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August 24, 2007



Thanks, Sara for keeping us up on the race, since I haven't done a good job of it by myself!!
Cocky and inexperienced, his success going to his head, true. But, biking race will humble a guy that young, the peleton well make sure of that!! I like Roger Hammond, and Mark is british, but I find Wiggins quite annoying sometimes too....just random thoughts.

Everyone's been chatty this morning, cracking me up!

Simon Brydon

You mean you haven't subscribed yet? A Premium sub now will get you all last years spring classics including Paris Roubain in Video on Demand and also next years spring classics live. You will also need a Vuleta sub!!!!


Tell us more, Simon! Perhaps a link. It would be fun to tune in live rather than reading about it after the fact. I've heard the others talk about the sub, but haven't pursued it myself. I'm sure Sara wouldn't mind if you drop a link here. Thanks.


Really disappointed to read about the deletions at MD's. To play devil's advocate, the post does seem to begin mid-sentence (note the non capitalized beginning). Maybe it really is a technicality. I doubt it, but maybe.

Sara, thank you for the terrific cycling coverage. It is refreshing and real.

Simon Brydon

Cycling TV is a free and subscription service. We area Canadian Company! As oflast week. Wecarry over 130 days ofl ive pro racing, simply go to and you can see check it out. The Sping Classics areavailabl eVideo on Demand some free, some Premium subscription. The Premium sub buys about 60 days of live racing and then on demand access to everything. Premium users get very high data rates at 1200 kbs and free users see live races at 400 kbs. The Vuelta is live and highlights on a seperate subscription to Premium. For this you get live every day and then on demand same night for one year. It's cheap, fund and the best thing on the internet!

susie b

Here is how you make S'MORES :

At least if you are a s'more virgin & this will be your 1st time, You MUST be camping & have a FIRE over logs. NO gas thing. AS IF!

Nabisco Graham crackers, regular. NOT low-fat, not cinnamon, not chocolate or any other variation.

Marshmallows. Regular size, NOT miniature.

Hershey plain chocolate bar. NOT with almonds, NOT the big size, just the regular little bar with squares.

You take 1 full graham cracker & break into two halves. Your use 1 HALF of the chocolate bar. On a plate, place 1/2 the graham cracker down & put the choc on top. The other cracker half sits to the side, but untopped. It's important you have this ready BEFORE you roast the marshmallows. Just BELIEVE me.

Roast 1-2 marshmallows. (Some like 1, some like 2. For a novice, I suggest ONE, it can get MESSY... ;) Whether you like your marshmallows lightly toasted or flamed-charred is personal preference.

Once marshmallow is at desired toastiness, scoosh off your toasting implement onto the graham cracker-choc combo. And yes, this step is fraught with peril. Just Man Up. Remember, little girls have been making this for over 60 years. ;) Put other cracker on top. Press together slightly (too hard & you break the crackers & then you have a REAL mess on your hands, literally :). Remove from plate.

Eat from hand & mess will proceed to get on mouth, face, hands, clothes, basically anything within a 10 ft radius of you & your S'more. Happiness ensues.

Now, once you have had the REAL thing, you can experiment (if you insist) with different types of chocolate bars. I always INSIST on the real thing although I never eat that bar any other time. If you become addicted & can not wait til another camping trip, you CAN toast marshmallow over gas stove burner or a home WOOD fireplace , but it loses the "Oh boy, here's our treat after a day in the woods" giddy anticipation & it's JUST NOT THE SAME. Still, some addicts don't care; a fix is a fix. :)

Let me know when you are ready for a Banana Boat.




Okay, Simon, I renewed my subscription! The site has changed a lot since I watched it last year! My new computer tower is giving me grief, I can't turn the volume up, but I think that's just me and my poor computer skills! I think I need to get the tech out from the shop to help me. And I have to go in thru Internet Explorer rather than Foxfire. A few problems to work out...but I just paid for a Pre. sub for!!!


And we LOVE Canadian companies!!!


I was cringing as I watched the sprint this morning at the Eneco tour. It was so sketchy that all my scabs hurt! The highlight was a saunier duval rider, Canada overshooting a turn and taking out a lady spectator and her city bike. Ouch. Unfortunately cycling tv is full of pop up adds now . They did not before? I guess it is the price we pay to see bike races live. I keep getting announcements that I have won a free ipod nano!


How cool, Philip!! Do you have volume????


Thanks for the update, Sara! I feel as if I am there when I read your posts.

Thanks for the link Simon! Are yo planning on becoming a regular contributer!

MD has moved to

Sara Best

Thanks Cat, I have to say that I've really been enjoying doing these reports for Cathy while she's away as it gives me an excuse to sit here and watch live racing again. It's been fun and I almost don't want her to come back on Sunday - not because I don't want her company, but because I really like doing her job ;)

Ya, when I noticed today that Marty's blog was back on all the pieces sort of fell into place for me. That's why his tone has changed, that's why his focus has changed. He's getting paid for it now and that menas that he's been given some direction by the folks at about what their readers want to read and he's delivering on that.

Good for him, I'd love to land a gig like that, but it certainly means that the Paper Kenyan is no longer the place that we all gravitated towards so long ago.

Ah well, things change.


Got volume on too!!!

Sara Best

Waddy, are you Mike B over at MD's too?


I'm a little nostalgic and sad about the recent change at MD's. I've lurked all day hoping he'd explain. But I think Sara is right, the Active thing explains a lot.

It made me think about watching Lance Armstrong's career and how his website reflected those changes. And I do think his image as family man and all alround good guy was the product of a PR team. However, I can't help but think as "The Paceline" gained in polish it lost in individuality. (No disrespect to Cathy Mehl intended. I love her writing. It is just to say the site reflected for better or worse the corporate brand that he became and things were lost along the way.) Seems like the same thing, on a much smaller scale, has happened to the Paper Kenyan. Too bad for everybody. But I guess success and relevance is all in the definition. For me rereading Sara's "Inane Asylum" circa Jan/Feb 2007 felt relevant. That post and the tone of this blog have done more to encourage people off the sidelines than anything I've read elsewhere.

I'm probably overthinking the whole thing---maybe we should just shut up and buy a t-shirt.


"maybe we should just shut up and buy a t-shirt." Loved it Libby! Seriously though, I agree on all counts with your comments.

Waddy, you actually made me spray my helpless, defenseless monitor with lemonade when I went over to read your "post-removal" tirade(s)! Your personas are so helpful to each other in getting their points across ;)

A perfect beginners manual for s'more construction, Susie. Have you ever tried them with peanut butter on the crackers? YUMMMMMMMY

I'll have to check out again -- I know its changed a great deal since I used it last. Seems like it might be our best/only bet to see some of the races, though.

Has anyone heard anything at all about whether or not Versus would be covering cycling and the Tour again next year? I know that their contract was up for renewal and I sent an email in support of MORE rather than less coverage. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Sara.

Welcome back Camille!!

T - get me a cowbell too!

Sara Best

Yay! Tom Danielson's going to Slipstream!


Awesome! Wow - Slipstream is gonna have a heckuva team.

susie b

I am irate over being disrespected, dismissed, & deleted at MDs. Especially for an innocuous comment that while I can not remember verbatim as I was in a hurry to leave last night, I KNOW it was not offensive! I wasn't even snarky or sarcastic, which, well, I can be on the rare (;) occasion. The fact that he did not reply to my early morning question if he had deleted my comment & why has upset me as much as the deletion itself.

Unless a comment is filled with vulgarity or attacks, I can't believe a WRITER would censor another writer. I don't care if it's only on a blog!

I now feel ridiculous for telling you all that his Aug 9th post was not that bad, that we shouldn't bash him so much about the frickin t-shirts, that I begged you all not to leave me there with only the grade-school educated, spelling-impaired humorless drones.

And once again, I apologize Sara for whining about MDs here. I am just terribly shocked & upset. How ironic that I've been much more critical of MARTIN DUGARD here than on his own freakin blog because I was trying to be nice & abide by his rules!

And I was serious, if anyone happened to print out that post & comments last night or remembers what I wrote (I can only remember the 1st & 3rd paragraph), I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


Thanks Janann... a quiet week at the beach has me feeling like doing some yapping again.

I agree with you and Libby... things change, evolve... "improve"... we all know improvement all depends on the eye of the beholder. Heck, Sara could get a job with a magazine or team any day now and have to ask us all to take a hike, or follow certain rules. But I know she would do it in the absolute most thoughtful way in the world, with grace and subtlety to boot.

I've got two girls here about to move out on me tomorrow so I suspect I'll be feeling some changes here myself the next few days. Actually Claire may take a good week to get all moved in, she has more time. She's about to fly back from Memphis, she just visited Carson today, the little boy whose stuffed animal she carried on her bike all the way to Anchorage.

I just want to say that if anyone ever had to get censored, it couldn't have happened to nicer, more entertaining people. Of course if you guys talked to me the way you do to Marty, maybe I'd censor you, too! Y'all are nice enough to tolerate my... ways so I never have to hear about how my ideas and opinions are all full of beans. Anyway I just decided I get waaaay too emotionally invested in some MD-related things, and I need to just dial back the investment several... okay... Many, notches. So that's my goal.

But we just want things to stay the same, don't we? At least the good things. I want my girls to just stay here, in their rooms and let me boss them around for the rest of their lives. I'm still angling for that all evening, hoping to win them over to my side before the morning comes. I'll let you know how it works out.


Cow Bells!! I've got to look for them!
And YEH! It's offical about Tommy D!!


Susie I can't remember exactly what you wrote over there yesterday, but I remember thinking that it was well-written and didn't at all sound like an attack.

I for one am so glad that everyone has made their way, slowly but surely, over here with Sara!

Nice job at the Paceline, BTW, Sara!

You're losing them BOTH tomorrow, Camille? Ouch.... Where is Madeline off to?


First, for Sara, I am not Mike B. Second, I apologize to all here for my tirade/vulgarity over at MD's. Susie and Larry both behaved respectfully without being spineless. I am ashamed of how I lashed out. Said and done. And when all is said and done, there is nothing left to say or do.

Psyched about Tom D. at Slipstream. I would love for him to realize his full potential. And that's a team I can really get behind. It'll be an interesting 2008, maybe more so than this year. Gives us a reason to be pumped. Love live cycling.

And for Camille, did you know that Golfinches will feed upside down. We had the cylindrical type feeder with the holes in the side. However, since Golds are the only ones that will feed upside down, they put the holes BENEATH the perches. This insures that it will only attract Goldfinches and no other birds will eat their seed. We had several feeders and eventually got overrun by crows, which are very much a bully bird. So we took down the feeders. You can see Goldfinches as far south as Mexico in the winter. More northeastern during the summer. Something to think about for winter, Camille.


Theresa, Check out your local music stores or drum shops for the cowbells.

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