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August 25, 2007



LOL!!! Sara, that was great! And Mark, is just that, a kid. He thinks he can outsprint Robbie and Pettachi, he has a lot to learn.
I read about Robbie, the team, and the Vuelta, and I can't remember what their reasoning is....I'd think, if Robbie wants to race a Tour, Let HIM!!

btw, Waddy, you are a sweetheart, but Cat is right. I don't want a little cheesy one, but, one that sounds pretty good that I can fit in my pocket or bag, is pretty basic criteria. And I like the strap, too. The free one I ended up with was so cheap, that the clanger would get wedged, and I had it on my finger; not exactly top quality. Plus, I found a YELLOW one!!


Good on ya Robbie!

Thanks for writing about it Sara! So I can watch this for free on the computer? I'll have to check out that link from yesterday, w/ or w/o sound.

I hope chi-town and basements are doing ok, sounded awful, just wild and wooly mother nature run amuck.


Sara, AWESOME picture!!!
I just watched a replay of the last 5km on; and I have sound! Change out my speakers to the new ones, I didn't think it would make a difference. Love the Roger is there, but where is Cavendish?? Hammond's going back looking for Poor Roger!!

That voice of the pop-up person is very annoying and driving my security system crazy!!

Sara Best

Theresa, I put up a comment on the last post as I was watching the stage today because the commentators addressed this issue of the pop-ups. They said that they shouldn't be there and it seems to only be happening in the US. They asked anyone who sees these mysterious pop-ups to go to the site and post the URL of the pop-ups on their "Innertube" there, which is like their forums.

You shouldn't have to deal with pop-ups. I don't get them.


Ha! Is that Cavendish over Robbie's left shoulder? I love the math, Sara. Too funny!


Sara, I saw your message on the pop-ups; but what I'm getting is just the voice-over! And I just got sound, so give my some time for my learning curve!! (Plus Keith, my "personal" computer tech from the shop, is going to call me and tell me when he can come to my house!!, I may not have gotten the top-of-line computer, but they are going to make money on me!! btw, I'm known as the cycling lady due to my screensavers!

Sara Best

Oh ya Amy, that's him, I love this picture.

It's just may be my new screen saver ;)


Sara, hilarious entry today. I loved watching you go from "I'm not sure I care for Mark Cavendish" to "I don't like him" to "I hate that kid." And yeah, I'd say there's a bit of a jump between the stage wins of Mark and Robbie. :)
But you know, Robbie's not exactly the modest type himself, however... he can back up the talk with the walk, to paraphrase our dear Larry. Larry, are you losing #1 son today or any day now, or do you have some time to go still on that? Don't worry, after he moves he'll miss you. It's just that little phase they do, but it's not fun to experience the blunt end of that stick. We all know it's normal but when it happens, it just hurts, no matter how ready we think we are for it. I just have to keep trying to picture how excited they are about having their own place, just like I was. We see our parents then as just holding us back, keeping us down. Nature just helps them fly out of the nest. Ooops, bird talk! :)


Ahhh...a bonus TREAT on Saturday! AWESOME post Sara! You had me cracking up! "where the hell is Mark Cavendish?" That could be an inane asylum poster or something (remember 'where's waldo'?) WTHIMC Baby! I LOVE IT! And Robbie once again shows why HE IS DA' MAN! I can't help but wonder how many MORE stages he would have bagged if he stayed healthy this last TDF. I think TB would have had his work cut out for him. But they do make GREAT drama together...Just LOVE those sprint finishes! (ALMOST as much as the mt top finishes).

I don't have kids, but I can clearly recall my OWN coop-flying! 17 yrs old, knew EVERYTHING, at odds w/ parents...boy was I READY to get OUT OF TOWN! Joined the selected school was SUPPOSED to be in Key West Fl...(as FAR AWAY from Montana as I could get at that time!) Who knew that would turn into a career. But maybe boys are diff than girls...I had NO IDEA of ever staying near the parents..I wanted to GET OUT THERE into the big world and SEE EVERYTHING! (still working on that). Though I do get along splendidly w/ the parents now...and pretty much since I left for that matter! But I (and both brothers) have been on our own since leaving high school. They both went the college route though (wimps!....JUST KIDDING!) I wanted out of town and I wanted it NOW. Military was the only way out. PLUS, I started drawing a retirement check at 34 yrs old! Better than a poke in the eye w/ a sharp stick anyday!

Did get in another 2 hour mt bike ride today...on a diff model bike. BOY was it HOT and HUMID today! Took one of the guys from work...he had a hard time...stopped a lot..but he did ride the red 'advanced' trails w/ me..they were pretty fun, VERY technical! Today I found there is an old quarry in the middle of the park...the red trails go up and down various ledges and such of the pit..all overgrown now..pretty much tropical rain forest or jungle. Not a HINT of wind..(where is my EVIL FRIEND when I NEED it??) But still nice to snag another ride. That will do it...wife flies out Thurs and we have a few vacation days before returning to the ho-hum of daily life in CA (I can't WAIT!) Ahh to see my babies again!


OMG, Sara, I loved your post today! Matt's right, that phrase (and pic) is a keeper for sure.

Theresa I would love to hear the conversations that are held at the computer shop after you leave ;) Though I bet they think its AWESOME that you are so eager to learn everything!

We had those same storms, Cat! YIKES! Lots of trees down and we got water in the basement, which almost never happens. The Mississippi is so high after over a week of those storms with tons of rain that they might have to close the flood gates in AUGUST (unheard of!).


Ouch, Sara! What a wicked tongue!! I think we should find you a gig like this more often. Little sweet gurl whips 'em out when she wants. Me want more posts like this. Ummmm good.

OK enough silly talk. This post was the perfect combination of tech and wit. I could see the sprint, I could hear the announcer. It was really good. Thank you.

Plus, I love it when you get spicy and admit to feelings of the lesser sort. No milquetoast, PC, excuses for lack of performance, you called it- where the hell is he???? And, "I hate that kid." loooooved it.

The more I hear and see of Robbie, the more I like him. He really is an Aussie through and through. Balls on that boy.


That was your best blog yet Sara! These sprints are so crazy without a team strong enough to string it out to the line. Now that you have sound you know what I was talking about Theresa, winning the ipod nano obnoxious voice. There is no url just a voice? I was in the bathroom when I could hear Anthony ( talking about popups! I have been an avid viewer for 2 years and the first iteration did not have all the adds or pop up voices? I still love it but it creates havoc with my training! Had a nice reminder in the mail today, my gold certificate from l'etape. 266th place out of 4655 finishers and 28th out of 1011, 50-59 age group! One more stage race this next weekend and then time for a few beers and let the waistline grow a little! Would have made MD jealous this afternoon as I watched the irrelevant track and field worlds on canadian channel.


Larry, as much as I think I am stepping back and letting my son be independent, the more pain I have felt. It took me until now, his Junior year, to be ready to let him fall on his face, which he needs to do. I thought the stages when he was young were painful, but today when I was at the local drug store, and saw the crayons, notebooks and other school supplies filling the shelves, and I felt this tightening in my chest.

I miss being a Mom. I really miss that day to day role. I read about Janann taking her dtr for a ride and I get all misty. I want to do stuff together. My mother and I did (except for 16-20), but girls relate to Mom's differently.

I am moving to the next step of relating to my son as an adult, but he's not ready. He really wants to live as if we don't quite exist, but doesn't really want to be responsible. Damn that hurts. Then he hugs me. I get so confused.

I think HS and college are harder than any other stage. Boys especially need so much caring and watching without looking like that's what's going on.


Wow, Philip. I am so impressed with your L'etape! Hope you feel proud as punch. Hang that baby on the wall.

Where is your race this weekend?


I spent the day cleaning out the (flooded) basement of my best friend's Mom's house in Arlington Heights (15 miles NW of Chicago). With the power out, everyone's basement filled with 10-18 inches of water! The amount of devastation to trees is just unbelievable. What ever they call it, nothing short of tornadoes could have done this. Here's a link to some pictures and video:,0,7103534.photogallery?coll=chi_news_local_promo,0,4048598.story


First, kuddos to Philip for his finish at L'etape!!
Tomorrow on VERSUS; Cyclysm Sunday is BACK!! The Tour of Ireland. Weww, Thank God, I was getting worried.

Catherine, I feel for you girl! It reminds me of our ice storm in Jan, only it was frozen water! Just as bad!!

Found out today, that I'm going to be quoted in the newspaper tomorrow, on a story for the Tour of MO. As you know, I prattled on, and on, and it was a reporter.

Gosh, guys, I wanted to leave home, but staying home and going to school in KC was the only way I was getting a college degree. So I stayed. I don't think I talked to my mother or my stepfather, tho', unless I needed help with the car!

Going on a nice long ride tomorrow morning, with my riding partner. I haven't had a weekend ride since 7/ goodness, I've missed it too. But I was only off my bike for 2 weeks during the worst of the heat, and my trip to Chicago...


Catherine, we had some places giving out free food, just so they could cook it before it spoiled. Those cars stuck in the water make me sick. I'm glad you've got power!!! It isn't any fun, that's for sure!


Some of those pictures hit so close to home! It makes you sick to loose a mature healthy tree. But to see a tree take out YOUR power line, give you a whole different emotion!!!!


I've said it before and I'll say it again: Phillip, that was an AWESOME accomplishment! (and you're a few years older than I am)...just goes to show that older people can ROCK IT just as much (and in many cases MORE) than the young'Uns! Guess I've got no excuses...really need to get 'with the program' and step up DAMN I hate that about RIDING and SWIMING REALLY HARD! (and LOTS OF IT!)

Catherine, JD, thats just crazy up in your area! I lived in Round Lake Beach (just west of North Chicago) for 2 years when I first got out of the Navy. It was just a few miles away from Antioch, which I saw on CNN yesterday morning was totally flooded...the reporter was wearing hip-boots standing in water up to his thighs! My house had a special valve installed on the sewer go out and pull a cap off, stick this 8' valve rod in the hole and can manually close the house off from the sewer system to prevent backups from flooding. I never understood that valve until we had a big storm while I was at work...come home to about 4" of icky gray water in my basement...the carpet was literally floating! MAN did THAT SUCK!! (thankfully it wasn't actually icky sewer goo..but just storm water that backed up)...but was still a minor nightmare (could have been SO MUCH worse!) So I hear your pain with the simple statement "water in the basement"! After that I shut of the dang valve on the way to work any time there was any threat of rain! (just had to remember to OPEN that same dang valve before you flush though...or you will figure it out RIGHT QUICK!) I'll check out the links you included...I remember the crazy weather we had up there...winter ice storms knocking down oodles of power-lines and trees...roads SO VERY SLICK with black ice. Hate to say it, but GLAD I don't live there anymore!


hey....just read this article over at VeloNews...on Doping...REALLY interesting!

FINALLY some real insight into the HAZZARDS of what the cyclist's have been doing to themselves. SCARY!!!


Is the whole world going crazy physically? Huge fires in Greece/Spain/Portugal/California and massive flooding. I feel sheltered from it all in Vermont. What a fat life I lead when I am just worried about my next stage race and so many are battling runaway nature! At least we have a govt that reacts quickly/effectively and on a personal level! Oops sorry for the little political diversion. My stage race is the Green Mt Stage race in my own backyard and the weather is predicted to be nice! There are lots of pros from Canada coming down. I think I saw Randell from symetrics signed up. The race is a huge climbing fest of pain. Time to watch todays eneco and be picked to win a few ipods? Matt, thanks I think but "older people". Ouch. Cmon 50 is the new 30? All this talk of kids going away to college is so foreign as our daughter is only going to first grade this year! I may be old but I havn't grown up! Here's hoping Robbie can spank the kid again today!


Yeow, Philip, my hubby was 44 when my son was born, and it wore him out, so I feel for you. And you are correct, 50 is the new 30 or maybe 40... Depends on how many generations you look back.

Matt, it is so funny you lived in Round Lake Beach! It has changed a lot in the last 10 years, mostly because people are desperate to find reasonable housing.

Go Robbie! Yea Cyclysm (missing live racing).

T, give us a link when the article comes out! Is there reporting in your future, hmmmmm?


More crazy racing at eneco today. Liquigas rider Gasporotto runs out of pavement rubbing the curb and sliding across the grass missing a lamppost. Pissed off sprinters as the winner quicksteps Weylandt bumps some handlebars and shuts the door on a few others! Robbie rides in the back not even contesting the finish. Can you say vuelta envy? Who is he riding for next year? How about slipstream. Hah!


Sara - great post, LMAO. I got that same bad first impression of Cavendish, here's hoping he does some maturing!

Catherine - sorry to hear about your weather woes, glad you're making it through ok. And on the son front, we're going through that with my nephew, it is agonizing, there's only so much you can do.

We're having wacky weather up here, too. The leaves have started to change colors, and yet it's 90 degrees out this weekend, there's something seriously wrong with that.

Theresa - can't wait to see your name in print, woohoo!


Sean, I was 44 also and stayed at home with our daughter when my wife went back to work at 6 mos. I seemed to have more patience or a less volatile connection that worked? We used to watch tour tapes instead of cartoons and took her to see the tour for the first time at 1 mos old! She would yell Lance when his face came on the tube.

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