get them on the same page...stop the wars that are going on right now. Or maybe work WITH doping agencies/labs/teams...and the same organizations...if he does have some info that he's not sharing, maybe that would be helpful to the rest of the world...or gee..maybe START a REAL riders union..that SUPPORTS and PROTECTS the riders from persecution until he's had DUE PROCESS.. something we seem to take for granted but obviously doesn't exist in the pro cycling ranks! You act like it's OK to toss out inuendo and hearsay on other people. Oh...well, it's GL, so thats ok. Oh..I HEARD this guy was doing something...or that guy..or he says that another guy told him...thats all CRAP! How would YOU feel if something like that came up and YOUR name was mentioned? WE have laws to stop that type of stuff! And the MOMENT a riders name is even WHISPERED with any ALLEGED wrongdoing, the media AND all the cycling entities will CRUCIFY him at a moments notice, pulled from races, dropped from your facts required! How could he help?? hey...I"m just a guy that rides bikes and likes to watch the races! But HE as a prior racer with INSIDE scoop on how things work, knows people, I would think he could come up with SOMETHING tangible. What FACTS has he came out with? His incredible testimony at Floyds hearing? What the heck was THAT all about? As I said, he ACTS like he is IN THE LOOP on everything that is happening in the peleton...who is doing what/etc...maybe all the riders call him for confession for all I know..he acts that way! And well, if he DOES have this knowledge, then speak up man! But if it's just a suspicion, then he needs to take a shut-the-hell-up pill until he has something REAL to contribute! OH...and "it just comes down to what you choose as being "verifiable data". Hmm...well, I'd go for something that will STAND UP IN COURT? Just a thought. Accusing without facts is slander. But apparently that doesn't exist in pro cycling. Anybody is FREE to slander anybody they want.

And you're telling me that YOU can't think of ANY ways that he could HELP out the sport in a positive way? COME ON! I just came up with a few.

And a "SO sad tour as the last one" mean 07? That was an AWESOME tour! What one were YOU watching? Oh my was so exciting! And they CAUGHT some cheats and threw them out...the TEAMS are stepping up and demanding more from their riders...gads...what more do you want? For no cheats to get caught? Of course that would signify that the sport is clean and NOBODY is cheating, RIGHT?? Or were you referring to the 06 tour...yes, that was also so horrible! Then he is ACCUSED of cheating...and his life AND career are on hold! What proof? Did you follow the hearing at ALL? had that been a real court of law, the charges would have been dismissed, WADA and LNDD would both be sanctioned/fined or otherwise penalized! With the facts that were presented at the hearing, any rational person would have to admit reasonable doubt. I wish I knew FOR SURE if he cheated or not...but I don't. BUT...from all the EVIDENCE (and yes, VERIFIABLE!) that was presented, it would appear NOT! The lab technicians KNEW whose sample it was, they took the machine out of automatic mode and ran it over and over in manual, moving the points around until they FINALLY got a test result they wanted..(the DR who invented the machine and WROTE the procedures for testing testified that the results were GARBAGE!)...and THEN saved ONLY that one run! The lab tech CLAIMED she didn't KNOW she was supposed to save EVERY SINGLE run with a diff file name. Hmm..this at a WADA certified lab? What..are they giving away lab testing certificates with Cracker jacks now? PLEASE! And that is just a FRACTION of what came out at the hearing! Facts? Verifiable? YES! WADA's main case was "he cheated and we know he did!"...and then the horrid phone call to GL from Will...that will haunt Floyd (and Will I imagine) forever. BUT..that turned into an entire days testimony for GL (of which Floyds team got ZERO access to question GL...strange procedures there!) So of COURSE Floyd was trying to stop him from testifying! That MUST be it! GUILTY!

George Mitchell

Dog fighting Nike's LIVE WRONG motto and sneaker pitchman Lance Pharmstrong and fellow confirmed doping USPO alums Tyler Hamilton, Roid Landis, Roberto Heras, Benoit Joachim and Frankie Andreu have had a doper hangover effect on LIVE WRONG believers.

Greg's brutal truth about steroids, insulin, peptide hormones and blood doping methoids in cycling is like water to the wicked witch.

Soon Roid Landis will be banned and forgotten.


My gawd, George. I'm in absolute awe of your brilliantly reasoned, eloquently presented discourse. Now THOSE are some serious name-calling chops. At the feet of which master of slander did you study Karl Rove perchance?

You're the kind of guy who deservese to have his seat post break,about 80 miles into a ride, somewhere out in the mountains with a 4,000 foot climb and about 30 miles between you and the nearest phone. Oh, yeah, and it might as well be 45 degrees and raining, testa di cazzo.

Matt, well put. Bravo.

Sara Best

Oh George, George, George, did you ever pick the wrong group of people to start trash talking Floyd and the LIVESTRONG message to.

Good luck my friend. You are going to need it.


Hey woofdawg...race report had a very impressive time you Ironman, you :) Congrats!


Wowza!! Where's Larry??? We need more gasoline!

(susie's on "vacation" so she won't be here....)

You guys are on fiyya! Sara, get the extinguisher!!! (good time to hit the DELETE button, Haven't you learned from the other blogger?)

*sigh* we haven't had this much fun in a loooong time.






Unlike Lance, someone post one piece of evidence of one positive thing GL has ever said or written about any other cyclist beside himself from during or after his career. Produce one quote attributable to GL of anything about anyone but himself that is in a positive light. At least one that he hasn't retracted or done a complete 180 on. Jump in any time claired.


And George, About Floyd - Oh no he di-int!


YEAH......what Matt said!

We're waiting for the details Woofdawg...


Sara, you made the "Follow Up" at the bottom of this blog too.


Gosh, I had to check to see that I was on the right blog. Yes, Sara's right, Lance is loved, but flawed and Floyd, almost walks on water, with some of us! But George and Claired you sent us curve balls we haven't dealt with for awhile, AND you got Matt upset!

Pretty much GL evokes strong emotion from cycling fans in the US, either for or against. But, I'm not taking the bait that everyone that races in the US or that was on Postal/Disco doped. I refuse to believe that. And I'm not saying the Europeans do, and we don't; 'cause just read that interview with Joe Papp on VeloNews! But certain countries have come down harder on teams than others.

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